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  1. Roy deck help?

    Hey, I play in real life with my friends, so I'm limited to the cards that I have and can get on a budget. But this is the deck that I used to play with Roy as a main: ----- 04 B09-055N Roy 04 B09-054R(+X) Roy 04 B11-003HN Eirika 04 B11-002R(+) Eirika 04 B11-006HN Ephraim 04 B11-005R(+) Ephraim 04 B05-028N Clerine 04 B05-027HN Clerine 04 B05-023N Shanna 02 B05-022R(+) Shanna 04 B05-047N Juno 02 B05-046R(+) Juno 04 B05-039N Thea 02 B05-038R(+) Thea ----- Roy's 1 drop has the fate emblem effect of he wins, so he can help you with hand management and setting up for Eirika / Ephraim plays. Eirika and Ephraim are just strong 3/2 units, both being 70 power in this deck and can heal each other. Clerine is here to help get your Roy's promotion, which should be your number 1 priority and her 3/2 can heal for 1 flip. Roy's 4/3 can move enemy units so that why there is a lack of ranged units. And the Pegasi are in here because Shanna's 1 drop has an ok effect and Thea's 1 drop helps with Roy's 1 drop getting his effect. Juno is not very handy but needed to get the Triangle attack off, which is unavailable even for mains. Nice way to end the game of it works out, but hardly ever used because of the setup. Hope it helps!
  2. Cipher Trading/Selling Thread

    +1 to jiyajoe (actually +4 because the trade was with 4 people, we only merged the order to drop shipping cost), cards arrived swiftly and save. Also very understanding! Thanks again.
  3. Cipher Trading/Selling Thread

    +1 breademic, fast shipping and great packaging!
  4. Let's play: Spot the MC!

    So I've looked over my cards and sadly I don't have a viable MC. So now I'm looking at Leif (5/4 from set 10) or Eldigan (5/4 from set 12). And I would like to hear your opinions about them.
  5. Let's play: Spot the MC!

    Thanks for the information guys, it's been really helpful. I'll look at my collection and see if I can find a good MC using the tips provided.
  6. Set 12 Mage Sisters

    Elise looks good. Interesting deck actually. Thanks for sharing. However Elise is kinda above my pay grade xD.
  7. Set 12 Mage Sisters

    @SoulWeaver: Cool, I am curious to see what you come up with. @ScarletFlame: Right, I thought you meant that it is to hard to ever pull off and that that's why found them 'grossly overcosted'. Thank you for your input.
  8. Set 12 Mage Sisters

    Please forgive me for my absent. Life got in the way. @ScarletFlame: I get that it's hard to pull off, but would pulling it off be worth the effort? @SoulWeaver: I would like to take you up on your offer if it still stands. Right now my main character is Shannan and I would like to keep it like that is at all possible. Otherwise there is also Holyn who would work with them (as he is stronger when he is the only front unit). And of course Leif who could get them from the Retreat.
  9. Hey guys, It's been a while sins I last posted here. Just been busy. But now I have some more time for Cipher and would like to improve not only my deck but also myself. So I've come back to ask for help. My current situation is that I have a yellow deck with Shannan as my MC. With this deck I was able to get some wins in, however yellow hasn't gotten a lot of love lately so my deck is kinda under powered if I compare it to the decks of my friends (who play Red, Purple and Green). So on the verge of a new set release I would like to improve my deck, but I don't know how.. As it stands I choose my MC because his effect seemed good, however my friends are able to play around his effect. When up against him, they make sure to have at least 1 or 2 bonds left and dodge the attacks of my other units. Then they just let my Shannan hit. This causes me to have a hand full of Shannan cards, not being able to save my other units and eventually just run out of steam. I would like to start to learn how to pick a MC and know what makes a good MC, for which I have prepared a few questions. TLDR: I'm having a hard time competing with the group I'm playing with. To the extend of being a push-over. So I would like to edit my deck, starting with a review of my MC (Shannan) and I would like to know how you guys pick / rate a MC. Questions: How do you guys pick your MC? What makes a good MC? What works better (in your experience): Picking an MC and building your strategy around that or Picking a strategy and building your deck (MC included) around that? What do you think of Shannan as a MC? As always, any and all help is appreciated.
  10. Set 12 Mage Sisters

    So I heard that set 12 is going to release the Mage Sisters, who have interesting abilities. I was wondering what you guys think of them. If it's possible to pull it off or if they are to under powered to place in a deck. Also consider if there is a way to protect them with other cards. Discus.
  11. Cipher Trading/Selling Thread

    Thank you very much. I find it helpful for new players (like me) to have some sort of indicator for trustworthiness. So if you could, I would appreciate it.
  12. Cipher Trading/Selling Thread

    Is the first post still being updated? I see that the last time was in June.