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  1. Best Written Characters

    I agree with your evidence, she is a fantastic character. It's a shame that trying to user her as a unit is equivalent to playing Russian roulette. I personally still like Leo more, but Nyx is top 3 for sure in terms of characterization. She's written more on a pre-3DS writing quality, where characters were less tropey and more maturely handled. For the most part.
  2. Best Written Characters

    That does sound interesting. I did get him on my BR run, but I only saw his father support. That does sound interesting, and I did see some of that. I like the "maybe someone else should do it" angle.
  3. Best Written Characters

    Can someone elaborate on Shiro? Seems like a lot of you like him -- I only played BR once and Rev once, (and I intend to never play them again, if I'm to be perfectly honest) so I'm less familiar with most of the Hoshidan cast.
  4. Best Written Characters

    Who do you all consider to be the best written characters in the mess that is Fates? There aren't a lot of them, but the few good ones stand out much more as a response. I personally find Leo's supports to be pretty damn good on average. He brings out a lot of good in other characters, which develops them as well -- and does so without sacrificing his own development. His support with Charlotte reveals why shes a gold-digger, but also he encourages her to be herself, and not the weak damsel-in-distress BS that she thinks men want. With Nyx, Leo helps her work through her insecurities and guilt. With Xander, his inferiority complex is shown and addressed in a reasonable, and human, way. He is simultaneously very capable, and flawed -- the former as a result of the latter. He is one of the only voice of reason in all of Conquest, being able to be pragmatic in the face of a difficult situation or decision. I don't think there are many characters that are as well handled as Leo. I think some characters are overhated/underappreciated (Niles, the Awakening trio, even Camilla to a much lesser extent), but I think Leo is actually well written.
  5. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    I wound up beating the stairway by only deploying Odin, Ophelia, Camilla, and Corrin. I paired Corrin up with Camilla T1, had Camilla lunge the right side stoneborn. Odin paired up with his daughter and she triggered first dragon vein. Turn 2 I moved Camilla up, lunged the next stoneborn by the second dragon vein, warped (witch) Ophelia onto the dragon vein and used it. T3 I repeated. T4 I flew camilla into the leftmost escape square, equipped an steel axe, and waited. Warped Ophelia next to her, escaped Ophelia. Camilla survived the next turn, and escaped. Felt good.
  6. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    I still have the two lunge ninjas, I haven't used them yet. I have an idea for them later on, but I'll need to look ahead. Midori is actually in a place right now where she can do decent damage to golems. I went and tested against Boo camp stoneborn (which I know are MUCH weaker, and don't have wary fighter) and she was ALMOST one shotting them, which will give me the little bit of damage I didn't have last time, on a flyer. I hate the stairway. Anything that makes it even slightly easier is my best friend.
  7. Which path in Fates did you enjoy the most?

    I actually really like FE4's maps for the most part. I find them really relaxing. I hate the gimmickyness of Revelations maps.
  8. Shit thanks. The one I've seen doesn't translate menus at all, so this looks playable. I'll have to check into these and play FE5 after I finish Fe4.
  9. Awakening or Conquest?

    All of the supports are on Youtube anyway. The game also further demonstrates the hilariously obvious lack of moral grey area in Fates, with the "clearly good" Birthright units being forced on you early, and all the Conquest units worth mentioning come later. Like, Odin, the unit that makes Conquest Lunatic borderline easy for the midgame, comes in chapter 18 or some shit. No. Don't keep Odin and Laslow away from me that long.
  10. I'm most concerned that Jugdral will be forever damned to rot in SNES hell. If they never remake Jugdral, that would be a tragedy. And thanks, I know there's been a new one in development, so that might be it
  11. Favorite GBA character?

    In FE7 I'll have to say Pent and Canas, especially in their supports. They are just two big fuckin nerds (nerds than can solo armies, but nerds nonetheless), and they get so excited to share their nerdiness with eachother and their wives. FE8 I think Forde is a fantastic character, Ghast's video on the subject pretty solidly convinced me. I love Joshua, he is a fun character with the "hidden runaway prince walking amongst the people" kind of arc I tend to be fond of for some reason. L'Arachel is a character that sways between annoying and hilarious for me, It's a shame she's a pretty shit unit. I think Cormag is underappreciated as a character, his supports with Artur and Duessel are really insightful and show that he isn't just a dumb angry solider he appears to be.
  12. Awakening or Conquest?

