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  1. PART 2: GOD DAMMIT ROSS So yeah, not much happened in the thread (rip) but I did record Chapter 2.
  2. PART 1: IN WHICH EIRIKA IS A FUCKING BOSS (Prologue, Chapter 1) So I recently got back into Fire Emblem after not really playing it for a couple of years, and I thought what better way to kick off my return than by playing some FE8? Then I looked on the forums and remembers lushen's excellent randomizer. After two years of little to no Fire Emblem, I'm coming back with a run of FE8, Randomized, Hard Mode because I hate myself, and I thought I'd share the journey with you all. So, rule of this LP: I assume you're familiar with the story, so there won't be much of that. No resets, except in very specific circumstances (i.e a green character suicides because the randomized classes have fucked up the game events) No valni. No random encounters. I think that about sums it up. So, let's get started!