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  1. How dare they make a MU that looks feminine! Why can’t we have more lazy, copy paste attires from the males? For real though, I’m not feeling the hate female Byleth is getting. In my opinion, it’s a very unique and attractive look as well as the first time we have a female MU with their own distinct look. Robin had an uninspired copy paste, Corrin at least had a feminine edge though it was divisive among some (surprise surprise...). Plus, given how shorts are very uncommon as attire, it’s a breath of fresh air to see imo.
  2. Fate/Grand Order General

    I had to drop not only my command seals but also a quartz to boot to pull through. Lore doesn’t grow on trees though, so I completing that CQ was a must. Jack proved very useful here as everyone was female and she could really lay down the hurt on them. I also brought along a friend’s Gil because his NP is just so damn good. The problem arose when Serenity was able to use her NP on Gil and managed to instakill him despite me setting up invincibility with Merlin. After that things fell apart for my first go. Euryale and Shuten were also very annoying to face.
  3. Who has the "worst art"?

    I never cared much for Lloyd. He’s supposed to look ruggedly handsome and earnest... and that in no way is shown in his art lol. Even his clothes are off, what’s with the bluish tint? Jakob is someone who oddly nobody brings up. The gothic style and dark shading is just so unfitting for him. Zaza’s art (think they drew Florina, Selena, and Lissa) isn’t a style I care for either. They’re made way too scrawny to the point of being anorexic.
  4. Fate/Grand Order General

    So uh, funny story. I spent all my tickets on the Jeanne/MHXA rate up hoping to get the former, which ended up exhausting all my tickets. I got Liz (who is easily one of my most disliked characters in FGO) and my first Nursery Rhyme with some event CEs to boot. However, I wasn’t exactly satisfied, so I reluctantly ended up biting the bullet and threw in some quartz out of my stockpile. After shelling 60, Tamamo no Mae of all people decided to spook me. I’m pretty shocked, though not disappointed. As someone who hasn’t gotten a SSR since New Years, I’m glad to add a third to my list. I already had Merlin but you can never go wrong with more supportive casters. Plus Tamamo is cute. Still would’ve preferred Jeanne, and MHX Alter would have been a solid alternative, but I’m just glad I didn’t end up empty handed.
  5. Fate/Grand Order General

    I sent a request, my ign is Kris. Hope my Merlin and Co help to some capacity. ^_^
  6. Fate/Grand Order General

    As someone who hasn’t cleared Solomon yet and just recently started Babylonia, I’m still going strong. I’m hoping to be finished with the story by end of this month in time for the Lostbelt saga. I don’t have many days left for half AP though, and once that’s gone the Valentines event will likely happen so that’ll distract me from the main story. So I’ll have to really crank through, but I heard Babylonia isn’t that bad compared to Camelot (apparently you just to be prepared because dialogue choices actually matter this time), so maybe at the very least I can make it to Solomon.
  7. I predict something like Conrad/Rinkah/Ilyana/whatever male beast didn’t make it. Think the beasts (at least some of them) will get their own banners. Jill and Haar will likely share a Tellius banner. FE7 is very popular so Louise will likely show up soon. The book 3 OCs will probably wait until the story is done, same with Bruno.
  8. Choose Your Legends 3

    My browser crashed so I forgot to add it back in. Basically the third is a “retro” look which is exclusive to Celica. I’m not throwing the Conqueror option out the window, but there’s still the chance that he might get a seoerate alt before cyl and they just might go with that one. Plus another sword infantry Alm would be kinda bland for CYL.
  9. Choose Your Legends 3

