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  1. What Nintendo systems do you still own?

    I own all of the gameboy consoles, the DS/3DS, Wii, Switch, NES and SNES. My fondest Nintendo console memory has to be playing Super Mario World on the SNES. I used to play that game sooooooo much back when I was young. Pokemon Gold also counts. I remember finding Red years later and just losing my shit when I realized I was fighting the previous protagonist.
  2. I love when story things also get show in the gameplay side of thins so yeah I'm all for it.
  3. Favorite Dancer (refresher unit)

    Reyson because he's the best mix of having a really useful refresh ability and a personality that develops really well throughout the story.
  4. PC: FE4 Switch: XB2 and Mario Odyssey
  5. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Got my switch yesterday and decided to give both my new games a quick run...well I say quick but I ended up playing XB2 for almost 3 hours. I've been enjoying it so far even though I haven't done a lot. I think I only just finished the prologue. I'd say my biggest issue is getting used to the switch controller after being a playstation/xbox guy for the longest time. That A/B button switch has made me mess up the few instances of quick time events there were <_>.
  6. Do you think Micaiah is a Marysue or no?

    Nope. She does have some traits that could fool you into believing she is one if you only play part 1 like her fortune telling, her sacrifice ability and the fact that for some reason in an anime world where you have blue, green and red hair somehow her silver hair is special (this one I find funny more than anything). Of course anyone who has played the full game could tell you that she is not a mary sue despite these little things.
  7. Considering how much more popular FE has gotten I'd guess it would need to at the very least sell as much as Fates if not more.
  8. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Bought the collector's edition today. I still need a switch but I'll get that somewhere next week. Anything I should know before I start playing this game in the future? Like anything I really shouldn't miss? I watched half of Chugga's XC1 let's play and I remember there being side quests that expire.
  9. Yeah after seeing the ban waifu thread and realizing it wasn't a joke I can see that.
  10. I don't know about those first two points (screw anyone who harasses fanartists for making the art they want to make) since I have only been on the subreddit for 5 months or so but let's not act like some of the "casual conversation" in the Heroes subreddit is something people should blindly accept. Did you see that post where that guy posted a picture of his sister cosplaying as Lyn and did you see how some people reacted in that thread?
  11. I just saw this and was going to make a thread here about it as well. I personally am not a big fan of otaku culture and it's waifus, loli's and what have you but I also admit I've sometimes used the word waifu in an ironic joking manner. Not a lot, but I've done it, I'm not going to deny that. All of that being said, I think this is going too far. Waifu isn't like the f word or the n word. The word husbando also exists and I've seen female gamers use the term when talking about FE characters and I honestly don't mind it. I might not be a big fan of the word but I won't stop anyone from using it.
  12. What the story is about...

    Really hoping you're right. After Emmeryn and Mikoto we need something more surprising.
  13. I like all three of them and if I had to rank them on what little we've seen I would say Edelgard > Claude >> Dimitri. We don't know anything about their personalities so I'll ignore that. Edelgard has a pretty cool name and black/red clothes going for her. Oh and gameplay wise she's a female Axe lord...that's really original and neat (I know she can also use swords). Claude looks very unique with his darker skin, his nice smile and...he's a bow lord?! That's really cool! Curious to see how they'll make bows good now that they have a lord that uses them. Dimitri Iooks alright. He's the one I'm the least invested in tbh. He does seem to be a lance lord so that's a plus. No kidding. I knew people were going to like her when I watched the trailer but I didn't expect so much fanart to show up so quickly.
  14. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    True. It would be pretty neat and new if we were a teacher to the lords but I'm just scared that they'll use the teacher position for more my unit pandering. They messed up RD's difficulty and cut the extended script. Also no Maniac mode for PoR.
  15. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    I've read on some other places that some people think that the game will start out in an academy of sorts and that the MC is a teacher over there. It's an interesting idea but depending on how your position is handled it could make certain S supports awkward.