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  1. I'd imagine it wouldn't be too hard, if the functionality for not allowing certain units in certain chapters (which I imagine it will be). Conditional flags shouldn't be unusual.
  2. Shouldn't wait be yellow, technically? Cool feature.
  3. Oh really? Get an old-man hyde in there. Are scholars+ 7x exclusive?
  4. But then who's the diviner
  5. Mage Knights don't have a tier 1, but if you can check out the 7x classes, which will likely be used in this game if I'm not mistaken. For example, all three magics have heavy and lighter classes.
  6. Did you download xna Also, the .net framework (though that's probably already on your computer) Wow, you asked in all three places.
  7. Making slight (such as giving them a different head/hair style) modifications is definitely easier, and a good place to start. I'd say go for it, you get to see results pretty quickly, you just have to stick it out for all the frames. You've got a pretty wide selection of animations here that're free to use (with credit or permission).
  8. There's one in this year's FEE3 video (that just uses the male sprite. Hair tucked into the armour, I guess).
  9. Looks cool. I have to ask, though, will there be a confirmation button every time? Touch screen with such small squares just seems error prone. Also, would there be the option of having the ghostly buttons on the screen instead?
  10. Documents->SavedGames->FEGame-> follow the rabbit hole Your 7x saves should be around there as well. It does seem like a somewhat random place to store them.
  11. I find roy's tri-cross hilt on his sword a little weird, but like his sprite otherwise. Flashes of irrelevant maps and units just disappearing is a little odd too.
  12. I think I had this issue. Windows Smartscreen was stopping it from running. The first time, after hitting more info, and saying run anyway nothing happened, but after this new download (not sure if that was the difference maker), it ran. So I'd disable Windows Smartscreen if nothing else is working. EDIT: lol 7x class roll. Anyways, I'm excited, time to start playing. Serenity is implemented but the arrows still show. Also, some level ups just don't pull up the level up menu and face, but still happen. Not sure if it's because I'm pressing A, will also confirm. It's fun so far. I like the map shakeup for Ch 2.
  13. The game isn't launching for me, which is odd because FE7x works fine. On windows 10. Excited to try this, all of your stuff is good, and XNA is even more exciting.
  14. That sounds fun. Is an FEXNA version still a possibility? Either way, it's been awesome seeing this project grown over the years. I still remember how exciting it was to find EN back when it had 3 tales. It'll always hold a special spot in my heart for its quality, its novelty, and how it introduced me to the world of FE hacking.
  15. follow all the download instructions, inclulding downloading the .NET and XNA frameworks, and extract everything?