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  1. Did one full summon and got a Fallen Celica and my first 4 star Reinhard...both are -Atk.
  2. Genny's smile is just so precious. I'm super tempted to roll for her but I really do need to hold on my orbs. I don't really like how they introduced beast killer weapons on a seasonal banner.
  3. Yeah I know but I remember people on Reddit telling me that Ishtar's not having a banner was a one time thing they did on purpose because ofm the Gen 1 demotes. Not that I believed them but having a Gen 1 banner with Myrrh would have been nice.
  4. Disappointed that Ephraim BHB didn't get a banner because that means that we're not getting banners for revivals since neither Ishtar's BHB also didn't get one.
  5. Special Heroes Silhouettes for April 19th!

    People making DR references because of the Meat Skewer while I'm just thinking off Yuru Camp and now the OP is stuck in my head again... --------- Genny seems to be the left one. Almost no doubt about that. No clue who the one on the right is though. Gotta say that if it does turn out to be a camping themed banner that it's nice we're getting something different.
  6. Aether Raids General Thread

    I decided not to put the effort in staying in Tier 19 because the higher you get the worse this game mode gets. Tier 18 is already a lot more fun because there are a lot less Reinhard, LAzura, Veronica, BBowBLYN, Sutr and Ophelia and the like. Using one of those is fine imo but the moment you use more than those the matches just become a chore and just aren't fun anymore. So yeah I'm just going to try to keep myself in Tier 18. I prefer this mode when I can see teams people made not to win but because they like the characters and put a lot of effort into them. Which I also somewhat did now by putting Julia, Eirika, Lethe, Lazura (I don't really like her that much but I like the synchronization with HMia) and Halloween Mia in the defense.
  7. Forging Bonds: A Trust Earned (April 10th)

    Mordecai is such a precious boy. I really wanted to give him a big hug in the FB conversation. Caenaghis also has some legit good dialogue with Alphonse about the duties of a ruler. I don't really care that much for Ranulf's and Lethe's dialogue.
  8. Official Pull Topic

    Anotha one (same boon/flaw even) Got this one with one of my tickets.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    Free pull on beast banner: She’s HP -Res Glad to have her.
  10. I put Julia in the armory and she got a bit socially awkward xD Julia: Away with you! Eirika Walks away Julia: Ah!
  11. New Heroes Arrive : Out of Gallia (April 10~)

    Huh, didn’t expect anither RD banner this soon. I like the Laguz but I don’t really care for them to spend orbs. Glad to see Haar will be joining.
  12. Yeah but Hardin was the only one in that banner. You do have a fair point about Rinea. I really wouldn't want to see Mareeta in FH Banner because she's the only character I can see that could carry another Thracia banner. Without her, I don't think we'd ever see another Thracia banner. I would like it if instead of an FH Banner we got an "Evil alternative" banner. Give us an Alter Tiki/Ike/Eliwood etc.
  13. Why would you want a character's first entry in Heroes to be on a Fallen Heroes banner where they're possessed and evil?
  14. Yeah, I'd figured it would be something like that. She really relies on both her Atk and Res stat after all. I'll keep her and only fodder if I'll get a favorite unit that really needs one of her skills. Thanks for the info and sorry for the late response.
  15. I didn't mean that word by word of course. I meant that assuming that we won't get a lot of banners featuring these characters. Well, we'll have to see. Ishtar only got a rerun back in february and that was because every BHB got a banner rerun so I'm not sure of IS here.