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  1. Staff of Ages (Version 2.0 Coming Soon!)

    Level 13 and 16 HP? My Sawyer had more HP at Level 10.
  2. Staff of Ages (Version 2.0 Coming Soon!)

    UGGGGHHHHHH I wanna watch it so badly, but I don't wanna spoil myself for what's in Act 2!!!
  3. Alright, so I know they're not the best FE games in the series, but they're not bad. I wanna set up this thread to appreciate those 2 games for how they are since they're always bashed by everyone all the time. Personally, I think Awakening had a not to shabby story. Dig deep enough and you can get a pretty nice plot out of it. Alongside now knowing Grima's "birth" from the backstory in SoV, we actually can get a better view of the main villain within the story. Also, the children system in the game was very well placed in the game. The children actually had a purpose in the plot and were relevant as the whole time travel thing makes sense due to why they are time traveling in the first place. Fates wasn't all too bad either. It actually fixed most of the things Awakening was missing and/or needing fixing. The main one, the battle mechanics, was something Awakening was solely needing a fix on seeing as how it was pretty easy when you can pair up but the enemy can't. Nerfing it slightly and giving that feature to the enemy was a much needed fix while also allowing for people playing the game to strategize more on the battlefield instead of just throwing out their strongest tank. And even though Fates kinda didn't have the good things that Awakening had (which we will not discuss, not here anyway), it's still a pretty neat game overall.
  4. 6-Star Units

    I don't play Heroes anymore because it got boring to me, but if they add 6 stars it's probably just gonna be for IS to make more money off of. These aren't the best examples to use, but take a look at Brave Frontier and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. When they increased their rarities on units, they held out banners for people to have a higher chance to get those units. In reality though, they were just wanting players to spend money on Gems and such so that they'd most likely not get what they wanted and spend more money until they got it. Then they come out with newer 6 stars that are stronger than the last and people spend money on that and rinse and repeat. Heroes is already kinda doing something similar to that in the terms of their banners, just not with higher rarities. Remember when Ike was released and everyone spent their money/Orbs/money on Orbs trying to grab him? Right after that they came out with a banner for Ryoma, Hector, Azura, and Takumi and then everyone went wild trying to get them too with their money unless you were F2P. Personally, how I see higher rarity systems in Heroes would just be a cash grab for IS.
  5. Gotta love that HD Coat.
  6. 5. Keep people updated. It's one thing to tell people that you've ROM Hacked and have progress done, but it's another to tell people how far you've gone. Don't keep yourself in the dark for too long. A few months is reasonable, but always try to keep your players focused and awaiting the next release of your newest patch. Always try to build up the most progress you can in your hack, but never keep it so long to the point will people will start to become uninterested. Unless you're amazing and able to toss out a fully completed ROM Hack to people.
  7. Badly summarize your favourite game in the series

    Boats, Swamps, and Fields.
  8. What spin offs would you like to see?

    FExDragon Quest, FExFinal Fantasy, FExTales Series, FExDragon Age Series. i chose these ones because they all can suit most of all the FE games' stories. However, out of the list the one I see most happening is either FExDragon Quest or FExFinal Famtasy because I don't really think the Tales Series is as popular as the other two and there's definitely no way Nintendo would get close to the makers of Dragon Age.
  9. Those chapters that you hate playing in any FE game

    Every. Single. Chapter. Up. Until. Chapter. 4. In. Awakening. Lunatic. Plus. Theres literally no need for explanation, Anyone who's tried Lunatic Plus on Awakening knows my rage on this one. And let's not forget saving those suicidal villagers in Paralogue 3 Awakening! Cause, oh boy! I love it when they run straight into impalement! Also, all the swamp maps from Gaiden/Echoes. You know, the ones that made everyone drop Valbar midway into their playthrough.
  10. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Lute is the worst Mage ever in all of the Fire Emblem Series. I'm screwed if ObsidianWasp ever reads my message.