    So, Awakening's story is far and away better than Conquest's. You will not find very many, if any, people who will think the opposite. As for gameplay, Conquest's gameplay is difficult in a very rewarding way for 75% of the game. There's a cluster of three maps in the mid-late game that are gimmicky at best and dumb as hell at worst. The rest ranges from decent to excellent, Chapter 10 Conquest is my favorite chapter in all of Fire Emblem. If you buy Awakening, start on Hard. That's the only way to get a challenge. Awakening is, in my opinion, balanced poorly. Normal can be done while sleeping, Hard is decent, Lunatic is bullshit, and Lunatic+ is...worse. Awakening's difficulty also comes in the form of a design choice many people hate -- ambush spawns, when enemies show up and move on the same turn. It's pretty shitty, though the game usually warns you that they're coming a few turns before. You just don't know exactly when, or where, they'll appear. If it's your first 3DS Fire Emblem game, I think Awakening is the better option overall. From there, I'd get Birthright and Conquest in that order (I say that because I played BR after CQ and Revelations, and that kinda made it lackluster to me in terms of gameplay). I would recommend never getting Revelations, but that's entirely my bias, as I feel the game shouldn't exist at all, for a multitude of reasons.
  13. The Grimleal theory is fascinating, I'd buy it. It offers a lot of answers and it doesn't interfere with any other canon as far as I know. I'm worried about Jugdral too, but I actually like the massive FE4 maps -- I found them relaxing -- and I'm sure those will get axed. I need to actually finish FE4, I stopped playing two chapters into Gen 2 because I got busy. I haven't played FE5, because the translation patches are...lackluster from what I've seen. I'd like to see the lack of trading in FE4 removed, just because it's an old, obtuse mechanic, but because of certain other mechanics that are built upon, or because of, that feature I'm not sure how that would come about. I feel like FE4 could use some writing tweaks too, just to clean up some of the inconsistencies with the Loptyr cult -- I, for some reason, took it upon myself to dig through a thread talking about them awhile back. That all said, messing with FE4's writing is really risky, and I want it to stay dark and gritty in nature.
  14. I'm glad we were able to talk this out, I'm sorry for the knee-jerk criticism. I feel clearer on it all, and I hope things are good between us. I honestly feel like this was a pretty bad case of Tone Deaf Internet Syndrome -- none of the audible/visual cues in normal conversation. The minimalist approach to remakes is pretty accurate. I hope IS is willing to change more things with FE4/5/6 remakes down the line. Rebalancing, changes in mechanics, etc. I think I will go read that article, and the one on the Grimleal piqued my interest as well.
  15. My goal wasn't to get you in trouble, I don't get a kick out of that. My phrasing was, upon review, pretty blunt and shitty myself, so I am also wrong here. This thread was on a topic I was/am interested in (I enjoyed Echoes, but I will never claim it is the best FE on any scale aside from presentation), but your responses to a lot of other people looked pretty shitty from my perspective. It is not debate, it is the manner the debate is conducted. You (understandably) responded to hostility with more hostility (your first response to another comment), and while that's understandable, it still benefits nobody. Superlb actually pointed this out, and you responded with something that, in an emotionally deaf medium, seemed both condescending and dismissive. After this you had some decent back and forth -- the main distinction between yourself and the commenters seeming to be where the acceptable level of quality for a Fire Emblem game lies (the "settling for okay" comments). The point where you simply replied to somebody's comment with "No." was the point where I came to the conclusion that "OP is an asshole". A harsh and likely untrue conclusion, which I apologize for. Tl;Dr my goal with that comment, as poorly executed as it was, was to cut the bullshit. I did a pretty dumbass job of it, which is what I get for not actually formulating my ideas before I rub my face on the keyboard. As for my book, I'm not super far into it right now, only around 20k words due to multiple rewrites (I've finally settled onto a set of world mechanics I like, and I've reworked a few characters to feel more genuine and flawed). Original fantasy setting, I've written out a tentative history and I'm wavering about how defined I want my landscape to be before writing it out. I really like my starting point, so I'm finally at a place to move forward with plot. If it turns out anywhere near how I want it to, it should be a pretty good debut novel. Which means it will likely result in a decent fantasy novel, but a debut work is never going to be perfect. ------------------------------- To detour into the original thread topic, I think Echoes is well received largely due to presentation -- the art looks fantastic, the OST is my favorite in the franchise, I really enjoyed the voice acting aspects even though some people had some reasonable complaints with it. I enjoyed the rather bland gameplay actually, but more from the perspective that I could actually imagine armies clashing on a more realistic battlefield. It is still definitely near the bottom of the barrel in terms of engaging FE gameplay. The only truly hard map was Nuibaba's fucking abode because the best way to deal with that map is to Warp/Rescue cheese it, which is gimmicky and annoying.