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  1. New Heroes (Ylissean Travelers)

    Oh, I see. My bad, then. (Though I would argue that one can play FE7 without even seeing Karla, while Maribelle's capture and rescue is part of what starts the war against Plegia in Awakening, so she's not as "obscure" (nothing against Karla) but yes, she certainly doesn't have Elise's level of plot relevance.) Nanna did deserve better. Runesword when.
  2. New Heroes (Ylissean Travelers)

    The point I was trying to make is that the people with whom Nephenee is popular because of her design (I assume that's what you were implying) care little about personality, and that using them as a proof that FE characters have unremarkable personalities doesn't seem like a legit argument to me. I don't deny Tharja is a unique character, but this is definitely not the reason she's a fan favourite either. (As in, I'm sure some fans like her for all of her personality, including the most interesting traits, but her incredible popularity is mostly because "yandere stalker with transparent clothes", which isn't exactly interesting or complex either.) It's like saying Ike isn't a Tellius fan favourite for being a good character: he is a good character, but he's a fan favourite because of the Smash fanbase who doesn't know this, only memes. Basically: characters having features that makes them popular to a shallow fanbase doesn't prove they aren't interesting or complex or remarkable. (Which, again, isn't me saying you have to agree that Maribelle is any of these things, that's personal taste. I think she is, I get it if you don't.)
  3. New Heroes (Ylissean Travelers)

    Looks like we have different definitions of unremarkable, but that's a matter of taste and I can't argue with that. (And there's a reason Camilla/Tharja is a Fates/Awakening fan favourite, so what? Are we using the horny otaku fanbase as a judge for personality, now?)
  4. New Heroes (Ylissean Travelers)

    If reused character traits are enough to qualify, 80% of Fire Emblem characters are literal whos. Maribelle has her own personality besides being a haughty healer (which isn't exactly the most used archetype anyway, it's just Clarine and Serra). She also gets to be plot-relevant in an early chapter.
  5. New Heroes (Ylissean Travelers)

    I'm glad Maribelle is finally in, but I wish they would have chosen another artist for her - her art looks so moe, and of course no pants. u.u I'm just going to pretend it's her regular two toned pants if I get her. (And of course they use her as the example for the friendship feature, even though it's very much out of character for her (and Sumia was right there), like that artstyle didn't already scream "look! a waifu!!!". I like her because she can be haughty and prickly, IS, don't you dare make her into some moe tsun-ish archetype just because we can't have the female characters dislike the player.)
  6. I thought they were all advertised as Lords except Byleth... but if it's just Edelgard for now, then I predict our healer will be her little brother instead. And with someone's little sister using bows (Claude's?), we would have a mirror of Mist and Rolf, that's neat.
  7. At least one of our three lords will have a younger sister who uses staves. What are we gonna do otherwise, use vulneraries like barbarians or recruit a random stranger?
  8. Is "Teacher" the avatar?

    Storywise, it could have been easy: since timelines are treated as parallels universes, nothing says our characters have to marry the same person they married in the doomed timeline. Owain and Brady (whom I also love and want to exist) could have been born from a M/F relationship in Lucina's time, then travel to a version of Ylisse where this isn't the case. (With the possibility of choosing who their father was for the inheritance mechanics, if necessary, but since the children all have a default class in Future Past even if their mother isn't married, they could just have adjusted their stats to account for no dad modifier.) Of course, that would have required more diverse writing in parent-child supports (with potentially three "parents", and two versions of the father support depending whether or not he's married to the mother), plus ideally more exploration of the fact that you don't become a parent simply because a version of your hypothetical, currently nonexistant child who is the same age as you showed up out of the blue... and I can understand that it would be too bothersome and outside of the scope of the game. (But it's a shame, and not only because of gay pairings; I'm still puzzled by how easily all these young adults adjust to having fully grown children.) ...or they could simply have all the children's paralogues unlock automatically after chapter 13, regardless of which supports you've done, and keep the fathers ambiguous. I'll see myself out. >.> To stay on topic, assuming Byleth is the avatar, I'm liking his default design. The female version, if there is one, will have to be really good to make me pick it instead, and that would be a first for FE avatars.
  9. Is "Teacher" the avatar?

    Agreed. I prefer quality over quantity for the supports, I don't want S supports back in the first place, and I don't like the idea of a teacher romancing their students... but if they're going with this, and let's be real, with IS's track record, we can assume they are, then go all the way. It's very frustrating when the story pushes you to ship the avatar with one of the main characters, but you can't because they made the game with only waifu lovers straight players in mind. (Azura...) (And in the same way, it's frustrating when the story hints at something between two of your units but you can't make it happen for the same reason. (Why did you deny Maribelle her true love, Awakening?) So yes, yes, yes to eliminating the gender restriction for non-avatar S supports.)
  10. As a (future) librarian, I can confirm we're all secretly trained in dagger combat. No but this is a neat idea, kind of like the knife option for Sages in PoR except it could actually be viable now, if they keep the daggers from Fates. You would basically trade healing support for debuffing support from range. I'd use it.
  11. It sounds awesome! The organ at the beginning really gives it an epic feel, and I like the use of trumpet (or something similar-sounding, I can't really tell brass instruments apart) for the game's main theme, reminds me of Tellius.
  12. Other Bisexual/Gay characters?

    I find F!Corrin's supports with Scarlet and Flora more convincing as a romance than M!Corrin's, so these two. Azura/F!Corrin is just as glaringly obvious as the version you can make canon. (Don't tell me the one single mention of being m!Corrin's "lady friend" rather than "friend" in chapter 5 makes any substantial difference when the entire rest of the game is the same for both.) Kaze and Felicia, mostly because I could see it and it would be nice (you could just make it "Corrin's retainers" in general but I don't care about Jerkob). Orochi is definitely bi, and even knowing Fates "had" to let people pair anyone male with anyone female, I'm still baffled she and Kagero aren't canonically together. In the same way, you will pry Hana having feelings for Sakura out of my cold dead hands, and I could very well see Sakura returning these feelings. Elise decides to recruit people into the army and immediately goes for the lady who's dressed to seduce, telling her she's "way too pretty". I rest my case. She gets it from big sis Camilla, clearly. (Yes, I know, Camilla, but if they write her as "liking strong women" and being flirtatious/possessive with them, they give up the right to protest if I read into that, even if it was for fanservice.) I could see Leo as well, but I think he would have trouble coming to terms with it, considering some of his dialogue. Selena has never been straight, either in Ylisse or in Nohr. And I wouldn't particularly have considered Rinkah, but the blacksmith reasoning above sold me on it, give me that societal third gender option.
  13. Fire Emblem Heroes Wishlist

    Tellius and Jugdral (Silesse representation when) in general. From the recent games : Maribelle, Sumia, Miriel, Say'ri, Orochi, Rinkah, Silque, Python&Forsyth. Also Xane. How did I forget Xane.
  14. ...you're probably right, since at the rate they're going, 16 legendaries would only last a year and some, and they probably plan to keep the game going for longer than that. Still. Wow. That is a lot of legendaries. Oo And Marth still won't get one.
  15. Based on L!Ike and Grima, I thought they would avoid doing the same color for an element in a row, but here we are with both Wind legendaries being green. Seems kinda counterproductive for team building purposes. (i.e. if I give Soren a Wind blessing he will be sharing a color either way... Oh, well, he's fine on the Earth team.) Lyn's art looks fantastic, though.