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  1. Aether Raids General Thread

    It already changed after the Arena/AR season ended, it's Water/Earth now
  2. Mixed bag for me, 75% of getting something useful. HMyrrh: don't own one yet, and would appreciate getting another unique armored dragon LAzura: would appreciate getting a second copy for AR defense/PVE content Duma: don't own one yet, and would appreciate his use in AR defense LegLyn: big oof. Already pulled 2 copies of her from leg banners, and never once needed Spd Tactics It's a shame we didn't get a midterm rankings list for this, otherwise that might have helped avoid this LegLyn situation. Poor Hector though, guess he's the Anna for the this event, getting split into 3 great green units/fodders cost him dearly, he would've had ~48k votes if combined into one version.
  3. Got wtharja in the first session (1 red 4 greens) Got bulgephonse in the second session (2 green 2 blue 1 colorless) Average luck overall I guess, but I didn't own either of these so that's a win in my book.
  4. Aether Raids General Thread

    Yeah I know a few people who haven't been attacked at all today, after getting hammered 10+ times on the first day. Meanwhile I got hit only about 3 times each day That's RNG for you I guess.
  5. Aether Raids General Thread

    Joke teams are probably going to become much rarer from now on, since now there's incentive to climb from T21 to 22-26 every week, so we can't just relax as much anymore. Plus with the Spring Breeze/Lava upcoming nerf, people might have to experiment with other maps (Abandoned Castle seems to be the next popular one I've seen discussed).
  6. My picks would probably be Blue: Nailah or LAzura Green: LHector or Surtr Colorless: Duma or FGrima Red: Tibarn or Hrid
  7. Opened the Special Heroes1 circle to see 4 Greens and 1 Red. Initially I was going to pick green in the hopes of nabbing Axura or NYAzura (or WLissa for Bold or HHenry for Armor March fodder at worst), but when I saw the huge list of garbage greens, I chickened out. 7 I didn't want vs 4 want/acceptable. Took the red which was WTharja, the best possible red I could have pulled from the 4 options (I owned none of them, so any would have been great for the 5K feathers from HM farming, but she's the one I deemed most useful). Unfortunately she's +spd -def but whatever, collection purposes and emergency CC fodder if I'm truly desperate.
  8. Mythic Hero candidates

    Wouldn't Dheginsea go under Dark, like Yune!Micaiah? Both he and Micaiah share Dark Affinity in RD, so this would make the most sense to me. (although of course they could end up putting them on whatever element they want)
  9. [DATAMINE/SPECULATION] Anniversary Present?

    It'd only be a +0 copy, so it wouldn't matter if you can out-merge their team with yours. It would however increase her appearance in Aether Raid defenses, which has less favorable maps than Arena/AA. As for my own choice, I don't own: Eirika/Ephraim/Hector/Hrid/Lucina/FGrima/Tiki -Ephraim or Hrid would be superb for a galeforce team in AR offense -Lucina could be a strong blue even at +0 for AR defense -Hector has useful utility for both AR offense and defense with his Ostian Pulse cdr -Eirika/FGrima/Tiki would probably be for collection-only.
  10. Aether Raids General Thread

    Judging from the last 2 weeks, there's more normal (scary) defense teams up early on, then free teams pop up later. Last week I remember I ended up facing about 5~6 real defenses early on (laddered out of 3 of them since it's not worth the time calculating how to win) within the first 3 days, and 5+ free/theme teams later. I just permanently leave the free team up since I don't care to harass other people in a mode that is a chill Grail Farm Simulator in T21.
  11. Legendary Hero Battle of the Gods: Duma

    Pretty simple with an old fashioned brave lyn+rein+2 dancer setup, it was just a question of manipulating the AI so some manaketes would move into attack range on turn1.
  12. Choose Your Legends 3

    I would be incredibly sad then, considering many of the CYL winners had their new art done by the original artist (so I'd like to see a Kozaki Camilla). Even the artist for base form Camilla in FEH works for me better than the less serious art style of her later alts. Interesting how when I looked back through the list of CYL winners who didn't have the og artist (Hector and Lyn), they instead had a legendary version with the og artist (also applies to Hero-King Marth with the SD remake artist). I wonder if that could happen to Camilla in the future as well, if the CYL version doesn't follow through first.
  13. Choose Your Legends 3

    Late response, but as someone who likes the top rankers equally, I also think it's along the lines of 'serious' vs 'joke/seasonal' alt type. I also agree with people saying that's why Marth's rank isn't as high as people presumed. His Legendary form, which was released around the same time as CYL2 banner, is everything I would have envisioned from a CYL winner version of Marth, thus he effectively did win in my eyes. I consider his art being on the official CYL2 winners page combined with his subsequent Legendary alt as apologies by IS for snubbing him, while Camilla has received no such serious version. inb4 we get Mythic/Legendary Bolverk Camilla and her art on the CYL3 winners page if she drops to 3rd place I don't see how a new Marth CYL form can top that incarnation in seriousness. The midterm male top rankers seems to support the above argument, with Alm having no alt, and Eliwood only having a mediocre joke/seasonal alt (not to mention his mediocre og form's art style). Not sure about other people, but I think the art style affects what I consider 'serious' or not. Legendary Marth, Gleipnir Eirika, and Legendary Eirika all give that vibe, alongside all the CYL winner incarnations. Perhaps the soft art style of most Camilla alts is what prevents me from considering the Adrift Camilla to be 'serious' even if I know it's effectively a Fallen Heroes2 with heroes possessed by Anankos. My apologies for the rambling, read through all the comments that I missed after I went to bed last night.
  14. Choose Your Legends 3

    Yeah, the way CYL in general is handled is what caused this whole situation. If they wisely didn't release the Midterm Rankings, then there wouldn't be any where near as much mudslinging, and less feverish rally/anti-rallying nonsense going on. IMO, the biggest victims are: Marth (CYL2, split vote), Camilla (CYL2, midterm reveal), and potentially Micaiah (CYL3, midterm reveal).
  15. Tempest Trials+: Heating Things Up (Jan 25th)

    He probably meant Colorless Armored Dagger, which is infinitely better as a reliable tank since no WTA problems barring the rare raven tomes.