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  1. Seeing that Yoshi is going to be launched on 3/29, I'd say May/June, I want to be a little optimistic.
  2. Robin is indeed a similar case, but there are differences. In Morgan's supports the only mentions of training is when Kjelle rejects M!Morgan and when F!Morgan show that she does a lot of push ups. While the last is useful none of them talk or show any meaningful practice in actual combat, which they probably do, but not noteworthy. Meanwhile Robin trains regularly with Frederick and at least once in a while with Lon'qu and Sully, and is shown to be able of winning against Kjelle, one of the strongests kid, with relatively ease (even if it was because of her use of brute force, she is said to be strong from the very beginning, lacking finesse or not), which makes him more impresive than his childs with the sword. And then we have the ending were he is shown to be able of using some of Grima's power which, even if we don't really know how strong it is and how much does he have, makes him more impresive with magic too. Both, Robin and Morgan, are amnesiac, but while the latter doesn't show any significant improvement combat wise, we see the former training and showing (somewhat) his skills.
  3. Yes, but with amnesia, wich brings two points into the equation: -Their ending says that they never recovered their memories so their skill level is lost, and all that is left is the potential to return there or surpass it, but nothing points to them doing so. It's similar to Camus with Zeke in a way, only that he does remember. Had he never recovered his memories he wouldn't be more than 8.5/10 as Zeke as of SoV. -If they lose their memories forever, are they even the same person? I mean, with different memories comes not only different skills but different personalities too. As I said, it's one thing with Camus because he remembers everything at the end, but is it fair to use the level of someone who has ceased to exist when analysing our Morgans?
  4. Morgan: as others have said they have skills and a lot of potential, but they haven't reached their peak just jet, so 7/10. If we were to count the Morgans from The Future Past they probably be an 8/10 though, one doesn't simply comands Grima's army.
  5. Caellach: he seems pretty strong, there's a reason for him breaking two of the stones. The problem is that, instead of him being really powerful, the other armies are the ones that come across as weak to me, so while he'd be one of the strongest of his country, he isn't really that high in the ranking. 8/10. Alfonse: we don't really have much to go by as we don't really know how much fight he, Sharena and Anna actually do, so 6,5-7/10.
  6. Michalis: seeing as Ghranef thinks of him as competition and the only other person he is worried about is Camus, I'd say it isn't difficult to assum that he is quite strong, maybe the second strongest in Archanea, at least at the time of Shadow Dragon. Then there's him going to the Dragon Altar alone and stealing Starlight, and I'm definitely not going to fault him for not winning against someone with an invencivility tome. And finally there's being called Iote's second coming and having his shield. Imho it doesn't matter if he is the weakest of the important villains in his game or if he is better as an antihero, we are looking at his strenght, not at his role as a villain or how good he is at it. 9/10. Boey: there isn't much to say about him, he is said to not be great at magic, but that doesn't mean he is particularly weak. He seems to be average, 6/10.
  7. Matthis: he is clearly a weakling, and not having the will to fight or even train doesn't help. Still, he has a horse, wich is pretty useful, so 3.5/10. Gangrel: doesn't strike me as someone really strong, obviously not weak, but nothing amazing. Him being dangerous it's more because how crazy he is than his actual skill. 6.5/10
  8. Camus: The biggest missed opportunity in Warriors, the genre was practically done for characters like him. He is clearly one of the strongest humans in the series, being compared to Anri by Medeus after he defeated an entire battalion, which was formed by more than 200 men, and only surrendering to the dragon because he didn't have any weapon. Also, winning against Midia, who is strong enough to become the captain of the Archanean Knights, while unarmerd when she was trying to kil him with a surprise attack is impresive, even if the differences in skill between them are huge. In Gaiden he probably hadn't healed yet and was amnesiac, and in FE3/12, whether is hasn't healed either or is trying to not catch everyone's attention, it doesn't matter imo, it doesn't change what he has done in the past or could do again in the future. Looking at the ranking in the first post he could easily be a 10/10, but I comparing him to final bosses, Naga and the like doesn't feels right to me, so 9.5/10 for me. Ike: I haven't beaten either of his games so I'll refrain of comenting much. As of now, from what I've seen from him, a 9/10 seems fine, a little bit more maybe, but I haven't heard of