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  1. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    Oh, you’re right and unlike CS you don’t need to promote Panne to unlock it. I just didn’t notice because I wasn’t on the look out for that skil.
  2. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    Panne’s has chill spd? Sweet, my OG Eirika needs that skill.
  3. Grand Hero Battle: Jamke

    This was one of the easiest GHB for me so far. I just had to put Nowi at the very right of the map while my +10 ATiki keeps the middle busy. Veronica attacked only once at the start and after that used her healing to help Nowi out while Ninian danced and took care of the red mage.
  4. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    While I personally don't care for these characters I quite like this banner because the units are all new and are not alts which is great. Glad for the people who wanted these characters. I do look forward to Panne since she's one of the handful of Awakening characters I like.
  5. Aether Raids General Thread

    I had a defense win where my Veronica danced her way to victory and my enemy surrendered before Veronica killed his last unit. Tiki and Nowi even got slaughtered by his LMarth. It was really disgusting and I almost felt bad but then I realized that he also had a Veronica with the almost exact same build on his team and that he used 5 units against my four units so eh, he had plenty of chances to turn the fight around. And because of that fight I realized that I really shouldn't have used my aether stones like crazy on getting more aether and traps because now I don't have enough to unlock the fifth team spot >_> So for these next two weeks I'll just have to bear with it and play super careful because I'll probably start fighting people with 5 units with my 4 units.
  6. Sothis

    People still liked them but in general they weren't liked anywhere as much as the Awakening children if we're to believe this Fates poll from Japan.: I agree. I've read a lot of different theories on Sothis and a lot of them sound great. If IS could build around some of the things I've read with some surprises here and there (without going into weird Azura plot twist territory) I would consider that a success.
  7. Sothis

    That would be such wasted potential. If they pull the time chamber nonsense again I would be really disappointed. I really hope IS got the message with Fates that people didn't like kid units that much anymore and got rid of them for 3H.
  8. I'm surprised to see that there are that many named locations. Shows that they at least that they pay more attention to the world they're creating, at least compared to Fates. Curious to see what Almyra is about. It's rather large and it's separated from all the other three territories.
  9. Chinatsu Kurahana is Three Houses New Artist

    I like her art, it took some getting used to after the first trailer because it's not what I expected to see from fire emblem but I've gotten used to it and quite like it so far.
  10. Joined Tatiana in my first Grand Conquest. Is it just me or is Soren's team small?
  11. How do you think the routes will work?

    I can't see them selling a game for a standard release price and have it choices that have game changing consequences like Fates so far that reason I think: 1. The routes will merge in the late game. Just like SS we'll only have some chapters that are changed. 2. Mostly the same. 3. Yes but it probably would only be a few chapters at most. 4. You will recruit other houses' students. Could be that they won't let us recruit 2 characters or so at most for replay value like how you could only recruit Yukimaru in Birthright but I expect to be able to recruit most of them on any route.
  12. The Special edition up for preorder

    Anyone from Europe already managed to order it? My country doesn’t have it in any stores so far and I’m curious if it’s just here that they don’t have it yet.
  13. With all of this talk about power imbalance I have to ask what the difference is between Chrom marrying any of his romance options and a Bymeth marrying his student. Just to be clear, not trying to do a “Gatcha!” thing here. Chrom (or really any of the noble fe lord units) have a lot more power over their spouse than Byleth would have over let’s say the future empress.
  14. The good thing is that I have none of these characters. The bad thing is that the only one I want from a character standpoint is Myrrh but I'd be happy with anyone but Lynn since the others are at least better than her in their own ways.
  15. The Special edition up for preorder

    Kind of a stupid question perhaps but is the UK special edition the same as the European one? EDIT: Seems to be the same one. Now I need to make sure to check every store so I don't miss it this time unlike Fates and Echoes SE.