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  1. Don't forget about Sakura, they also changed Sakura's (though I suppose that's probably due to her weapon)
  2. I got real excited when I saw this I'll be honest. Know I shouldn't be getting my hopes up too high since it could be Caeda (as many have pointed out, though I'm not sure why they would redesign her spear- actually I'm surprised if she has a spear at all) but I really want it to be Azura. She's the character I've wanted most in this game, for potential moveset and personal reasons of course. I could be setting myself up for disappointment, but I'm gonna hope anyway-
  3. Is that supposed to be showing the weapon triangle? I thought it was just showing the switching between characters thing, and that you switch through them in a certain order.
  4. I mean not particularly? Sure they're on opposing sides in Birthright and Conquest but in their supports in Revelation they were never antagonistic towards each other. And in this context they're on the same side and its clearly not story mode for these demos so no they aren't really supposed to hate each other
  5. Had to look through again but at 7:02 the first time and again at 7:20 (the second one also has slightly different lines and Camilla actually responding) So yeah it's a thing
  6. I'm pretty sure this is a thing in-game actually. I distinctly remember while watching one of the most recent demos when Camilla and Hinoka did a pair up attack they referred to each other by name.
  7. There is no source, and I double checked now just to be sure, this is just pure assumption on the person's part from what I can tell.
  8. I agree that it's a possibility but until we hear it straight from the developer's mouth please don't say that like it's fact. We don't KNOW anything about the decision making regarding Lyn as of now, and it could've been IS or Koei or both for all we know
  9. M!Robin, who I didn't actually use too much because I got a 5 Star Nowi soon after, one that helped me through a lot of things and I still use to this day
  10. If 3/4 of the OCs we've seen weren't all sword users I would say it's possible but that fact makes it seem more unlikely to me. (Then again that's assuming they would put Darius on it, which I kinda hope since he's the one I would care enough about to roll for)
  11. Just to get my thoughts out on the subject: The twins are a weird case for me, I don't dislike them but at the same time I don't care about them too much either. Maybe that'll change once the game comes out but honestly I'm more interested in Darius right now in terms of OCs, even if he is another sword wielder. (I also like his design more so there's that)
  12. True I suppose so, but I could still believe that did just reveal that. Though yeah he is still labeled as Bruno from what we're seeing so it'll be hard to tell unil tomorrow. (Maybe we'll finally recruit the guy.....please game?-)
  13. Banner looks good overall, definitely want Elincia and probably Nephenee, though it's surprising it's only three characters. I'm still wondering what status the Black Knight has. Also am I the only one who noticed the fact that it seems they blatantly spoiled the last cliffhanger in that story part of the trailer?
  14. The problem actually fixed itself after I restarted my phone. After that I tried Complete Purchase again and it worked.
  15. Well I've just run into the same glitch so I hope you get a response from that too, can no longer buy the $20 pack and it charged me for it too