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  1. Something wrong with script

    I've already combed through this script multiple times, and I can't seem to find the issue. Event Assembler tells me everything is fine when I run it through, but whenever I open the ROM, the entire game is messed up. The script is written in the spoiler. If anyone can take a look through it and perhaps tell me if there's something wrong, I'd really appreciate that. The title and opening scene of the game is fine, but when I go to the menu, it no longer works (screenshot below).
  2. Staff of Ages (Version 2.0 is here!)

    Wow, this is a really nice-looking hack. Good luck! I wish I could help but I'm inexperienced with pretty much everything. But you have my support.
  3. Fire Emblem: Tiding Bonds demo!

    Yeah, as I said, just a demo. I'm using buildfile method with a bit of FE Builder. Progress is slow since I'm doing it all myself.
  4. Fire Emblem: Tiding Bonds demo!

    They're merged a la Gaiden and Echoes style. I wanted a proper split, but the patches weren't working too well so I just decided to combine them and make it easier.
  5. Fire Emblem: Tiding Bonds demo!

    She will not be playable, but she's not exactly a Lyon in the fact that she was friends with the main characters. She's more of a Lyon in the fact that she just wanted something innocent, but used dark magic to obtain it, and everything went horribly awry. She also has the excuse of only being 8 years old.
  6. A hack of FE8, Tiding Bonds takes place on the continent of Listeria. One year prior to the story events, an unfortunate accident befell Prince Vincent of Cistellia. Since then, no member of the royal family has been seen besides the young Princess Maya. Terrors have risen seemingly out of nowhere, attacking civilians and sowing havoc wherever they roam. Amidst the chaos rise two lords, the twins Castor and Pollux, wielders of two of the Divine Weapons. However, they are lacking the third to complete the trio. One day, they find a lone traveler clinging to a capsized boat in the harbor. A young mage from Khadein by the name of Musica. Realizing they have found the third, the three set off to save Listeria. Featuring: Mixed melee and magic, the Freelancer class (hopefully), and other features that will hopefully be added should volunteers be willing to help. Right now, I'm a one-man team (and rather new at hacking) in high school, so if I tried to singlehandedly implement all the features I want, I'd probably be nearing my 30s by the time it would be finished. I'm looking for pretty much anyone, though I'm especially in need of mappers and people who can make battle animations. I'm really dedicated to this, and I've already written more than half the script. Thanks to the FEU discord (especially sme) for suffering through my noob questions and helping me make this demo a reality! Credits: Circles, for the female Ephraim animation. And Dancer A, for the first level map. Tiding Bonds demo
  7. I mean this whole thread was kind of just a joke and to point out the translation error, it wasn't meant to be serious lol
  8. Okay so in Seth's ending it says that he served both the new king and queen. When one sibling takes the throne, the other does not take the title of queen/king. They remain a prince/princess. However, Eirika is being referred to as the queen of Renais. This implies that she married Ephraim. You could argue that Ephraim married someone in the game, but let's assume for this example that neither have been paired off. The message is the same regardless if they have an A rank or not. By the wording, it also seems to say that Seth served them at the same time, implying that Ephraim didn't become king before Eirika and then died so she became queen. It implies that Ephraim and Eirika were king and queen together. Now it's probably just a poor choice of wording on Treehouse's side, but still. Out of all the games to choose poor wording for that. Tana was also never stated to be queen of Frelia, as her brother is king. While it's slightly different because Innes and Tana are not twins, Ephraim is the older of the two, and rightful heir to the throne. Eirika should only be a princess, so why is she stated as queen? There's no reason to give her that title, unless she marries Ephraim or Ephraim dies. However, the game ends if Ephraim dies, so that's out. Again, it's probably just bad wording. I just found it interesting upon reading some of the Sacred Stones endings.
  9. Trying to figure out how to edit the scripted event where Artur is attacked by the Mogul before the chapter gameplay starts. I rarely use event assembler, and honestly have no idea how to change the event code. I changed Artur to a cleric, so he has no weapons to attack the Mogul. The plan is for him to simply get hit once and the battle ends. I've spent hours trying to troubleshoot this one specific issue and it's giving me no end to my headache. Spoilering for size. I'm pretty sure this is the code for the specific event, but as it's a massive block of text, I have no idea where the event before it ends and the battle event starts. Event-for-eva.txt
  10. FE Builder changes not applying

    I believe the issue is that it was written over the scripted event, but not carried over to the loading event. Or at least that's my best guess. After spending a year working FEditor, going to FE Builder is like going from Weenie Hut Jr. to the Salty Spittoon lmao
  11. Right here I'm trying to change Artur into a cleric (a female) and to change his base inventory. Nothing seems to be working though, since everything I do in FE Builder isn't applying. Any edits I do on FEditor do apply, though. At first I thought it was because I had a MacBook and some Wine issues, etc. but a friend with a PC couldn't get it to work either. Anything I can edit with FEditor can be done on here, but FE Builder does not seem to want to work with me. Any solutions or troubleshooting as to what the issue is? I'm making sure to write it to the rom.
  12. Surprisingly Disappointing Sprites

    Oh boy. I've never made a sprite that bad when starting out, but to be fair, I didn't start drawing from scratch until months later. This was the first sprite I ever made
  13. Any sprites you ever spent a lot of time on, only to look back at the end and see that something's off about the whole thing? I have some sprites I spend a ton of time on, but ended up as flaming dumpster fires. Spent three hours on the first one.
  14. Something wrong with eyes

    I don't know why, but I straight up can't figure out how to draw glasses for the life of me.
  15. Something wrong with eyes

    Dude, you're like a genius. I was trying to take notes on how they changed the color around the monocle for Canas, but I just copied the same colors. I didn't really understand exactly how the lenses changed it.