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  1. Female Corrin: Novice Vactioner

    Wow. That does sound insane. Also, your suggestion is a good one. I think I'll keep the Blarowl I currently have up, but label is as a more defensive Blarowl build, and then suggest the Blarowl Build you just suggested as an offensive Blarowl build. Does that sound good?
  2. Hopefully, I can just get into tier 20. Maybe I can with a Team of Ike, Black Knight, Fjorm, and Julia. Edit: Also; this just crossed my head, but what type of units would the Christmas units we already know be? C!Robin looks to be either a Lance unit or a Sword unit. I hope he is a swordie as that would mean our first sword seasonal unit. And C!Thajra looks to be a staffer.
  3. I will admit, I am happy @Ice Dragon made the unit analysis thread because it helps newer players build some units they have. But my happyness may be from the fact of that I learned how to think outside the box and find out that DC Ruby Sword Arden and Wo Dao Arden are good, but I digress.
  4. Reinhardt, Thunder's Fist

    @XRay @Ice Dragon Thanks for telling me that. I'll probably finish my Arden thread and then do either Alm, or Takumi. Also, nice Reinhardt thread @XRay.
  5. Arden: Strong and Tough

    "An armored knight from Calphy. Dreams of fighting on the front lines, but is often assigned to castle defense." Stats: And like that, Arden comes slowly moving, carrying some of, if not, the highest hp stat in the game. In fact, he is like a lot of characters in Fire Emblem Fates, in which they embody the best and worst aspects of his class. His hp and def are at an all time high, his atk is mediocre and his spd and res are abysmal. He also comes with a special skill, follow-up ring, which basically allows him to quad with his vanilla Brave Sword. Anyways, on to the builds: Bold=Best option Underline=Budget Option Frontline Fighter (Wo Dao) Brave Battler (Brave Sword) Ruby Defender (Ruby Sword)
  6. Reinhardt, Thunder's Fist

    Nice thread. I think it's ironic that you and my both did a blue mage that goes on an emblem team and has 4 builds. But you can have two of these threads? I thought you could have one of these. After all, @Ice Dragon made it sound like you could only have one of these threads.
  7. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    Wait a minute. I just realized that I got an Alm today. Is this a sign that it was good going Team Sigurd or that I should've gone team Fae.
  8. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    I just realized I had forgotten to put my PA!Azura back as a lead. I guess I'll keep at her for now, or just change it to Fjorm.
  9. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    Well, looks like Sigurd won. I now cause I just got the win feathers in team Sigurd.
  10. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    That means Sigurd has the multiplier till the end, sort of like what happened during both Karel vs Takumi and Soren vs Takumi.
  11. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    That's odd. The way I see Faye, she takes rejection from Alm respectably well, while Rhajat, Camilla, or Tharja would try to kill the person they love of said love rejected them.
  12. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    Do they not like Faye because of her love for Alm? I don't see a problem with that.
  13. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    Oh god, that's what the FE4 community is? I'm just supporting Sigurd because he looks like someone I want to learn more about. I saw the a walk through of FE4 and just thought is looked boring.
  14. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    I'm curious, but do loser get more feathers than winners? Shouldn't it be the other way around. Also, hopefully Sigurd wins and I can see if I have people on my friends list on Team Sigurd and see if they got my PA!Azura.
  15. Female Corrin: Novice Vactioner

    Thanks for telling me that. I'll make sure to change it.