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  1. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    Yeah that’s about five months too late during the aftermath of Shanna miraculously winning the voting gauntlet. Still a funny video though.
  2. My gut is saying Shigure will be the drop, but I hope Kana will be the one because of how few appealing green units are to +10 that aren’t locked at 5*. I’d rather use Kana over Fae any day as well, and while Shigure is impressive stat wise, I already have a dedicated lance flier in Cordelia.
  3. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Lmao nooooooooooooo. Nanna is honestly pretty meh. She hits like a wet noodle and brings very little to the table outside of her staff. I’m going to dread the thought of pulling her. The one silver lining is that she’s the first healer to carry two skills, which brings hope for future healers that they won’t be completely garbage for SI.
  4. Anyone know Make Kana’s skills? It’s the only set I’m still in the dark about.
  5. Voice actors [Wings of Fate complete]

    Kinda glad Mobus replaced Stanbra. Kaze sounded pretty bad in Fates, and I haven't been disappointed by Xander Mobus with any of his performances. As for Fox, I'll have to wait and see, though I'm kinda disappointed knowing Kana will likely still sound feminine.
  6. Don’t think I’ll put orbs into this one. I already got plenty of green dragons now, same with lance fliers (plus I’m confident Shigure will drop anyways), and despite Hinoka’s uniqueness I don’t care about her at all. And this is coming from someone who likes Fates (had Silas been included, this might be a different story). Oh well, time to save some more orbs.
  7. Fire Emblem Awakening's 6th anniversary!

    Happy 6th birthday Awakening! While Binding Blade now holds the title for my favorite FE game, Awakening means a lot to me and still remains one of my favorite games ever. I still remember when I got the game during the summer of 2015, and boy did I have a blast playing it 24/7. It’s also one of the few games I went in (mostly) blind, so the experience felt so gripping to me. While I’m aware the game isn’t perfect, I find most of the flaws forgivable or at least can be overlooked. Also it introduced Sumia, enough said.
  8. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Must... resist... banner... for now. About time Ayra appears on a banner without sharing a color though. Should the new heroes disappoint me, I’ll know what my plan B is.
  9. Finn Deserves Better

    Well duh. I’m aware they might have unironically included that, but I’m simply giving the OP the benefit of the doubt. At the very least they decided to mix in legitimate criticisms with purposefully silly quibbles.
  10. Finn Deserves Better

    That dude would be Ziss, who was an infamous whale who wasted a lot of money trying to pull Hector in FEH’s infancy. I don’t think he’s even made any videos related to the game since April as a matter of fact. Also as I mentioned before, I think the comment about the voice acting was just a joke. Such a criticism would be too petty to be taken seriously.
  11. Animated characters you guessed their gender wrong

    One of mine, believe it or not, was Tracer from Overwatch. I only saw pictures of her shoulders up and never saw the trailers, and I thought she was a he. It wasn’t until I caught wind of the victory pose controversy that I not only realized I got her gender wrong but learned of the characters name in the first place. Some others were Samus (didn’t know until Super Smash Bros. Brawl because I never played Metroid) and Bugsy from Pokémon. Libra is sort of an odd case because for some reason he was given a female voice. I figured he was just an androgynous male but the voice really threw me. Kinda odd considering other feminine males like Forrest and Lucius have discernible masculine voices, though apparently they had female voices in Japan.
  12. Finn Deserves Better

    I don’t have any attachment to Finn or anything related to Thracia for that matter, but I do think he got the short end of the stick aside from respectable stats. With no personal weapon/skill or even a rare premium skill to set him apart from other lance cavs, he’s simply set up to be another forgettable unit. It’s a lose-lose to those who genuinely like Finn and people who hoped to at least get something out of him such as myself. On the topic of the OP, I have a suspicion that the person wasn’t being completely serious (especially with the irrelevant mention of voice actors). Even if the guy was legitimately salty, a few good points were brought up concerning Reinhardt and how he’s gotten where he is now, but that’s another story. Also lol about Ziss (the infamous whale who spent too much many trying to get an off-focus Hector) being mentioned. I forgot about him for a while now.
  13. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    I do really want the rest of my family (being Sumia and Cynthia) to join, though Sumia will likely join sooner, whether in her vanilla form or in a season getup (preferably the former), than our her daughter. Say'ri, Emmeryn, and Basilio would be cool additions too. That's correct, though Charlotte is kinda a special case because she breaks so many of the tropes of the traditional fighters.
  14. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Oh crap. We also forgot about Basilio! He’s technically a warrior, but I can’t see him weilding a bow of all things. Basilio is an axe man, so to the list he goes.