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  1. The Selective FE8 PME!

    Thanks for the fix! Fair enough about Myrrh. Having similar issues with Chapter 10, though. Hamilton is a green unit, so he's being targeted by the nearby enemies and dies immediately to the boss's Longbow.
  2. The Selective FE8 PME!

    I'm really digging this PME so far. Some of the changes are hilarious and the game actually feels really fresh with the class swaps. I ran into some trouble on Gary Stu chapter 9, though- the Verylongbow Archer and the Thunder mage are both able to attack Eliza, and she usually dies within the first two turns. Could you switch the Verylongbow to a Steel Bow and the Thunder to an Elfire? Also, it seems like Myrrh hasn't been touched yet, so how about renaming her "Batta", giving her Batta's portrait, and renaming the Manakete class to "The Beast"? (Keep the dragon loli animations, though) Last thing- the Ballista enemies feel really overpowered. I'm playing on Hard mode, so that must be a factor, but they have ridiculous stat lines and ORKO half of the playable roster, including Lute, the only early-game Thunder user. Their Def in particular is really high. To make them more manageable, could you reduce the Ballistician class's Spd and Def and give Arrowspate a nerf? Some of them have been hitting 26 Atk with it, which is rough.
  3. From what was in the trailer, I like the character art style. It feels very different from past FEs, but it seems like that's what they were going for. The portraits seem like they give some insight into the character's personalities (Claude being more personable, Dmitri possibly being more harsh), which is all I really ask for from a portrait. I actually like all of the character portraits that we've seen so far, especially Claude and Edelgard. Dmitri and Byleth are pretty good, but Byleth looks a mite edgy. That's a departure from the typical MU, though, so I'll take it. Personally, I'd like to see some lower-class characters in the future. FE3H looks like it has nobles as the main characters, so I'm hoping that we'll get some social diversity in the rest of the roster.
  4. Three versions?

    I think it's unlikely. The Japanese title doesn't hint at any kind of three-way division like the English title does, and building three new games on a new system seems like a bit too much effort for IntSys. That said, I'll be immensely disappointed if we do get three versions. I'd probably still end up playing one of them, but more than likely I'd buy it used.
  5. Durability. Yes or no?

    tbh I think both systems could be done to my satisfaction, but I lean toward bringing back durability. Rationing out the uses on my stronger weapons added to the strategy of some of the older titles, though there were plenty of "too good to use" issues with Prf's and legendary weapons and the like. Awakening came the closest to having a good durability system imo, but the game balance in Awakening was otherwise pretty bad so it didn't matter lol. I believe Awakening had an infinite convoy (it's been a while, though, so I could be wrong about this), so convoy space filling up with 5 use Iron Swords isn't an issue, and hoarding isn't as big of a deal when it doesn't take up all of your convoy space. The Lords also had unbreakable weapons, so there was no "too good to use" factor involved there, and they prevented the player from running out of weapons (not that most players would). Strong agree^ This seems like a good fix for a lot of the issues of durability systems in FE. Repairing legendary weapons would allow the player to use them without losing them permanently. The player wouldn't necessarily have to worry about overstocking on weapons, either--you could buy as many as you immediately need and repair them later if they break.
  6. Roy as a Manakete.

    A manakete lord would have been cool, especially for the GBA era. Roy being a transforming manakete would have had some interesting story applications as well, considering how important dragons are to the conflict of FE6. I doubt Heroes would take these kinds of liberties, but Dragon Boy Roy would be a sick Heroes alt
  7. Favorite GBA character?

    Probably Joshua. He has a really good backstory and lands hecka crits as a Swordmaster. What more do you need?