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  1. Opinions on Lyn

    I find her to be grossly overrated as a character, and fairly appropriately bashed for being an awful unit. That said, she's not a bad character, she just isn't a standout. She does stand out as a terrible unit among terrible units though. Even useless fucking Eirika is better, and that's purely because she gets a horse. She absolutely does not deserve as many Heroes alts as she has, it's really bizarre. She's a grand example of nostalgia bait. I will say, 8/10 in terms of visible design. She's cute, and not ridiculous, and her clothing seems to make a degree of actual sense. For comparison, see any female Fates cavalier...
  2. I kinda need help clarifying something

    It doesn't make any kind of difference. At least, not on Hard.
  3. Fractured

    Preface: This was a short, spur-of-the-moment bit of writing I did a few years back. It's not long, it's nothing phenomenal, but I am actually somewhat fond of it for its sparseness. Inspired by the true ending of FE6, and I had this perception of Idunn as a broken, lost soul, with a confused and one track mind, after being made what she is. The grammar and flow are deliberately broken up to capture the confusion, it's not just sloppy writing. I figured i'd share it, not sure for what reason exactly. It is the only FE based free writing I've done.
  4. A Star Wars or Mass Effect game that played like a FE game would be dope for me. I'd love having and excuse to compare Jedi, Sith, etc classes, skills, growths etc. It also puts FE mechanics into a scifi setting without it being reminiscent of XCOM. Alternatively, a game like KOTOR 1/2 or Deus Ex (very different games) set in one of the FE worlds could be really cool for immersion and whatnot.
  5. Hard mode Laguz advice/suggestions?

    I used Ranulf a lot, and he performed pretty decently -- but that's because I like him as a character a lot. I used Ulki a lot and wasn't dissapointed, dodgetanky AF
  6. It's honestly a nonfactor in part 1. You absolutely don't need it. Pick a favorite
  7. I'm an unashamed Virion fanboy, as a character and unit (though mostly character). His supports almost invariably add value to both involved characters, and he's just so interesting. With that in mind, I think the Virion/Cherche support is fantastic -- it shows that Virion isn't just some flippant philanderer, and that he truly cares and struggles with some heavy shit. The chemistry between them is extremely believable, and the S support does not feel like a 5 second marriage. Aside from that big one, I'm a big fan of the Virion/Panne support. It's simple, but heartfelt and natural.
  8. I gave it to Volug, and I never really regretted it. That said, in all honesty it would likely be well served on maybe Leonardo because he would get more exp from chip damage. Remember it can be passed around as necessary too.
  9. You can still manually select enemies, it's not exactly all that big of a deal. I just beat the game for the first time, and my first run was on max difficulty -- didn't really notice the weapon triangle removal much, and I definitely didn't find the removal of general range check to all. I agree with you on Awakening Lunatic/Lunatic+, those modes are active bullshit, and they aren't rewarding.
  10. I'll be honest, I really, really enjoyed Radiant Dawn Hard/Maniac mode. It felt fun, fairly well balanced, and aside from a few units that suck on all difficulties everyone did feel useable. Conquest Lunatic felt super well balanced and fair up until Ch.26.
  11. Completed First Run: Ending Thoughts

    But he was just a hobo with a fancy knife until after RD! His Boss Quote with Numida was badass.
  12. I've just completed my first ever playthrough of Radiant Dawn. I started on Hard / Maniac, and I have to say that I think this is easily my new favorite in the franchise. I love the writing (for the most part -- also keep in mind I merge the writing of PoR and RD) aside from the kinda plot convenient Blood Pact. Which honestly isn't as bad as this forum has claimed it is. It's lazy, yes, but I was not dragged out of immersion by it. It's a fantasy game, and it is exactly the kind of thing the Senators would do. Anyway, moving on, I love the music of the game -- even when it get's a little repetitive, I enjoyed it. The art design is much better than PoR in my opinion as well. Gameplay wise, I love this game through and through. I let a lot of good units get either behind or die (read: the entire Dawn Brigade aside from Edward because I didn't know they got unique, powerful personal weapons), and yet I never felt like a chapter was unwinnable. That's not to say I didn't find it challenging, the entire run gave me a consistent level of challenge that I enjoyed. I think, to be honest, the hardest chapter of the game for me was actually Ellincia's Gambit, and beating that felt great. I love how the 4 part system was done, I loved the 5 stage endgame -- being encouraged to feed Kurthnaga felt great, and he turned into a demon pretty fast. Ena was useless in combat, but Blood Tide is nice so hey. Getting the satisfaction of killing each main villain was fantastic, especially with unique boss dialogues. Sephiran/Lehran's dialogue, reveal, and memories were a tragedy unto themselves, and I really felt for him. I think he's one of the franchise's better villains. Ashera's fight was a unique, if not super interactive, final boss fight, but the TRUE final boss and challenge of the run was Dheginsea. The Biggest Blackest dragon was one of the rare occasions where a Fire Emblem boss actually intimidates me. It was a good chapter and a good fight. As for flavor, I love the little things. The hidden items, the way Stefan is recruited (hey hobo with a knife, fight with us). I actually want more characters to be recruited like Stefan in future games, because it's funny, and it let's the devs place a stronger pre-promote than usual because s/he is hidden. I love the Steal mechanic, I always have, and I feel like it was useful throughout a decent chunk of the game. Forging with Coins was odd, but fun. The SS weapons were cool (I didn't have anyone using Alondite, nobody had SS swords aside from Ike), and I liked the way you were encouraged to use them as much as you wanted with Yune's blessing. I just had a fantastic experience with the game. And now that I've beaten it once, I'll be able to go back and actually use Lehran and Pelleas ingame, because they deserve that second chance.
  13. So in my own first time through Hard run, I'm in part 4 now. My Nolan is garbage, my Leonardo is lvl4 Sniper, my Greil are half T3, and Ellincia's goons are all still T2 aside from Calill. And I'm not struggling at all. Pick a couple people you like a lot, and play with favoritism. My Edward is about to cap most everything as a swordmaster, my archsages are the same. Haar is god-king. Pick your faves and abuse them.
  14. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    I can understand where you're coming from, as a person that absolutely hates any and all armor units. However, I've found that General!Effie + Beast Slayer can, after level 5, Solo the Furry Genocide. Only deploy her and Corrin, pair em up with some vulneraries and whatnot, and Wary Fighter will let her sit in a bush and slowly tank her way through the map. Aside from that, Effie is too useful in the earlygame (IMO) to ignore, considering her damage output.
  15. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    I saw Shurikenbreaker mentioned and I'd like to chime in: In my opinion, Shurikenbreaker is a nice-to-have, but not a necessity. I had a Corrin-mothered Ophelia by chapter 11. When I accessed the ninja cave, She was promoted with the Calamity Gate. Ophelia with the Calamity Gate is literally all you need to faceroll that chapter on LCQ. I did love LCQ, I didn't feel like it was unfair in any way until fucking Iago's chapter. When Chapter 26 is the first lunatic chapter where you are calling bullshit, I'd say thats some pretty solid difficulty balancing.