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  1. I'm not english so calling her Edgelord sounds pretty different from Edelgard, which i really like. There's an ongoing anime this season with a character named Edelgard, it sounds nice in Japanese too
  2. About Byleth aka "the teacher"...!

    Did I miss an interview stting that half of the fandom don't like having an avatar ? Last thing I knew was that Corrin and Daeren were very popular, F Corrin even one 1rst place in a popularity contest. Even from most social media I have never seen people hating on the avatars, just saying it should be better handled.
  3. About Byleth aka "the teacher"...!

    Also there is a chance that the footage is from an early version, and the crit animation is not finished. Or maybe there will be a lip-sync system that isn't activated yet. I highly doubt that he will stay silent, since he is supposed to teach them... But maybe he will be like Link where he doesn't say anything but all the character somehow hear him/understand him. At this point nothing is sure yet, we can only wait :)
  4. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    If we don't get it at Gamescom we might get it at the Tokyo Game Show the month after. But since they said they will put the website in winter, it might still be a little bit light on the contents.
  5. I'm pretty worried about the magic classes. They have always been my favorites, and their animations were super cool in Fates. I hated what they did with Echoes (i loved collecting tomes) but it looks like it will be the same in Three Houses since magic is now a command and the mage and her soldiers don't wield tomes... I hope they will introduce new classes, like they did with the ninja, onmyoji and kinshi knight in Fates that were pretty cool.
  6. Is "Teacher" the avatar?

    It's Sensei. It will probably stay the same if Byleth can be changed. Now if romance is in the game I wonder how they will change it, calling your lover teacher is kinda weird.
  7. Honnestly many things we have in the trailer make me think we will have a school-based storyline, something like Trails of Cold Steel. The 3 lords have a very similar outfits, like a school uniform, and Byleth is the teacher. The story will probably start at a lord academy, the first maps being like school training and exercises, with some characters in opposing teams (like Hilda and Mercedes who have the same collar (maybe a uniform too). During their studies, something will happen, either a civil war or they will learn a terrible secret, and they will have to leave the academy (Edelgard promesses she will come back in the trailer). And then classical FE story, they travel through the continent, meeting new allies and learning about the issue and facing it.
  8. So 8-4 isn't localizing Three Houses

    I play the game in French, so I won't see much quality change depending on which company localizes the game, but there was an issue I had with the French translation since awakening. In french, there are two ways of saying "you" when talking to one person : "tu" is the casual way, and "vous" is the polite way. Nowadays, the polite "vous" is used mostly with people above you in hierarchy or to someone you don't really know. However, in the past (including medieval time) the "vous" was used in a casual way too, and fire emblem being medieval, the translators completely mix the two :( It sort of makes sense for characters who are nobles to speak in an ancient speech, but they get the cheerful young characters talking like that too, and sometime they change their speech completely randomly with different interlocutors ! Sometimes the lovers use the polite speech, it's so weird and cold... It's the only time I had this issue with a game, usually they either use the modern speech, or the old one entirely for immersion, but not this confusing mix... It would be very interesting if there still is romance/S rank to see the transition to the polite speech of the teacher a casual speech of a lover :)
  9. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Ah it's okay they made a mistake, they corrected it now, Spring 2019 for everyone. EDIT: The official website will be changed in winter 2018 (they mixed up the two dates) EDIT2: And now the n°1 French gaming website made an article about it too...confusion is comming for the French fandom...
  10. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    I saw on a gaming news website that the game will release earlier in japan, for Winter 2018, is it true ? It'susually a trustworthy website but I didn't hear about this enywhere else. (EDIT:There was a mistake, they corrected it to Spring 2019) Also about the generic models for Hilda and Mercedes, I think it's because it's an early version and they didn't include the models other than the lords and mage lady; all the characters on the map have generic models.
  11. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    I just realised that Fire Emblem Three Houses is extremely hard to say for non-english speakers. I'm french, and often talk about Fates and Echoes with my friends, but the [th] sound is probably the hardest sound to say.... It's gonna end up Fire Emble Free Houses...
  12. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    I kinda feel like I'm watching one of those "protag get in a new fantasy world" cheap anime...Not really enjoying it. I'm not digging the outfits designs nor the greyish tone. But there is still a lot of time to change that. Plus I feel like going from half-bodies to just portraits for the conversations is a very bad downgrade... Not gonna lie, I'm a little disappointed for the moment...
  13. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    I did a chart with all the characters I could see from the trailer :
  14. FE16 "leaks"

    Can't wait to rewatch the trailer super slow / pause every second to analyse absolutely everything hehehehehe =v= I did that with Fates and Echoes, it had me curious and excited about some elements/characters not yet explained and they ended up being my faves
  15. FE16 "leaks"

    I don't think they will announce two FE games in this direct, the team was probably working on FE Valentia and FE Switch at about the same time, dividing in three teams is too much. Maybe next time though. Unless they announce a PoR HD made by the studio that remakes old games in hd like they did with Zelda. Or a gamecube virtual console.