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  1. Fire Emblem Cipher - Rules and Q&A

    If Eldigan's skill allowed Seliph's Bond Skill to proc that would be pretty dumb honestly hah Thank god for that. But yeah, it doesn't allow it to proc because it's just giving you a 2nd Bond Phase.
  2. Let's play: Spot the MC!

    Leif's 5/4 isn't very good as MC. However his 4/3 is really nice for that situation. Eldigan 5/4 from Set 12 probably is the best Yellow has for MC right now. Very good in both aggro and late-game playstyles.
  3. Let's play: Spot the MC!

    Maybe if it's a particular character I like, or the skills / effects they have draw me to use them. One of those two. Something that basically isn't considered vanilla (even a MC that reaches 80 attack and maybe untaps as part of his own skill I would consider not that special or vanilla nowadays). The MC itself should provide a form of advantage (in terms of draw power, destruction, bond acceleration... etc) in order to be really effective. Tiki is a MC that does this fairly well. Pick your MC and build around it. Much more efficient and easier to do than let's say 'look for cards that increase the attack of other units and then slap a MC on that afterwards'. He's actually better off as splash in another sword based aggro deck like Ayra for example. Ayra and Shannan together secure a decent kill if you can get the set up right.
  4. Cipher Series 12: 22 March - Set Released! I'm done I think. If you have any questions be sure to message me (or post in the Q&A).
  5. Fire Emblem Cipher - Rules and Q&A

    You have to destroy Ike himself. But only once. You select targets equal to your stack first, and select an ally only once per requirement. Ike targets himself once and that's it. You lose an orb if he's MC.
  6. Fire Emblem Cipher - Rules and Q&A

    1) Supports are from the top of deck - Supports give value to the battling units power and that determines the outcome of that battle. Support Skills may occur depending on timing as well. 2) Bonds are placed face-up. Orbs are placed face-down. These can obviously change when you use bonds to flip for skills or Orbs to flip them face-up for skills. 3) You need certain amounts of bonds to deploy units equal to their deployment cost. Colors also come into play for this as you need a certain color bond to deploy certain color units. 4) Giving yourself orbs usually means your deck size decreases yes. You don't lose the game when you deck out in Cipher, you reshuffle your Retreat and the game continues. Orbs are basically like Prize cards yes. Except you take them when you get hit, and not when you beat them.
  7. Fire Emblem Cipher - Rules and Q&A

    1) Titania can be chosen, but she doesn't get destroyed. 2) You choose targets first, then the destruction happens. Each ally can only be targeted once each, so the lord doesn't destroy himself like.. 5 times or something. That'd be hilarious but it doesn't work like that.
  8. Fire Emblem Cipher - Rules and Q&A

    Yes, it'll happen straight away if the hand becomes smaller than yours after the support skill since support skills happen before the battle resolves.
  9. FE Cipher official guides

    I think they stopped doing them past Series 7. Dunno why particularly
  10. Question on Cipher Promotion

    You can only promote Sirius into Sirius, Zeke into Zeke or Camus into Camus. Yes they're the same person but unless the card itself has a skill that states the unit is also another character you can't do it (for example, Lucina also counts as Marth by name so you can promote her into a Marth card).
  11. (F) Corrin Deck Suggestions

    That's probably still fine, you could just take out Lianna(s) / the one Lissa for the max copies of Elise. Lianna has worked out fairly well, but usually doesn't see too much play sometimes which is weird. It's more of a win more card I guess. Rowan is like ehh... costs too much, you could just run Anankos at that point. I still like Lianna either way.
  12. I haven't bothered updating this thread for a while, but you can find deck lists on Twitter, and if you want a tier list I guess you can see some by the Cipher Discord players - thats an idea but other than that it'll be hard to find a tier list.
  13. (F) Corrin Deck Suggestions

    Here's an example of a Fem Corrin Deck featuring White, which focuses on Sakura 4(3) Onmyoji / Mikoto for card advantage: And another of a Fem Corrin Deck that focuses on the Black portion with Elise 4(3) Strategist: I would recommend taking out Camilla entirely and using Shigure 4(3) instead, as he's a Black / White card and still has more purpose than Camilla even if you aren't running a White portion in your deck. The Selena + Camilla combo is way too wonky to be reliable as it requires a hefty amount of setup (which you can use to do better plays instead), I highly recommend against it. Rowan is definitely unnecessary as Fem Corrin already destroys enemies, you don't need another thing to destroy them, a card like Lianna which can destroy low costs and also provide drawpower is more useful in such situations (although Lianna isn't too necessary either, I like the card). Max out your Elise Cost 1s and focus on the 4(3) Elise strategist. Abuse the heck out of her skill to get huge amounts of card advantage. The Maid Elise is literally just a beatstick that doesn't do too much in the first place, so it's often better to focus on the Strategist Elise. If you're using Sharena, and running blue, you'd may as well max out Robins to efficiently have more blue bonds. This is important because you need a fair amount of blue cards in the deck to bond, you don't wanna be in a situation where you're forced to bond Tiki 4 because you lack another blue card. Your deck looks mostly fine otherwise, but I listed my own builds just in case you need a guide. If you have any more questions just reply and I'll answer whatever you need help with.
  14. Tiki is fine (this is only if it delves into Young Tiki), I wouldn't say she's as bad as the others listed. Selkie is possibly one of the best decks right now (even if outdated).
  15. Let's talk about top meta picks (Series 11). Also I decided to bring this thread from the dead. Oops. Time to have a.. wager.