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  1. So... has anyone (aside from OP himself) played this?
  2. Who’s your favorite “Bad Unit” in FE?

    SD!Linde Sonya Rebecca Eliwood L'arachel Afaik Miriel isn't highly ranked Orochi Probably some more
  3. Alm: Royal Sword/Falchion/Killer Bow Celica: Beloved Zofia/Zweihander Kliff: Mage Ring Mathilda: Rhomphaia Palla: Gradivus/Rhomphaia Faye: Dracoshield Tatiana: Dracoshield Silque: Silver Shield Atlas: Zweihander Tobin (BK): killer bow
  4. The relevant stuff happens from 1:30 (feel free to just pause it there, since the only relevant part of that video is the enchanced silhouette(?) Same case as when we found out Flying Olivia . I compared this new silhouette(?) with Azura's sprite, mostly to see if we would get another alt of muh waifu. : Something that the units in those portraits have in common is that if they have long enough hair, it can be seen on the edge of their portraits there (ie: Olivia's ponytail, Lewyn's hair, etc.) There's no blue color on the central bottom part, which pretty much discards anyone with long hair. However, if you pay attention to the red circle in this pic, you can see a blue strand, which seems to match with Flora's hairstyle. The other marked parts focus on Flora's hairstyle and what seems to be her eye, which as I mentioned before seemed to be grey/blue in this pic. Here are some pics of Flora, so you can compare: Thoughts?
  5. Legendary Archer: Lucina

    Need... Azura... merges...
  6. Yup, same for me Pent is my one of my most favorite units (second only to Ninian) And I still bother training Rebecca, because I enjoy her character and she's cute (except in Heroes)
  7. This makes me remember of the days when I thought that Lyn was high tier and prepromotes should be avoided like the plague
  8. Who do you main.

    I try to main Marth in Melee Yoshi in Sm4sh, with Kirby, Shulk, Marth and Robin as secondaries. And Shiek as a pocket
  9. Four-Fanged Grand Hero Battle: Lloyd

    Can't I get another reward for Infernal, instead of a rehab!Lloyd?
  10. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    I don't like Genealogy, maps felt like a drag
  11. Never thought how much I wanted this...
  12. Hai

    So... just joined Serenes, started with Awakening. GFaqs got stale, so here I am hoping that there's more gameplay disccusion here than "Rinkah/Clive is shit", and "Hurr Xander breaks Lunatic!CQ in half" Futaba is smol Rowlet is a messenger of love and friendship Azura is bae And crits are basically in a love/hate relationship with everyone
  13. New August Banner?

    I just hope it adds Magvel characters or at least just L'arachel and L00t