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  1. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn Favorite Character?

    My nr. 4 favorite FE character and favorite Tellius character is Jill. She's a great character in PoR and a godsend unit to the Dawn Brigade with a very good character arc in PoR and fantastic interactions in RD with the bosses and allies. Sanaki would be a close second for her personal struggles with her identity. My favorite male character has to be Ike. His arc happens in PoR but I still like some of his moments in RD. He's also a really good unit in both games.
  2. Right to Die

    Yes but in my grandfather's case we knew there wasn't anything we could have done. Chemo eventually didn't help anymore and trying to get rid of it through an operation was never an option according to the doctors.
  3. Right to Die

    People who are suffering because of an illness deserve a way out. I've seen my grandfather die to lung cancer. If at some point in his last years with cancer he wanted to have a doctor commit euthanasia I wouldn't have held it against him. Luckily, Belgium has good laws in regards to euthanasia. There has even been a case here where a 9 year old who had a brain tumor was allowed to die through euthanasia.
  4. They'll need a two chapters to promote which really isn't that much. I remember Edain being promoted in chapter 3 and Lana being promoted chapter 8 but Lana could probably have been promoted earlier if I didn't kill her on purpose in the previous chapter to deny her falling in love with Seliph.
  5. Edain, Lachesis, Claude, Lana and Coirpre are all foot healers. Edain starts out with the Mend staff which gives you 30exp per use so she'll level up crazy fast and when she promotes she can use a Wind Tome. Then she'll be just about strong enough to defend herself on the battlefield, which as a mainly healer unit is good. Lachesis gets the MK promotion that is super good and gives her a horse but even ignoring that she has the Miracle Sword which can help her win some arena battles before her promotion. Claude's bases when joins are good enough that if you buy him a basic tome he'll be able to stand his ground, just like Edain he'll be someone that mainly heals but can also do a decent job at helping out fighting the enemy. Lana pretty much does the same thing her mother does in Gen 2 but unlike her she doesn't get a Mend staff but she makes up for that by joining at the very start of Gen 2 instead of almost a full chapter later. Coirpre is a waste of space.
  6. Most of them can fight and for the ones that can't staves aren't really that pricey so as long as you don't let the enemy destroy one of your castles you'll get enough money every new chapter to repair them.
  7. I don't disagree that the inventory system wasn't good but I've recently started another FE4 run and the buying/selling thing is only an issue if your unit isn't strong enough to win in the arena. Really the only unit where the inventory system annoyed me a lot was Coirpre.
  8. How Can Micaiah Be Made A Better Unit?

    The things that come to mind right away are her HP and Spd growth, especially spd. My Micaiah couldn't kill a lot of stuff because she either couldn't double or she didn't have enough health to survive a single hit from an enemy.
  9. YES! Promoting Leif/Lachesis was always sooooo satisfying and then being able to use any kind of weapon/magic/stave was so useful and it made the unit all the more unique.
  10. Grima on retrospect

    Never liked him. I remember playing Awakening for the first time thinking what a boring and typical "I'M EVUL!!!" villain he was and I've never been a fan of those EVER. The Heroes and Echoes stuff is a little bit too little too late but even taking it into account I still don't like him any more than before. Echoes just gives him some backstory and I don't like his Heroes stuff either.
  11. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Very interesting posts and you guys bring up a lot of good stuff about the ending and after reading that article and reddit post I appreciate it a lot more. I really hope that they'll make remakes or give us the option to download XB1 and XCX on the switch. I would love to play those games. Oh and I heard that XB2 was made by only half of Monolith soft because they were helping with BOTW? Is that true? If so, I'm impressed.
  12. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Finished the game after 150+/- hours and overall liked it but it has some things that really held it back that became apparent when I got into the lategame. I actually enjoyed the game the most in the midgame because at that point you get a lot of fun things to play with while not realizing just how repetitive some of the other stuff is. Oh and I'm only talking about gameplay here, story was fine. Despite the things I mentioned I still enjoyed the game a lot and don't regret buying the pricier limited edition and I will buy the Torna expansion whenever that comes out. Still an 8/10 but if it didn't have those issues I mentioned it could have been a solid 9/10. Curious about how some of you feel about some end game things:
  13. Lilith's death in Conquest is the first thing that came to mind. In Birthright I was very indifferent to her death but in CQ seeing her die to some random faceless and seeing Corrin get all sad about it with the "Why does someone as pure as Lilith have to die so I might live" line from all things gave me a good laugh.
  14. Octopath Traveler

    Got Cyrus and Tressa. Also gave Olberic a Hunter secondary job and Cyrus a Cleric so now I've got pretty much all weapons covered. Oh, I met that NPC a little while ago as well. I first tried to purchase the harpoon and when that didn't work I used Cyrus's skill to see her information and I really liked it when I saw that detail they put in the game. I don't have a thief yet but when I do I still won't try to take that harpoon, it would just make me feel bad.
  15. Octopath Traveler

    Ah, so the boss isn't that much easier if you start with her. My biggest problem with the boss was that I could only kill one from those three respawning orbs before they destroyed themselves and thus in turn killing everyone except my knight.