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  1. We better get an FEW Direct next month like HW did.
  2. One of the few things we still don't know about is what additional ways of improving the characters will be in the game outside of simple level ups and stronger weapons. Here are some examples of the additional systems from other Warriors games: -Skill tree in Hyrule Warriors After killing an enemy with a rank (so anything that's not a generic mook) they would drop a badge (which were divided into bronze, silver and gold rarity). When having enough badges of certain types, you could upgrade the skill tree to get stuff like new/longer combos, more Special Attack bars, faster way of depleting enemy's weakpoint gauges, higher elemental resistance, more healing potions, and some more. -Coins and Skill slots in One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 In OP:PW3, after beating a mission, you get Character coins (the bronze ones) depending on who you fought in that mission. The golden coins are acquired after doing something specific (like doing side missions in Story Mode, or killing Wanted enemies in Dream Log). You can use them to max your stats, get a 2nd Special attack which uses 2 Special bars instead of one, and break character level limit (normally characters can only get to level 50). Skills have a certain slot cost are used to get passive bonuses like faster weakpoint gauge depletion or stronger Special attacks. -Skill board in Samurai Warriors 4-II The skill board is used to acquire passive and active skills by using Strategy Tomes (which are acquired by killing enemy officers and buying in the shop between battles). Passive skills are stuff like more damage to enemy officers, Special/Spirit gauge recovery when riding a horse, and much more stuff. Active skills are temporal buffs that have to be used during battle and it has stuff like more frequent elemental attacks, faster movement, more frequent gold/experience drops from enemies. Personally I would like to see a version of OP:PW3 system's. It's much easier to farm Coins since there's no RNG (I'm sure some of you will say FE is all about RNG :p) like for HW's badges and SW4-II's Strategy Tomes. Skill slots also allow for a good deal of customization. And, of course, what system would you guys would like to see? Maybe something completely different from what I've posted?
  3. Oh the "Emblem Saga" name lawsuit. Forgot all about that lol
  4. What are you talking about? It's Kaga who sued Nintendo after leaving and got his ass handed to him in court about FE series rights.
  5. I wonder if class advancing will allow to use a 2nd weapon type. But that would basically mean doubling the work on animations, so I have my doubts. Those were only used in musou attacks tho, not part of the actual moveset.
  6. I think the mix of buttrock and big band in One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 was amazing, even if there was no music from the anime proper :3c IMO they should try making most of the songs in the game new, with only a few being from mainline FE games. Sometimes just making new stuff is MUCH better than just a more rocking version of an already existing song.
  7. Robin looks really fun to use :D
  8. Oh yeah, I've completely forgot they will most likely throw some bad guys in there lol. I would love Fomortiis and Ashera, but I have my doubts they will use any final bosses, especially big monsters. It looks like KT already made their own Dark Dragon for this game. Black Knight would be perfect for the role of this game's Lu Bu tho :3
  9. Someone needs to git gud. I find the Gloves to be Link's best weapon.
  10. Funnily enough, DW8 english dub is one of the best dubs for a japanese game I've ever heard :3c
  11. I want more shape-shifting non-dragon characters, so a Laguz would be nice. Lethe would be a good choice IMO.
  12. Devs already said the game will not have equal number of characters per FE ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. Archers obviously should do more damage against flying units. Maybe make them weak against swords/axes/spears. Mages should have their own weakness triangle. Fire>Wind>Lightning>Fire or whatever order they want, and Light<->Darkness. Ninjas/thieves/maids/butlers normally use knifes or swords, so that's solved. Manaketes/Laguz/whatever shape-changing units will be in I think should have no weaknesses or advantages, make them kinda "neutral".
  14. With the devs saying they will mainly "focus on SD/Awakening/Fates", I hope they will put 2-3 character from FE7-10. Just put Lyn, Eirika/Ephraim or Ike in the base roster.