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  1. Actually, all of you are wrong.
  2. Tier 4 Skills

  3. Update is up. Time to see how Hector’s stats look, and who that GHB unit might be Edit: Guess the GHB unit has been found
  4. Going for Ephriam on my free summon. I would’ve been torn between him and Celica, but her artwork sucked, so that alleviated that problem
  5. Official Pull Topic

    Well, I have not been here in a while, have I? Well, let me talk about my recent pulls. On the Summer banner, I got 4 five stars. A Lute, a Soleil, a Shigure, and. S!Camilla. All had odd natures, and Camilla was the only one out of those that I wanted. Next, onto the Festival Banner. I got a regular Elincia, a Neutral Hector, and a Neutral F!Xander So, my hauls have been good, if I do say so
  6. FE: Realms of the Cosmic Mirror: Rebirth - Arc 1 (IC)

    Jeanne ”You probably want to help that man don’t you. Let me help you!” Jeanne yelled to the dwarfish man. Jeanne moves to the right 4, and then uses Shove on Gimili Katarina Katarina had noticed the Wyvern, and wished she could be over there to help. “If I was there, I could’ve help Matt fend off that dragon. Maybe his arrows could help....” Katarina stays put and attacks the Keese with her Elfire tome, thinking that it could do more damage Matt Move will be posted after Hylian Posts
  7. So then. Thanks to the summer banner, I have obtained a +atk/-spd S!Camilla. And since she will be apart of my Flier Emblem team, she will be fully built. What should I give her as an A Slot since I want to give her the basic Blade build
  8. For the one on the left, only Karel and Ryoma seem to make sense to me. On the right, I can only see a Xander based on his onmoyji alt in Cipher, so I’m saying Xander
  9. YES! I pulled S!Camilla! And a perfect natured Jaffar to boot. Only sad thing is that the S!Camilla is -spd, but I can fix that
  10. Official Pull Topic

    My summoning on the Sketchy summer banner has gone horribly. Three pity breakers, all awkward or bad natures. A +def/-atk Lute, a +hp/-res Soleil (Gave Firesweep S+ to Elincia), and a +res/-hp Shigure (Gave Harmonic Lance+ to Effie) At least all of my summonings haven’t gone horrid. My free summon on the DD banner was a +spd/-hp Delthea
  11. FE: Realms of the Cosmic Mirror: Rebirth - Arc 1 (IC)

    “That Wyvern is scary...I should let it come to me instead.” Matt stays put Katarina moves to O12 and attacks the Keese with her Wind Tome Jeanne moves to N12, equipping her Javelin