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  1. [FE8] Self-Randomizing Rom v1.1

    They don't stack, it only works once.
  2. FE 8 Chaos Mode V3.08 is here!!!

    It seems skills don't stack so only +4 even with both.
  3. FE 8 Chaos Mode V3.08 is here!!!

    Woo, new patch! First off, general feedback 1) "Class-locked" weapons you mentioned could be placed in the Rausten Court secret shop. Another option is the FE-girls route; Give one of each through normal gameplay, extras can be found from monsters/chests in the ruins 2) Chapter 15 having sand forces the player to adapt and is a good excuse to acquire special items such as Boots. I would like to see it remain a desert. 3) Rather than making a list of weapon changes later, could weapon descriptions be changed instead? For example "Brave effect" or "range 1-4" would make understanding easy. Bugs: 1) All enemies other than monsters and bosses have a "minimum" B weapon rank (with about 75% progress to A) in swords and lances. This has no real effect. 2) Colm and enemy thieves have cunning twice. My understanding was that Thieves aren't meant to have a level 1 skill, and gain Cunning at 2. 3) Seth starts with C-rank in Swords but has insane Weapon XP gain.Intended? 4) Is Natasha using staves intended? I haven't seen a clear answer In the thread. 5) as above, Iness can use lances. 6) Cunning on Pirates no longer works. 7) Chapter 9 boss and two archers near him don't move, but they don;t show "0 mov" 8) Chapter 10 boss (Pablo) *still* can't use the Psychic staff in his inventory. 9) Trample skills doesn't work. Only Druids learn it as far as I know. 10) If a unit would learn a 7th skill on level up with the last XP through a staff, then the new skill is automatically chosen to be forgotten. 11) Tower floor 3 spawns Cyclops infinitely Intended? 13) Tower floor 5 has unarmed wyvern rider reinforcement. 14) Tower floor 5 has two Arch-Mogals with Bolting tomes and Crimson Eyes. they can't use the tomes. Balance-related: 1) Neimi gets Malefic Aura twice, it's not a very important skill later on. Could Druids be changed to learn Lifetaker at level 2 instead of 1 so they can keep it for T3? 2) Iron Blade is worse than Steel Sword in every way. Making it E-rank or adding damage would give it use. 3) Chapter 13 is beatable without grinding. Yay for Nihil! I don't think it's possible to get all loot, let alone recruit Cormag without grinding though. 4) Chapter 14 is easier than 13 due to lack of pressure. Boss is much harder but can be beaten legitimately without grinding. {spoiler} Swordslayer from this chapter + Rennac. Buffing his defense and then rescuing him to saftey if the attack misses works. Saleh using Elfire twice a turn (Tethys) also works. 5) 3 warp staves from chapter 14 feels like it's asking for the player to abuse them, 1 should be plenty. 6) The western village in chapter 9 (Gives dragonshield) feels unfairly difficult to save without grinding. Delaying the closest pirate a turn or two would go a long way. 7) Chapter 1 boss having Impale means there's a chance of being unable to win any give attempt without savestates. I haven't tested T3s this time aside from Dark Druid but look forward to improved skillsets for the ones you've changed.
  4. FE 8 Chaos Mode V3.08 is here!!!

    High Priest is the only class to learn Staff Savant, it's learned at level 15. Eagerly awaiting next patch!
  5. FE 8 Chaos Mode V3.08 is here!!!

