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  1. This is just stupid.

    You know what it's fine if you think it's interesting, I'm not offended by it, or anything.
  2. This is just stupid.

    Seriously, Sakura being the final boss of Conquest is just very fucking lame. (I don't own this image, don't sue me.)
  3. Roy as a Manakete.

    So let me get this straight, so if Eliwood marries Ninian (Which I believe that he did.) then Roy would be part dragon, wouldn't it be just awesome or completely crazy that Roy can be a Manakete, like Morgan can be if Male Robin marries either Nowi, Nah, or Tiki? I know it is just a silly question, but I'm a little confused about the situation.
  4. Pairing Azura.

    Who do you pair Azura with? I paired her with Kaze since my avatar married Sakura in Birthright, and with Silas, since in Conquest my avatar married Camilla, but in Revelation, the pairing I chose for Azura, is Kaze.
  5. I'm just curious basing on their stats, and their personalities.Which of these is better? The Avatar, or Child unit? (I suppose I put this in the wrong category again.)
  6. Lord: Lucina (Awakening.) Paladin: Seth (Sacred Stones.) Great Knight: Fredrick (Awakening.) Sniper: Takumi (Fates.) General: Amelia (Sacred Stones.) Falcon Knight: Florina (Blazing Sword.) Hero: Inigo/Laslow (Awakening/Fates.) Warrior: Garcia (Sacred Stones.) Sage/Onmyoji: Lilina (Binding Blade.) Bishop: Natasha (Sacred Stones.) Assassin: Matthew (Blazing Sword.) Swordmaster: Ryoma (Fates.) Valkyrie/Mage Knight/Strategist: Clarine (Binding Blade.) Bow Knight/Nomadic Trooper: Rath (Blazing Sword.) Berserker: Gonzales (Binding Blade.) Wyvern Lord: Milady (Binding Blade.) Sorcerer/Druid: Henry (Awakening.) Halberdier/Spear Master: Nephinee (Telius Series.) Rouge/Trickster/Adventurer: Sothe (Telius Series.) Dark Knight: Leo (Fates.) Master Ninja: Kaze (Fates.) War Monk/War Cleric: Lissa (Awakening.) Manakete: Tiki (Shadow Dragon/New Mystery of the Emblem/Awakening.) Other Shapeshifters: Tibarn (Telius games.) Decided to shorten it, because it would take up so much time, and probably fill up the whole comment. What are some of your favorites?
  7. Fire Emblem Remakes.

    The feeling of having a Genealogy of the Holy War remake could be potentially be a possibility, and the Elibe Saga remake I always wanted, could copy some of the elements Genealogy of the Holy War offered, making the growth rates better than before, and have the units more useful, and not have them easily killed. That would have Roy's shit growths better, and more of the child units more powerful, and I'm hoping that it won't be forced to be like Awakening again, having the Child units being playable at the same time as the parent units, and having an avatar to have "Waifus or Husbandos." and I also want them to make the Legendary Weapons unbreakable, let's wait for Fire Emblem Switch 1st, to see if it is an official installment or a remake, then we'll see if we get a Genealogy of the Holy War remake, and an Elibe Saga remake.
  8. My Endgame Team. 1) Roy (Needed.) 2) Fa (Needed.) 3) Lilina (Pwns everyone.) 4) Dieck (Durandal.) 5) Rutger (Pwns everyone.) 6) Clarine (Forblaze.) 7) Gonzales (Armads.) 8) Sin (Mulagir.) 9) Shanna (Maltet.) 10) Raigh (Apocalypse.)
  9. Best Team in Blazing Sword.

    Oh yeah Heath as well, I forgot about him on the best Wyvern Lord, thank you.
  10. Best Team in Blazing Sword.

    These are the units that I think are the most useful in Blazing Sword. Lord: Hector. Paladin: Sain. Sniper: Rebecca. Falcon Knight: Florina. Warrior: Bartre. Bishop: Serra. (After looking back at one of my playthroughs of Blazing Sword.) Sage: Nino. Assassin: Matthew or Legault (Depending on how you train them.) Nomadic Trooper: Rath (Only playable Nomadic Trooper in the game.) General: Oswin or Wallace (Depending on how you train them.) Swordmaster: Guy. Valkyrie: Priscilla (Only playable Valkyrie in the game.) Hero: Raven. Druid: Canas. (Only playable Druid in the game.) Berserker: Dart. Wyvern Lord: Heath.
  11. Trainee Units.

    So I was thinking, the trainee units are great and all, but what do you suggest on them.
  12. Trainee Units.

    So I was thinking, the trainee units are great and all, but what do you suggest on them.
  13. Trainee Units.

    So I was thinking, the trainee units are great and all, but what do you suggest on them.
  14. Trainee Units.

    So I was thinking, the trainee units are great and all, but what do you suggest on them.
  15. Favorite Heroes: Ike (Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn.) and Lucina. (Awakening.) Favorite Villain: King Zephiel. (Binding Blade.) Despised Hero: Kris (New Mystery of the Emblem.) Despised Villains: Iago and Hans. (Fates.) What are some of your favorite and despised heroes and villains in the Fire Emblem series?