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  1. I think Kana being a Grand Hero Battle is pretty fitting, it could go down with Kana transforming into his Dragon form the first time, losing control and becoming hostile just like us in Fates... or they could slap some generic Kana quote and call it a day. I'd like to see Iago or Ganon someday, but I guess Kana will do for now. Let's see if he has any good skills to fodder off since I'm not particularly interested in my own son. (yikes)
  2. Just watch them make the next Legendary Hero an alt, again.. I really liked the concept of Legendary Heroes being OCs, but I guess they weren't generating as much money as they had hoped with Fjorm and Gunthraa? It seems like alts are a regular thing now and it's equally upsetting that alts are making their way into regular banners too when so many characters haven't had their base characters in the game yet.. I'm totally placing this blame on Zelgius... As much as I dislike the idea of alts being in regular banners and being Legendary Heroes, we should just deal with it for the time being until the feedback reaches them, but by this point there'd be so many alts for so many characters, it would seem kind of pointless when the time comes.
  3. I really hope the company that handles Awakening/Fates/Heroes cutscenes make a return. They’re an absolute thrill to watch. I still get goosebumps watching Azura’s dancing cutscene. (Water porn anyone?) Echoes’ cutscenes were good but they pale in comparison to the quality the previous 3DS games had. The characters’ emotions were on point, but lacked the fluidity and sense of weight the previous games had.
  4. Then why is it okay for people to completely disregard Camilla’s history and personality as a character and generalize her to being just a “soulless fanservice boob machine” or Tharja being a “one dimensional avatar-obsessive stalker”? Obviously there are more aspects to Clive like you listed, but that’s the hypocrisy that I see around here. “Shouting their personality” isn’t exactly exclusive to Awakening/Fates and it’s just a matter of opinions, some people like the subtlety that some characters bring, some people don’t. I’m certainly not implying “muh awakening/fates character are flawless urs are shite”, but the same criticisms towards those two games’ casts can be redirected to any past Fire Emblem games/Echoes.
  5. Personally I find the Echoes characters to be extremely bland and with one-dimensional characteristics and tropes, so it’s probably just me around here that I wish the cast isn’t what was present in Echoes. The only characters I particularly liked and thought were memorable were Sonya and Tatiana (the meme generator). I don’t see how the rest of the cast were “much better” than Awakening/Fates let alone any Fire Emblem title when they were pretty much the same with tropes but much diluted down with nothing but what their character screams. Example being: “I’m Clive, I’m good and I erect when I see Mathilda fight on the battlefield.”, “I’m Mathilda, I’m blonde Clive and I will die for Clive.” or “I’m Silque. I’m the 83948492th priestess archetype wandering and healing the lands and preaching for peace and Mother Mila.” Call me an Awakening/Fates, fanservice, waifu-trash all you want but I find characters like Camilla, Tharja, Charlotte and Kagero much more intriguing and want characters like them to return more than most of the female cast in Echoes or any of the older entry characters. And don’t give me the ‘fanservice designs ruining immersion’ argument, because older games aren’t saints in this department with Lyn’s jiggle physics and female characters revealing their legs. (Yes, legs were risque at the time) But if we do get more characters in the manner of the Echoes cast, hopefully there’s one or two few interesting ones in the bunch because I’ll probably forget the rest of them.
  6. Voting Gauntlet: Bunny Battle Ballot!

    Sweet, nice to see Team Ninjabbit come out victorious! It was an intense battle, well fought Team Lucina!
  7. Wasn't expecting all the 3-4 star demotions, but it's a welcomed change. Although we're not completely free from the wrath of pity breakers as there's still some bad 5-star exclusive units.. and that's all there is for me. Overall, very meh Feh Channel for me. Seems like they put together this just so they can talk about the new mode (which is alright...), but it only lasts for a week.. But at least it looks like my Orbs are safe this entire month, until Halloween Henry appears on the Legendary banner! (+20 orbs too, sweet!) Congrats to all the people who finally got their long-awaited Thracia banner/characters/refinements though!
  8. I had to Google to find out what Phoenix Mode is, I didn’t even know it existed. My point still stands. It doesn’t affect me, especially I had no idea about its existence until now. I’d say keeping your expectations low for the story, especially this is a successor to Fates. You never know if the plot and writing are going to be the same pile of mess or if it’s going to be good, though it doesn’t take much to be better than Fates in those regards. Though I’m almost certain that everything else that Fates is well-received for like its presentation and battle mechanics will be just as good and if not improved upon, and hopefully flesh out some features that were a miss but had potential.
  9. You just summarized the whole point of there being a Casual mode in your next paragraph. It’s there as an option, it doesn’t affect anyone but the player who chooses what mode they want to play on. Just because it’s a feature you personally disagree with, doesn’t mean it should be removed. The whole point of Casual mode is to ease new players into the series, if they just want to experience the story or gameplay without stressing over losing a unit permanently. It’s the whole reason why we also get a choice of what difficulty the player chooses to play on. — As for what I want story-wise for the next installment, just a polished story. Listing from all the games I’ve played: Awakening’s story had a few hiccups and felt a bit generic, but the story was overall enjoyable. Fates on the contrary, was a complete mess in the story department for all the reasons already listed. Alm’s path in SoV was nice, albeit generic as well. Celica however, who was shaping up to be such a great female protagonist, ends up being a victim of bad writing simply because they needed something to drive her plot forward. I just want a story that doesn’t make me question the writers and doesn’t hinder the quality of the games. That’s not asking for too much right?
  10. Over a year ago we had an FE direct