    I had put off tower grinding more in anticipation of Patch 3.04, but here's some more feedback, this time I tested all of the tier 3 classes: 1) Ranger's learn Rally Movement at 1, Certain Blow at 5, Sure Shot 10, (Overlaps with Lute, much better to promote Forde although his STR sucks) Bowbreaker 15. Could have been overlooked, but in patch 3.03 Rangers, and Nomad troopers certainly do not learn Canto. 2) Seems you cap of 60 health for Guardians wasn't working, I got Seth to 107 hp with Angelic Robes before promotion. 3) Angelic Robes add 10 hp, description still says 7 like the Vanilla game. 4) Tower floor two can have an enemy spawn in the top-right wall. It's 1 tile from the "floor" so it isn't stuck, but still a minor bug. 5) From more tower grinding, I learned the floor 3 Lord can be one of several units (promoted lord, cavalier, Halberder or even a monster) which will always lack weapons. 6) Rune Sword seems to be unable to crit, but the weapon stat and character stats show "0" instead of "---" crit chance. 7) Staff Savant skill doesn't work. Specifically feedback for Tier 3s, it could be in some cases I didn't learn anything in grinding the T3s to 20 due to overlaps with previous skills. 1) I noticed High Priest and Blade Goddess actually lose 1 MOV on promotion, is this intended? 2) Guardian loses Swordfaire on promotion , gains no new skills. 3) Blade Goddess replaces Galeforce with Critical force (Also loses 1 MOV), It feels like a waste to promote for S ranks, Bows and Lancebreaker eventually. Lightweight and Seal Speed are underwhelming in comparison, to me. 4) General loses Expertise, learns no new skills. 5) Ranger loses Rally movement, learns no new skills. 6) High Magus learn Inspiration at 10, something that certainly overlaps with Sages from which they promote. Druids, Vanguards and High Priests (mostly, aside from MOV and skill that doesn't work) I find to be great.
  6. FE 8 Chaos Mode V3.08 is here!!!

    Reading that, I feel really silly. Sorry for the mix-up! Anyway, feedback from 3.03 and some more questions. I only tested the Black Knight in terms of tier 3, and have played the 12 chapters of Eirkias route and 4 floors of the tower. Bugs: 1) Neimi is forced to promote into Druid. (This could be intentional) 2) Eirika is forced to promote into Sword Saint. (This could be intentional) 3) Colm is forced to promote into Assassin. (This could be intentional) 4) Lancereaver has 10, instead of infinite durability. 5) Pirates/Thieves forget Cunning upon promotion, meaning a lack of tier 2 with Cunning unless a later recruitment fixes this. Pegasus Knights forget Canto if they become Wyvern Knights and never re-learn it or Canto+. Guardian forgets Swordfaire upon promotion. In all cases there's enough room for the new class skill without deletion of old ones. 6) Rangers lack Canto. 7) Amelia learns Canto as a level 1 Cavalier, but not Provoke as a Knight. Ewan learns neither Malefic Aura or Focus upon promotion. 8) Pablo from chapter 10 (the boss) has a Physic staff but not rank B staves, so it can't be used. 9) Is Iness meant to equip lances, and Natash equip staves? 10) Hatchet and Devil axe can't be sold or drop, considered treasure. (This could be intentional) 11) In the tower floor 3 an enemy Lord spawns with no weapons, but the Bond skill. (This could be intentional) 12) Promoting Seth made his health drop to 80 (I had raised it with Angelic robes to over 100). General stuff: 1) When then hack is done, do you plan on making a list of what each weapon that has an effect actually does? For example, Spear having a drain hp effect was very surprising! This would mention things such as effectiveness vs X, Brave effect, stat buffs and the like. 2) Do you plan on adding Ephraim's route in the future? 3) Assuming like the Black Knight, other tier 3s don't learn any new skills.. Do you plan on adding skills for them? 4) Do you plan on making all units promote tier 3 eventually? If lack of sprites is an issue, you could do it Radiant-Dawn style and have some units promote into the same class. For example, have Dragoon/Halbedier turn into Kings in addition to Generals.
  7. FE 8 Chaos Mode V3.08 is here!!!

