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  1. Fire Emblem Cipher - Rules and Q&A

    Hello. Hi. If the skill states 'other allied units', then the skill affects all units besides the owner of the skill. 'Your allied (fang) units' implies all fang allies (which includes himself yes). You can't target Gunter4 because he can't be destroyed. Uh... yeah Selkie 3 units still die because their skills aren't applied.
  2. Sorry about the long wait (if you like using the Wiki) but I've finally gotten around to doing Set 10 after a while. Took my time but I have been really busy lately.
  3. Fire Emblem Cipher - Rules and Q&A

    It does stack, but for each different ally. So if an ally levels up and is growthed in the same turn, it only applies the +10 once. Needs to be different / separate ally units.
  4. TheVinceKnight Officially Joins the Team

    Yes my plan to Vincify the world has only begun Yes, it's time to start conVINCEing the world of my might
  5. For now, you can use the Facebook group's translations here: I've been busy the past few weeks doing a fair amount of work, so I haven't really caught up with any cards lately. I'll try and get it done as soon as I can though. You can follow the English Cipher Twitter for regular updates as well.
  6. It's already confirmed to be both - which... I don't get why the need to mention both but I guess there's something special.
  7. Cipher Trading/Selling Thread

    +1 Kirie Need I say more honestly
  8. Probably would have been mentioned by now if we were to get one
  9. Well first of all, no rulings have even come out about it, so there shouldn't be anything to be confused about in the first place. Female Corrin (White Cost 4) works the same way, you don't need a Black bond to deploy a Black ally with her skill (none of the deploy skills work like this, there shouldn't be a reason to question it now). Also Alfonse SR shouldn't show up til at least turn 3, and therefore it would be a Caineghis on turn 3... if you're lucky. Obviously you can't deploy something you already have, so it would just outright fail. You had to pay a bond to reveal for the skill, so it would just end up making you look at an orb and doing nothing with it. The Orb from the top of the deck only applies if you deployed the Orb with the same skill.
  10. Cipher Trading/Selling Thread

    +1 fapplecider Worth trading with. Decent guy overall.
  11. by your example, the promoted Alice is 3/2, and lets say you have... Alice in bonds (so both black / white) and 2 face-down bonds, whatever doesn't matter. Yes you can drop Alice because you have both black / white face-up.
  12. I agree with this. I doubt Kiran is worthy enough to get a card of his own, like how the tactician in FE7 shouldn't get a card either.
  13. You kidding? Literally like 80-90% of the pack was focused on Laguz. 'Weren't that many', who? Ike? Mist?... Ilyana? Maybe Walhart will finally get a card. I'd like a LOT of nice green support in general. ...wait why is yellow getting support literally every two packs.
  14. Shouldn't be more than like.. 500 yen... probably?.... at least 100yen max 500 yen. I guess the problem lies more with shipping and stuff.
  15. You need both Black and White bonds. The cards themselves count as BOTH black and white as bonds.