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  1. FE Builder Help, FE 8

    thank you all
  2. FE Builder Help, FE 8

    So I was editing a rom of fe 8 and I wanted to add more classes, so I extended the battle list, which worked, but when it came to adding an animation past CB the animations for the Ephraim lord and the new class become corrupted. Any tips, tricks?
  3. FE 8 Battle Animation Problems

    How do I modify the pointer? The slider does not contain the custom animation pointers, at least in nightmare. edit: never mind I found them, thank you for you insight
  4. FE 8 Battle Animation Problems

    Well, no actually, I've imported the animation, but for whatever reason it will not load. Edit: It will work for lances, but not swords, I assume because the data for Ephraim's battle animations are coded for lances, not swords. Though that begs the question: How would one change that?
  5. FE 8 Battle Animation Problems

    I was messing around with Fire Emblem 8 recently, where I had the idea of inserting Roy over Ephraim. This included his map animations, battle animations, portrait, weapon ranks, etc. Though I came to a problem: his animations would no longer load. I would like help so I can get this to work.