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  1. Probably, yeah.
  2. I'm gonna get crucified but here we goooooooooooooooooooooo -Corrin, despite being not the best lord in the series, remains my favorite and nothing will convince me otherwise. -Avatars help me get into the story better and I really enjoy having them in. Blazing Blade's "Avatar" doesn't count. -Awakening was really fun and I got into the story of that one far more than any other FE. -Conquest had the best story of all the Fates routes. -I like Kozaki's designs, especially the ones he did for Heroes. -Outside of some Tellius love, I'm largely fine with the Warriors roster. -Kaga leaving was the best thing that happened to the franchise, however he does have a legacy that should be respected. -Celica, Eirika, Lucina, and Corrin aren't bad lords. -I'm tired of the final boss always being a goddamn dragon. -Blazing Blade was boring and underwhelming to me, except I enjoyed Hector's route much more than the other two. -The perfect FE for me would be somewhere between Conquest and SoV. I think the elements I'd enjoy most would be archers that can attack from up close, Fates style pair up, an Avatar, magic draining health, dungeons, exploration of your environment to get stuff, and Fates style amiibo support. And better LGBT romance options if we get that back. -I'd really like another Tellius game, set hundreds or thousands of years after the previous two, like Awakening. -Owain/Odin and Gray are fantastic and I love them. -I want whoever designed Dead Man's Mire in SoV to die a horrible death. IMO it's the worst map in any FE game and is horrible and unbearable and I could literally go on a huge rant about it but I won't. That map burned our crops, poisoned our water supply and wrought a plague unto our houses.
  3. Proposition 1: Shadow of Fate 40%: F!Corrin, M!Corrin, Summer F!Corrin, Azura 20% Xander, Ryoma, Felicia, Kaze (reward unit) OR Proposition 2: Children of Futures Past 40% Lucina, Selena, Odin, Laslow 20% Masked Marth, Chrom, Lissa, F!Morgan (reward unit) OR Proposition 3: Smash Brothers-in-Arms 40%: Marth, Ike, Roy, Lucina 20%: Masked Marth, Robin, M!Corrin, RD!Ike (reward unit)
  4. Wasn't it announced that Metroid Prime 4 was for 2018? Or did it just say it was in development?
  5. I'm really hoping for some news about Metroid Prime 4, FE 2018, and Kirby 2018, but I honestly doubt any of that will be showcased. It'll be a crime if we don't get Warriors for some reason though.
  6. I've made a horrible decision. I'm going to 5* and +10 my Bartre, then unleash him upon the arena for memes.
  7. Jagen spinoff pls In all seriousness I'd be fine with an older character. Stepping into the shoes of someone like Greil could be really cool.
  8. I guess I just don't understand why people are mad at the inclusion of Lyn and Celica. Lyn is THE most popular character in the entire franchise, at least according to the CYL poll, why wouldn't people want her, or think it's fake because she's in. It seems like KT knew, and included her since she's obviously insanely possible. Plus, Hector or ELiwood or both could be DLC, it just seems obvious that she'd be in. In addition, Celica's game was the most recent one. It makes a lot of sense for them to put the characters from their most recent game. She also uses a combination of magic and swords, so since the devs wanted to distance themselves from sword users, her inclusion also makes more sense than Alm's, who could also be DLC as well.
  9. I don't know if I meet the post requisite but let's try anyways.
  10. Hi everyone. My girlfriend and I have been playing the game since the literal minute we got it. The very first day we got the game, we played it alongside a friend who got it as well, with no issues whatsoever. Then, the next day came, and that's when the issues began. Over the past few days, she's had 100+ disconnects. I've had them to a much lesser extent, somewhere in the 50s. It's almost every single match she plays, and every two or three for myself. My friend we were playing with has only had 3 since launch, and no one else I know who has the game has had issues on a scale like this, even if they have Comcast like us. It's definitely not our internet, since games like Mario Kart and Bomberman run fine, and so do games on other consoles like Overwatch, Titanfall and Smash 4, it's only Splatoon 2 that has these issues. Our Switches aren't very far from our routers, hers is literally 3 feet away and mine's about 10 with a wall. It's gotten to the point where it has pretty consistently banned us, even if we're playing in handheld inches from the router. Is there any way we can fix this or are we just screwed out of playing Splatoon forever?
  11. +1 Ching Thank you so much!
  12. +1 LunartailSteffi, I got the cards and everything was in great condition, thank you!!
  13. Hi everyone! I'm willing to buy or trade for anything I'm looking for. I'd prefer to buy from a US seller but I am not opposed to buying from others. Looking For Trading/Selling
  14. Oh god I've been asking for Gray and Saber in Heroes since SoV came out... I wish I had the orbs for this but I spent like all of them. ;~;