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  1. Fire Emblem Heroes Wishlist

    Tellius and Jugdral (Silesse representation when) in general. From the recent games : Maribelle, Sumia, Miriel, Say'ri, Orochi, Rinkah, Silque, Python&Forsyth. Also Xane. How did I forget Xane.
  2. ...you're probably right, since at the rate they're going, 16 legendaries would only last a year and some, and they probably plan to keep the game going for longer than that. Still. Wow. That is a lot of legendaries. Oo And Marth still won't get one.
  3. Based on L!Ike and Grima, I thought they would avoid doing the same color for an element in a row, but here we are with both Wind legendaries being green. Seems kinda counterproductive for team building purposes. (i.e. if I give Soren a Wind blessing he will be sharing a color either way... Oh, well, he's fine on the Earth team.) Lyn's art looks fantastic, though.
  4. This. It's too late now for a new generation Pokémon game in 2018 if they want to take 9 months to advertise it again like the last two gen. Remakes are announced less early, but the first game on a new console wouldn't be a remake. FE has no competition to worry about on that front, so that just leaves Smash. I still believe it's coming this year, at least in Japan.
  5. Can we all agree...

    I had the same "what, no, that's wrong" reaction, but from the opposite perspective (native french speaker here so yeah, I said Kamü), and I have to say, it's interesting to see the different ways everyone pronounced it. Makes me feel better about all the english names I'm probably butchering. xD Japanese Archanea also has Orleans (Aurelis), so French-inspired names are a thing outside of Grust too.
  6. Voting Gauntlet: Shadow in the Mirror!

    Team normal Celica (with Nowi as my lead, she's nothing special but if anyone needs one more blue ally my ID is 0268944411), and seconding the praise for @Rafiel's Aria 's Raven, I've been getting him a lot and he just eats the enemy alive. Truly amazing.
  7. Favorite Dragon Appearance

    If there's only one, that would be mine, actually. ^^" and now I feel dirty by association. Fair point about the design change from Awakening to Heroes, though. I'm not too bothered because they keep their "leafy" frills, but I get it.
  8. Favorite Dragon Appearance

    I guess I'm the odd one out for liking Awakening's leafy sea dragons. xD There's just something about them that I find elegant, though the bulkier dragons are beautiful in their own way too. So for me it would be : A!Tiki and Nowi > Fae, for uniqueness and cuteness > Ninian and young Tiki > Myrrh (points for looking the most intimidating, but in terms of aesthetics I like her form a little less) >>>>>>>>>>> Corrin. (Even though she is also... original, her design doesn't work for me.)
  9. And here I was thinking that, out of the regular characters I want to see added to the game, Reyson had the most chances since he'd be interesting as the first flying refresher. Silly me. Loving the art and designs of all the seasonal units here, though! (Even if I suspect Camilla of stealing that outfit from my favorite purple-haired Hoshidan lady.)
  10. Predictions for the upcoming New Years banner

    Kaze would be nice, and even though I know it's unlikely, I'm hoping for Orochi with something like an omikuji for her weapon.
  11. This is what I'd like too. It would make the army less crowded, allow for a second gen without sacrificing gen 1's characterization, and let the kids exist independantly, with their own plotline. And hopefully, FE switch could have paralogues more like the older games instead of all of them existing to collect your instant babies.
  12. Who do you ship Lissa with?

    Maribelle as well. If we're talking marry-in-game ships only, I had her marry Lon'qu since they had that little interaction in Ferox that seemed to be there to tell you to get their supports, and it worked well enough with Owain's dad support, so it's alright I guess. I could see her with Henry too. But if Maribelle was an option, I would only consider them for the purpose of having a father for Owain in the doomed timeline.
  13. This is one of the final quotes that stood out to me the most, in no small part because of the voice acting. Most of the other quotes are about the characters disagreeing with Duma and Jedah's plan, but Mae is here because someone hurt her best friend, and you can hear that she is pissed. I can't pinpoint another specific moment, but I feel like she and Boey are characters who really benefitted from the full voice acting, along with Alm's group of friends; it helped make their established friendships more believable. Agreeing that the VA did a lot to sell Berkut's descent into madness, too. And it's not exactly a part of the script, but Delthea's VA sounding so gleeful and proud in her critical/victory quotes is a big part of what made me like her character. It made the difference between "arrogant pest" and "endearing little brat" for me.
  14. Another FEH channel on the 14th: Post Talk

    That would be the dream indeed. Though boons and banes being visible could let people who don't go check the wiki know that there's something 'wrong' with the unit they rolled, and thus incite them to keep trying for a better one, so who knows, they might do it. Seconding Xane and Bantu ! I really want Xane in the game since I saw this fanmade sprite.
  15. What Weapons Should Fliers Wield?

    Maybe pegasus knights could have a choice of which secondary weapon they want to pick up on promotion, like paladins can in Tellius iirc, and the choice either directs them to a different class ou affects their new class growths (5 or 10% more magic if you choose staves/tomes, for ex). They'd choose between swords, staves, tomes and bows so players can effectively recreate all the promoted pegasus classes that have been available so far. Wyverns could keep the axes (+ promoted lances) as their niche, it goes better with their stats anyway.