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  1. 1. L'Arachel, hopefully with some cool gimmick that makes her desirable on a team despite being a healer. 2. Myrrh because the only new dragon added since launch as been Ninian, wtf. 3. Reyson, we don't actually need more refreshers but I think he's pretty, so. 4. Libra and hopefully with an axe and not a staff. 5. Vanessa because we still need more red fliers, even if she's almost guaranteed to be inferior to Elincia.
  2. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    Being on Team Ninian is ridiculously dull, jeez. I figured she had a good chance, but I didn't think she'd completely curbstomp her competition.
  3. Which seals upgrade do you prioritize?

    Sacred Coins actually had something to do with Sacred Seals? I'm shocked! Who could have seen this coming?? Anyway, I think I'll go for getting all three Deflect seals and then upgrade Panic Ploy. I'm not too concerned with my area score so I'd rather just get some of the seals I don't have first.
  4. What are you doing with your feathers?

    I still have a significant amount of characters that I want to promote to 5*, as well as plenty of 5* locked weapons and skills that I still need to pass on to various characters. It will be a looong time before I stockpile any feathers.
  5. Special Heroes: Performing Arts

    Not necessarily. Having stats boosted at the start of the turn rather than needing to take an action, and THEN get danced in order to have the boosts is a significant difference.
  6. Special Heroes: Performing Arts

    FOUR new dancers, and every single one of them is from either Fates or Awakening? Come on now. I actually like both Awakening and Fates, but even I'm getting a little tired of it. That being said, I'll still pull from this banner because dancers are just plain useful and Azura in particular looks too good to pass up. Though I'm miffed that her weapon is so much better than all the others.
  7. Special Heroes: Performing Arts

    If that really is Azura, then I wonder if she'll still be a dancer (not sure what else she could be if she's just wearing her alternate outfit). If she is, I'm pulling for her no matter what.
  8. Sacred coins idea!

    I think the fact that they share the same kanji in Japanese and the same word in English is telling enough. Sacred Seals are a Heroes-only thing, as are Sacred Coins, and it would make complete sense for us to be able to improve our seals. I'm just putting two and two together. The fact that other random things in the series just so happen to use the same Japanese character honestly has zero relevance.
  9. Tempest Trials: Moment of Fate!

    This annoys me too. I haven't had a 40% bonus unit for ANY of the TTs except for the recent "mini" TT.
  10. Sacred coins idea!

    It's not just a localization thing. Sacred Seals are 聖印 (seiin) and Sacred Coins are 聖貨 (seika), so it's the same in both versions. Admittedly I hope I'm wrong, because I'd rather have nature rerolls or a character/item shop of some kind, but that's doubtful. I just think it would be better if people didn't keep their expectations too high.
  11. Sacred coins idea!

    I'm pretty sure the coins are just going to allow us to upgrade our seals. Sacred Coins, Sacred Seals...the most obvious answer is usually the correct one.
  12. Lon'qu and Felicia. Please leave me alone.
  13. Tempest Trials you'd like to see?

    That would be amazing, if only because I really want another dancer.
  14. I think the dragon laguz should just be treated exactly like manaketes. It's way simpler that way. I kind of want the beasts to all be colorless infantry and effective against cavalry or something, or at least create an A or B slot Beastbane skill which is only inheritable by beast units. Ignore the transformation gauge from the Tellius games, give them all a shared pool of beaststones and call it a day. As it is right now, the colorless pool is barely worth pulling from, and IS doesn't seem to care about improving healers or daggers at the moment. No idea about the birds. I guess there's no reason they couldn't be like the beasts, except flying instead of infantry.
  15. Tempest Trials Mini: To Die on the Battlefield!

    I missed getting her from the first TT, so personally I'm very grateful that they brought her back as a reward.