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  1. Rate the Unit, Day 50: Karel & Ninian

    Ninian 8/10: a dancer/ dragon is a strong combo that allows her to be in different team compositions. She's speedy and has a good amount of health, but her biggest draw back is her lacking attack.
  2. Is it a good idea too swap iv for mRobin from +spd -hp to +def -spd? I was thinking that the extra defense will help his bonfire proc and tank archers better.
  3. What kind of fruit does Idunn likes? My guess is pineapples.
  4. Norie has such a quiet voice, I like it Infantry Rush seems like an interesting skill. Idunn? Is this foreshadowing something?
  5. Western Animation Thread

    I watched the 6th season of the reboot Voltron. I feel mixed about it because while it had bunch of cool actions scene, there is a lot of unexplained things in this season that are introduced then ignored 5 minutes later.
  6. Now I can't unsee Mathilda struggling to walk around in those pumps and that thigh gap, hope arrows don't shoot there.
  7. Oh, yeah it could have been done better.
  8. Norie is anemic far from being a healthy person, even other characters call her weak and frail. She's far from a beach person. She almost passed out from steam in the Hot Spring Scramble dlc.
  9. NOIREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! that's it I'm summoning for only for her. I'm surprised that she's in the banner.
  10. Hmmmm, so far I heard that the person on the right may be Ephraim due to the lance. As for the person on the left, I have no idea. The veil is throwing me off, Gunnthra?
  11. Do you think Micaiah is a Marysue or no?

    Micaiah has some characteristics but she isn't one. If she was truly one, then she could be only one able to fight against Ashera with everyone cheering her on, even Ike. The game would we warped around her, since she is the only one that could resolve the conflict Not just that, but throughout the story everyone would be gushing about how awesome she is, and those who don't obviously haven't seen the light.
  12. What anime/manga are you following right now?

    I finished watching Space Dandy, that was more surreal than most other anime I have seen, but still enjoyable . Remained me of Samurai Champloo in terms of writing.
  13. The Incredibles 2 (Spoilers)

    I have been waiting for the movie for 14 years and it delivered. It was so vibrant and colorful, Pixar out did themselves.
  14. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Finally completed the 2nd wave of grand hero battle quests. Some of them I had to rearrange my team or wait for a blessing season, but I done it.
  15. Wanted Bound Hero Battle Pairs

    Cain and Abel Bartre and Karla Caeda and Marth Felicia andJakob Linde and Merric Mae and Boey