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  1. FE Warriors at TGS

    I hope it's her, a gameplay with dancing water-bending spear moves would be awesome ! I know there is a show in 8~9 hours, but is there a way to watch it ?
  2. New characters leaked

    I only saw this right now, but it's very weird that a Spanish store had a picture of the French edition of the game... I understand that it's the European edition but local languages still change on the box. And "Edition limitée" is French, not Spanish...
  3. Validar possibly confirmed

    I saw a diferent interpretation of the History Mode in a French article, they said that there are maps from the most famous moments in the games, and when you meet an enemy you'll start a mission, like the Adventure maps in Hyrule Warriors. I don't know if they are right but this could be fun too.
  4. FE Warriors site updated - New Images

    It's possible that the character can equip different weapons. Maybe the classical 3 ranks weapons in the warriors games changed in this one, and instead they can use any weapon they can, in this case Robin can use any tome ? It sure is Brynhildr, so there is a high chance Leo is in.
  5. I think they are alike since they use the same kind of sword fighting style, but I don't know if it's the same combos too. I noticed they both have the combo where they jump and roll down with their sword (like in the awakening cutscenes)
  6. Aah I'm glad someone got some footage to share >v< Good job !
  7. New demo with new characters

    I'v been checking French video game websites, but there is no footage of the game. I asked to my friends who went the other days if they could film some parts and am still waiting for it. It is possible that taking videos at the booth is forbidden. Lucina was a nice character, fast and easy to control (I finished the demo with her)
  8. New demo with new characters

    Ah sorry, Daeren is Robin's French Name ><
  9. New demo with new characters

    Marth,Frederick and Chrom were bosses and not playables. I'm used to the Warriors game so I beat them pretty quick, but if I remember well Marth was pretty quick, fought with rapier-like techniques so very fast, and the hit zone was much farther than the tip of his sword. He was the hardest of the three I think, because sometimes he attacked between combos (I fought him with Robin)
  10. New demo with new characters

    The game just pause and you have the dialogue, it's like when a character levels up. It's a little annoying when it pauses in the middle of an awesome combo, but I heard we can cancel this option (for the level up)
  11. New demo with new characters

    I played as Corrin too, but not much since we already saw her in the E3 Demo and I wanted to try the new characters moveset. She has very different moves, and jumps al lot. It makes it hard to fight one ennemy (Marth in my case) in particular because the jumps sometimes get you far from him. OH ! I almost forgot ! When a character dies, they say something (like in every fire emblem) and their pose is different. The player before me lost Corrin, if i remember well she was facing upfront, looked kind of tired with her hand on her chest. After that all of Corrin's ui (life, energy...) disappeard.
  12. New demo with new characters

    There was also a few camera glitches, when the camera was too close to the player (between a wall,etc...) the character disappeared. It also happened a few times when the characters jumped. And for the texture some places on the environment where very pixelised too
  13. Hello ! I have some news I don't think I saw anywhere, so I post it here :) (I apologize if there is already a topic about this that is didn't see) There is currently a Japanese convention in France, and there is a new demo available there for Fire Emblem Warriors ! It's not the same demo than the one at E3, and you can play with the new characters ! I played it, so here is what I found new The story : The twins live peacefully in their kingdom until a dragon attacks, forcing them to leave the kingdom. To take it back, they will ask help from heroes of other worlds. New characters : The playable characters were Robin, Lissa, Corrin and Lucina. Robin fight with a tome, he makes lightning spheres as a normal attack, and change his spells for strong attack. It's more like he summons one attack that hurt for a long time than many fast hits. From what I saw he could create a fire, falling thunder laser, wind blades, a magic circle that makes him levitate, a giant purple sphere and a lightning vortex. For all of his special attacks he uses the Levin Sword. We was really enjoyable to play. Lucina is a pretty typical sword fighter, same moves as in Awakening, except for one attack she used a bow of light to attack high ennemies. Lissa is surprisingly fast too ! She swings her axe like a twirling baton, and sometimes turns with it, grapping the ennemy. She sometimes end her attacks with thunder magic with her staff. For the healing, it shows you the effect zone before you do it, and it's pretty annoying to heal someone who keeps running everywhere. Surprisingly good gameplay I saw Frederick as a boss, but I was focused on the character I played with and didn't see much of his moves, but it was what you'd expect from a cavalier with an axe. Alo the horse's hooves's textue was really ugly (very pixelized) Some more : the healing items are cups of tea. You get them by breaking pots. I didn't hear a lot about the voices because of the noise, but the game was English dubbed with Japanese dub for the intros. The demo supervisor told me that for the final game we could choose if we want full english or japanese dub (so possibility of dual audio ?) I think that's it, i will edit if i remember other things. Also I apologize for the spelling mistakes, English is not my first language. If you want to dig deeper (for videos, etc...) I'd advize you to check it on French channels (also the demo's text was in French) Thank you ^v^