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  1. Elibean Nights

    I have even linked to the LP earlier in this thread. Typically, though, my bug reports are from personal experience. I just don't want any bug to go unnoticed by the developers, so I tend to report the bugs that Mangs encounters but that I miss.
  2. Elibean Nights

    In Hector's tale, pairing him with Lyn results in the pre battle conversation (where Oswin tells Hector about receiving a declaration of war, followed by Matthew and Serra commenting on it) getting repeated. The first time is the normal convo, the second includes Kent and Lyn. Also in Hector's tale, if you kill Erik, the game freezes. I think he was supposed to have a death quote, but the game froze because he wasn't given one. This may only happen when Hector is paired with Lyn.
  3. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Just going to put it out there that having a reason to be evil (selfishness, etc) means that a characters is not being evil just to be evil. Being selfish, or seeking power, or seeking personal gain are all fine motives for a villain to be evil. I'm going to contrast this to the Grimleal and its leaders. They seek to raise Grima... why? Does anyone know? I sure don't. That is a case in which the villains are being evil "for the evil," and, in my opinion, makes for bad storytelling. Nearly every other FE villain at least has a motive, no matter how dumb.
  4. I would prefer if there were no manaketes at all, or any other type of transformation character, because I'm not a fan of part animal part human characters. However, I know this is unlikely, so I'd definitely rather have male dragons, or at least any dragon characters that do not exist solely to appeal to... those with different tastes (I'm looking at you, Nowi, with your bikini and hot pants).
  5. The dumbest thing that you said about Fire Emblem

    Wait... were you disappointed that it was a sequel to PoR, and you didn't know the story? Or that you straight up didn't like the game? Or... some other reason? Because I really like RD, and I'm wondering how being excited for it was one of the dumbest things you said about FE... Other stupid things I've said: "Oh, this character has low constitution, so I can't give them heavy weapons." Also, at one point I did think the trainees were good units.
  6. Favorite + Least Favorite FE meme?

    Oh wow... that is now one of my favorites, thank you. Also, thank you for showing me to Master Enex... this is just full of win. (some spoilers in it, for anyone that wants to be careful).
  7. The dumbest thing that you said about Fire Emblem

    Lets see... Don't use Jeigans Only promote at 20 Est characters are good units Use a variety of classes (which can be extended to: don't use multiple of the same class) Armored units are good units Save valuable items in case you need them later Basically, name a noob trap, I've said it before (not necessarily online, though). EDIT: Oh, and the worst thing I've ever said: prepromotes are bad. There you go, ladies and gentlemen. I used to say incredibly stupid things.
  8. Ragefest V: The Enragement Ring OFFICIAL THREAD

    Well, just played through it myself. Spoilered in case others want to get their own opinions on the hack I must say, though, the hack does feel rewarding to beat (even if I have an unfair advantage over Mark, because of not going in blind). This was incredibly creative, props to pwntagonist. Now to see if the same idea can be used to make an Advance Wars FE hack...
  9. Favorite + Least Favorite FE meme?

    I think another reason why Oliver in general is popular, other than his humorous (to some people) character, is that "Power Hungry Fool" was a really cool piece of music. That, combined with the fact that he is the final boss of that story arc, and that he is a zero-effort boss after a marathon level, have made him really popular as joke material, seeing as how the game hypes him up so much, and then he goes down so easily. As for favorite memes: "Disgusting," various characters burning (or, really, any jokes about serious moments in FE games), and "We need disguises. Perfect!" (does "I'M A GREEN UNIT" count as a meme? If so, then that, too) Least favorite: while I don't like Tharja's/Camilla's character/design, I despise the idiotic thot thing. This is mostly because I think thot in general is a stupid meme and a stupid word. Most of the other memes I'm neutral towards.
  10. Favorite recruitment theme

    From that video, Sacred Stones is second to PoR/RD (they are basically the same. If I had to choose, Path of Radiance because I played it first). However, not mentioned is "A Knight's Oath" (as it is called in Blazing Sword, I think it has a different name in a few of the other games), which is also played during a few recruitments throughout various game. This is probably my favorite, since the recruitments that it played during tended to have a bigger impact on me than the other recruitments. Plus, the song gives me the feeling of pure knightly loyalty, filtered into musical form.
  11. Average Growth Rates Per Game?

    Remember that it is still an average, so the low percents being added to physical characters don't make much of a difference, since the total stats are being divided by 9 now instead of by 8. In fact, it arguably makes a difference more significant, because most units have crappy growths in their minor attacking stat. As far as Awakening, the stat caps are much higher, so it is somewhat justified. Also, the game sought to make every unit good, instead of having the occasional Wolt or Dorcas, which is admirable, and also is consistent with the intent to make a game more friendly for newcomers. This didn't stop tier lists from being made, of course. This time, though, the tier lists for Awakening are focused almost solely on skills and stat caps, instead of bases, availability, classes, and growths.
  12. Average Growth Rates Per Game?

    Awhile back, I found this Reddit post analyzing growth rates from FE6 through Radiant Dawn, along with Awakening. It is a pretty interesting analysis, showing how growth rates have been on an upward trend through newer games.
  13. Elibean Nights

    I just realized something. I had posted this bug earlier: And I was uncertain how it happened. I realized it was because I'm not sure if Arch already knows this is the cause (he probably does), but I thought it would be best to mention, just in case.
  14. Hated Video Game Bosses/Characters

    No, I'm not asking about bosses that were so difficult that you hated playing against them. I'm talking about bosses that, while playing a game, you developed an irrational, burning hatred for what is, in the end, simply a bunch of pixels. Your reasons may vary: the boss might just be an asshole, and you hate them for that, maybe you yearned for nothing more than wiping that smug look off of their face, or maybe you simply despised them for no reason. If you want, you can also mention characters that weren't necessarily bosses, but I am mostly focusing on bosses, and I assume other people will too, because (in my opinion) its easier to hate a character that you actually have to fight, and who is challenging. Examples (spoilers for The Last of Us and FFX):
  15. Speedrunning

    I'm a big fan of speedrunning, owing mostly to my love of Metroid games, where speedruns are some of the most popular videos of them. Other than Metroid, however, I tend not to like speedrunning too much because most games just take too long. I can run through Metroid Fusion in ~50 minutes gametime (any% with saves), maybe ~1.5-2 hours realtime, whereas other games (RPGs, LoZ games, etc) take either ~10-15 hours to complete, or a huge amount of game knowledge, or both. So, while I may enjoy speedrunning or watching speedruns, I just don't have the attention required to play or watch something that isn't Metroid. I may look at the occasional Mario or LoZ, but other than that... Unfortunately, I don't think I'll ever record a speedrun, owing to my lack of recording equipment if I wanted to do a non-emulated run, and to the clunkiness of controls for an emulated run (and the fact that emulated runs are frowned upon). Also, I found out a few months ago my Fusion GBA cartridge broke... that was a sad day.