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  1. I don’t it’s an issue strictly with Hrid. There’s a select group of people whose opinions of OCs (original characters) range from indifference to active dislike. I won’t name names though. I personally don’t mind any of them myself, as the one I don’t care for at all is Surtr. In fact, I quite like Sharena, Fjorm, Hrid, and Ylgr. However, I can see why some people might not like them (especially those from Book 2), because to be honest, they weren’t given much to work with aside from Laegjarn and perhaps Helbindi. The Askr trio has shown flashes of character but haven’t really capitalized on it. In Hrid’s case all he got the the fact he went toe to toe with Surtr and ultimately failed, but it was presented in a “tell but don’t show” fashion which was something of a missed opportunity. Overall they lack the nuance of other characters like Marth, Lyn, Ike, Eirika etc because they had an entire game where their personalities could be explored . Original characters are needed in games like these because otherwise if it was just left with the poster boys/girls of the FE series then it’ll likely result in some messy, nonsensical fanfiction. At the same time, it wouldn’t hurt to attempt to give such characters some depth and material. As such, I think they’re fine for what they are, though it certainly wouldn’t hurt to take the next step forward with them.
  2. I completely agree here. 5,000 seems to be the magic number here. I rarely go out of my way to grind for feathers outside of TT and Forging Bonds, in fact I only used the Rival Domains method only a couple times and that had to have been several months ago. Speaking of grinding, a good number of people exploit the feather system and use 3rd party software to automatically repeat the process which honestly annoys me. For me it feels cheap, and I’d argue it borders on cheating. I’d much rather not have such people rewarded by raising the cap. We’ll always be getting new units anyways so it’s not like people will run out.
  3. New Voting Gauntlet: Nifl Vs. Nifl!

    We’re in same hell, but Fjorm has the considerable lead, so she’s a lock to win.
  4. I don’t think Book 3 will come any later than Tuesday. By that time, the Fire and Ice banner is supposed to end so we should anticipate a new banner to coincide with it. It’s likely we’ll also have a Feh channel on Sunday or Monday.
  5. New Voting Gauntlet: Nifl Vs. Nifl!

    Actually, all three are considered to be under one archetype, which is the Cornelius (father of Marth). Basically, any family member or mentor that happens to croak early to halfway through the story is considered to be part of the group. Hector (in Binding Blade), Elbert, Fado, and Greil are such examples.
  6. I got a feeling the refines themselves for the Robins will be Tactics, with the male having defense or attack while the female has speed tactics. As for the base weapon, I just hope it isn’t a lame ass 14 mt raventome and/or comes with a bond skill. My personal hope is that it could be an omni-effective weapon (against calvary, armors, and fliers) so it gives them a niche against certain emblems, and since their stats are so lame it shouldn’t be overpowered in their hands.
  7. New Voting Gauntlet: Nifl Vs. Nifl!

    Looks like it’s a Nifl free for all from here. Muspell got totally dunked on lmfao.
  8. Our Single Most Wanted Character from each game

    FE1/11: Julian FE2/15: Don’t give a shit FE3/12: Malice FE4: Don’t give a shit FE5: Don’t give a shit FE6: Milady FE7: Louise FE8: Ross FE9: Ilyana FE10: Leonardo FE13: Cynthia FE14: Forrest
  9. Outdated brave weapons shouldn't be touched but perfectly fine bladetomes should??? Honestly brave weapon refines aren't too big of an issue as long as they keep it similar to how Cherche's axe was done (only give +1 to an attack refine). Bladetomes have absolutely no reason to have refines. They even have more might than silver tomes by default.
  10. New Voting Gauntlet: Nifl Vs. Nifl!

    Actually it looks like Nifl is more popular in Japan compared to the west where reception ranges from indifference to mild interest. The main exception seems to be Gunnthra though that’s likely due her already winning a gauntlet and Laevatein probably being one of the more popular Muspellians.
  11. It’s likely “obasan” which is aunt in Japanese.
  12. New Voting Gauntlet: Nifl Vs. Nifl!

    I believe the VG took place around May and it was something along the lines of the Askr trio (plus Fjorm) vs Legendary Heroes which compromised of Ike, Grima, Ryoma, and Gunnthra. Gunnthra managed to upset both Ryoma and Ike, and then handily defeated Alfonse in the final round. This particular VG was infamous for having all but two wins be caused by convenient multipliers making many of them feel illegitimate.
  13. New Voting Gauntlet: Nifl Vs. Nifl!

    Going with Fjorm aka #TeamThighs. I’ve alwaus liked her design and she’s incredibly useful for my Arena team. Should Fjorm fall prematurely, I’ll likely join the snow loli unless she’s out herself which makes things especially difficult. I have Gunnthra and Surtr but the former already won a gauntlet and the latter isn’t someone I care for. I already don’t have half of the cast here being Hrid, Helbindi, Laegjarn, and Laevatein so they’ll be difficult to support, though I do like Hrid and Laegjarn enough.
  14. I’d like older seasonals to be more accessible, especially considering we’re eventually going to hit spring. It would be really lame to have three spring banners at once, and many of the earlier ones have not aged well. I’d like for the first year seasonals (up to the Christmas or potentially Valentines units) to be added to the summoning pool when pulling for that month’s seasonals, and remove the regular 5*s like legendary banners so it makes collecting easier.