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  1. If IS wanted to have the child mechanic remain in game while not using children as a story reason, I'd like to see them try an apprentice approach, where "child" units are trained by the "parent" unit and whoever the "parent" unit bonds with/marries (depending on if S-Supports remain) can teach the "child" additional skills.
  2. Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

    I'm still keeping my distance if only because I've burned before. But to be fair, Arcade Edition certainly does a lot to help and Season 3 does look excellent. Having Sakura return grown up, Cody's finally out of jail (I think), and the classic boss Sagat returning is nice, plus the new characters look intriguing. Blanka is the only who I'm neutral towards, but then I don't dislike him by any means. As tempting as it is to jump back into Street Fighter with Arcade Edition and Season 3, I still fill the need to hold off and see how it plays out. I wish I could have more faith, but I'd rather be safe than sorry after previous experiences. I honestly hope things go well, because I do want a reason to get reinvested in SFV.
  3. Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

    I don't blame you. Capcom makes fun fighting games, but I have serious issues with their business practices for Street Fighter V and Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite.
  4. At this point I'm burnt out of the kids. Unless a Genealogy release in North America/remake happens, I don't want to see children units for a long time.
  5. Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

    The idea of having the Alpha series and each version of Street Fighter III on modern systems was all I needed to be sold on this collection, with versions of Street Fighter II and the original Street Fighter being a nice bonus. I'm hoping this collection has movelists included, unlike the Alpha Anthology on PS2. Nothing kills my time on a fighting game like having to stop the game and pull up my computer to make sure I'm performing a move correctly, especially in Alpha 3 and the multiple styles meaning some moves weren't always usable. The only thing I'm dreading is unlocking Gill in Third Strike again...Damn him and his resurrection super art.
  6. It'a cross between Blazing Blade, Path of Radiance, and Shadows of Valentia for my favorite. Blazing Blade has a lot of good supports and some nice story scenes for supporting characters (Mathew comes to mind immediately). Shadows of Valentia, while not having supports that match up to the quality of Blazing Blade's, uses Base Conversations to make up for it effectively. Path of Radiance is the best of both worlds, great supports, base conversations and story scenes. All three games have some excellent casts. In the middle is Sacred Stones, Radiant Dawn, and Awakening. Sacred Stones has a very good cast from what I've played, but the game feels too short for me to really get to know all of them. Radiant Dawn has the characters I love from Path of Radiance, but the new characters are very underdeveloped (I'm looking right at the Dawn Brigade). Awakening can feel a little too quirky with the character personalities, but I enjoy most of the cast regardless. Weakest is without a shadow (Get it?) of a doubt Shadow Dragon. No supports, no base conversations, very little battle conversations, most characters get no real personality and may as well be nameless units that are used for their stats. They may be the original archetypes for the franchise, but seniority doesn't mean anything if their archetype is done better in every other game. To give credit, I was genuinely surprised by how well Marth was handled in that game, but the supporting cast is forgettable. Also Fates, which is better than Shadow Dragon, but feels like they took the bad parts of Awakening and made them worse. I do like some characters, but too many of them feel bland to make me care and some I think are outright terrible. I haven't properly played Mystery of the Emblem, Genealogy of the Holy War, Thracia 776, and Binding Blade to judge their characters.
  7. Does Mark Undermine Lyn, Eliwood, Hector, etc?

    I don't feel Mark gets the chance to undermine the main lords. I don't consider him to be an avatar in the same manner as Kris, Robin, or Corrin because his presence is incredibly underplayed. His greatest role is in Lyn's story, a role that doesn't contribute much and could be removed with little impact, and the option to not have Mark being present on repeat playthroughs of Eliwood's and Hector's story speak for themselves. Mark, while present, is never crucial to the situation. Lyn's tale is about her quest to meet her grandfather after meeting Sain and Kent, the main story is about finding Eliwood's father and stopping Nergal. Mark does all he needs to; gives advice in battle while the Lords lead the army.
  8. FE16 "leaks"

    At this point, all that's left is to wait and see. Regardless of how things go down, I've had fun discussing these leaks. If we get a direct January, we'll soon know the truth.
  9. Awakening was my first game, so that scene hit me rather hard. The next chapter only helped to nail the point home for me, with the enemy dialogue and music (because that song is damn good).
  10. Possible revamp for weapon rank sysem

    That reminds me of the weapon rank system in Genealogy of the Holy War, where weapon rank increased on promotion rather than through weapon use. Furthermore, it seems like units don't necessarily get stuck with the lowest weapon rank when gaining access to a new weapon type. For example, Seliph gains a B rank in lances upon promotion, bypassing the lowest rank of lances (C is the lowest rank for a weapon in FE4).
  11. I can't say that I'm expecting a direct sequel to Gaiden/Shadows of Valentia any time soon, but I enjoyed the game and would be happy if they wanted to make a direct sequel. Putting Alm and Celica into a situation that would challenge them and their methods of ruling could be an interesting dynamic for a story, plus it's intriguing to consider how much the common people know and believe about the crazy situation that occurred in Valentia (it's not every day a king sends his son away to one day kill him in combat and then challenge a mad god). My only story concern would be that I'd want characters with endings that were more closed off to not return. Deen's ending states that he was never seen again after the war, so outside of a brief appearance, I wouldn't want to him appear in a way that would contradict that ending. Though this hypothetical sequel could even tie in to Mystery of the Emblem with some endings in that game, namely Est (who disappears in her ending and is never seen again on Archanea) and Abel (who goes searching for Est). Maybe the two of them ended up in Valentia. The ideas to improve on the gameplay all sound good, particularly the world map and new classes.
  12. FE16 "leaks"

    I'm surprised they would go that far. Not saying that as a complaint if it's true; I'm all for same-sex s-supports, but I'm just surprised.
  13. FE16 "leaks"

    Oh, I should've been clearer, I meant the long-range swords in Fates. The Light Brand does 10 in Binding Blade, half of strength in Blazing Blade and Sacred Stones.
  14. FE16 "leaks"

    *Quickly logs in and edits the post* I didn't read the info wrong because I'm tired. Nope, not at all. I never used those weapons, so I forgot about them. I was more thinking of the Light Brand in the GBA games. Were they worth using?
  15. FE16 "leaks"

    I like the idea of giving sword users a long range equivalent to javelins and throwing axes that relies on strength instead of magic. If anything about Garland is true, I have a feeling he's going to be obnoxious as a character.