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  1. Just a question that I got in my head a few days ago, but have you translated all different scripts? Like formal, informal, silent, and more(if there is any) I know it's hard to translate such things to another language(from japanese)
  2. Can't wait till this is done! I really enjoyed fates but I want the removed features like the pet minigames and the removed/censored dialogues. Good luck and hope the patch is making steady progress!
  3. FEhacking Newbie Questions!

    I recently started a Fire emblem 8 hack for fun and i've had no probems with palette inserting, changing stats, items etc basically anything nightmare related but i've had quite a few problems with FEeditor especially when it comes to text editing events on a map like for example when Franz and Gilliam appears. I changed them to Tethys and Ewan and made a simple text edit but the problem is that it won't work when Gilliam and Franz aren't on the map so how do i fix that? Also can you import FE7 and 6 animations without any crashes and weirdiness? Sorry for the noob question xp
  4. Elibean Nights

    Maybe this was already mentioned but there seems to be a glitch that ends the tale if Fargus dies in Hector's Tale, It plays a talk convo with Rebecca and Lowen and then it just ends has it normally should.....
  5. nvm again i fixed it now iƤll be happy for the rest of my Fates/if adventures :3
  6. nvm it didn't work or I made some mistake. Can someone maybe send me an Fire Emblem Fates(EU) with all patches(undub, delocalization, swimsuits)?? :3 it would really make my day(and i can't really do it again since i'll be going to England soon) Thanks in advance again
  7. Question i didn't dump the game through UNcart or GWloader instead i copied the .3ds file from the cartridge in GodMode9 will it still work if i continue the process as the steps?? and if someone would be kind enough please send me the missing .bin files on drive or mega, Thanks in advance! :3