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  1. You don't need to spend that many feathers since so many good skills can be obtained from 4* units (Fury, Vantage, most (all?) breakers, Moonbow, Death Blow, cavalry buffs, etc). Sure, the best weapons are locked to 5*, but even then I've been able to promote a couple of units to 5* just so that I could pass their weapons to a different character. And I'm completely F2P. You just need to be devoted enough to do all of the content that the game offers you in order to get the feathers and orbs you need.
  2. No. I've always gotten lucky with pulling a good number of 5*, but most of them are either bad/forgettable units (hi Rebecca) or duplicates of what I already have.
  3. Jaffar is pretty fun with Windsweep!
  4. Pulled Seth. He's one of my favorite characters from SS so I can't really complain too much, but I really wish that he didn't get so shafted in Heroes. Oh well, horse buffs will make him at least decent.
  5. FINALLY. Of course, I only have 30 orbs left and probably won't get anything.
  6. I'm talking about the fact that it's not a boring, tedious, incredibly time-consuming slog anymore. I don't care if it's easy, I only have so much time in a day to devote to this game.
  7. This TT is like night and day compared to the first one (I skipped the second because of how not fun the first was). I'm glad that the developers actually listen to feedback.
  8. I'd love crossovers with other Nintendo franchises, just as long as they kept it minimal (like once or twice a year). Hell, I'd probably whale for Bowser.
  9. My favorite game is Sacred Stones, soooo...most of the characters from there. I'd also really love to see the Laguz and Flannel (forgot his English name), Panne, etc in the game too.
  10. I don't think CYL will be here that soon, but Sacred Stones is definitely a possibility so I'm waiting as well.
  11. There are tons of 4* units that I either rarely summon or haven't summoned at all yet, but the ones that bother me the most are Eirika and Klein. Been playing since launch day and I've only ever pulled one of each. Unfortunately, Eirika is -SPD so I'm hoping I can pull a better one to upgrade. :( Klein on the other hand has a good bane and boon, so I want to keep him even though he's extremely good skill fodder.
  12. I only have 18 unique 5* units, and even if I trained up all of my decent 4* units I'd have barely 26 to use in AA...though my idea of "decent" means a good boon/bane + good stats. I could train up a bunch of whatever units just to fill team slots, I suppose, but I'm not sure how much that would help. I've hardly promoted anyone because I'm low on feathers thanks to missing the last two Tempest Trials and ignoring all but two or three of the gauntlets. Eh, I'll just finish leveling the rest of my good units and see how far I can get on beginner.
  13. But Leo only would have won to Corrin due to multipliers as well.
  14. Overall rank is in the top 10k, noice. Good job getting this far, Gaius. Hopefully a male can actually win a gauntlet someday.
  15. A popularity contest can hardly be considered a "competition." The only way to make things 100% fair is for everyone to be randomly assigned to a team without getting to choose, and take away the bonus points for using that team's character. People wouldn't be as happy about not being able to support their waifu, but it would prevent both upsets and complete one-sided curbstomps. And as long as they still give out feathers as an incentive, or make the rewards even better by adding orbs as well, people will still participate. Then it could become an actual competition. Either that or they need to think of something similar to what you suggested, a way for the smaller team to win through concentrated effort. I don't know exactly how they could pull that off, though.