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  1. FE16 "leaks"

    Do you know if the announcement tonight will be the direct that you've been mentioning?
  2. FE16 "leaks"

    I hope Iris is wrong about them not revealing it this week, but I doubt he is.
  3. Nintendo Direct Mini 2018-01-11

    How long in advance do the blank slots on the Nintendo Direct page usually show up?
  4. Nintendo Direct Mini 2018-01-11

    Do you have an idea of when the Direct might occur?
  5. New Teased Modes - Discussion

    Yes to town building and co-op, no to real time and sleep advancement.
  6. "Happy Birthday Jingle Jangle!"
  7. I would like to see what the general consensus is on reactions to Emmeryn's death. The first time that you played Awakening, how did you feel when she died? I had already been spoiled on her death, and it was executed poorly enough that I felt underwhelmed by it. It could have been a pivotal scene in the game, but it seemed dull and lacking in emotion.
  8. Who do you ship Lissa with? Any reason is alright, including story reasons, personal preference, and Owain's stats.
  9. Hints at what is in Warriors DLC & plans

    What I predict: Fates- Azura, Felicia or Jakob, and Kaze. Shadow Dragon- Minerva, Camus, and Draug. Awakening- Virion, Tharja, and Gaius. What I want: Fates- Azura, Felicia, and Kaze. Shadow Dragon- Minerva, Draug, and Merric. Awakening- Virion, Nowi, and Kellam.
  10. Hints at what is in Warriors DLC & plans

    I hope we get Felicia. She was my most wanted character.
  11. The current roster (Spoilers!)

    Anna, female Robin, and male Robin are all confirmed playable and none of them have been unlocked yet afaik. There's still a good chance that Owain, Oboro, Niles, and Navarre are unlockable as well. Just because they haven't been unlocked yet doesn't mean they aren't unlockable- the three characters I mentioned again are proof.
  12. The current roster (Spoilers!)

    Although they are certainly far from guaranteed, Alm and Jedah both have a legitimate chance of being part of the roster. You unlock Celica by playing a recreation of Echoes' final battle, which would be hard to execute without Alm and Jedah.
  13. I will update this list as more characters are leaked. S = Sword (14) A = Axe (3) L = Lance/naginata (4) B = Bow/yumi (4) T = Tome (7; 4 if you exclude villains) D = Dragonstone (1) * = NPC ally in the storymode, almost certainly free DLC. ^ = Enemy in the storymode, possibly DLC. ! = Not in the storymode, unlockable outside of the story. Original Characters (3) Rowan- S Lianna- S This game's version of Anna- B *^Darius- S Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (5) Marth- S Caeda- L Tiki- D *Navarre- S ^Gharnef- T Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (1) !Celica- S Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade (1) !Lyn- S Fire Emblem Awakening (9) Male Robin- T !Female Robin- T Chrom- S Lissa- A Frederick- A Cordelia- L Lucina- S *Owain- S ^Validar- T Fire Emblem Fates (13) Female Corrin- S !Male Corrin- S Ryoma- S Hinoka- L Takumi- B Sakura- B *Oboro- L Xander- S Camilla- A Leo- T Elise- T *Niles- B ^Iago- T
  14. Support Conversations you would like to see

    Owain and Leo, for obvious reasons.