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  1. Version 2.0

    The Chapter itself in English is called "A Power Awakens" but the title above the Chapter says "Intermission" as opposed to "Chapter 'X'" I think that's what's being referred to here.
  2. The current roster (Spoilers!)

    Well yeah I would've preferred Walhart too but at least Validar can claim he has more plot relevance and connections to characters than Iago, the in my opinion worst villain in the game. Maybe I'm just miffed that Garon's moveset potential had been thrown out the window for what seems to be not wanting to put more effort into them. That's just me though
  3. The current roster (Spoilers!)

    I wish I could share your enthusiasm here but sadly out of all Fates villains Iago is my least favorite. Or maybe I'm just annoyed because of Garon's moveset potential.
  4. The current roster (Spoilers!)

    Did....did they seriously go for Iago as the Fates villain rather than Garon? If so I'm utterly baffled at this decision to have all the villain characters be dark mages. At least Gharnef and Validar have plot relevance
  5. Umm, Possible warriors reveal? (Probably Fake)

    We have a thread about it already, it's 100% true
  6. Special Heroes: Performing Arts

    It's mostly because it doesn't really make sense for anyone else to be wearing Azura's pendant, and it is most definitely in that sillouhette.
  7. Team Leo complete? (spoilers)

    Not necessarily, Hyrule Warriors did have several characters that joined you in the main story but weren't playable in it- namely Agitha and Ruto- until you played Adventure Mode, so if they're not unlocked in the main story they could be unlocked in History Mode. There are several possibilities
  8. Support Conversations you would like to see

    Cordelia and Caeda simply to see this DLC battle conversation from Awakening expanded upon
  9. Rowan, Lianna or Darius?

    True, he doesn't have a "top bad guy" vibe but that could be to throw us off. Though he is said to be a 'prince' so it's possible the actually rulers of his country are behind it but we don't know a lot of context about the OC world. All of what you said is possible though. Not of him being played no though I do remember seeing him on the battlefield as an ally on that one stream where the twins' VAs were playing. Can't remember how big his sword is so I would have to check Edit: Well actually here's a screenshot where we can almost see the whole length of a sword he's using, looks to be a two-handed one.
  10. Rowan, Lianna or Darius?

    It's certainly possible, but considering we have seen zero mention of him being playable yet he clearly plays a decently major role in the story (and that we haven't seen any OC villain) he is sadly becoming more and more suspicious in regards to that
  11. Stay updated or stay away?

    I'm glad someone made this topic, because I've been thinking about this a lot the last few days. For me I'm still unsure, on one hand part of me wants to see if there are any hidden things/characters and the like but the other also doesn't want to get spoiled on everything. It may be a mix, for characters I'll probably look, for story stuff and bond conversations, etc. I'll try to avert my eyes
  12. FE Warriors DLC

    It's just a costume for her not an entirely different character/moveset. It's a bonus for buying the Season Pass like the Dark Link costume was for Hyrule Warriors
  13. Azura deconfirmed

    This pretty much sums up my thoughts on the subject. Like out of all the people to cut from Fates because 'too many from Fates' you choose her? The character practically gift wrapped with a unique moveset? Seriously? And with DLC having a likely chance of being characters from other than the main 3 my hopes plummet more and more every minute. It's just disappointing.
  14. To be fair some of the other voices in trailers sounded a bit weird until we heard more of them in the demos
  15. Azura deconfirmed

    I mean sure I can understand a 'too many Fates argument', it's just that I get annoyed when they say that when 3 of Fates characters are clones of someone else and now they're ignoring someone with unique moveset potential because of it. I love Elise and Sakura don't get me wrong but I would have traded them for Azura in a heartbeat.