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  1. Fate/Grand Order General

    Yeah the maintenance is currently two hours overtime and I’m getting antsy. APs a wastin, ugh. I actually kinda like the new name. Meltlilith sounds really weird on the tongue.
  2. Detective Pikachu Hype Check

    I feel it’s worth a look. I’m cautiously optimistic about it. I feel about 90% of the Pokémon I’ve seen look pretty solid though (might as well spoiler tag this seeing as some people have avoided trailers and I don’t want people to bark at me)... I suppose my greatest beacon of hope is that it isn’t portrayed as cynical. Reynolds actually appears to be giving a damn and having a lot of fun promoting this film. If I got a feeling this was just a cashgrab I’d probably be much less likely to bother with the movie.
  3. Fate/Grand Order General

    Hey, you forgot about Prisma Illya coming back around June! Or... did you omit it on purpose? Guess I can’t blame you if it’s the latter. But yeah we’re pretty stacked this year (and likely the following) in terms of Fate anime. All of those bear some interest in me. And yes, I watch Prisma Illya. Sue me.
  4. Fate/Grand Order General

    Honestly I’d have to agree with you. I’m no sjw, but even I knew that the lore and concept behind Emiya is pretty sketchy. Like really, “Let’s make Emiya a criminal”? I know a lot of people point out the lips and skin as being problematic but I think another thing that’s overlooked is the hair. If it was kept to Archer’s normally pulled back hairstyle or even Shirou’s shaggy hair then at least he’d look recognizable with only a darker shade of skin (which might still be potentially problematic though not as much). However, it’s very clear he’s designed to be an African-American, and to put it bluntly, with the undertones of black peoples being thugs and residing in jails... yeah, that’s quite problematic. I personally would have gone for more of a gray tone, but oh well. I’m against censorship in general, but here the choice to do so is understandable. If it was just to cover up more of a scantily clad female, then I’d be very annoyed. I’m a grown man and I don’t need other grown men deciding for me if a woman is showing too much boob/butt/thigh. Same goes for lolis. They’re just a fictional anime archetype akin to catgirls/traps/etc, and in their defense one could mistake them for a petite woman at a glance (and this is why I laugh when people say Abigail Williams might get censored, what a joke). But here with Emiya, it (you know where I’m getting at but I won’t go into specifics) goes around a very touchy area, especially in America where the media watchdogs for anything controversial are on high alert. Don’t believe me? Kotaku made an article recently accusing Smash Bros making fun of disabilities, and that was a fucking reach. Here a case could’ve been made and it might have gotten ugly. It’s about time we give Albert and co a break.
  5. Fate/Grand Order General

    I’m also on the same boat being fed up with the constant temper tantrums of other NA players. When it all started a couple months back at first I found it amusing, but now it’s just irritating and juvenile. I actually thought I’d get a break with all the negativity when I first joined the FGO community considering my only other gacha before was Heroes who we all know has a notoriously disgruntled fanbase. At least the FEH community finds new things to complain about rather than just dwelling on the same damn thing for months on end. Like who’s really at fault for “prolonging” the controversy, the people who slightly changed it or those who constantly bombard the twitter feed and keep stroking the fire demanding an explanation which they already know the answer to?
  6. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    Heh thanks! I’m afraid it’s kind of late to make changes at the moment. I had trouble deciding whether to make Caineghis a jock or rich, and I went with the latter mostly because I already had so many reps for the former. Plus he fit into the mold of the group being made of royals/aristocrats. I should mention that I actually was inspired by a meme for FGO, and “Vice Principal” wasn’t originally there (although I did add two extra categories so I guess my excuse holds little). The last two are supposed to be descriptions for each group, but something off happened with them and I couldn’t fix it in time. They seem to work on mobile app Imgur at least.
  7. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    The first meme I ever made. Enjoy!
  8. Fate/Grand Order General

    Unfortunately, it’s pretty much too late for FGO to dubbed. Bit of a bummer for me since I prefer listening to dialogue in my native tongue. Unlike others I’m don’t really fuss over Japanese voices which might be one thing that would disqualify my from being a turbo weeb, and in general with most anime I really dislike subtitles since they can be distracting for me. In other news, I made history yesterday. OG Rider was with me since my tutorial summon and has been a very solid teammate from there. As this is the first time I maxed bonded a servant, I’m quite pleased it was her even though her personal CE is pretty lame lol.
  9. I’ll definitely be going for the maids, though Genny is pretty cute too. Also happy with a new Leo, as he’s my favorite Fates royal and I hope he’ll at least be decent. Don’t care about Lukas that much though. I kinda wish we got this around forging bonds so we could get a marshmallow accessory lol.
  10. Special Heroes Silhouettes for April 19th!

    Definitely think the girl on the right is Genny, got nothing on whoever is on the right though. What in the hell is she holding? Are those marshmallows?
  11. Welp, so much for that thing I found.
  12. It’s not over until the fat lady sings. We can’t really make a call until the silhouettes themselves show up. Only then can we confirm it’s real/fake.
  13. I’m not familiar with Dragalia Lost at all, but if it is indeed characters from there, I’m cool with it. It’s arguably the best way to integrate third parties without massively upsetting some people. Should it be from the regular Fire Emblem crew though, I see the person on the left being either Rolfe or Nils. Also I hope we’re not inadvertently spoiling others in case the silhouettes are indeed real (which is looking to be the case).
  14. So I saw this photo for the special heroes pop up in a couple servers I’m in. At first I thought nothing of it because I never saw this in my notifications, but it’s starting to look legit. Has anyone else seen this image?
  15. Fate/Grand Order General

    Mat hell is the worst. I recently discovered I’m short on crystals, meaning Bride Umu might be stuck as 60 for a while. The good news we’re still getting a boatload of events for the past couple months, so whatever you might need will likely be provided through those.