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  1. Choose your legends 2 predictions

    My hope is that Tharja has dropped enough to allow someone like Erika, Corrin, Azura, maybe Celica to get in. I really don’t care for her. Camilla I’m on the fence about. I don’t really dislike her, but honestly I’d like someone else to get some attention. Hector is a guaranteed lock for the males, so that leaves Chrom, Marth, and Ephraim to take the second spot. I think Marth will get in due to Smash representation. Chrom will get his chance... another day. Other general predictions I have: - Anyone from SoV will likely skyrocket to the 100s/200s - Characters in Heroes already will likely remain the same or get a small boost (especially characters who were previously obscure) - Meme characters (Reinhardt, Oliver, Wrys, Nino, Shanna to an extent) will get into the top 100 at least. - Peripheral characters from Awakening and Fates to a degree like Gaius, Niles, Anna, Lon’qu, and Donnel will likely drop down a bit, if not out of the top 20. - Region locked characters (pretty much anyone in Genealogy/Thracia/New Mystery) not in Heroes are probably RIP.
  2. The new heroes of the 24th january

    That’s like saying it’d be impossible for Oscar to join unless Rolf and Boyd were added as well, or Florina without having Farina and Fiora. ._.
  3. The new heroes of the 24th january

    I’m sure they’ll include Marisa and L’arachel given how the former is the most popular SS character to be added and the lattter for the story significance, but as much as I’d want Myrrh they’ll also throw in a guy for balance like Ross, Franz, or Gerik. However, it’s not like a banner needing equal representation for both genders was a rule to begin with, so IS can do as they please. I also thought of how the characters might be built. Marisa: She’ll probably be another Ayra/Mia, maybe being even faster than Mia but slightly lower Attack and Defense than both. Her weapon could be a legendary like Shamshir which could have a built in Wrath, or go with a generic Slaying Edge. L’arachel: Most likely a powercreep of Elise, unfortunately. Possibly just ever so slightly better offenses and worse defense, but otherwise nearly identical. I’m curious to see if they’d ever give a full kit to a healer or if they’ll just continue giving them next to nothing for skills. Myrrh: Probably a green (young) Tiki. Hopefully she can have something like Hone Dragons after waiting for about forever. Ross: Honestly I think if he was added he’d be the guaranteed 4* drop of the three (four?). He’d have trainee bonuses, something like being a green Gray. I think he could be a great candidate for introducing the firesweep axe. That would be nice for my Legion. I could do more theorycrafting but I’m kinda tired lol.
  4. New Tempest Trials Mini: Shrouded by the Storm!

    I’m pretty sure Marisa is going to be the Nephenee of the banner, and next to guaranteed to be in due scoring pretty damn high in CYL compared to anyone else remaining to added from SS. I wouldn’t mind that myself, she looks pretty! La’Rachel is pretty likely too, especially since we haven’t had a healer added to the game since JUNE. With them actually being viable now there’s no better time for her to be added to the game. Of course they could throw a curveball and give her a tome but that feels unnecessary. The third potential choice confuses me the most. If I had my way, I’d go for someone like Myrrh, since it’s about time we get a new dragon unit added (hopefully green for that matter). However I doubt we’ll have a banner that is completely female. Maybe... Franz? Ross? Pull an Oscar and add one of the Christmas knights? For the 20% characters I think Eirika, Ephraim, Tana, and Innes/Seth are going to be the ones chose. The Renais siblings are a no brainer, Tana seems likely due to the connection to the two of them (being a bff and a potential lover), and either Innes could join his younger sister or Seth to be a pity breaker over Eirika. I wonder if Joshua will be a reward or not.
  5. I really, really hope that this will exclude the winners of the last one, or even better, anyone that is currently in the game to allow those who aren’t be recognized. The latter is pretty unlikely but I just kinda hope there’s a way to outline the characters that aren’t in the game yet that people want. I think my votes will be Cynthia 4x, Sumia, Katarina, and to shake things up, Ilyana.
  6. NFL 2017-2018 Season - Just the same old boring crap.

    The whole situation with Markus Williams eerily reminds me of the time when that Packers player Brandon Bostick screwed up catching that onside kick during the conference finals against Seattle. In fact, not too long after that game, the guy was sent packing. Now obviously the Saints aren’t going to release Williams (unless they’re that stupid), but it’s understandable why some people choose to pick him as a scapegoat. It’s much easier to blame a specific person rather than the entirety of the team, whether it’s fair or not. Regarding Bell, it really depends if he’s humble enough to take a lower salary. Obviously Bell wants to remain with his team, but at the end of the day it comes down to money. After doing some research the Steelers aren’t in the best place regarding their salary cap, so if they keep Bell (which I predict will happen), then there will be several players hitting the road as a result which could be ugly.
  7. NFL 2017-2018 Season - Just the same old boring crap.

    I'm still speechless. I can't believe Keenum pulled that off. These two games were phenomenal, and not just because my preferred teams won for that matter. What a week.
  8. NFL 2017-2018 Season - Just the same old boring crap.

  9. NFL 2017-2018 Season - Just the same old boring crap.

    Smh. Come on, guys. Now is not the time to faceplant. Guess I should have kept my mouth shut. -_-
  10. NFL 2017-2018 Season - Just the same old boring crap.

    Oh, that makes two of us! It’s something I occasionally struggle with as well so I can relate. In hindsight my comment may have unintendedly come off as condescending. Also you have every right to be disappointed, had my team lost against the Titans I would have been pretty salty. I think you bring up a good point. It seemed like before the game the Steelers got too cocky (Bell’s tweet, as you pointed out, is a good example of this). It’s clear that they didn’t see Jacksonville as a threat and didn’t take them seriously despite getting spanked by them earlier in the season. Granted, with the Jaguars sputtering in the past three weeks (mostly due to offense), the media had more faith in the Steelers, so understandably they were feeling confident. However, it costed them big time here. It’s one thing to be confident, but they shouldn’t have counted their chickens before they hatch. Also loving how this game is turning out. Take that, Saints!
  11. NFL 2017-2018 Season - Just the same old boring crap.

    Yikes, geez calm down. I wasn’t making fun of you in the slightest. On the contrary I was actually intending to be sympathetic, but obviously you didn’t see it that way. My bad for wording it poorly but there’s no need to lash out.
  12. NFL 2017-2018 Season - Just the same old boring crap.

    Poor Ana. The Steelers wasted their time in the final minute. That game was entertaining none the less. With one wish granted, all I need is for the Saints to choke.
  13. NFL 2017-2018 Season - Just the same old boring crap.

    The Jags offense isn’t too shabby in all honesty. It’s just Bortles can be very inconsistent and when they underperform a lot of the blame is put on him. Sometimes it’s justified, other times it’s a little unfair.
  14. NFL 2017-2018 Season - Just the same old boring crap.

    Wow, this is quite the roflstomp. I’m a little concerned with Fournette though. Hopefully the injury wasn’t serious and he’ll be back in action for the second half.
  15. NFL 2017-2018 Season - Just the same old boring crap.

    Yeah I’m rooting for Jacksonville and Minnesota today. I read something earlier that said the Falcons were just a lucky team. Well, yes and no. On one hand, they made it to the playoffs by the skin of their teeth. Had the Lions not choked against the Bengals the Falcons would have cleared their lockers once the season ended. The offense wasn’t as dominant this season as it was previously either. However, they’re still a solid team overall, at the very least they’re better than average. They deserve credit for making it as far as they did by beating the Rams a week ago.