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  1. Greatest Archer to ever Arch?

    This is a no brainer. Takumi is literally bow Jesus. He never misses, has fantastic stats excelling in skill, luck, and strength, wields the legendary Fujin Yumi and has a great personal skill. Point Blank makes him even more game breaking than Ryoma. In all honesty, Takumi's only real competition is Shinon, who is pretty fantastic as well. Woo Shinon! These 2 are the archest of archers, but I'd say Takumi slightly edges Shinon out due to growth rates,(Takumi's is slightly higher) great personal skill, DV accessibilities, prf weapon, (which allows bow Jesus to walk over water or traverse moutains pseudo flier style) and the metagames Takumi are in are more in his favor due his games being more player phase orientated and he bops ninjas and fliers easily in his first chapters he becomes available, which the game continues to be thick with. 1.Takumi 2.Shinon 3.Innes(I'm biased, SS was my first FE game.)
  2. My Castle Central: Friend|Castle Code Sharing

    My castle code:07387 85168 65740 24430 Revelation Name: Shawn Castle name: No More Walls (I can't stand for racism) North America No resources, just statues and usuable buildings. (My units will be available via einherjar shop and they are all overkill on power) Battle level:Very hard=Lunatic power abt 1750 Notes: Tons of rare Corrin, Jakob, Dwyer, and Asugi skills, particularly breaker skills. This is a castle that is blatantly built for a bloody battle and a good time! Battle points please, and I'll try to visit anybody who visits me!