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  1. Tried FETO, but it required multiplayer to advance and the community died. Also manaketes aren't playable, so that's a big NOPE. Hopefully one with a campaign but singleplayer maps to level up in are fine too :)
  2. Nox Help

    I can't get the game working, as it doesn't show up in the Play Store. I can't use MeMu because I'm on Mac. Any help? I also need help on what to do after I get it working.
  3. FE Heroes Error 803-3001

    Trying out Nox.
  4. FE Heroes Error 803-3001

    Is there a mac alternative that works with Heroes?
  5. That was me. I got modded.
  6. It's actually true. I contacted the pr department. I'm at 61 subs. I assumed you could tell my channel name from my username.
  7. There we go! Thanks for fixing it, Eclipse.
  8. Fury Wings. It's in my name lol.
  9. ... when I hit 10k subs. Shoot. Uh... check out my channel I guess, because I want free stuff lol.
  10. FE Heroes Error 803-3001

    Can anyone here help with mac, then? I feel bad because I haven't gotten any responses.
  11. FE Heroes Error 803-3001

    @mental_offence Can you help me with BlueStacks FEH crashing on startup?
  12. FE Heroes Error 803-3001

    I need help before the Christmas banner goes away.
  13. FE Heroes Error 803-3001

    Does anyone know how Chinese BlueStacks works and what to do?
  14. FE Heroes Error 803-3001

    It crashed, because of course it did.