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  1. No, we're on a new game system so it's time for a new cast and a new world. Oh but I'm fine with Anna since she's more or less a mascot character.
  2. Who’s your favorite “Bad Unit” in FE?

    Arden from FE4. His dialogue when he gets the pursuit ring and the event were he's really happy that he got himself a 'wifey' are so heartwarming. His conversations with Fury and Ayra are also really cute. You go big guy!
  3. Sure, this could be fun. Azelle 6.5/10: Not sure about him and I've jumped from a 7 to a 6 back to a 7 so I think I'll give him a 6.5. He's a mage knight with minor holy blood. If you have Holy blood even if it is minor you're considered special, you stand above the 'normal' fighters so anyone who isn't a dancer or Corple is an automatic 6/10 in my book. He gets half a point for growing strong enough (thanks to his holy blood) to use some really strong fire spells but I didn't give him a 7 because his 'character' can't back up his power imo. Haven't played Chad's game Frederick 8/10: Not giving him a 9 because 9 is the kind of ranking I would only give to characters that have the power to fight small armies or beings similar to armies. Frederick is more of an 8/10 kind of guy imo. 8/10 meaning that he's incredibly strong. I even think that in the story of Awakening he's supposed to be one of the top 10 strongest playable characters (not including spotpass characters) and considering how super powerful some Awakening characters are I think that's an impressive feat.
  4. What anime/manga are you following right now?

    Just watched the first two episodes of Zombieland Saga. Definitely did NOT expect to like this one but by the end of the second episode I had the biggest smile on my face. Bless MAPA for making this original anime. Can't wait for the next episode.
  5. Ah, right, I forgot about that. Well in that case my nr. 9 Sara gets a vote.
  6. I would vote for my top 7 favorite FE characters: 1. Julia 2. Finn 3. Tine 4. Jill 5. Ike 6. Arvis 7. Eirika
  7. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Just finished Torna and man I had a blast. This is the kind of DLC companies should aim for. Overall I liked it more than the main game and I was impressed when I saw that Monolith soft listened to the criticism and improved on the combat and made a stronger story (not that the main game had a bad one).
  8. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    So I've been playing Torna and I've been enjoying it a lot. Maybe even more than the main game, I'll give my thoughts about it when I'll finish it. Got a little question here about the side quests though
  9. Does it bug anyone else that ORAS is so easy?

    Not just ORAS, Pokémon X and Y was also incredibly easy for a Pokémon game. I much prefer games like HGSS, BW2 or Platinum because they're at least not as easy as Gen 6.
  10. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    I pre ordered the physical edition and my store has this weird "will be delivered between 14th and 21th september message" so I'll be joining you guys later. For now I wish you guys a lot of fun playing through Torna!
  11. New Nintendo Direct at 9/13/2018 3pm PT: New date

    First direct I fully followed since I own a Switch and I wasn't really impressed. Sadly no FE or Metroid Prime news. The only thing that looked cool that I didn't know off so far was that mecha game but aside from that nothing really impressed. EDIT: GF game was also interesting since they normally only do pokémon I'm curious to see how they'll handle anything else.
  12. Losing Interest

    I'm sure that this happens to any hardcore FE fan at some point. It has happened to me as well. Just take a break from the games and chances are that after some time you'll end up playing them again.
  13. What anime/manga are you following right now?

    Shingeki No Kyoujin Manga/Anime S3 - Never thought I'd say this but Eren has become one of my favorite characters in anime/manga. So much good development in the manga. The S3 anime is also very nice even if it misses some parts of the manga. At least anime only people can now see how good Historia is. Overlord - Watched S2 and caught up with S3 and I really like the role play sessions feel we have now. Watching the viewpoint from so many different characters is also an easy way to fix the OP MC problem.
  14. Hahaha, nice catch. I mix those two up so many times.
  15. Better: Ayra Amelia Deirdre Dorcas Worse: Julia Seliph Robin Titania Mathilda Lachesis