    I was totally ecstatic when they announced Smash so I wasn’t completely disappointed with the Direct, especially when the majority of the Direct was focused on ports & dlc, and of course the lack of any long overdue info on the new Fire Emblem. However! I speculate that we might be getting a Fire Emblem Direct maybe in a few weeks. Here’s why: 1. Remember the random announcement of Thracia 776 characters being added to Heroes in April a whopping month ahead in advance? This could be just me reading a bit too deep into this, or it could be Nintendo announcing an Echoes: Thracia remake alongside with the new Fire Emblem game and maybe releasing it before the new game to make up for the delay in info/release, perhaps the two games could even be linked together in some way. 2. The final Awakening dlc is slated for Fire Emblem Warriors is near, so it would be a nice little opportunity to show off Tharja, Olivia and Owain in action. 3. The Thracia, Legendary and Seasonal banner announcements for Heroes in April, if they decide to do Easter again or something different. Also maybe some details on the next Heroes patch. 4. Finally, the Direct ends with the long-awaited Fire Emblem 2018 trailer. 5. Fire Emblem’s anniversary is on April 20th, that could also be a contributing factor. I don’t care if I’m being overly optimistic or just plain dumb, it’d be cool if all this actually comes to fruition. At this point though, people should just calm down and be patient. Fire Emblem isn’t going anywhere, Nintendo is a great company aside from their treatment with content creators, it will come, and the more time they have to polish the game, the better the game will be. Do we really want another rushed mess like Fates? I’ve seen many negative posts about how Nintendo’s marketing team is stupid for announcing Smash before FE. What difference is it going to make if they announce FE before Smash? Smash is still going to be in the center of attention regardless and especially at E3. Each year has a major title representing Nintendo, BtoW, MariOdyssey and now Smash for 2018. All this is doing is simply hyping up people in the months leading up to E3. And before someone mentions how Smash should have been a 2019 release, no. It makes perfect sense for the title to be released later this year especially if it’s to launch alongside the Switch online service, a vital incentive for people to buy the service. Course the fault is also Nintendo’s, for prematurely announcing the Fire Emblem Switch game with no information for over a year. But we can do this, we waited over a year, an announcement must be coming. If not.. at least there’s other games...?
  11. Artist/Character Designer for FE Switch

    For sure, everyone certainly has their own style, but the last person to come up in my mind that is original and distinctive would be the artist behind Fairy Tail, but that's my opinion. If you personally see fit to compare Kozaki's work to Sword Art Online, that's up to you. But please don't suddenly say "point out how bad it is to be compared to SAO" when it was just you comparing the two on a whim. Nope, I'm not familiar with him at all so thank you for the insight. I love big breasts too, to be frank. That was actually pretty informative and educational, so I thank you for that as well. But I never said it was the norm for women to have breasts larger than their heads, but there are people who have breasts as large as their heads, minority or not. For the bold part, that's because the things I said in my previous post weren't ever directly towards you. It was for everyone in the thread, whether they agreed or disagreed with me. Since it's getting tiring mentioning breasts (or is it?), are there anything else Kozaki sinned against proportionate anatomy? I'm lumping Felicia and Jakob together because they're literally just a maid and a butler and he could have just made them extremely generic and lazily designed uniforms, but he didn't. I'm not sure why you're using this point against me but the reason why they have the same clothes and color schemes are because it's a uniform, their dress code and black represents Nohr? I don't see the practicality of giving each made their own color scheme. I've never even said a single thing about past Fire Emblem characters reusing outfits... Speaking of practicality and realism, please don't use that argument against any of Kozaki's characters' costumes when ANY old Fire Emblem entry's characters have violated that rule long before him. What about Hidari's characters, why aren't you listing constructive practicalities against the characters of SoV? The argument of practicalities on armor/weapons are long invalid if it wasn't there in the first place. And I'm sure there are a lot of like-minded people like me who are introduced to the franchise at Awakening/Fates and because of what he's currently doing. It's called modernizing and evolving the game, change is bound to happen especially to the art direction and design of a game, especially to a series as old as Fire Emblem. There are a lot of down-to-earth designs in Awakening and Fates, but doesn't mean they can't co-exist with characters given a more creativity and spice in to their designs. But at the end of the day, it's not me or you who decides whether or not he stays with the series, but I personally would hope he does. If not, then the next in line has some big shoes to fill. Also, I looked up 'No More Heroes', I likey.
  12. Artist/Character Designer for FE Switch

