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  1. Chinatsu Kurahana is Three Houses New Artist

    It's amazing how much more alive they look when you simply add some depth to their eyes... Much nicer to look at, too. Great job! Edit: welp, that's pretty much what you just said, I didn't see it. orz
  2. Chinatsu Kurahana is Three Houses New Artist

    Seeing all these examples of what she can do, I'm even more disappointed that the art direction for this game went with her more plastic/cold/lifeless-looking UtaPri style rather than her art for Captive Prince or Samurai Flamenco. There was real potential there.
  3. My bad, then : you said Miriel was "a feminist", not radical, so I assumed that's what you meant in general and that you were referring to feminism as a whole by "radical demographic". (Since I've seen it done, usually by people expressing a similar distaste for "feminist" female characters.) Rad fems are a disgrace and I have nothing to do with them. Good for you, I suppose.
  4. We do. As much, if not more, than you. But I wouldn't expect someone who uses the word waifu uncritically to believe that. Personality and design over performance for me, though a unit I like being good will improve my opinion of them if only because it makes using them more fun. I'll grind for my favorites and feed them kills if that's needed, but I will make them work; on the other hand, if I don't like them, they're on the bench as soon as I can put them there, regardless of how useful they might be. (Hi Ryoma, bye Ryoma.)
  5. Official Camilla Discussion Thread

    Nintendo allowed Fire Emblem to flop enough to be nearly axed because of their bad marketing. There's nothing in Tellius or the Archanea remakes that "stingy prudes" would have objected to enough not to buy the games.
  6. Voting Gauntlet: Mothers and Sons! (Jan 30th)

    I'm voting for Ethlyn, though I expect Leif to win against her. I get why the match-ups are like this, but it's still a shame, and they could have put these two against Cherche and Gerome to be a little more fair; I don't see either of them making it past Owain. (Then again, Cherche seems to be popular, and Thracia is Thracia, so it was probably doomed from the start either way no matter which 3ds pair they'd be facing.) But eh, I love Lissa and like Owain, so I'll happily switch to whichever of the two beats Leif/Ethlyn when it happens. (Why two Awakening duos, though? Couldn't they go with, I don't know, Nino and Raigh?)
  7. I'd rather see him on an FE4 banner so there could be more spots for Thracia-only characters the next time IS remembers FE5 exists (especially since I don't think they would introduce two wind mages at the same time and I want Asvel), but if it's a choice between Ced or more alts as the face of the hypothetical next Thracia banner, by all means, put him in. (Unless the alt is Earth sword Nanna, that would be fine with me.)
  8. Tempest Trial+ : Life is But Fleeting (Dec 18th)

    I'll keep her regardless (and not mind much since I'm not going to see her full art that often anyway), I depend on F2P guides too much to shoot myself in the foot by foddering a free unit. It will be like with Fjorm, you just learn to ignore the moments when you have to see That (in Fjorm's case, her injured face) on the screen.
  9. Tempest Trial+ : Life is But Fleeting (Dec 18th)

    I have to agree. The art is beautiful as always, but I did a double take when I noticed Cecilia's chest, it's unusually fanservicey for Senri Kita. It's a shame, her outfit is pretty nice otherwise. (Plus on top of looking like her breasts are stretched away, it makes the "dress with boobs-pockets" effect reaaally apparent. Her dress physically can't cling to the underside of her chest like this and then immediately cling to her torso, that's not... how clothes work...)
  10. Didn't mind it in the Book III trailer, though I think it would have fit better without lyrics, but I wouldn't want it in the main series. Heroes can afford it because it spends so little effort on buiding its world or making us forget we're playing a mobile game that there isn't any suspension of disbelief to break by introducing music that doesn't fit; I'd expect better, or at least an attempt at making a more immersive story, from a main FE game.
  11. Pokemon/FE characters?

    Are we talking what Pokémon the characters would be (the vibe I get from the original post, but the replies make me doubt), or which one they would have on their team? Either way: Soren: Umbreon (dark type, red eyes, having a strong friendship is integral to it being what it is), or maybe Absol (dark type, seen as bad luck). Sanaki: a very haughty Vulpix. Incineroar for Muarim (assumes the role of a bad guy, but is actually sweet, especially to children), possibly a Torchic for Tormod for no other reason than it's a fire baby and it feels like it would fit him. Azura: Primarina (yes, I know, this joke has been made a million times already) Mae: Togedemaru (it's always in "still hyper, let's go" mode) or Emolga.
  12. I didn't screenshot my votes, but I think my choices were Xane, Lewyn, Lethe, Jill, Ranulf, Maribelle and Orochi. 2 out of 7... could be worse, but it if was a test score, FEH would be failing. (I'm still surprised that my Jugdral pick made it in but not my Fates one. Sure, plot relevance, but considering IS's biases, I'd have thought Orochi was a shoe-in.)
  13. What got you into Fire Emblem?

    I saw some nice fanart of Awakening (part of Ticcy's Very Chrobin Comic, to be exact), got curious about what it was from because I liked its aesthetic a lot, and since I vaguely remembered a friend mentioning Fire Emblem, I bought the game because I trusted her taste and the artist's. (In hindsight, that's not always the most reliable method to decide what to play, I'd do more research before buying a game nowadays, but it worked out.) I got hooked pretty much instantly, finished it in a few days and immediately started a new playthrough. It came up in conversation with said friend, and I didn't get her into Awakening but she got me into Tellius, then there was the Fates hype, so I started slowly discovering the rest of the series though LPs and emulators. I'll probably always be fond of Awakening, but I recently found an used copy of Blazing Sword (in english even though it was in a french shop, funnily enough), and though I'm not that far in the story yet and keep having to restart chapters, I can see why it got so many people into FE. I just regret that I didn't know about this franchise at a time where I could have acquired the games I like the normal way, now that emulation websites are being attacked and Tellius games cost an arm and a leg. (Put them on the switch, nintendo, I want to give you money for them but you're not making it easy.)
  14. @Michelaar You're welcome, I saw other people suggest it and I didn't mean to single you out or criticize your take, but figured it might be worth saying because this comes from the DLC that wasn't localized (fan translation here if you're interested).
  15. Camilla and Azura never interacted during Azura's time in Nohr (concubines war yo). Azura saw her from afar once and wished they could be friends, which I guess is as good an explanation for her inclusion in the banner as any (we all know it wasn't the main reason, but it's something at least), but she certainly wasn't anything close to a mother for the young Azura in this paralogue.