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  1. Wonder who this strange person is
  2. Let Yusuke spam "I am thou" every Persona summon
  3. Let Ann one shot four dudes with Carmen in P5
  4. Take note, this is copy-pasted from a post I put up on Fire Emblem Amino. It is my profile. I am not plagiarizing. Fire Emblem: Looming Darkness is a fan-made FE game. (That is not playable yet, and probably won't ever be. It only exists to be theoretical.) The story takes place in the kingdom of Ilragorn, and follows Princess Laylah, a descendant of the Radiant Dragon, Conah. She embarks on a journey to free Conah from the clutches of the corrupt king, Rathiel who is using her for his own unknown desires. Along the way, she faces many challenges, such as worshippers of the Ruin Dragon, Onaryth. Characters (Listed in order of when they are encountered) Laylah The protagonist. Has a somewhat traumatic past of distrust and uncertainty by humans. Despite this, she keeps a sweet but somewhat naive disposition and likes to take her own path. She likes to think of her comrades as family. Her starting class is a Dragon Lord, a class that can use both Dragonstones, Swords, and Tomes. Conah The benevolent Radiant Dragon, and the mother of Laylah. She is the keeper of an unknown treasure that most people of Ilragorn seek. Without her, the Sun would burn out almost instantly. Occasionally possesses Laylah to deliver a message to those around her. Spiritually guides Laylah on her journey to save her. A non-playable character. Onaryth The manevolent Ruin Dragon, and the father of Laylah's brother, Silvyr. Controls the night and all creatures that lurk in the darkness. Is not completely evil, because without him, the Moon would cease to be, along with the night. Wishes that night and darkness will reign over day and light. A non-playable character. Silvyr Laylah's brother. Betrayed his sister a long time ago to become the vessel of Onaryth. Stoic and heartless, and never takes no for an answer. His starting class is a Dragon Lord. Rathiel The corrupt king of Ilragorn. Has unknown ambitions for stealing Conah's power. Has earned the trust of Onaryth. A non-playable character, but his class is a King. Xerxes Laylah's childhood friend when she was in the human world. A very mature and poised young man. Hates to see when others in his age group act recklessly or disobediently. He has utmost loyalty for Laylah, even willing to risk his life for her. His starting class is a Pegasus Knight. Eon A loving young girl who hates being called childish. She looks up to those who treat her as an equal. Very immature at times, despite her efforts. Wants to lead an army when she gets older and stand up for herself. Her starting class is a Cleric. Onyx Acts as a father figure for Laylah, despite her not wanting him to be. The sworn protector of her as well. Is somewhat all-too obsessed with protecting her, though. His starting class is a Mercenary. Fyre An extremely apathetic and stoic individual who takes almost nothing seriously. Secretly wants just to be noticed. Had no interest in helping Laylah at first, but was persuaded to go because he might get recognition from it. His starting class is an Archer. Keith A well-known leader of a band of cavaliers called the Scarlet Pheonixes. A stuck up and sarcastic person who only cares about others if he profits from it. He agreed to follow Laylah on her journey because of this. His starting class is a Cavalier. Thistle The sister of Keith. Hates her brother's stuck-up and foolish personality, and strives to never be like him. Lived in a village far away from where the game took place, but soon came back after hearing of Laylah's ideals. Her starting class is a Cavalier. Lynch A kind-hearted and fun-loving young man. He loves to watch animals and stars, despite his appearance and name. Is quite sensitive to insults. His starting class is a Fighter. Zalth A shy and timid man who is not fit for his job. Was possessed by a mysterious dark force before coming to his senses by the hands of Laylah. His starting class is a Knight. Aurora Mysterious and secretive. She has many secrets and likes to keep people in suspense. Only tells them to people she is close to. Her starting class is a Mage. I shall maybe add more characters in the future. Now, onto Chapter 1. Laylah awoke to the dim streams of light piercing through her window. She sat up and stretched, attempting to remember her dream, but to no avail. She yawned and got up from her bed and opened the door of her small house. It was exceptionally dim out, which was a rarity considering it was pretty damn bright most of the time. Maybe something happened to Mother. She shook her head in an attempt to clear this thought from her mind, and decided to go visit Xerxes and Eon. Xerxes was already outside, silently feeding carrots to his Pegasus. "Hey!" Laylah shouted to get his attention. "Good morning, Laylah," he said, turning to her. "How're things?" She said in a singsong voice. "If by that you mean 'how am I doing,' then I am doing fine." He said in his fluid British accent. Laylah giggled at his usual antics and yawned. She then waved to Eon who was hiding behind a tree. "Eon, come on out." She teased. "Awww, I thought I was gonna hide from you..." she said, disappointed. Laylah giggled and motioned for Eon to come join them. She then heard the footsteps of someone behind her. Laylah turned around to see the village priest, accompanied by Onyx. She had never seen him outside the monastery, so whatever he was about to say had to be important. "Lady Laylah," he said, out of breath. "Something terrible has happened to Conah." Laylah took a step back in shock. Had her thought about the dim lighting before had been true? "W-what?" She stuttered in disbelief. "Rathiel is stealing her power," he replied. Xerxes turned away from his Pegasus in shock. "Rathiel? And for what purpose?" He asked. "I'm afraid that is unknown, he said somberly. Without hesitation, Laylah unsheathed her golden dagger from her belt. "Then we need to go save her!" She exclaimed. "I'm afraid that will not be easy," the priest replied. "Rathiel is all the way on the very outskirts of Ilragorn." Laylah knew how large Ilragorn was. It was larger than all the neighboring kingdoms combined, which by themselves, were pretty large. "Well, I won't go alone then." Laylah turned around and looked at Xerxes and Eon. "W-what?!? You want us to come with you?!?" Eon said in shock. "I can't go alone. I need you guys to come." "I shall accompany you on your journey," Xerxes said, climbing onto his Pegasus. "I'll go too," Onyx said. "Great. I knew I could count on you." Alright, there's the first chapter. Be sure to put any constructive criticism you have down below about the charters, writing, etc.
  5. Wake up from crystal hibernation
  6. Have Frederick tank some hits while my Robin spams Elthunder from behind him
  7. Use Frederick as a shield for Chrom
  8. Attempt Lunatic+ again
  9. Wonder trade my Alolan Exeggutor named MemeTree
  10. Go in a corner and wonder trade in Moon
  11. *Tongue clicking intensifies*
  12. Use Precipice Blades
  13. Let Groudon use thunder
  14. You would be spamming ice beam and I would be spamming earthquake