    I couldn't figure out how to "update" to 3.01, let alone 3.02. Trying to 'repatch' into 3.01 gives me an "That's the output file already" error, and trying to patch an actual fresh rom with multiple patches at onces gives a "None of these are valid patches!" error. As such some of this feedback may no longer be relevant. To start off, I have to say that I'm enjoying this hack a lot. While not the most challenging, infinite weapon usage and skills distribution that's 'abnormal' from what I've come to expect for hacks using the skill system (For example Knights learning Paragon at 20) is lots of fun! I haven't seen a hack using the skill system which allows one to "forget" skills if they try to learn a seventh, so that was a pleasant surprise! It made me feel some nostalgia for Pokemon. I was wondering about the following: 1) Do you plan on using .ups for future patches, as the community seems more familiar with them. 2) Which of the new in-battle sprites did you make if any? Some are new to vanilla FE8 but I've seen elsewhere such as Dragoon in the Lion Throne fan game. 3) Can Amelia be changed to promote into a Cavalier or Soldier? The player already has two knights, but to the best of my knowledge can't have a Dragoon and Halbedier at the same time since Gilliam is the only playable soldier. 4) Do you plan on including hp bars? 5) Do you plan on including 'show heal amount'? 6) Do you plan on including a toggle to display enemy range? Some bugs I've noticed: 1) The skill "Cunning" has no effect when it's on a pirate, works fine for Colm. 2) Neimi has the skill "Malefic aura" twice, and it doesn't stack. 3) Bow range +1 skill has no effect. 4) If the skill Paragon would cause a unit to level up twice from a kill, the experience bar will loop animation, requiring one to reload. Interestingly enough, if a unit with Paragon is attacked, and kills an enemy from retaliation they won't gain enough experience to level up twice. 5) All units display Str and the melee weapon ranks on their info, even ones that can only use magic. To see true weapon ranks one has to go into the "all unit info" section. 6) Nosferatu and Longbow display --- range but appear to actually have 1-10. When selecting an ally with one of the two, red tiles don't display on all the possible squares in range. 7) On the world map, monster encounters display the boss as being lvl --- even on maps without fog of war.
  8. REDFE - Demo out!

    Looks like fun, I'll be sure to try it out. I was just wondering, how many chapters is this?
  9. Fire Emblem: Requiem - V1.4 is up

    Thank you very much, working for me as well now! :D
  10. Fire Emblem: Requiem - V1.4 is up

    Well, that was interesting, not yet done but reached the end of chapter 19. I found the first 3 chapters very difficult but after that a significant drop in how hard this hack was even though there was still plenty of challenge. The story and supports are wonderful, truly this felt like a official Fire Emblem game. Some things I've noticed: * Alicia's class is Mage but gets treated as Lord for promotion. Changing her class name could reduce confusion. * Break Arc triggers on Dragonlord even with Magic Shroud. This could be due to it being tagged as an armored unit instead of just flying and dragon? * Healing Staves give massive amounts of experience, making leveling up promoted characters especially easy if they have access to them. * Text at the end of Chapter 19 right before Ash promotes isn't affected by text speed changes in the options and can't be skipped with B or START. Anyway, I'm posting now instead of when I finished, since currently the game is stuck: At the end of chapter 19, I'm prompted with a screen asking if I want to move onto an optional chapter. Either answer results in a black screen. I did spend a large amount of time in the previous chapter (arena grinding) but I don't think it's related. Having Val and Alicia in my party or not ,and with inventory space or not didn't make a difference. Help would be much appreciated!
  11. Fire Emblem: Order of the Crimson Arm

