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  1. FE16 "leaks"

    Not only that, they might be organized by release date, they clearly aren't listed neither alphabetically nor by announcement date, so it could come out before smash and yoshi, september maybe?
  2. The thing is, while Valm's arc is a call back to gaiden, Walhart isn't Alm's descendant, and Falchion can't be wielded by someone without divine dragon blood.
  3. Opinions on Camilla

    The manga design is great. While not as good, we also seen her in casual clothes that, while having cleavage, it's nowhere as fanservicy as the game. The difference between game and manga you are feeling might be because the manga is more focused on Leo, as Camilla is less likely to go yandere without Corrin and simply be that motherly figure she is supposed to be.
  4. I still think that he return to Archanea because he feels responsible more than because of his love. He clearly still has some feelings for her, but let's not forget that when she asks him in SD to come with Marth he refuses even if she is there. Nyna disappears at the end of FE3, after leaving Archanea to Marth, if Camus wanted he could live with her in some random town without having to reveal his identity.
  5. I'm not saying that Camus didn't love her more than his kingdom, I'm saying that as of FE3 he has someone else he loves more than her, and the reason he returned when he heard about the was it was because he felt partially responsible and wanted put an end to their relationship, and so he does at the end of the game imo.Not saying that he wouldn't think about her from time to time, but I don't think he would risk Tatiana's happiness to watch over Nyna, to whom he already had said to forget about him.
  6. I thought it was the other way arround. Wasn't Camus the one who told Nyna to forget him? I don't think he would return for her after that, though I can see him watching over Grust though.
  7. Maybe? That kind of stuff doesn't really bother me, I like Tharja and Camilla (though I don't like the panty window) . I think it is how elegant she looks in general, the smaller boots, the shorter bangs and of course the lack of cleavage make her look better overall, stylish and professional, though her usual one makes her seem more mature. I don't think just not having a cleavage would have made that much of a difference though. I'm probably exagerating about how good this design is, but I really like it.
  8. I never get tired of seeing Mathilda's other outfit, really, there's something about it that I really like, though I don't know what. Now, I'm not dubting your translation, but I think I read somewhere that in Zeke's profile it said that he disappeared some time but later returned, making reference to his appearance in FE3, instead of disappearing from time to time which implies it happened more than once, though I readed it the first day the translations began to appear, so maybe it was wrong. I'd like to ask Kamui's profile if it isn't much of a hassle, aside from the money thing and being a traveler his sole support is wasted in humour. She was kidnapped just after she was born, and her parents are already dead. Just saying so you take your crack to the next level even if it totally didn't happen
  9. FE16 "leaks"

    Isn't heroes already an isekai story?
  10. The hero comes from the west though, and Naga isn't really involved with Valentian matters.
  11. The "left" in a map is the west, while the "right" is the east. That's why China/Japan are in the east and America in the west, the name "western" of the movie genre, and the "wild west" should make it quite obvious.
  12. Do we know where is Jugdral? I don't think it's likely , but if Sigurd is Chrom's ancestor someone from his line has to have come to Archanea before SD/Echoes, and those ancestor could be carring their holy weapon, which if I remember correctly had dragonstones or something like that. Though I don't think thi is likely at all.
  13. Isn't it refering to Duma? I mean, he fought Naga and ended going to Valentia (the west) and clearly had a grudge against Archanea, building a tower facing said continent.
  14. The blue flames, aside from Scendscale, could come from his cape flowing or something like that. I've always asumed that Celica's move was supposed to be seraphim.