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  1. The new heroes of the 24th january

    Welp, I have no idea why I thought he was an axe user then haha.
  2. The new heroes of the 24th january

    Ideally I'd like L'Arachel, Myrrh, Cormag, and Vanessa. We'll probably get Marisa instead because she's popular, but I would really prefer to have another sword flier in the pool rather than yet ANOTHER sword infantry. I feel like L'Arachel and Myrrh are practically guaranteed, and Cormag is another axe flier who they haven't added to a banner since day 1 so he has a decent (though not great) chance. We could also get Natasha but she has the personality of a plank of wood and healers are still meh overall, so I'd rather we didn't.
  3. How many of you have the willpower to hold feathers?

    I never have more than 20k at one time. I see zero point in hoarding them unless you're a whale who has more feathers than you know what to do with.
  4. Thanks, that's good to know.
  5. Why are people saying that we'll be getting another 8% banner soon? Just genuinely curious. If we do get one, I just hope that the choice of blues is better.
  6. When will laguz be added to heroes?

    This. It's likely that all of the non-dragons will use the same pool of stones and the dragons will just be treated as Manaketes. As for when they'll finally be implemented, who knows? I wouldn't be surprised it if it was somewhere around the one year anniversary of Heroes, though.
  7. New Heroes: Children of Fate

    Foleo, Shigure, Eponine, and Dwyer are probably the only ones I'd bother trying to summon. I think we're most likely going to get Xander and Ryoma's sons, at least one Kana, and possibly Shigure.
  8. Am I missing something or is Assault completely useless now? Also I hope that the Cursed Lance gets an upgrade eventually if Minerva and Michalis get one for their weapons.
  9. I think they meant characters that specifically have "handsome" features, rather than a more traditional feminine beauty.
  10. S. Corrin, Ike, and Ninian all seemed to do pretty okay.
  11. Hey now. I may not care about fictional characters in a mobile game, but I will definitely be salty if my cute puppy doesn't win.
  12. You've repeated ad nauseam your personal considerations many times now, I think we all understand.
  13. Shanna being the last winner before IS dumps it completely would be amazing, I hope that happens.
  14. And why would IS rig the gauntlet in Shanna's favor, exactly?