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  1. Don't forget Dracula X. I feel like it's either favouritism or something akin to that. But hey at least people are suddenly right back into Castlevania. Sad we only got a tweet acknowledging the 30th anniversary...and from the European Twitter account. Oh well, Konami shouldn't be allowed to touch Castlevania or any of their IPs, imo.
  2. No. This isn't hard to understand. Everyone from Archanea dips out of Valentia and then Book 2 starts soon after. What's inside Thabes, however, is now canon. Just Act 6 isn't as it can't be. And why would a brand new King and Queen both go to Archanea for a random merchant they never met before when they have a brand new country to run? It's not sensible and it isn't possible.
  3. To correct this topic real quick: After a year of silence since officially announcing a Persona Q2, Atlus revealed a Trailer that aired live on Television during the Persona 5 Animation anime run slot. Anyway, now I can plug Etrian Odyssey Cross which will be better by virtue of being EO and by my big fat bias. Anyway, EOX is already out and I'm almost 99% certain that PQ2 will be outdated by EOX the moment it releases since EOX is EOX and really what I'm saying is don't listen to me and my bias enjoy whatever you want and have an amazing day, you all deserve an amazing day!
  4. I thought this was going to be something else completely. Anyway, my music recommendation will always be Yuzo Koshiro. Amazing composer.
  5. No. We shouldn't be thinking about something that might not even happen for another 10 years at most. We already have one game coming and an ongoing gambling game, I don't see why people are so bent out of shape over the potential of an FE4,5,6,7,8+ remake/port/whatever.
  6. Power creep discussion

    My take on Power Creep: It's always going to happen in these types of games...gambling games, that is. You have to make something people are willing to speed crazy amounts of money on, even though there is no guarantee for it because it's gambling. This has always existed too, Hector in 1.0 was very damn rare and very damn broken.
  7. Bad idea to play Persona 4 blind?

    Bad idea to play one of the worst written and easiest MegaTen games but like nah, playing it blind is completely fine.
  8. Salad

    This is how I live w/ myself.
  9. Who has the "best art"?

    Kazuma Kaneko is my favourite artist ever, luckily he has never done any art for this gambling game. My favourite in said gambling game is most likely Alm or like anything by Sachiko Wada
  10. No? I don't think really anything would change if it was just hair colour be reversed.
  11. Sedgar. I didn't expect him to be great but my god he is amazing. Busted and super great in general. Love Sedgar and Wolff. Especially in 11, General Sedgar is the best unit in the game next to Marth and Ceada.
  12. Wallace or Oswin

    Oswin because you can't spell broken without Oswin. Broswinken.
  13. None, period. Cipher is enough as is; 7/11 crossover is enough as is. Absolutely no reason to have the plot ruined for some character's great grandpa x 1000 to just ruin it for everyone. Or to have someone's "Descendant" ruin possible canon like 13 did. Older characters were only 14 because of Cipher (Marth, Minerva, etc) and the characters from 13 were in because of a popularity contest in Japan. Their inclusion was for big money, not for the sake of the plot or anything at all.
  14. Your Spending Habits With Games?

    I will buy a game at full price if I know what it is and enjoy what I seen, luckily I got away with getting Ultra Moon for free so the immeasurable garbage didn't completely disappoint me :/ I rarely rebuy games unless they are worth it. Got Bayo 2 again and enjoyed getting back to Shuraba combos. I used to buy a bunch of Pokemon games that I already had for multiple challenge run playthroughs. Reviews are worthless to me, as they should be. I only judge by what I see and what is presented to me. Reviews say that garbage like Detroit: Become Mormon is a good game. Of course it isn't, and a lot of these reviewers are too scared to review a game negatively due to numerous reasons (Like blacklistings, being invited to press events, etc). Massive Ass Andromeda got a 7/10 by a bunch of people last I checked. ORAS got a 7/10 and higher by a lot of reviewer and that sucked MEGA ASS. Depends on the DLC for me. If it's by the sleazy disgusting greedy bastards at Koei Tecmo, then no unless I really want it for some ungodly reason. Speaking of Kunt Tecmo, don't support them, please. I'll only buy DLC if it interests me and I know it wasn't just cut out of the game for extra money (KOEI TECMO).