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  1. nothing to report today, folks except that communism is a sham, and we should embrace the ideal form of government: a mento-meritocratic collective technocracy
  2. hi fams, just gonna hit y'all up w/ smth i am NOT gonna spill my alias until i take a hit. however, i will when i do, and one of y'all is coming down with me. i have the passive ability to know the alias and identity of the owners of shots targeting me. when i am shot, if i am not killed ( which is quite likely), i will pubreveal my alias and that of my assailant(s). not so much as a warning as a public notice, seeing as i'm not telling y'all my alias! just giving you guys a heads-up for the future. p.s. i will still reveal those who attack me after my reveal. just to be clear.
  3. in like meat between bread