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  1. March's Legendary Hero (DATAMINE/SPOILER)

    I agree that would have been cool, but very unlikely given that not many people would be interesting in whaling for them.
  2. Who Should Be a Future Legendary?

    I wouldn't say that CYL 2 is a very good indicator of overall popularity, if I'm being honest. I think the second time around, people were a lot more likely to vote for characters that still hadn't made it into Heroes rather than dumping all of their votes into their actual favorites like last time.
  3. March's Legendary Hero (DATAMINE/SPOILER)

    I guess we'll finally find out tonight. I hope it's female Robin. I know a lot of people don't want another alt, but I will take anything over another OC. Besides, it's kind of silly to expect anything other than either OCs or alts of already existing heroes for the Legendary characters. They're legendary. The only characters really fitting of that word are basically the main protagonists of the series, or at the very least the most popular characters, all of which have made it into FEH by now except for Leif who will be here soon. You really think we're gonna get something like Legendary Kliff?
  4. March's Legendary Hero (DATAMINE/SPOILER)

    I'd honestly be fine with a female Robin legendary hero. I'm more fond of her than I am of male Robin, but she's been consistently outclassed by him in Heroes, so I'd welcome a version of her that I can (hopefully) put to good use without too much investment.
  5. Rival Domains Discussion

  6. Rival Domains Discussion

    This mode is fun to play, and I love being able to use my friends' characters, but the rewards are very underwhelming except for the divine dew.
  7. Do you want, and how could FEH incorporate laguz

    Yes. At this point, I don't even care anymore. I just want them in the game already.
  8. Blessed Gardens Mode

    I don't give a single crap about any of the OC characters in Heroes, so having to use Fjorm/Gunnthra and their blessings for a better arena score is already annoying to me. Naturally I'm not very excited about this new mode either but I'll give it a fair chance once it gets released. That being said, if they keep making more Legendary Heroes based off of actual Fire Emblem characters like with Vanguard Ike then it will be less of an issue.
  9. Just a grumbling female player...

    Maybe I just missed it, but I'm surprised that there is more discussion going on about Nowi than someone like Elise, who looks and acts just like a 10-year-old little girl and doesn't have the excuse of being an old dragon. The "adult that you technically are" line from Leo wasn't even in the Japanese version of Fates anywhere from what I remember, so I'm pretty sure she's supposed to be a literal kid. A kid that can get married to adult men (including a man she thought of as her brother for most or all of her short lifetime) and even get pregnant...so I suppose regardless of how she acts, she apparently has at least hit puberty. Honestly, even talking about this is pretty gross. Nowi is one thing, I've never liked the "but she's actually 1000 years old!" excuse in Japanese media but I can let it slide. But Elise and Sakura are in a completely different ballpark, and it's something that I genuinely don't want Fire Emblem to touch upon ever again.
  10. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    I hope it's Hector. I want DC fodder a lot more than I want Ike.
  11. Wow, that was underwhelming. No CYL results, no Askr upgrades, no beasts, and the only real new content is a watered-down rhythm game that doesn't even seem to be a permanent addition. I mean a THIRD Ike is cool I guess and the 50 free orbs are nice, but for an anniversary event I really expected a lot more.
  12. Just a grumbling female player...

    It's not a myth. Just because those specific characters weren't that way in their own games doesn't mean that in video games IN GENERAL, that's the way things tend to be. You even said that there was a "standard male model."
  13. Just a grumbling female player...

    I mean they technically could, but they would have to be VERY obvious about it, like in an M-rated kind of way. Female characters can just walk around with their boobs hanging out and it will automatically be considered sexy, whereas a shirtless guy won't have the same effect. So they'd have to punch it up in some way.
  14. Since all of the likely winners are princes or princesses, they could possibly do king and queen versions of those characters. Might be a bit awkward if Ephraim and Eirika both win though, lol.
  15. I was originally planning to throw most of my votes in for Ephraim, but I ended up tossing one to Eirika as well because now I know that she has a SLIGHT chance of beating Camilla (originally I didn't think she had a chance to get into the top 2 at all). IDGAF if she just got an alt, Camilla has two.