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  1. Do you think full voice acting should return?

    I'm really divided on the full voice acting XD First of all, full voice acting is really great, and I love it (i voted for it), it makes the game so much more immersive and give the characters a lot of personality, like in FE Warriors when some quotes from the original games gave me a new perception of some characters. The thing is, English is not my first language, but I understand it good enough that when the game is fully dubbed, I barely read the text anymore. Playing the game in my native language (French) has a little something that makes the game more enjoyable to me, like a sparkle in my heart, and I loose it with the full english voice acting that distracts me from the text. Fire Emblem is the only game in that situation, as I noticed that with Echoes and Warriors. Usually the games have either French text AND French voices (Zelda, the Witcher, all AAA western games) or no French at all (Persona, NIS games,etc). But then french dubs get really awkward when there are many characters or pure romance, so I'm not sure it would be better XD I hope we can have dual audio, Japanese dub is a good compromise XD Awakening was perfect to me, as the battle quotes didn't break the immersion and the dialogues only had sounds by the character voices.
  2. FE16 "leaks"

    I don't remember if it was by nintendo itself or some "leaker", but I think I read somewhere that nintendo planned something for the switch's birthday. At first I thought it would be an event because we'd already have had a direct, but there is still no trace of it XD The switch's birthday is in two weeks, so I suppose we'll have the direct there. And then the hype train will go fiercly again :D
  3. Should story-based promotions come back?

    Maybe not for the Lords or a restricted class, but i'd love if we could unlock promotions. Sometimes just giving the character a master seal is a little weird (i remember when i first played i was like "that's all ?"). Since some evolution have paths it could be great if we could unlock some of them through story or mission. For example having black mages visit a witch village to add the witch class to the sorcerer and dark knight options. It could be great to introduce new classes with some context (a little bit like they did with the DLC). Or maybe a special class for the lord, like if you do it anytime they promote from sword to sword+lance lord, but if you do the chapter with the old mage master it unlock an alternative promotion with sword+magic I think alternative/bonus classes that don't prevent promotion for those who want to do it can be a good reward for those who wait a little.
  4. My Predictions on Fire Emblem Switch.

    I suppose they will switch to 3D portraits in conversations, fully animated with movement and maybe lipsmoving. Maybe some conversations will have more movement and will almost look like a cutscene ? That's what i think "the characters will feel more alive" means. If i remember correctly, there is a series of games with 2D portraits that changed to 3D for this reason too. There also are chances that there is more exploration. They wanted to do it in Fates but couldn't, did the dungeons in echoes, and it was the main feature of the abandonned wii fire emblem. I have no doubt Fire Emblem Switch will surprise us, and in a good way.
  5. FE16 "leaks"

    Also the switch is more powerful than the 3ds, if they want to do the "separate pathes depending on your choices" thing, they should be able to do it on one version on switch. It would make a nice replayability. Anyway I doubt they will sell the game in two versions again. I'm more worried that some classes would disappear, like the Hoshido classes. I reallly liked the Onmyoji class for exemple with its levitating scrolls/zodiac summoning, but if they don't have an "asian lore" it wouldn't make a lot of sense.
  6. FE16 "leaks"

    And I remember when I first heard abour Fates, there was this thumnail with Azura and i was like "ooh she's soo pretty, looks like the fire emblem style...WAIT". This fire emblem came out of nowere it had such a big impact !
  7. FE16 "leaks"

    Same :/ I think announcing the game and then nothing for a year was a marketing mistake. We had Heroes, Echoes and Warriors to keep us busy with fire emblem, nnow we are just waiting for the next game because we know it exists... However when they announce it, i hope they will do like they did with Fates, announcing info little by little, to regularily calm our thirst for new stuff :D
  8. FE Warriors at TGS

    I hope it's her, a gameplay with dancing water-bending spear moves would be awesome ! I know there is a show in 8~9 hours, but is there a way to watch it ?
  9. New characters leaked

    I only saw this right now, but it's very weird that a Spanish store had a picture of the French edition of the game... I understand that it's the European edition but local languages still change on the box. And "Edition limitée" is French, not Spanish...
  10. Validar possibly confirmed

    I saw a diferent interpretation of the History Mode in a French article, they said that there are maps from the most famous moments in the games, and when you meet an enemy you'll start a mission, like the Adventure maps in Hyrule Warriors. I don't know if they are right but this could be fun too.
  11. FE Warriors site updated - New Images

    It's possible that the character can equip different weapons. Maybe the classical 3 ranks weapons in the warriors games changed in this one, and instead they can use any weapon they can, in this case Robin can use any tome ? It sure is Brynhildr, so there is a high chance Leo is in.
  12. I think they are alike since they use the same kind of sword fighting style, but I don't know if it's the same combos too. I noticed they both have the combo where they jump and roll down with their sword (like in the awakening cutscenes)
  13. Aah I'm glad someone got some footage to share >v< Good job !
  14. New demo with new characters

    I'v been checking French video game websites, but there is no footage of the game. I asked to my friends who went the other days if they could film some parts and am still waiting for it. It is possible that taking videos at the booth is forbidden. Lucina was a nice character, fast and easy to control (I finished the demo with her)
  15. New demo with new characters

    Ah sorry, Daeren is Robin's French Name ><