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  1. Consider if they really cared about what I'm saying. Then ignore that person.
  2. Then Corrin could be considered a decent lord willing to make his decisions, it would make Conquest and Revelation stronger stories. A modern Marth. What if there was an Awakening sequel, what the plot would be?
  3. I wonder what a villainous version of the power of friendship would be? Where the bad guy purposely surrounds himself with people that make him stronger. However he actually cares for his friends. That would be an interesting take on this cliche.
  4. Huh, my eyes deceive me. If Phantom Speed 3 really does add +9 that is impressive. For other level 3 seals there are the stat increase skills. Which can put a band-aid on unfavorable banes, or make the good even better. I guess that future seals will be against the meta. Brave weapon breaker perhaps?
  5. I wonder what would happen to Quickened Pulse if the coins are going to upgrade seal? Currently it is the only seal with a silver border. What, the cooldown is reduced by -2? Or Phantom spd 3, which it could boost wind-sweep by 7. Pretty much getting a free hit in everyone in the game..
  6. So, who is the newest member of the God Hand? Or I still have to wait some hundred years.
  7. Yes it does, but still S Corrin will have a weakness to bows. TA and Blarraven reduces it greatly.
  8. Well then, take two
  9. I guess it's my turn to show my picture.
  10. What should be the best ways of a newcomer to enjoy the A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones series. Any recommendations, places to start, or any mindset that I should have when reading/watching?
  11. The flavor of Orange. I love the taste of citrus. After all I am living in Florida.
  12. Okay new trailer, new thoughts: Corrin Japanese voice is more high pitch than I have expected. Nice to see most of the royals make it in the game. Sorry Sakura and Elise, maybe next time. Wonder how the devs will differentiate Hinoka and Cordelia? Maybe Hinoka would be more of a tip of the spear style of play, while Cordelia have sweeping attacks. Some of the voices seems a bit off of the English dub. Don't really know the major contributor to the problem . When is Tharja's reveal?
  13. Mathilda: For me the best Paladin for the entire roster. Near the end game I equipped her with Saunion. Making her a mobile artillery. As a character she is very close with Clive, and knows that she is a better warrior than he will ever will be. Shame she threw that away to be a housewife, mostly staying at home. Genny: I'm ready to roll! The best healer in the game period. She save my skin so many times spanning expel, and invoke. Without her, I wouldn't enjoy the game as much. As a character, she had less of a role compared to other characters in Celica's story. And only one support conversation, so there is not as much to go on. But I enjoyed her creative thoughts. Fernand: He is a petty Cavalier that hates commoners. Nothing more.
  14. After three stamina potions, I beated lunatic with a Reinhart, Olivia, Cherche, and Azura team. The next step is to complete on infernal. This will be a challenge.
  15. I could see this going in two directions: The first as mentioned by previous posters is a adaption based on the older games in the series. Or it could be a political shonen. With the large number of characters in each game, exclusive weapons,special moves , and characters being one man armies feels like an appropriate fit This way most of the characters can have a moment to shine.