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  1. Poimagic's giant FE PMU LP

    Episode 2: Creepy Daughters, monster edition Next episode, we go after Berserker Nina.
  2. Poimagic's giant FE PMU LP

    Episode 1: The Faceless massacre of 2019 Expect weekends to be the main posting time for these episodes, since I have the most time then.
  3. It was H!Myrrh, L!Azura, L!Lyn, and Duma for the winners As for my opinion, I expected Azura and Myrrh, but I had expected Surtr/B!Vero instead. Doesn't mean I hate it, just surprised.
  4. Alright! I’ve finished my first +10! Here they are for anyone who is curious: I also got another Roderick merge recently, which means I can hit +7 with him
  5. I have hit my first 5*+10 unit, and I am proud to show them off:
  6. This will be big. I'm sure you can tell that. This will be a giant PMU of Fates, where I try to use every unit in the game once in a PMU. I have the first one going on currently, and that is where we shall start. I will use this post to make quick summaries about each part of each run, as well as where you can vote for other members of later PMU's. So, let's see where this goes, shall we? First Run Here is a link to the place to vote if need be: Anyways, tomorrow, it's time to start the first episode, where we obtain Rhajat and get closer to finishing.
  7. This was an idea I had recently, were I try to do enough PMU's to have used every single Fates unit at least once. The first of these has been going on, but has been but on hold due to needing rescue staffs for Shiro when my only sources of them were Lottery or Skirmishes. But anyways, this will be about deciding on the units for the other PMU's (and a change for the first PMU). Obviously, there will be rules. And here they are: And to see who can be chosen, here is a google sheet showing the spaces left for each PMU as well as the units left to be chosen: Currently looking for 8 Gen 1 units and 2 Gen 2 units for the second PMU, as well as M!Kana's class. Here is a link to the main LP:
  8. The TT tomorrow will probably be one of the few times I HM grind in those things. This is because I need around 18k more feathers to complete my Eirika merge project. Well, besides also needing a A!F!Corrin/V!Mist/V!Soren/Quan for their dual rally+ (Soren or Corrin preferred)
  9. Official Pull Topic

    My free pull on the seasonal banner was:
  10. I’m so happy this banner has the dual Rally that I can finish my Eirika Arena build with as well as DC fodder, and it’s on the unit’s I would fodder without a second thought
  11. ValentinesSpecial Heroes (Greil's Devoted)

    So basically this banner is just fodder. Soren will never match to the Rein, Ike will probably be worse than BK/Zelg, Greil will never compare to Surtr. Mist and Titania are nice, but will both be fodder for me. Maybe if Titania has a different stat spread to SM!Eirika, I’ll keep her
  12. Awesome, I got the one I wanted. A +spd/-hp Nyakura. I’m so happy it was her instead of trash like Cordi or Freddy.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    Guess my day is getting even better:
  14. Official Pull Topic

    My day is happy because I got the one I wanted:
  15. Azura is my main vote, since another flying dancer to use would be nice. Not sure who else, besides maybe L!Eirika.