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  1. Upload Limit?

    I had the same problem and i created a .user.ini file and put it in the directory in which the upload script was located. I connected my website through ftp Filezilla, also don't forget to make both your ftp service to show hidden files, and your local computer to do so, because .htaccess file was hidden in my local laptop and in my website. It was available in public_html folder, I just downloaded it and added the following codes. I managed that requirement to tick by just going to php settings through my cpanel, click on php selector extensions.
  2. Can we get a subforum for FE Heroes Analyses?

    You remind me of salty jelly Texas Rangers fans, so I will quote NBC sports for you because I feel you are encapsulated in this statement. Honestly though, I just find it intensely irritating. If it's what people want to do, power to them but there is enough of it to easily warrant it's own sub forum, then the people giving away can generate their goodwill and internet points and te people who want free stuff can gather and swarm in their multitudes.