anything as absurdly impresive about him as I have with Camus. Why should that matter though? This is a discussion about strenght and power, not about his character in the story. Imo it doesn't matter how he got his strength, just how strong he is, kinda like Marth with the shield equipped, it doesn't matter if the strenght doesn't come complitely from him, he could become a 9. Also, will the power level analysis post return someday? Alm: one of the strongest characters in Valentia, the game goes out of it's way to make sure you know this. Yet, it doesn't quite feels like he is that impresive. He beats Berkut, who is a mayor side-villian, but he simply isn't strong enought for justify a 9, he also won against Rudolf, but that was him losing on purpose, if Celica's premonition is anything to go by Alm is weaker than dismounted Rudolf, and even if he seemed to be possesed in the vision, that Aura only appeared in the end, while Berkut had it during his final combat against Alm. All in all I give him an 8.7/10, he could reach a 9 if we were to take overclasses into account though.
  9. As fit as Frederick is, looking at the ranking a 9 is practically a one man army, and he is not at that level at all. He is strong though, one of the best in the Ylissian army, but not as strong as Chrom or even Lucina, so I think an 8 would be fair.
  10. I... haven't beaten FE6 yet, so I'll only talk about Marth and Lucina. -Marth: The hero-king goes first. As others have said and against popular believe, Marth is strong, maybe not top tier, but definitely remarkable, we are talking ablut someone who won against Medeus and, as effective as falchion is, that isn't an easy feat. We know his battle prowess comes from his speed and his even greater skill in swordmanship, being able of fighting with different styles, those being fencing, longsword and sword and shield. Now, while his fighting skills have been praised by other characters, they are often overshadowed. The reason, imo, can be found on how he behaves in the battlefield, which we can deduce from three of his Skills in Fates: Dancing Blade, which makes him faster at the cost of his defense, Dual Guardsman, which consists on being the support during Guard Stance, and Speedtaker, which makes him faster everytime he defeats an enemy. Coupled with Chroms supports in Warriors where the he has to save Marth after he came to rescue him, and Lucina's where she praises how he always shows up when he is most needed, we can deduce that as skilled as he is he probably concentrates in rescuing those who need it, one after another and faster every time (while leaving himself half-open), but not taking the main spot in the battlefield. Without Falchion and the Shield, I'd give him a 7.5/10, maybe an 8 if he focused more on the actual fighting. With them, and looking at how the ranking works, I'd say he is clearly a 9/10 -Lucina: I don't have as much to say about Lucina as I did about Marth, aside from having aether, her skills tells us that she is particulary good fighting in pairs (Dual Strike) and that she is better under presure (Awakening). She, as Marth, also has Charm, but that's not important here. Aside from the sword she can also use lances and seemingly bows. Now, on her actual strenght, she seems to be at Chrom's level, who Kjelle goes as far as to say that is the strongest man in the army, so she is pretty much top tier in our army. Also, she technically has holly blood, doesn't she? All in all, I'd probably give her an 8'5/10. I know I used gameplay in a "canon" discussion but I think it's kind of fair as those classes are exclusive to them.
  11. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    I suppose they could show something at Gamescom at the end of august, but I wouldn't expect anything earlier than that.
  12. Grima's Powers?

    That makes sense, but what I wanted to ask was more like, could he still use it's power without breaking the seal? As far as I remember the hierophant was Grima already.
  13. Grima's Powers?

    Not sure about what would be useful for what you're discussing but I suppose you could take into account his in-game skills, aside from what has already been said. I have to say that seeing a question about Grima's powers has made me have one on my own though. At the end of awakening we see Robin taping into them, but would he still be able of using them after Grima's been sealed by Falchion?
  14. FE16 "leaks"

    They are making the Fates artbook, while they won't put the original script in there there's a small chance we'll see some small bits or curiosities about it. If they don't put it there I don't know if we'll ever see it.
  15. FE16 "leaks"

    In my case, what bugged my probably even more than the game having "less" content, is that them cutting that content makes me feel like they are treating me like a child, like if that content would be too much for me, I don't even care about some towel or boring mini-game, but the fact that they decided that I shouldn't play it bugs me. In the other hand I totally understand why they did it, but I can't help feeling like that.