    I want to start off by saying that this hack was fun to play, and had enough of a challenge without becoming frustrating. New classes and weapons are always fun to place with, and the Strategist critical animation looks fantastic! Not sure what of this is intended, normally part of FE7 (I haven't played it for a while), engine limitations or already reported. There were a few additional general issues I wanted to report but managed to accidentally delete from the .txt I was using to record info. Just so I understand, after chapter 18 the game continues as FE7 rather than ending, right? I played another chapter or two that point after and it seemed that way. General stuff: * Promoting into a Sage grants E-rank Light. However, all Light tomes are D or higher. * Some characters have support conversations even though only functionality should be in the hack right now. They use wrong portraits and text. * Knight Crest description is outdated. * Rouges gain 1 movement and still need Lockpicks. * Merlinus is the party's merchant but is never established as a character. * Forts heals 20% of maximum hp per turn, but Gates only heal 10%. Chapter specific: * Chapter 8 objective is supposed to be seize gate, but in reality is defeat boss. Or possibly route since he was my last foe. The knight who must be protected and an ally (forgot names) gain A-rank support on this map. * Chapter 9 objective is supposed to be defeat boss, but in reality is seize gate. After killing the boss, there's dialogue with incorrect portraits. * Chapter 10 has a Shaman with Flux spawn on the north-east peaks, and then one in the south-west woods. The latter won't move to attack enemies in range, and the former is stuck. I imagine both are "0 movement" like some previous knights and bosses even though movement displays normally, and had Eclipse tomes which were used. Just wanted to check. * Chapter 11 objective is Defeat Wire" although the boss is Cortez. There are some Light Cavalry with axes, and Heavy Cavalry with lances here. All have backup weapons so not but still an issue. * Chapter 12 south house flashes to interior and then back to map without anything happening if one selects the "visit" prompt. * Chapter 14 has a monk with rank E in Light but a Divine tome so it's effectively unarmed. * Chapter 15 objective eventually will change to display "Last Turn" if taking too long, but this has no effect. * Chapter 17 boss has a Delphi Shield which can't be stolen (It may be that my Rouge had lower speed or that they lose the steal ability, don't recall). In addition there's a Pegasus Knight with a steel sword, a Pegasus Knight with a bow, and later on a Drake rider spawns with an Aircalibur. In all cases they have no other weapons so are unarmed.
  12. Staff of Ages (Version 2.0 Coming Soon!)

    Finished act 1 now (when I had posted before was just part-way through) and have some feedback and questions. This playthrough was version 1.7.1, but having looked at changelog for the latest patch it seems none of this was addressed. Sorry if these have been raised before: *Sawyer's Counterspell doesn't activate if he's attacked by long range magic such as Bolting. *Kate's (And enemy's) Moonbow and Nero's Code of Honor don't seem to do anything, could they please be explained? *Like in FE Fates does Hexing Rod only last until the chapter is over? *I don't recall the chapters numbers, but there were several which had a boss that didn't move and was on healing tile. Some of these maps had shops, and forts for prolonged farming options. *Although boss weapons don't break, is it intended for their staff to run out? This can be seen on at least one level where a boss comes with a Psychic staff.
  13. Staff of Ages (Version 2.0 Coming Soon!)

    I had downloaded this hack sometime ago, finally got around to playing! It's refreshing to see some unique skills after having played some other hacks with more generic ones, and overall it was a nice experience! I do feel chapter 6 is a little unfair, but otherwise had lots of fun. Thanks for sharing! Boss weapons not degrading are intentional, right?
  14. [COMPLETE][FE8] Void's Blitzarre Adventure - v1.1.1 RELEASED

    Finished second full playthrough, this time using different classes just so I can see what was done with them. In addition to bug reporting, feedback this time; So as not to spoil anyone unawares: Bugs: * Chapter 22: there are level 20 pirates each with the Seal Skill and Camaraderie twice. * When an allied Hero activates Sol at full health, or Void uses Aether, hp sometimes glitches. * In the inventory preparation screen in her inventory, Evil Florina has the "E" missing from her name. and the "A" is cropped. * Some stat growths above 100 have display issues such as Zigludo's hp growth, Eevster's Luk, or Prine's hp growth. Several others show up properly however. * Chapter 25: One of the Lords has the Bond skill twice. * If an ally or enemy archer (Or Sniper) have a ballista in their inventory then their attack range for all weapons won't be displayed by selecting the unit or toggling the "display all enemy range". Long range tomes and the ballista on Fleets work fine. Unsure if these are bugs or intended:
  15. [COMPLETE][FE8] Void's Blitzarre Adventure - v1.1.1 RELEASED

    Good to hear about some things I was wondering about! Is Edgeworth lacking a portrait intentional? Is the latest patch incompatible with saves? I tried to play, but get a black screen when attempting to enter battle even though 'view map' in the preparation screen works fine.