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  1. I remember the days I thought about Arvis being the first armored mage. Oh boy how wrong I was, those where the days. xD Reading all this kind of makes me wonder why they didn't add Kjelle, the strange design of Awakening armors aside, which can be fixed with the right art I guess she has everything they apparently want for a canon Armor unit in FEH. xD Reading a bit about Meg I think she really would have potential, I often think canon armored units regardless male or female have difficulties in a looking good contest. The armor always takes away something, especially awakening armors. Well, it does not change the fact that male armors follow a certain troupe I guess. I did not have all in my mind so I needed to take a look again, but if I should pick canon male generals based on looks I would pick: Benny, Oswin and Ignatius (Don't be fooled by his fates portrait) Its like with Vaida, her character portrait makes her look strange, compared to that her artwork looks better. I guess one reason is the details on her face which made it difficult with these amount of pixel. Some characters are just not that photogenic. But ok, she is off-topic. xD
  2. Official Pull Topic

    Got Flora, lately I get pretty constant what I want so I can even save up. Now they really have to pull out Julia or Deirdre for the Legendary to bait me.
  3. Create a Skill

    Well with all the Skills regarding AR I may think about some other skill here. B Skill : Structure Pass On Aetheraid unit can bypass any destructible building. I just limit it to destructible buildings, because passing the Fortress would be too strong for my guess. Or would it? I don't know if it would be useful though. xD
  4. I find it strange that Felicia and Flora have weapons effective against beasts and animals gather around Lucas. It feels like Lukas is just there because animals love him and he is the bait...this feels so wrong D= They have no peta in fire emblem. Edit: not only Lukas, they all bait animals. A shame that Lukas does not feel that he has gotten much. Wouldn't have mind him with bold/vengeful or Special fighter too. Even if Vengeful exists quite often. Wary fighter just feels not rewarding for such units... I will go for Flora or Genny anyway... but still... I find the offensive A skill better though, at least its somehow under your control. it's also a little buff for offensive catapult I guess. Downside is again that unmerged it will not benefit Lukas himself much...and like mentioned overall these skills may be underwhelming and are not consistent.
  5. Explain your avatar

    My avatar is Sherazard from Trails in the Sky, along with Olivert she is my favorite character in the series. It took years for a friend of mine to bring me to start with Legend of Heroes and he just knew that she will be my favorite. xD I guess its just too obvious what kind of characters I like. What I like even more is that Olivert is a favorite of mine too and they have such a good dynamic that I always loved scenes with them together, I also put them in the team together every time I could.
  6. In theory it would be Halloween. I would love see some character in Halloween attire. But the choices have not been my favorites though. Summer is nice can't complain about swimsuits and yeah...bridal/groom is also nice if they would put the fitting characters together here. overall it would also depend on choices of characters for me.
  7. Thinking twice about the banner I think pulling Genny makes most sense for me, I am not that fond about the A skills from Flora and Lukas. And I don't want to spend too much on them knowing I do not use them much. I actually find the Staff of Genny not to bad, she can take a good supportive roll. And I need a new healer who takes place for farming HM xD
  8. wow, how they trolled us: Genny obviously on the left side. So we did not think that it could be about fates. Flora being red is a bit sad, I guess I will go for red on free. But Genny would be nice though...Well I see what I get on my free circle.
  9. Special Heroes Silhouettes for April 19th! might be Nino with a Genny wig. Who knows. Honestly I don't have any idea who the right character could be. Mathilda would be nice though. Because with her I may push Clive. I was a bit sad that Clive and Mathilda just have the same color and are not that good in sync in battle. With her as a Seasonal and Sword it might be better to make something out of them. In Echoes I played both often together. No Zeke or Tatiana in sight, its a seasonal anyway. So Overall I do not know if I spend much orbs on this. But there are still others to come. Twist: Left one is Nino, right one is Limstella.
  10. Also looked at the silhouette. Left could really be Nils, the hair and scarf are too perfect. For the right one I had shortly hoped that it could be zeke, because of the right of the picture. which reminded me of this: But the attire and the sword does not fit...and the thread on the right side of the silhouette is thinner and longer. But I think it is a good hint. We need to see if it is truly official anyway. I just got the feeling that this is a mixed banner though..maybe some different kind of far fetched? Damn xD now the hopes got up, hopefully this does not turn out into a disappointment of false expectations.
  11. He could have the Devil Axe which you can get but not use in Echoes. xD I mean Fae is already a small cheat for being an archer. So why not Atlas with an Axe... True, its not impossible and Axe is still ok, I guess Infantry lance would be cool though. They are still scarce.
  12. So with Mordecai in the game the muscle banner needs a new contender. So far Rinkah, Flavia, Atlas are still in the game. I make some changes anyway. - Rinkah axe - Flavia sword - Atlas change from lance to blue Bow new contender: - Muarim green Beast. I don't have all characters on my mind, isn't there are good muscular character with lance? Most have swords or axe, this makes it difficult for me. I also would like to have Gerik or Dieck in this, but double red sword or axe is bad. And I don't want to trade out Rinkah at any cost. I guess Dieck instead of Flavia would be ok. He got screwed on the binding blade banner..(Not that the banner was bad).
  13. New event calendar (April-May 2019)

    This reminds me that I married my Avatar to Rinkah on the Birthright playthrough and always took Rinkah to battle, but sadly because of her growth rate I struggled a bit with her.. And I guess that is one of the reasons she struggled for getting attention. If it is not an instant favorite players tend to pick and grow attached to those whom they have good experience with... at least the growth from CYL 2 to CYL 3 shows that there are enough players who like her and she still is memorable. To be in the top 70 is not a bad placement. I'd rather want her in a banner which is more in character though. I could imagine her in a festival banner. I wouldn't complain about any Rinkah though, because it means Rinkah is there. xD Only the artist could make me disappointed. But I think FEH will do the right there. Flavia has a similar body type, but like Effie its also covered up by her armor. Only the defined arms can be seen, but she has less of a chance and I like Rinkah more. xD I wouldn't mind for the next Fire Emblem to have such a character again. But I think it's unlikely from what we have seen so far. But yeah, for me Rinkah is one of the more memorable characters of Fates and I still wish for her to be in the game.
  14. Yeah visiting other aether resorts would be nice, maybe that you can take your front unit along. Well I guess they will add some things, but which...who knows.
  15. Aether Raids General Thread

    Wow, this week was so awful xD. Not even top 6k. Only because I am experimenting. But I see them necessary for now to find a team fitting for the Astra hero... Wanted to use Serena and Julia instead of Deirdre/Athena, but at no success and my team gets demolished often by a small margin... Please Insys, just give Selena a refine they need it. Almost all the damn fliers got their refines which are nice for def teams...