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  1. A newbie tries to Ironman Birthright

    Sorry for the late updates. Life has just been a pain lately. I’ll try and make the next major update tomorrow at the latest. This update is a minor one, with just a lot of equipping. Brock ingests both a skill book and a goddes icon, Felicia uses an Arms Scroll so she can use her Plate. Everyone else just gets better inventories. Brock also adds a Dread Scroll to his inventory. The reason will be figured out next update, when I try to recruit Mozu. Till then!
  2. The Fire Emblem Heroes supports topic

    One support chain I could see is Ayra and Fredrick, since both protect people they really care about, Ayra her step brother (or is it cousin?) Shannan, Fredrick with his loyalties to Chrom
  3. Bound Hero Battle: Distant Blade (Tana & Amelia)

    @mampfoid Wow, nice to see my boi Takumi used. And Armorslayer Roy was unexpected.
  4. Official Pull Topic

    And my pity rate is broken by a +hp/-res Luke. At least his nature isn’t bad. Hopefully I can get either Ninian or Sanaki soon though
  5. Ninja cave. I never played the map, but I know that is really hard to deal with, especially the high avoid Ninja’s
  6. A little disappointed to those three gone, since they are my favorites. Wonder who is next, since I think the eternal stairway is next
  7. @Rezzy Why did that one Knight have an axe when he can’t use it? Also, who have you lost so far. It’s hard to tell who. I’m guessing maybe Elise and some others
  8. A newbie tries to Ironman Birthright

    I can’t the idea of Kaze as a zombie out of my head I’ll probably bench Setsuna, Saizo, Orochi/Hayato, and Hana/Hinata.
  9. A newbie tries to Ironman Birthright

    Sorry for the late update. Chapter 7: The Pain train the keeps on rolling: The Electric Boogaloo (Part 2) Corrin pairs up with Felicia and attacks the the Knight Turn two, And nothing really happens. Then enemy phase happens, and I’m Assulted by an axe fighter. At least he gave me a level up It sucks. But oh well Turn 3, and I attack the archer, yet he doesn’t die. Everyone else moves back On enemy phase, a solider dies. That is all On player phase, Felicia kills the weakened archer, and gets a level up Dat magic will be good with your plate Brock attacks the Outlaw to weaken him. The fight attacks enemy phase. Brock kills both of them next turn The Knight attacks and is weakened The next turn happens, and the enemies looks like this: The next few turns are boring, as it’s just. Brock tanking with Azura dancing and the occasional heal, Felicia kill, and healing. The important things are: Subaki’s first kill! Two decent level ups The thief who I will rely on to get a chest And the healer getting a decent level up After all that, Felicia is healed by Sakura and enters the second outlaw/fighter pair up range. She gets hit, and gets a level upMe likey Hana kills the Outlaw, and the fighter is killed by Brock. Enemy phase starts again. Brock is attacked by the two outlaws. They deal zero damage. Hana takes on one of the outlaws, and kills him with Azura’s help. Her special skill allows Brock to kill the other outlaw. Enemy phase starts and the cavs start to move They aren’t much of a threat Enemy phase starts. Silas attacks with his javelin. The other Cav attacks Brock, but fails horribly. The Outlaw has by this point has swiped the Armorslayer and is starting to escape. He isn’t close enough to Hana yet Player Phase starts. Brock weakens Silas, then Azura dances, and Felicia is able to finish him off thanks to dual guard. The turn ends, and the outlaw is within Hana’s range. She finish’s him off with Azura’s help. This gives Hana the Armorslayer and Azura and Hana a level up The Hana level up is nice. It can allow her to double more. Next, Hana moves within the Last Outlaw’s range, to lure him out. He attacks and deals damage to Hana. She moves in, and kills the Outlaw thanks to both Subaki and the spd level. Brock moves in. She is attacked by the armors, but is saved due to dual guard. She then kills both next turn with the armorslayer. And like that, chapter clear! Didn’t seem so hesitant to attack me then Aren’t you supposed to be dead or really injured? Captured used to describe Ryoma doesn’t compute Yet you died and she didn’t. Anyways, this is the end of the second update The def boon was for the reason listed above. The Lck bane....was a really funny coincidence
  10. So...who's Sanaki marrying?

    I think she is marrying no one, as her lines imply that she is only wearing the costume for the festival
  11. Yeah it is surprising, since this is not always true. H!Jakob vs Jakob is very different. Same with H!Henry vs Henry. I was expecting something different than a slightly better S!Camilla
  12. I’m really disappointed in Sanaki. I thought that she had potential, but she is essentially S!Camilla, just with res and def swapped, since both are just nukes
  13. Aw dang it, Sanaki is slow. That ruins my dreams of a fast green mage. At least Ninian has some spd stat. This might cause me to skip the banner entirely
  14. That is some really good Marth Art
  15. The Worst of the Best

    Hp: WoT!Olwen - 31 (-hp) Atk: Jaffar - 37 (No LnD equip and neutral atk) Spd: Arden - 11 Def: Sonya - 10 (LnD equipped) Res: Siegbert - 11 (LnD equipped) Rating: Tie between Reinhardt and Klein