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  1. If they do a TT for SS, the bonus units could be Glen for Erika's side and Fado for Ephriam's side
  2. Joshua hold definitely have Audhulma, I don't know who would have Excalibur, L'Arachel would have either Latona or Ivaldi and I don't know who would have the other weapon L'Arachel doesn't get.
  3. See Legion as one of the arena bonus units. Decide to use this Legion right here:In the famous words of Mae: "I'm so hype, lets go"
  4. It seems that when you talk to Legion in your castle, he mentions a character called Reese. Who could she/he be?
  5. I was doing training tower and a armored unit with Pass appeared. Don't think that will be useful at all.
  6. I'm suprised anybody knows who Obsidian Wasp is
  7. Just gave my 4 star Legion vantage. He is going to be a beast during the Valter GHB. What should I give him for a c slot skill?
  8. I think Delthea is just angry loli bate
  9. Anyways what will everyone's team be for Valter's GHB? Mine will be Legion, Gray, Genny, and Klein. If my Legion isn't lv 40 by Valter's release, I will use Julia on the lunatic mode.
  10. My to do list: 1. Promote Raven to 5 star and sacrifice him to Titania for his brace axe + 2. Promote Draug to 5 star and have Gray inherit the brave sword + 3. Give my Priscilla Goad Cavalry. 4. Give Priscilla slot A & B skills 5. Promote my Cherche, Nino, Legion, Priscilla, and Titania to 5 star.
  11. I'm feel so grateful about my +atk/-res Gray right now.
  12. Speaking of horse emblem, my current horse emblem team is Eldigan, Roderick, Titania, and Priscilla. Roderick has hone cavalry, Eldigan has ward cavalry, and Titania has fortify cavalry. Priscilla has nothing yet.
  13. I'm happy that I was able to clear the hard mode map of Leigon's battle with my Klien, Genny, Gray and Lyn.
  14. Apparently, Maria has the defense of a fortress. I thought she would have the defense of paper.