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  1. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    I'm already thinking of how to do this. My newly trainer Sonya can maybe take down the Blue Mage. If she can't double him, I will give her blue tome breaker. Summer Corrin will most likely take out the red mage if she gets home attack from PA!Azura. PA!Azura is getting brought because dancers are nice. And Gray because his Zanbato will be useful. I will most likely change my units if Infernal won't work with these units.
  2. I'm happy that I've got 20,000 feathers ready for Arvis as having a red mage of any kind is nice to have. Abd, let's talk about what is coming this month. First, Arvis comes tomorrow! Second, there have been datamines for five map names that are currently not in the game. They will most likely come after the warrior maps go away. Third, a TT is coming and the border at the top of every TT starting screen displays Julia. This most likely means that Julia is one of the TT units. Finally, the Ursula GHB is returning this month, most likely with an infernal mode. And that is our recap.
  3. Actually, a way to patch Sonya's speed is to give her LnD, as she gains 5 more speed. Even with the boost, she might not double a lot, but she won't get doubled a lot either. Which of Sonya's crit lines does your friend say during your special night? I'm guessing it's "Let's have fun"
  4. Compared to my Sonya who I also recently got, yet who is +res/-atk. She can be good, with the atk +1 seal and LnD, I can salvage her attack and speed. Not only that, but she has a solid 30 red with LnD.
  5. Well this puts a wrench in my strategy. I have some of the bonus units, but they aren't trained at all as I don't really need them for anything. So either a) I have to get lucky and pull one of the newest banner units, b) Level up Sharena, or c) Go this season without a bonus unit.
  6. I just looked at both of my potential TT bonus units, Julia and Eldigan. Julia is gonna be a res tank destroying anything that is magic, while Eldigan will do that to physical units (My Eldigan has Ignis. Imagine how much damage he will do after proccing ignis with TT buffs. It's scary to think about) Also, returning to the topic about me hating Arden's art, I probably think it looks disgusting because I'm looking at his art as someone who is more in tune to anime style artwork for some units, not the hyper realistic artwork.
  7. I saw Arden's art and I will admit, I almost puked at how disgusting it was. The artwork of Arden is in it's own category of bad. Also, how will we get Arden as a character? TT? Another summonable banner?
  8. FE: War of Men (Sign up/Discussion)

    Wait, don't bows have only two range? So, Asther is out range, right? Or can bows have more than 2 range?
  9. FE: War of Men (Gameplay)

    "Geez, I'm sorry." Hiero said to Rekia. After seeing two people join there side, he was thrilled to meet them. So, he decided to get closer to them. Hiero moves to C14 and then waits.
  10. I think giving Valter Goad and Cherche Fortify is a good idea. Well, Cherche will have Fortify once I actually pull a Caeda.
  11. I have an extra goad fliers and I don't know who to give it too. The options are either Valter or Cherche. I'm leaning more towards Valter as I want to give Cherche Fortify. How does that sound? What do you guys think?
  12. On the topic of GHB, besides Camus and Xander, what's GHB haven't been rerun yet? The only ones that I can think of are Ursula and Zephiel.
  13. I had cleared Squad Assult 1 long ago, yet now I didn't have some of the units that I had then. So, I decided to see how I would do with my newer units. So here I go: Map 1: 4 star Legion and Nino, 5 star Nowi and Klein Map 2: 4 star Azama (not needed), 5 star Summer Corrin, Elincia, and Peri (not needed) Map 3: 5 star Brave Lyn, Lyn, Masked Marth, and Roderick Map 4: 3 star Olivia, 4 star Sakura, 5 star Gray and Julia Map 5: 5 star M!Robin, PA!Azura (not needed), Eldigan, and Genny So, the only teams that were different were team 2 and team 5. Funny how that is.
  14. Show me Your Beautiful, Beautiful Garbage!

    I will one day join the ranks of this thread once I make a quadsuna build. Prepare for that day puny mortals.
  15. FE: War of Men (Sign up/Discussion)

    So maybe it should be that Radle gets recruited by Rekia, Asther and Cecilie? As for Cecilie herself, Radle is most likely a recruitment option, but who else?