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  1. Video game music

  2. Langrisser M General

    So, for some reason, prices in the EU are 25% more expensive... 0.99$ is somehow 1.09€ (which is equal to 1.24$)
  3. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    That it is. Took quite some time until i got used to everything again. Especially the damn enemy stave users xD Dunno about that. I don't plan to use them much, with Kaze only being a chest opener. Their stats are really low, and i checked their promotions and it won't help me at the current state of the game, either. I could need the resources for any kid i get in the future I also use them as bait for enemy staves xD she's really good. I also gave her forged weapons and she has C Swords and D Lances here are her current Stats: HP30 STR20 MAG5 SKL14 SPD26 LCK17 DEF19 RES14 She pretty much doubles everything and has ~31ATK
  4. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    So after a big while (like more then half a year now xD), i decided to pick up my CQ Lunatic again, and i noticed i need to relearn how to play the game xD Currently on Ch18 and here's my current Team: CornCob Dragon Lord (Magic + Axes one) Lvl3 Felicia Meido Lvl21 Elise Strategist Lvl 5 Effie Great Knight Lvl4 Mozu Sniper Lvl5 Camilla Wyvern Lord lvl5 Severa LucinaLord Lvl22 Leo Magic Knight Lvl3 Ophelia Witch Lvl22 Xander Lvl4 Azura Dancer Lvl22 Kaze Ninja lvl15 Keaton Beastdude lvl18 Shura Adventurer Lvl3 I really forgot what every unit was good at, so much that on my first Try i lost Severa on my first Trun XD Anyway, wish me luck with this re-entry into FE after a long ass break haha
  5. Langrisser M General

    I have a hard time while using them lmao xD he's already 3* with me. 4* will take a while so since Time Rift 4 and up aren't exactly easy xD (i am at 4-6 Normal/3-1Elite atm) Weeeeeeeeeelp doesn't that last for only 1 month tho?
  6. Langrisser M General

    ugu why isn't Dieharte a light dude <-<
  7. Staff of Ages (XNA release eventuallyTM)

    Why not let the players players both then choose what to carry over? FE7x does iirc, you can choose what chapter data you can continue with on certain chapters
  8. Who will return?

    Here's what they will do it: Heroes integration with you able to get the character Kieran S-supported into FE16 :p
  9. Langrisser M General

    Btw, how's Matthew as Strike Master? Good enough to replace Royal Knight Dieharte? Dieharte not being in my faction is ugh, bleh Also, the game has been pulling more and more asshole-ish tricks lately <.< I really hate it when they surprise the player without saying anything
  10. The Last To Post Wins!

  11. Sothis

    She seems more like a Dragon Shinobu tbh
  12. Supports in Three Houses

    I am an university student myself. Most of the Professors are pretty much 20-30 years olders then me or my fellow students. The ones who are only a few years olders then me are usually Professor-assistants and/or those wanting to get PhD. They are not institute leaders themselves.
  13. Supports in Three Houses

    again, in the case of FE16, the nobles hold much more Power over a mercenary teacher then he over them What i said was ''What if she was my GF and then became my student?'' not ''I wanna bang my student'' Dunno, i am not an expert on japan either (although i doubt that's the norm), but atleast they don't seem to be afraid of every small bit of skin shown while glorifying violence everywhere
  14. Supports in Three Houses

    Professors in real life are 30+ year older then their students. Creepy. That doesn't seem to be the case here. They seem to be the same age range And while i didn't see a Professor x Student, i saw a Tutor/Professor-assistant x Student (and said Tutors or Professor assistant grade homeworks/exams). And Nobody had a problem with it (Usually also because said people can be checked by other Tutors/Assistants or Professor in case a power abuse is suspected). I mean, what if i was a Tutor and suddenly found my GF in my class? should i just give up my work? Or do i need to kick her out? Then again, i am not murcian. Last i checked, Nobles hold much much more Power over a Mercenary then a Teacher over his Students. They could get him beheaded any second. I am slowly starting to think America is more weird the japan tbh. Honestly, People need to learn to seperate Reality and Fiction.
  15. Sothis

    And the final battle will be Edelgard & Co against Byleth