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  1. Sniped Blue and Colorless, 108 orbs netted me an offbanner Thea (yuck) and an offbanner Brave Hector (didn't have him yet so that's nice, but still yikes at no Fjorm/Pent). This banner is turning into Fallen2 for me, which was also Offbanner City
  2. Aether Raids General Thread

    Sacked pretty hard on defense this week, taking only -40 on defense total; I guess upgrading the D fort to lv4 has started to help quite a bit these last 2 weeks. Perfect offense as usual for a light week, and managed to sneak into tier27 for the first time ever (13405 end score), even with my handicap of lv3 Amphorae. Only used one team for all 15 matches: Winter Cecilia/Surtr/3 Eirs I dread the coming Astra mythic which is sure to increase the top3k threshold for non-Light, and probably make me fall out of the Max-Golden-Chair Club. At least that will relieve one piece of stress that this game mode brings.
  3. June New Heroes Banner Predictions

    That was my thought too, that Alm's release was hinted at by the Picnic banner, and so a possession-based Mythic could line up with the current Fallen2 banner. Considering F Corrin's inclusion in this one, it wouldn't be surprising to see an Anankos-based M Corrin later (although any possessed character is fair game).
  4. Aether Raids General Thread

    It's not a bad idea to change out your real team to a free one after you enter immunity each day, it could help rack up some easy-looking rematches to save for the last few days of the season, and could bait people you've attacked into using their rematch on you when you're already in immunity.
  5. New event calendar (May-June 2019)

    0 problem with the Tiki/Corrin alts for the reasons above; only part that irks me is that Corrins now seem to be labeled as trainee units for no decent reason (since Adrift), but I'll shrug it off. The inclusion of FFCorrin makes me expect an Anankos-related Fallen MCorrin soon, whether as the upcoming Mythic or next month's Legendary. The avatar genders are rarely unbalanced for more than several months. It's still easily one of my favorite banners from this year so far, even if I didn't get any of the focus units. The art on Berkut in particular is just godly.
  6. Used up all the free circle/4 ticket circles, usually taking all colors except green. The results were very bizarre (although I won't complain about the rate in the slightest, for 72 orbs)
  7. Allegiance Battle Discussion Thread

    I was worried when I saw Maribelle on my first attempt, but she didn't show up for any of my next 3. Managed to get a perfect run (945) on the 4th attempt with +10 Surtr/Sheena/Effie and +0 L!Alm; the pair-ups were my galeforce Eliwood again, and a friend's CC Vantage Micaiah.
  8. Aether Raids General Thread

    People who bought the New Years Aether Stone pack can already have 5O/4D yes, as can anyone who didn't buy it or the lv4 Amphorae who has ranked highly in AR all this time (for example I have 5O/3D right now, but I have 500+ stones and 1k dew so I could buy the 4D). However, I think the majority of the population doesn't have enough, so I always rematch 5O fort people anyways unless their defense lead looks too dangerous.
  9. Pretty surprised to see Lukas get a prf, although I guess they have given already-great units prfs in the past (most notably Nino). Sully and Stahl's prfs will have to be absolutely bonkers for me to see them worth building beyond their basic TA-breaker budget unit sets for AA.
  10. Voting Gauntlet: Children's Day (April 30th)

    Sounds about normal. I tried going into team Fae with a lv1 fae, and practically every match was 2 other greens on my team. Just gave up and used my own low lvl red/blue/colorless leads to get all the quests done quickly, since flags are still only dumped on the 2nd day after the VG mechanics change.
  11. Allegiance Battle Discussion Thread

    Blazing Durandal, Reposition, Fury3, QR3, Attack Smoke3, QP seal (he is in front on turn1 so the charge goes down to 4), so he galeforce kill some greens, and EP the Myrrh
  12. Allegiance Battle Discussion Thread

    Took only 3-4 tries to figure out how to do it, so it wasn't that bad. Managed to get my perfect 940 total score with +10 Sheena/Effie/Surtr and +0 L!Alm, with the pair up units being my galeforce Eliwood and a friend blue unit (+10 CC Vantage Micaiah). Very nice to have a game mode that takes so little time overall.
  13. Allegiance Battle Discussion Thread

    It is possible without LRoy/LAlm, it requires 4 solidly high bst units (a little below or above +10 f2p armor level) and getting all the WTA pair-up bonus kills possible with your 4th unit+friend unit, while grabbing the other 2 wta bonus points on your non-paired units. I had 912 with it, and I know a friend who got ~925, also without a pair up legend of their own.
  14. Allegiance Battle Discussion Thread

    If you want to be in top1k (50 flowers), yes you do. If you're fine settling for top3k (40 flowers), just take your typical high scoring point sticks that are used in Arena Assault Team1. Frankly I don't think it's worth it for most people to dive in to grab an Alm unless he comes really early, or you like the character/unit.
  15. Allegiance Battle Discussion Thread

    Initially got a 912 score yesterday, with a team of +10 Sheena/Effie/Surtr and +9 WCecilia with score builds (and I took a red friend unit I believe). Later in the evening I managed to pull a Legend Alm so I tried again, and a perfect run with +10 Sheena/Effie/Surtr (paired to a blue friend) and +0 Alm (paired to my Eliwood) got me a 939. Judging by how the rankings are falling, looks like a +0 Pair Up legend is only necessary if you want to shoot for top1k (50 flowers), while a +40 core should guarantee you top3k without any legends (40 flowers). And even if you do reach top1k with a +0 Pair Up legend, you're still locked out of the ~950 score section without some combination of dual rally+ skills and high merged on-season legends to boost your base score. Luckily all you lose is 500~1500 feathers so that's not a big deal.