    That’s completely fine if you don’t see it from my perspective, I respect that. But I would like to see some examples of work in the industry you know that makes Kozaki another generic anime artist. I’m not sure what you mean by Studio Ghibli being ‘not conventionally pretty’, the only main protagonists that remotely fit that description are Porco Rosso and... Ponyo..? As for One Piece, I personally like it, but I know a lot of people that don’t like the style due to the stick thin limbs, exaggerated features (hey look most of the chicks have giant knockers too!) etc. I really don’t understand the whole breast argument because that seems to be the main point being raised against Kozaki, as someone pointed earlier on in the thread, the art director is not Kozaki himself, he is simply drawing and reiterating the ideas of someone else. Secondly, there are women with giant breasts and as big as their heads in our world and thirdly, I really wouldn’t exaggerate the number of female characters having giant breasts being half in the playable cast, there’s only Camilla, Charlotte, Kagero and Orochi that has large breasts out of a whopping roster of 35 playable female units in just Fates alone. Awakening had none and had a smaller cast, so I really don’t see how Kozaki is at fault for this single argument. While I’m addressing breasts, I really don’t think a female characters having large breasts should immediately be invalidated as a bad character/design. While yes, sometimes you could have moments of ‘Oh crap, her eyes are up there.’, if you immediately think of ‘boob = bad character/sexual’ and are the only attributes the forementioned characters have, that’s just plain wrong and unjust. They have a wide spectrum of personalities and depth and shouldn’t just be disregarded as bad designs just because of their massive breasts and sometimes revealing outfits. I personally find Kozaki’s characters to be extremely detailed rather than overly designed. Everywhere you look in his designs and artwork, there are small details that he weaves in and make the overall product intriguing, as there’s always tiny details that you’re also bound to miss. He could be lazy and just half ass Felicia and Flora’s maid or Jakob’s butler attire into the typical maid/butler attire to you see everywhere, and it may seem so at first, but if you zoom in to the outfits, you can see the careful details he crafts in to make the attires special and unique enough for them to even validate them as a class in the series. While Hidari’s art is nice and the warm pastel colors are soothing to look at, I think they should remain as the main artist for remakes. The artist makes elements from modern art styles with old school coloring styles that is very distinct and gives off a nostalgic vibe, which is perfectly suited for a remake. A major gripe I have with Echoes though, are the monochromatic, dull characters. Not sure if Hidari is at fault at this but for example, Lukas, Python, Forsyth, Valbar and Leon. These characters’ color pallets are just one plain color, which are extremely dull to look at, and the saturated style Hidari chooses to color in doesn’t help at all. Even the Power Rangers have more colors even though they are associated with only one color.
  13. Artist/Character Designer for FE Switch

    Kozaki is probably one of my favorite artists in gaming history, and his art for the characters is one of the main contributing factors attracting me to Fire Emblem: Awakening. I’d really like Kozaki to stay for more future entries of Fire Emblem characters not just because I’m biased towards his art, but looking back at previous games, the art styles were extremely similar to other old school anime medium around the time and didn’t feel and make Fire Emblem distinctive enough to let’s say, Studio Ghibli. Kozaki takes a break from the ‘typical anime style’ trope and draws the characters in a much more anatomically realistic and correct style that made Fire Emblem much more distinctive and differentiates it from other art styles. Of course all of the above is just my personal opinion, and anything can change at any given moment of time. So if he sadly gets replaced, I have high expectations from the artist, they would have to be extremely talented and have a extremely distinctive style for me to welcome them. I just hope whoever fills in Kozaki’s shoe doesn’t turn Fire Emblem’s characters into whatever happened to Xenoblade Chronicles 2...
  14. FEH: Winter's Envoy Banner

    I think some people are taking Tharja a bit too seriously. Her title “Normal Girl” speaks for itself. All the units but Robin (I don’t like his artist) look great to me, will definitely be going for Lissa and Tharja personally!