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  1. Hacker's Hangout [Q22] half baked ideas
  2. Dinar87's first battle sprite gallery!!

    DANK. I'd almost like to see more action poses during his "blinding speed cuts" phase. And there's no smooth transition back to his/her original starting pose.
  3. Blade’s Sprites (Critique & Feedback)

    Some of these are pretty dope :) I may be throwing a sprite comic together at some point and these are inspiring. If I end up actually writing the damn thing, I'll certainly hit you up for some permission to include em?
  4. Capibara´s splicing nightmare

    This one. This is a SWEET look! Kinda androgynous, though, unless that's what you're going for? I can't tell if that's a beard or what on their chin, though. Also, I think the green hair is MUCH better looking.
  5. Auto's Sprites

    Lovin' it :) only issue so far is that his face almost seems too big for his head. Know what i'm sayin'? there's also a very odd piece of hair(?) in the center of his forehead!
  6. Can You See These? (Zaman's Sprite Gallery)

    Sumthin's funky with his left side.
  7. Can You See These? (Zaman's Sprite Gallery)

    Manakete maybe and some dude I see as a Lycian or Bernite. Hit meee!
  8. ciarre's art thread

    I LOVE the potential of her backstory :) i LOVE the potential of her backstory, and your drawings are beautiful. I do have to wonder if she should look a bit angrier though?
  9. Can You See These? (Zaman's Sprite Gallery)

    My current works in progress! 1st line Started as a thief kinda dude, but I'm actually thinking a magic guy of some sort! 2nd Line: Marcus Face went with Harken's head and made a kind of fun mentor dude. Colours aren't set in stone, though... More to come, mia famiglia!
  10. Capibara´s splicing nightmare

    Yo duuude, so Im a beginner, so take this with a bag or morton salt: Row 1 left, SWEET druidess, the monacle is on point. Something about the bang on the right side of her face seems choppy. Row 1 mid, that bandana is super contrasted with the face below it, and thats probably from the border colours. The body on this one ROCKS. Row 1 right the collar and chest orientation are mismatched, but the face is SUPER clean. Row 2, the right side of her face and hair are super split up, the border colour separates them pretty handilly. Maybe try blending those? Her face on the right side, the eye is pretty high up, maybe down a pixel? Row 3, her hair on the right side going over the pauldron, probably some sort of shading needed. It'd make a shadow in real life, I feel like? Row 4 left, LOVING the darker dude's colour choices. give yourself more credit, the body looks aight! The right hand side where the cloak comes under the pauldron is a bit wonky, but those details are super hard to nail down. Row 4 mid, this is probably the most obvious splice, but only because you diddn't do too much to BabyZeph's head as a base. The royal blue of that cloak also hurts my eyes a bit, it's almost neon. The left hand side where the cloak goes over his shoulder also needs a bit of blending to smoothe it out. Row 4 right, thats above my pay grade.. but if I had to guess, her right shoulder needs some TLC. I'd just match it up with Lalum's dancer ribbons, like you did on the left hand side, at least for now. that should give you some leway to focus on the the only real issue, the headpiece. Thats a ballsy sprite, dude . The head piece could probably be lightened up a tad. ignoring the wings, i'd say try blending the part where the headpiece goes across the forehead. With my jewelry pieces on my folks, I usually use the same as the darkest shaded pixel on the skin to help it out. Heres to your good luck! Hopefully thats not overstepping nuthin'!
  11. Can You See These? (Zaman's Sprite Gallery)

    Works in progress! Last one is gonna be a bishop type homie. 3rd from left needs a haircut for the hackbox. 1st one needs his neck fixed...
  12. Can You See These? (Zaman's Sprite Gallery)

    Fixed, I think!
  13. Photobucket can suck a fat ol' rock.
  14. Toa's Sprites

    Loving the Ninian :)
  15. First time splicing, recolouring, and generally messing about. First attempt below. I'm sure this post'll be edited as I come out with more stuff. Any critiques are appreciated!