    With the previous CYL winners, they were placed in one of the three categories: 1) taking inspiration from a family member (Roy, Ike, Ephraim, Hector, Veronica) 2) going with their promoted look (Lucina, Lyn... sort of) 3) Alm - Might pull a Celica and have the retro look, though I think it’ll be more likely that he’ll pull inspiration from Rudolf. Probably armored sword. Marth - Pretty sure if we're to get a retro costume, it’d be for Marth. I think he’s best suited for flying lance with the wing spear infused with the Falcion (I mean, Caeda is his canon wife and his pantless look makes look like a male peg rider kinda?) Camilla - I actually don’t think she’ll get Bolverk or take any inspiration from Garon for that matter. I think she’ll be a mage of some sort, maybe she’ll snag the Nohr Noble outfit from Corrin. Micaiah - I’m weak on Tellius lore so I got next to nothing. Light Sage/Priestess exist but I dunno, I think they’ll save those for a legendary banner or even a mythic banner for the latter. Plus it’d be kinda boring to have her wield nothing but tomes, perhaps she’ll use a staff instead.
  10. That’s what makes me think that either there was a mistranslation (whether it be in that chapter or currently on the site) or perhaps even straight up retcon happening as we know it. Come to think of it, the delivery of NY!Gunnthra’s lines are quite different compared to her vanilla year old version (basically her voice is a higher, more youthful pitch compared to her womanly delivery), so who knows. It could very well be the latter.
  11. [DATAMINE/SPECULATION] Anniversary Present?

    I’m only lacking two legendary heroes being Tiki and Hrid. However, the former is currently on a banner so if I manage to summon her my choice would be much easier. If I still can’t get her once the LH banner ends, then I’ll go for Tiki.
  12. Fate/Grand Order General

    Yeah Orleans holds up pretty well, though I do agree that fighting Gilles at the end feels a bit anticlimactic. And yes, the story overall is solid. I actually don’t think Septem is that bad though I don’t remember as much about it compared to the others; personally I feel the second half of Okeanos is worse (fuck Jason). As you mentioned earlier, they could have used this to simply showboat FSN characters but surprisingly their vanilla forms have next to no roles in the story, but they all have variations to some extent and show up somewhere in the main plot (you might have seen a few already such as Lancer Medusa, Caster Gil, Cu Alter etc)... except for Assassin aka Kojiro. Apparently the og FSN cast will do more in the second arc but that’ll be a while. It’s good that they’re mostly on the sidelines though since as much as I adore them, they get plenty of attention as is so it’s fair to have the newcomers have a chance without the classics eating away at screen time.
  13. Fate/Grand Order General

    So I’m not the only person who feels this way. The fact that Da Vinci WON’T SHUT UP every damn time I go to Enhace or Shop (made worse by the fact that the UI is kinda wonky and you can end up right where you started if you’re careless resulting in Da Vinci blathering even more) is the sole reason I actually turned off voices in the game. Kind of a shame because there’s a few voices I really like to listen to such as Ozymandias, Marie Antoinette, Umu-chan, and so forth, but such annoyances can really be the deal breaker for me. Da Vinci otherwise is otherwise alright, she’ll be a bit more involved when you further progress in the story. Btw congrats on your Dantes pull!
  14. Fate/Grand Order General

    @Water Mage As people said, take what other people/sites say with a grain of salt. One could play “optimally”, but use as you see fit and you’ll do fine. That being said, be careful not to put all your eggs into one basket; what I mean is make sure you invest into several servants as opposed to just two or something. Don’t be afraid to spend some quartz to expand your army either, since you’re fairly new. Just don’t touch the Story gacha with a ten foot pool. You’ll thank me later. Concerning the difficulty, it’s pretty much “Use your friends servants to steamroll through everything” right until about Okeanos/London or so. Mobs in general are pretty exploitable and easy to take down (screw those wyverns though). The boss fights can be a bit tricky though, so watch out for those. By the time you reach Camelot, I highly suggest you use a (spoiler free) guide because you can blindsided hard with how obscene the boss fights can get. Everything before can tackled completely blind without issue though.
  15. Fate/Grand Order General

    As I predicted, Emiya finally made it to his fourth ascension. Like Medusa, he’s been around since the beginning and a vital asset to my team in later singularities. Many thanks Emiya-kun, now I can finally upgrade those once useless ass skills. I also got Medea and Merlin to their third ascensions, and the latter I can eventually bring to her fourth with more of the gold embers. Merlin could be stuck in mat hell for a while though, since I can’t even farm scarabs yet in Camelot.