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  1. Is the special edition worth the extra $20?

    I bought it mostly for the chance to get the official soundtrack. The music in this game is fantastic. Really wish it came with the artbook though like the Japanese Special Edition did. If the stuff that comes in the Special Edition is less important to you than what comes in the Season Pass, I would just save up.
  2. DLC characters announced

    The only character I was genuinely hoping for is Gaius. We have Cordelia and now Tharja, but no Gaius. I am so sad right now... I mean, I like Olivia, but I would have traded her out in a heartbeat. The other characters though, I'm pretty okay with. I would rather have had Navarre, Owain, Niles and Oboro as a free add-on, but I'll survive. Azura is most hype character right now.
  3. FE Warriors - All ENG Localized Supports

    So, what I got from that after reading the support was that I believe they were trying to refer to Florina and Sakura's physical strength. Like Lyn is stronger than Florina, and how Takumi is stronger than Sakura. I think what really messes with this part though is that Lyn refers to being "not very capable", which gives the reader the impression of her being incapable, which isn't the case. Sure she's a little clumsy, certainly not to the extent of Sumia, but I remember her being pretty good, maybe not as skilled as her sisters, but that would be expected. More experience and all that. I'd be curious to know if anyone translated this convo to see if the original used similar phrasing
  4. Hints at what is in Warriors DLC & plans

    Well since we know we are getting three characters in each DLC pack, I guess this is a good time to make some predictions: Shadow Dragon: Minerva Camus Merric/Maybe Linde? I really don't know who the third character would be. Although I'm kind of hoping it would be Etzel, just because I like him, and he would be the only other dark mage besides Tharja, who is almost guaranteed. (Unless they make the villains playable, which I really don't know). Awakening: Tharja, if she doesn't get in I would be shocked Gaius/Gangrel, Gaius is more likely I think, but I'd still be happy with Gangrel (please, I need my two favorite thieves) Nowi/Severa/Virion/Cherche/Walhart. I could see any of them making it really Fates: Azura, pretty much confirmed Charlotte, because I don't feel like you could add Arthur without adding Subaki, and I don't think that's going to happen Benny, same reasoning as Charlotte I can't imagine they would make the NPCs playable through DLC instead of an update. That would just be a waste. Also am I the only one who really wishes Darius was playable?
  5. Jedi's proper thoughts on FE:W

    Glad to hear this! I figured the game would be good, but hearing thoughts from someone who actually has played a lot of Warriors games makes me pretty confident I'll get a lot of enjoyment out of it. I'm also happy that Leo sounds really good to play as because he was probably the character on the roster I was looking forward to playing the most.
  6. Hi there

    Well, Radiant Dawn is split between three different "arcs". Kind of like Awakening except they are actually split off from each other with different characters and parties that meet up later. It has pretty much the same Laguz gameplay from Path of Radiance, and a lot of returning characters. I don't know how much is different mechanically from Path of Radiance since I didn't get very far, but it seems relatively the same. I thought it was pretty difficult in the Easy Mode, (Normal Mode in Japan, it was mistranslated), though that may just be because it was my first game, and first SRPG in fact. I later replayed it once on Normal, but it was awhile ago so I can't remember how hard it was. I liked the story when I first played it. Now I like it about as much as Awakening's, more than Blazing Blade and Fates, but less than Sacred Stones and Echoes. I also really enjoyed the characters, with some of my favorites besides Naesala being Haar, Shinon, Volug, Lucia, Leanne, Sothe, and like most people, Ike. The Final Chapter was really memorable for me. I'm not going to spoil it, but it definitely made a good impression. I don't know how good this description was but hopefully that gives you some idea. I recommend it for sure, but it's really hard to get a hold of these days
  7. Hi there

    So I actually made this account about a month ago, but I never really used it. But I figure might as well start now. So, hi! I've been a Fire Emblem fan for about 5 years or so. My first game was Radiant Dawn, but I didn't really fall into the series until Awakening wowed me. I have replayed that game so may times it's ridiculous. I've played every English released Fire Emblem game except for Shadow Dragon, although I've only finished Radiant Dawn, Awakening, Fates, and Echoes. My top 3 favorite games are Awakening, Radiant Dawn, and Sacred Stones, and my favorite characters form each of those games are Gaius, Naesala, and Innes Don't have a lot of hobbies, but I do draw a lot, and I read sometimes. Recently I've been working on ideas for a game like Fire Emblem. I might post about it some other time if I'm looking for suggestions. I'm still just thinking about what I want to do right now.
  8. Why are individual characters so important?

    This is actually exactly how I feel. I can understand maybe not liking a particular game's characters as much as another game in the series, but I feel like there are just so many likeable characters in all the Fire Emblem games, that you can't limit yourself to just a few favorites, and only pick from the games you like. There were so many characters I wanted to vote for in Choose Your Legends. So no matter what characters they selected for Fire Emblem Warriors, I was going to be happy one way or another. That being said, I can understand why a lot of people would be upset that characters from their favorite game were being ignored. But I don't think that warrants just ignoring everything else the game offers. Even if they were focusing on games I didn't like I'd still give the game a chance. And after reading through some of those bond conversations, I can imagine they would help me appreciate those characters more and why other people like them. So yeah, I would say the roster would be important, possibly even more so than the actual game being good. When I first imagined a Fire Emblem Warriors game, I thought how fun it would be to run around as Gaius destroying groups of enemies. If he doesn't get in the game as DLC, I would be disappointed, but it's not the end of the world. The rest of the characters look fun enough to play that I wouldn't mind. Gaius might not be the best example here considering he's from one of the focus games, but he was the character I was most excited about the possibility of being playable, partly just because he's my favorite character, but I also really want a thief/ninja to be playable. I hope someone gets what I'm saying. Just because some your favorite characters didn't get in, doesn't mean there is nothing to enjoy about the game. I might just be too optimistic though. And Awakening is my favorite game, and I like pretty much every character, so they really couldn't do me much wrong. I think they would have reached a much wider audience had they focused on Shadow Dragon, Awakening, Binding/Blazing Blade, and the Radiance Saga. I like to think most Fates fans like Awakening so this would probably make them happy. But I could be wrong.