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  1. (F) Corrin Deck Suggestions

    That's probably still fine, you could just take out Lianna(s) / the one Lissa for the max copies of Elise. Lianna has worked out fairly well, but usually doesn't see too much play sometimes which is weird. It's more of a win more card I guess. Rowan is like ehh... costs too much, you could just run Anankos at that point. I still like Lianna either way.
  2. I haven't bothered updating this thread for a while, but you can find deck lists on Twitter, and if you want a tier list I guess you can see some by the Cipher Discord players - thats an idea but other than that it'll be hard to find a tier list.
  3. (F) Corrin Deck Suggestions

    Here's an example of a Fem Corrin Deck featuring White, which focuses on Sakura 4(3) Onmyoji / Mikoto for card advantage: And another of a Fem Corrin Deck that focuses on the Black portion with Elise 4(3) Strategist: I would recommend taking out Camilla entirely and using Shigure 4(3) instead, as he's a Black / White card and still has more purpose than Camilla even if you aren't running a White portion in your deck. The Selena + Camilla combo is way too wonky to be reliable as it requires a hefty amount of setup (which you can use to do better plays instead), I highly recommend against it. Rowan is definitely unnecessary as Fem Corrin already destroys enemies, you don't need another thing to destroy them, a card like Lianna which can destroy low costs and also provide drawpower is more useful in such situations (although Lianna isn't too necessary either, I like the card). Max out your Elise Cost 1s and focus on the 4(3) Elise strategist. Abuse the heck out of her skill to get huge amounts of card advantage. The Maid Elise is literally just a beatstick that doesn't do too much in the first place, so it's often better to focus on the Strategist Elise. If you're using Sharena, and running blue, you'd may as well max out Robins to efficiently have more blue bonds. This is important because you need a fair amount of blue cards in the deck to bond, you don't wanna be in a situation where you're forced to bond Tiki 4 because you lack another blue card. Your deck looks mostly fine otherwise, but I listed my own builds just in case you need a guide. If you have any more questions just reply and I'll answer whatever you need help with.
  4. Tiki is fine (this is only if it delves into Young Tiki), I wouldn't say she's as bad as the others listed. Selkie is possibly one of the best decks right now (even if outdated).
  5. Let's talk about top meta picks (Series 11). Also I decided to bring this thread from the dead. Oops. Time to have a.. wager.
  6. Tempest Trials Mini: Shrouded by the Storm!

    I mean if you fail to beat an AI controlled Deirdre pffft. Yeah my brain didn't even click there for those slots. Huge derp.
  7. Tempest Trials Mini: Shrouded by the Storm!

    Deirdre can still one shot Blue Dragons I suppose. Can't refine breath weapons on me when yer dead. Maybe Warding Stance with Close Counter (with QR seal). Although that would be a lot of investment.
  8. New player. Any decks of these characters? (question)

    Olivia can't be played as your Main Character either, since she lacks a Cost 1. Out of all the decks you mentioned, it's fairly possible to build Berkut, Tiki (but not just restricting yourself to the Adult version alone), Selkie, Velouria and Oboro. The other cards are basically splash material (they work better in other decks, not a deck focused on them). Selkie definitely has the most potential out of all of them, I just don't know exactly how to build said deck myself.
  9. Requirements to activate skills (Question)

    All good. If you have any future questions I suggest visiting the QandA thread :p
  10. Requirements to activate skills (Question)

    You have to do both. The cost of skills are displayed (usually in brackets) for each card's skill (that has a cost for their skills), it's mostly implied that you have to pay the whole cost for it.
  11. Red Deck Help

    I just formatted it like that by mistake. The program is Lackey but it can't do five rows of ten either l u l Didn't take into consideration that the OP likes Samto but eh.... I dunno. It's just awkward.
  12. Red Deck Help

    People use whatever they're used to, let it go and move on. He asked for help, not for you to get help. I'd probably just stick to Pure Red at this point. If possible, even play Yellow just for Head of House Veltomer, Arvis . If your opponent has no orbs (is hiding in the back row) and you use Navarre's unavoidable skill, you can pull em to the front and end the game like that. I recommend making the focus on Navarre, instead of Samto, because if the enemy lord also promotes to a 4 cost or higher, you can't end the game with Samto's effect. I would just take out Samto entirely. The main idea is to cut back on as many 10 supports in the deck as possible, but since I would play Navarre as some kind of aggressive lord rush down deck, it's not too bad to have so many. I've whiffed this up on the spot, but hopefully it'll help out with ideas for the deck. If you have any questions, I'll feel free to answer though. That was a long write up heh.
  13. Playing Cipher online using LackeyCCG Sorry, here's a working link. I'll contact Tuvillo to fix his first post with this one too.
  14. Fire Emblem Cipher - Rules and Q&A

    The Wiki itself does intend to be a complete resource, and is mostly missing a lot of details / a lot of minor things in many different places. If you need to make a list about errors, send me a message. Me (basically the only editor) just completely forgot that this Alm promo existed so thanks for said mention. I don't expect to be editing the wiki unless it's an official announcement or like every few months when series booster cards are revealed, not the cards that are revealed between them (if any are revealed at all).
  15. Translations are somewhat done now. Tournament Promos haven't been officially revealed yet so I guess there's a bit of a wait on them. I'll be going back into hiding now.