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  1. Artist/Character Designer for FE Switch

    I don't know if it has be shown here, but I found an artist doing some realistic fire emblem art and... https://twitter.com/u_ip8s/status/993151417903792128 It's soo pretty ! I never considerated realistic artstyle for Fire Emblem but it could be great :)
  2. FE16 "leaks"

    If I remember correctly the cipher livestream is Satursday, And E3 in a little more than 2 weeks, starts the 9 but Nintendo is the last conference on the 12 (dates may vary of 1 day due to time difference)
  3. FE16 "leaks"

    She looks like a serious opponent to Lucina for the waifu title...
  4. FE16 "leaks"

    Honnestly I highly doubt they will reveal stuff about the next game, as we have not info at all. Especially if the reveal is in two weeks. It'd make more sense for the first reveals to be on a gaming context (nintendo direct or trailer), especially if the reveal is in two weeks. We had a preview of Celica's friends on cipher but Celica was already revealed. It will be a great surprise if there is something announced though.
  5. I'd really like the possibility to make original characters. Like a customisable clone, with some outfits of the classes and others, multiple voices, etc... My favourtie characters aren't popular ones, I'm sure they will never get in, but i'd be happy if i could "fake it" with a character that looks like them ^v^ I did that in Samurai Warriors Empires and enjoyed it a lot !
  6. FE16 "leaks"

    It's also the release day for Nintendo Lab, it'll be a pretty busy day...
  7. FE16 "leaks"

    Honnestly I wouldn't mind if the game comes out late in the year like in December, if there is enough communication about it. I remember Xenoblade 2 had LOTS of regular news since the E3, so almost every week so it was a nice wait. Plus, there is WAY TOO MANY good games realeasing this fall, and there will probably be more after E3, my bank account isn't ready for that OAO
  8. Artist/Character Designer for FE Switch

    Oh I never noticed that OoO Especially for Tiki and Olivia... But then as a game art student (and chara designer student) I kind of understand that, the concept art is made to show the character's visual, so the pose cannot be too complicated or with strong perspective (like Aversa), and the way many of them are static (no fighting pose) feels like an art direction (compared to his work on No More Heroes for exemple). Fates already has more dynamic poses, but we'll have to see all the artworks in the artbook to compare :) Anyways, I may be bieased because I really like his artstyle XD I'd like him to come back again for the next game, but I wouldn't mind if it was an other artist as long as the style isn't too manga. His artstyle, with mostly small eyes and good proportions, are what made me think of Fire Emblem as a special game, but when I played PoR my first thought was "ah, yes that's a tactical JRPG". I really like Hidari's artstyle, but I grew up with him as the Ateliers' artist, so his drawings give me a really "peacefull" vibe, and it kinda prevented me from getting into Echoes serious war tone :/ The "rustic" feel however was good to represent a remake of an old game, and it would be great too have him again on a new remake.
  9. FE16 "leaks"

    There was an interview a few days ago where someone important said the switch had a very important lineup, and considering there is no major switch game comming excepted Smash, I'm pretty sure there will be many games announced at E3, and Fire Emblem is very likely to be one of them.
  10. FE16 "leaks"

    Nintendo stated in an interview that the tournaments were "one of many announcements" for what's coming to E3, and that they will have more to announce the next month (interview from march so said month is april) so maybe we will have a direct to prepare for the E3. I don't know if tournament on a game no one saw before has been done before ? There was also the spyro remake, supposed to be on ps4 and xbox one but that appeared on nintendo's website on switch for a brief moment that made some people think there will be a direct.
  11. I'm not sure, but if the game is fully in 3D with good graphics, then the cutscenes will probably be done with the same engine ? I don't know if 3D games have an external company do the cutscenes parts (like with FE Warriors) exepted maybe the opening one. If we see what we had lately with Fates and Heroes, I expect the same graphic level between the cutscenes and the actual game.
  12. FE16 "leaks"

    It would be great to have an announcement this month, some more info and nice reveals about the game at E3, and the release soon after that in July or August. There will be A LOT of good games for the end of the year, and FE might suffer from too much rivals. Sony has a good lineup for october and september already, e3 games will certainly be added to it and Smash Bros will obliterate other switch games sells XD Fall has always been the season with the most interesting releases to me, but this year will be particularly intense. (poor poor wallet of mine)
  13. General Character Usefulness Discussion

    Azura is my best unit in the game XD I really liked her singing moveset (and finally a not flying lance unit), so i put Ryoma's and Marth's skills on her, and she quilckly became very strong. Maybe her map was easy or I liked it, but she was the first character I unlocked the ultimate weapon stat (for 720 attack) and even now I only have 3 XD Most of my units are level ~70 but she just got 100...
  14. FE: Switch Asks?

    Something I'd really like for FE Swhitch is a way to make our fav characters a little more present in the story. There was so many characters in Fates that besides the Royals and Corrin's "retainers" the characters had no impact on the story. In awakening, the pairing system allowed some alternative scenes, like Lucina and her mother, or Robin's wife/husband's reaction to your choices at the end of the games. It was the first time I saw this way of giving your favourite characters and pairing a reaction to the plot, and I really loved it. In fates there was so many occasions to do that, but there was only a tiny sequence where your team talked but nothing important. I was also very surprised that the final sequence was with Corrin and Azura, with no mention of Azura's husband ! In Echoes talking to the characters in the village to see their reaction to what was happening was a nice touch, and there was something similar in PoR if I remember correctly.
  15. FE16 "leaks"

    I found some new "leak" for a direct supposed to be next monday. It's coming for a guy who "leaked" the production of a new Metroid and Bayonetta port, but also was wrong about some things. He claims that the fire emblem trailer will be at the end of the direct, like a "surprise", and it will be like the first trailer for FE If/Fates, that he didn't understand it at all, and that the game will release in 2019 (so delayed). For the very first time I hope it's wrong XD If they annonce a direct for this monday I'll start getting nervous (As for the source it's from somewhone who posted some screenshots on twitter i don't know how to repost that)