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  1. Supports in Three Houses

    again, in the case of FE16, the nobles hold much more Power over a mercenary teacher then he over them What i said was ''What if she was my GF and then became my student?'' not ''I wanna bang my student'' Dunno, i am not an expert on japan either (although i doubt that's the norm), but atleast they don't seem to be afraid of every small bit of skin shown while glorifying violence everywhere
  2. Supports in Three Houses

    Professors in real life are 30+ year older then their students. Creepy. That doesn't seem to be the case here. They seem to be the same age range And while i didn't see a Professor x Student, i saw a Tutor/Professor-assistant x Student (and said Tutors or Professor assistant grade homeworks/exams). And Nobody had a problem with it (Usually also because said people can be checked by other Tutors/Assistants or Professor in case a power abuse is suspected). I mean, what if i was a Tutor and suddenly found my GF in my class? should i just give up my work? Or do i need to kick her out? Then again, i am not murcian. Last i checked, Nobles hold much much more Power over a Mercenary then a Teacher over his Students. They could get him beheaded any second. I am slowly starting to think America is more weird the japan tbh. Honestly, People need to learn to seperate Reality and Fiction.
  3. Sothis

    And the final battle will be Edelgard & Co against Byleth
  4. Fodlan World Map with Transcribed Locations

    I find it pretty interesting that Adrestia doesn't have it's own Church (see western & eastern church in other countries)
  5. Chinatsu Kurahana is Three Houses New Artist

    They will only like 90s style long hair art
  6. February 2019 Direct Analysis

    If i have to guess, they are doing it to try and stop lowmaning? By making Levelups (much) harder for higher lvld units, you will need to use multipe units on near the same level to clear the map
  7. Post a fact about the person above!

    Rightly guessed my glorious Position as an Emperor
  8. Langrisser M General

    No need to panic, it is still a long ways away. I'm just stating what I've heard from the CN server. Phew. Good. You scared me there for a sec. Time to go full saving mode, for real this time since i already got everything i need for now xD Considering their community manager was talking/asking about collabs on r/langrisser, i am pretty sure we will^^
  9. Langrisser M General

    Wait wait wait wait. It's hppening that soon? Shouldn't we have gotten a few months to save some Tickets xD
  10. General theorizing thread

    What if the line she says depends on the route we choose? If we choose Edelgard If we choose someone else? I really hope the route choices will be different enough to warrant different playthroughs (even if the customizability is looking like doing a good job of that already.). I don't want the difference between the routes to be just 2-4 Maps ala FE5/GBAFE. Didn't like that
  11. February 2019 Direct Analysis

    could be they decided to increase the item limit from 5 to ~8 or something
  12. My Biggest Frustration With This Game

    Honestly the only games that felt like that were the Jugdral and Tellius games. The other were pretty much your typical RPG adventure but instead of Hero + Party of 4-8 it was Prince + Party of 15-25 Maybr the school could act as a camp later on when the war gets started?
  13. My Biggest Frustration With This Game

    While i haven't been playing for that long, i did go and play the older games, and the only characters where i think as such are ones the have certain special wepaons/abilities. Like FE4 and holy Weapons, or Ayra with Astra (should be first Astra user iirc), FE5 Ced's Student and Grafcalibur, Mareeta and her Sword, Ike and Ragnell, etc... Otherwise, no, classes don't have much to do with Identity for me. Now if Fire Emblem did Squad Stories ala VC4, then yeah, reclassing would be an issue. But FE doesn't have those. speaking about VC, VC5 never it seems ;_; Honestly, the Trailer didn't give those kind of vibes at all. If anything it was more serious then anything. I am one to Despise the school setting, and in a certain series i love, think of the newer games like how the old FE fanbase thinks about awakening mostly thanks to the school setting. Both FE16 trailers gave me a complete different impression then the whole silly high school thing