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  1. Artwork and Sketches of the Book II Characters

    I guess might as well tell Chrom, Hawkeye, Ogma etc to cover up their arms, since witnessing appendages is an abomination. Sorry but I just find it funny considering considering they're just limbs. Its no different for a woman to show legs as it is for a man to expose their arms. I can understand not liking exposed cleavage, but legs is a curious thing to complain about in this day in age especially since this has been a thing since the series beginning.
  2. Artwork and Sketches of the Book II Characters

    I only really like Fjorm. I love her winter inspired outfit (extra point for the thighs), and I’m admittedly impartial to anything snow and ice related. The rest I’m indifferent to. I don’t find what’s her face to be anything special and honestly I find her hair silly. Loki is just another scantily clad woman to me. Fire guy is fire Garon to me. Eh.
  3. I’ll have to agree with the person above. “I won’t lose, I won’t” just sounds awesome. I don’t like the way Lillina sounds at all (much too squeaky for my liking), but like her delivery of “Oh you, enough!”, especially one “Enough!”. Cecilia’s “Keep your distance or perish” sounds so intimidating and I love it.
  4. New Heroes: Children of Fate

    I'd like Sophie, Forrest, and Ophelia. None of the other ones would really interesting to me though.
  5. Another FEH channel on the 14th: Post Talk

    Probably not. Brave Weapons are already powerful. Most of the upgrades are going to the more useless weapons like the wolf tomes killing edges.
  6. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    But maintenance differs from an actual update, so I don't think there's going to be anything new unless I'm mistaken.
  7. Alfonse - "I'll open the way!" Sharena - "Found your weak spot!" Anna - "More than you bargained for?"
  8. Voting Gauntlet: Short-Haired Ladies vs. Long-Haired Gents!

    I was thinking that since the next Gauntlet will take place before Christmas, maybe a Red vs Green theme could be incorporated. This extends to hair and clothes. If I'm not mistaken I suggested this in the discussion thread, but it was ignored I guess.
  9. I've always paired Cordelia with Gaius and never looked back. He gives Severa the closest hair to her canonical color, and he also gives her decent growths as well. The fact she's so demanding for sweets and has an attitude makes Gaius a fairly realistic father in my eyes. For me it just fits too well. Probably not the optimal choice, but one that has always worked from a gameplay and story perspective.
  10. Voting Gauntlet: Short-Haired Ladies vs. Long-Haired Gents!

    I hate to be blunt, but that is honestly a very ignorant claim. We had several other male characters win over female characters in the past. Subaki beat Beruka. Male Corrin beat Tiki. For as many people I see complain about female Corrin being more popular than her male counterpart simply because of her gender, these same people fail to mention how male Robin beats out his female version. In other words, being male does not always mean they’re defaultly the underdog. There are many other factors to consider: people who wanted more feather rewards, people who dislike Takumi/Fates in general, people who genuinely like or at least curious about Shanna as a character, Team Shanna hoarding more flags, etc. I’m aware you clarified a bit ago but please don’t make these hasty generalizations that are nonsense.
  11. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    Here, have a video everyone.
  12. Voting Gauntlet: Short-Haired Ladies vs. Long-Haired Gents!

    So far my results have been Sharena<Lucina<Lucina Camilla<Camilla<Camilla Linde<Leo<Robin Elise<Elise<Elise S!Corrin<S!Corrin<S!Corrin Lyn<Lyn (ugh -_-)<Camilla Nowi<Corrin<Corrin Katarina<Soren<Shanna So far I had three loses (although I joined Lucina begrudgingly so maybe make that theee and a half). The Battle of the Mages was a result of me just absolutely refusing to join Tharja. CYL is... self explanatory, and I decided to join Camilla out of spite (I don’t dislike her tbh, even after her upset). Dragon gauntlet I was pretty ambivalent to most of the characters aside from Nowi and Corrin, and Nowi got upset early while Corrin struggled against Sophia of all people.