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  1. How many 5 star units do you have?

    BraveLyn Ninian Soren Oscar Ephraim Julia Eirika Hector Arvis (promoted) AdultTiki Fir (promoted) Genny AxeAzura
  2. Tempest Trials: Genealogy of Light!

    Really IS? Ayra would have been a perfect boss TT reward character. She's initially hostile to the player in her game and is really strong in said game AND in Heroes. I get it, it's a gatcha game, Ayra's skils were too good to be a GHB/TT character anyway. I better get used to this I know but stil this feels kind of a nasty thing to do imo. Maybe I'm just extra salty because she happens to be my 2nd favorite FE4 character. EDIT: Great I got a 5 star Eirika on my free pull. So now it will take a long time before I'll get another 5 star.
  3. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    We're getting Arvis tommorow? Sweet! I really need a strong red mage like him.
  4. I read somewhere that after a gauntlet is finished you get 10 orbs? Is that true? Or could it be that the person who said that meant the orbs you can earn by fighting in the gauntlet?
  5. Holy war banner

    So it seems I got cursed by the gatcha devil. I used 65 orbs (that's the most I used at once) and I don't have a single Holy War character to show for it. Jeez, I'm going to have to wrap up the rest of my lunatic missions if I want to get enough orbs to pull one of them. Oh well in the worst case scenario Ayra will probably be a "free" tempest trial character and I prefer her over any of the other Holy War characters and hey I did get a perfect 4star IV Fae. Gotta look at the bright side.
  6. Genealogy spoilers, I guess

    Heh, I admit that one got a chuckle out of me.
  7. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    Man I remember going to bed when the last hour started and expecting Ninian to lose because of Corrin's multiplier. This is the second time I was surprised to wake up and see the victory feathers award. It was a pretty fun first gauntlet experience.
  8. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    I'll probably spend my last 400 flags at the last hour on Ninian. That's probably the safest thing to do at this point. EDIT: Nevermind. Ninian has a multiplier right now.
  9. Holy war banner

    YES! THANK GOD I SAW THIS JUST NOW! I was about to go for another batch of dragons that I'm missing but now that I know we're getting more Holy War characters? I'm going to grind some story missions that I have left in the hopes of getting Sigurd or Tailtiu. Deirdre is also fine but I prefer those two but god I'm just really happy that this is happening right now!
  10. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    Aw Tiki lost? Oh well I'll be jumping on the massive Ninian train now.
  11. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    Amazing, Ninian fans were were ahead of their time.
  12. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    Corrin: 28,295,945 Ninian: 229,735,070 Ninian, calm down girl! We've only just begun .
  13. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    Oh wow, getting victory feathers today as an A!Tiki supporter was something I didn't expect after Nowi generally had more points most of the time. M!Corrin won huh? Well here's hoping the Y!Tiki supporters will join us against F!Corrin because we'll need all the help we can get against her.
  14. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    Yeah you're right. My only point of reference were the Brave gauntlet characters.
  15. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    When I looked 10 minutes ago or so FCorrin had a lot more votes, at least twice as much.