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  1. March/April 2019 Special Heroes Silhouettes!

    I don't think they've every not had the trailer the day after the silhouette teases so there's 99% chance it's tonight
  2. So now that the title properly indicates spoilers how about that Hel!Gustav-
  3. In terms of Fire Emblem he's also voiced Reyson in Heroes, in terms of other stuff according to IMDB he's known for playing Starscream in some newer Transformers stuff.
  4. After getting a grand total of 4 Summer Lindes and a Loki I finally get +SPD, why-
  5. Choose Your Legends 3

    I'm surprised but not unhappy to see Bruno in the Top 10, and I'm more surprised that both Zelgius and Black Knight are in the Top 20 somehow, not that I'll complain. As for the Top 2s, Alm and Marth is exactly what i expected, not surprised to see Micaiah but am surprised to see Camilla in first. I'm neutral on her so I'm more intrigued than anything.
  6. So the New Year's Units were in the datamine it seems.
  7. Considering they said December I don't expect Book 3 to start any time before December 1st, and I'm certainly not expecting them to announce it without a FEH Channel-
  8. This is what I expect to end up happening to be honest, remember that the Seasonals this year never mentioned a single Book 2 character, so as of now they're just their own little side thing it seems.
  9. They're speculating about the bodies on the ground not the figure standing over them, the latter is most definitely Alfonse.
  10. The Grand Hero Battle's Table: Gharnef

    I mean it's mostly just that he actually looks like a human being here rather than a deformed zombie but yeah it's a weird effect, why is Gharnef looking this good-
  11. Tempest Trials: Before We Met…

    Thank the gods the update tonight fixed the Final Map music, it's now Desire Below (Flow) and damn does it sound good.
  12. FE6 & 10 banners coming out next year

    Well unfortunately we can't really use that date as a signifier anymore because Brave Veronica also has a copyright year of 2017 on her art and we know that her art couldn't have been created then.
  13. Well Walhart's Heroes dialogue seems to imply he's Paralogue!Walhart what it's worth, so they seem to be sticking with it being canon. Wouldn't be surprised if Aversa's lines implied the same for it.
  14. Which hero has the best voice acting?

    For a solid minute I thought you were talking about God of War Kratos and I was very very confused-
  15. [Datamine] New GHB: Garon, King of Nohr

    Huh? What do you mean? Travis voiced Camus first in Heroes and then Patrick voiced him as Zeke in Echoes after that, Seitz took the role Willingham had both times.