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  1. Done! If this isn't the pose you wanted, I can change it any time.
  2. DO I SEE SETH? WELL I feel like garbage now. XD (reason being I decided to do Seth, and I clearly didn't see that)
  3. Is anyone working on this? I had a plan to work on something like this, then this came around.
  4. I kinda had that already done for a long time now, first thing I did when I saw Tobin in the files, here ya go
  5. Yeah sure! Once I'm done with the requests on reddit, I'm gonna move some of my time here. >> << Look here for some of my work. I can animate some custom characters if any of you guys want, just note that I'm gonna be also doing requests on reddit as well, so its going to take some time.
  6. Hey, mind if I help with the workload here? For you, @yonoot Oh yeah, i'm the guy who does the reddit character animations btw, so I'm going to be a bit busy lol