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  1. I want to live in TOLUCT's world, but then again, since I'm Vice, I'm already in it, so maybe Final Fantasy!
  2. 1. Fire Emblem 2. Final Fantasy 3. Legend of Zelda 4. Grand Theft auto 5. RPG Maker 6. Dark Souls 7. Skyrim 8. Terraria 9. Durr Lang Raiser 10. Chrono Triggered
  3. But I hate hypocrisy! And finally, Grima ripped off Cell from Dragon Ball Z! Both are experiments gone wrong, both are evil, and both killed their own creators!
  4. I don't want any liberal SJW cucks in my discussions!
  5. That's not the reason why! Anyways, Basilio is a ripoff of Goku! Both cheated death thanks to time travel!
  6. Both have time travel plots, both have an experiment gone wrong, both have some one travelling in time to warn their father of a dark future, and both Trunks and Lucina wield swords!
  7. Isnt it a good thing that these spam bots are attacking this website? Because it'll teach all these Liberal SJW cucks a lesson!
  8. Because they hate gay rights and they're shameless ripoffs of Shining Force fans where they actually like where the series is going!
  9. If anything, they should lock the topics of the Liberal SJW cucks who force their beliefs down people's throats! Like that one Fire Emblem Heroes Weeaboo whose name I forgot!
  10. You stole that from CNN! I knew this website was filled with Liberal SJW cucks!
  11. LADIES AND FRICKS! MY NAME IS VICETRONIC! And TODAY, I bring you a picture of a parent complaining about a Fire Emblem Fates character! You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and from what ive heard, this isn't the only angry parent complaining about Fire Emblem, so if we're not careful, Fire Emblem could die from money loss!
  12. Both are dictators, both are WAY too young to rule a country, both own ridiculously strong armies, and both have propaganda that makes their citizens hate a certain race/religion!
  13. Both have 12 symbols, both have the exact same plot, both are strategy RPGs, both have a protagonist that looks like a famous singer, both have a protagonist that looks like a Legend of Zelda character, both have Hogwarts ripoffs, and this is slightly unrelated, but Fire Emblem The Three Stooges also ripped off Durr Lang Raiser's battle system!