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  1. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle!?

    It's probably only a matter of time. I'm especially hopeful for Tsubaki, she's one of my favorites to play in CS Extend. I was so happy when I saw this tweet. I didn't have a reason to believe Patrick Seitz wouldn't come back, but having confirmation is still nice. I've always loved his performance as Ragna.
  2. FE16 "leaks"

    It's not very far along to my knowledge, though I don't know for certain as I'm not an actual developer of the hack.
  3. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle!?

    I looked it up, I was thinking of Ciel.
  4. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle!?

    I just love how Kanji is walking into a fight against a girl with a scythe that's also a sniper rifle with a folding chair as his main weapon. Orie reminds me of a Melty Blood character, but I can't remember who.
  5. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle!?

    While it's a bit above normal retail price, I'll be picking this up. I'm not bothered by several characters being DLC when the total cost is only $10 dollars more than the $60 standard of console games and all things considered, paying $20 dollars up front for 18 characters when other fighting games charge the same price for their season pass with less than half of the amount of characters doesn't sound like a bad thing. Though I do think some of the backlash Arc System Works received was fair; announcing DLC plans without presenting clear prices wasn't a smart decision on their part, but I can't say I'm terribly disappointed the final result even if the ride getting here was a bit bumpy. Above all, I love Arc System Works and their fighting games; I'll gladly support the company.
  6. FE16 "leaks"

    I was hopeful we would see FE Switch before that point, but if it hasn't happened yet, then I don't see it happening until March. At the very least the Switch anniversary is very early in March.
  7. FE16 "leaks"

    Is there a third path where humans and vampires unite to fight the true villain, a group of pirates led by Shanty Pete?
  8. FE16 "leaks"

    I'd say he's the most reliable source of info we've seen on this thread.
  9. What do you get from Supports?

    In Awakening, a unit who is in battle will get bonuses to their hit rate, hit avoid, critical rate, and critical avoid if they are adjacent with or paired up with another unit and give the supporting a chance to block an attack or attack the enemy with the lead. If the two units have a support level, the bonuses increase, being better the higher the support level is. This is especially true with an S Rank.
  10. FE16 "leaks"

    I'm hoping for Thursday. It's the day when I only have one class and it's not until 7:10, so I can watch it at almost any time.
  11. FE16 "leaks"

    Not sure if I'm missing the obvious, but what do they mean by "prepare the chupitos (shots)"?
  12. Controllers!

    None that I own, which is why it's not a deal breaker for me when it comes to the controller, especially considering how finicky I am over D-Pads.
  13. Controllers!

    1. The GameCube Controller and DualShock 4 tie for the spot of favorite. It's mostly for similar reasons; they're both comfy to hold and feel well built. The reason neither can beat the other comes down the D-Pad and Control Stick; GC Controller has an average D-Pad but an excellent Control Stick, while DS 4 has an average control stick, but an amazing D-Pad. As for controllers I don't like, the Original Xbox controller is awkward to hold and doesn't have a stellar layout and while I'll praise the D-Pad DS 4, I don't like the D-Pad of DS 1-3. 2. Wireless. 3. I'll get a special themed controller if I don't already own enough of it, but I doubt I'll buy an unnecessary controller unless I need it.
  14. FE16 "leaks"

    It'd be an interesting way to bring all this talk of leaks to a conclusion.
  15. FE16 "leaks"

    Keep an eye out for pictures of Nintendo characters on fire. After Chibi-Robo, we know now that it's a sign of a direct.