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  1. What got you into Fire Emblem?

    It was fairly popular in the off topic part of the Bioware Social Network forum at the time of its release and this was around the same time I read Visual Novels that focused on choosing a girl and going out with her and all that mushy stuff. So when I heard that Awakening was a high fantasy game where you could marry anyone young me couldn't wait to play the game so I bought Awakening the next time I went to a game store. Awakening was alright at the time but I really got into FE when I realized that the 3DS I used to play games from my sister also had a free Sacred Stones download.
  2. How'd you guys come up with your usernames?

    Heks = The dutch word for witch El is short for Ellen, the name of one of my favorite witches out there The Ka part is just there to make it sound better than just "Heksel". It also looks nicer that way.
  3. Favorite characters from each Fire Emblem?

    Fire Emblem 4: Julia, Ayra and Tine Fire Emblem 5: Leif, Finn and Sara Fire Emblem 7: Hector and Ninian Fire Emblem 8: Eirika and Tana Fire Emblem 9: Ike, Jill, Titania and Mia Fire Emblem 10: Ike, Jill, Mia, Titania, Micaiah and Haar Fire Emblem 11: Caeda and Tiki Fire Emblem 13: Tiki Fire Emblem 14: Nyx Fire Emblem 15: Genny, Saber and Mathilda
  4. Fire Emblem Expo

    What I expect is some FE cipher stuff, an anime announcement and a (I hope) new FE game that will probably be a FE4 or FE6 remake. Not expecting 3H news unless it's DLC because the game should be released by then.
  5. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    It doesn't really bother me that she's wearing something but why does it have to be such an ugly black color? It looks really ugly and jarring if you ask me.
  6. Oh right, I somehow missed the "second" part of your post when referring to Eirika's alt.
  7. Eirika's alt got hate because she got a tome used by another character. Eirika is my fifth favorite FE character and I also voiced my displeasure at that move in the thread were she got released. I remember the reception towards Micaiah and Elincia's alts being a lot more positive so I don't think it always has something to do with Female/Male characters.
  8. Whats your FE waifu/husbando?

    Favorite (female) FE character is Julia.
  9. 1. Julia 2. Finn 3. Tine 4. Jill 5. Arvis 6. Eirika 7. Sara If we get the results in a few days in again and Eirika gets a lot of votes again I'll give her all of the votes I have left at that point.
  10. Tailtiu 7/10: She might not be as studious as Azel but unlike him she can use Thoron straight out of the gate when she joins so I'll give her a half a point more than I gave Azelle. Ninian and Nils 1/10 (normal): Without their dragon powers they're kind of useless. They don't show any kind of combat skills whatsoever so assuming we rate them without those because they almost never use it in the story, then they're a 1/10. It's been too long since I've played FE7 so I can't say I would know enough details about their dragon forms to rate those. Morgan 7/10: They're decently strong but they'll take a lot of time before they'll get anywhere to the strength of their father at least physically.
  11. Least Favorite FE Character?

    Makalov: He's a horrible person whose very existence makes Astrid worse. I always make sure to let him die when I get the chance. Peri: We've had characters before that don't actually mind killing other people but never before did we have a unit that so easily threatens her own allies and has such a warped view on things. It also doesn't help that just like Makalov she ruins other characters like Xander. Oh and her hair is ugly.
  12. Should the weapon triangle return?

    From what I've heard the only reason it didn't exist in SoV is because there were no axe units so It'll probably come back in Three Houses. I would personally like to see it come back because it always gave another layer of strategy.
  13. Ishtar: One of the strongest holy blood warriors in the entire game 9/10 Caellach: One of the villains that managed to accomplishes some of his goals but eventually still gets taken out by Joshua so a 7.5/10? Alfonse: I only played up to book 2 chapter 12 or so I think but he admires other characters more than he actually does stuff himself so I guess a 5 or a 5/10. I would give the same score to Anna and his sister or a point less because he actually bothers using his brain in some situations.
  14. How would you rank the FE lords?

    These are in my top 10 overall FE characters: 1. Ike 2. Eirika 3. Leif I like these a lot: 4. Micaiah 5. Sigurd 6. Hector These are also fine: 7. Seliph 8. Lynn 9. Alm 10. Ephraim 11. Chrom 12. Robin Just feel indifferent to these: 13. Eliwoord 14. Marth Dislike these: 15. Celica 16. Corrin I didn't put Kris or Roy in there because I haven't played their games.
  15. Attention all Thracia 776 Gamers

    What? There's a Pugi Ex? And here I thought the normal Pugi was already super strong. Bless Kowga indeed.