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  1. Feditor not accepting my script info

    You need to have a block of samples of all 16 colors used in the animation on the top right corner of each frame, otherwise Feditor won't take it. (8 on each row, with the top right one being the background color) Here's one of mine: As for the script, I'm pretty sure C04 has to come immediately before C1A and C1F. There's a file called "0x85 Command Usage" that comes with Feditor explaining what all those fancy commands are, if you're curious. It's in the Battle Animations folder, which is inside the 'doc' folder. Hope this helps!
  2. Might need a separate topic for that one. More people will see it that way.
  3. Here you go, some ancient history.
  4. Inventory Nightmare hack questions

    I can't guarantee this'll get you the final chapters. (idk whether or not the game specifically checks if you've visited the gaidens or not), but getting Armads back is a breeze. All you have to do is put it in the inventory of a unit who joins in the future. To do that, open up the Army Editor and pick the chapter where whatever unit you choose joins. The unlabeled list (0x00, 0x01, etc) you can scroll through is a list of each unit in the map. Scroll down until you find the new unit, then pop it into one of their inventory slots. No problem!
  5. Character Portraits

  6. Pegasus Knight that use swords animation?

    @Baby Bonnie Hood Found these courtesy of Sephie on Feuniverse. They're edited to be helmetless, but that's a breeze to undo.
  7. Something wrong with script

    The most likely answer would be that you accidentally overwrote something. I'm not sure if you've successfully inserted events before (in which case you probably already know this and you can ignore everything I'm about to say lol) but if you're new to this, you have to be careful with the offset you insert the events at. Maybe you made a typo when you put in the offset or something, but there's data already at 0x8B0890. Make sure there's free space wherever you insert custom things (A hex editor is your friend) or funky phenomena can happen.
  8. How do I skip to a certain chapter?

    The easiest way to do that is to edit a chapter's events and change the chapter the game is told to move to next, meaning you'll have to play through the prologue once. Hope that's not too much to ask lol I take it you aren't familiar with events, so I'll give you a rundown. If you are, then, well... you can ignore pretty much everything I'm about to say: Here's Event Assembler. Download all that fancy junk and open up the program. Make a blank Notepad file and load that into the 'Text' part. Load your Rom, tick FE7, tick 'Whole chapter' and 'Add end guards' (I don't actually know what that does but whatever). Then for the offset, put in 'CA0720', then hit Disassemble. (Leave the program open for simplicity) Finally, we can actually get somewhere. In your previously blank Notepad file, you now have the entire chapter's events for the Prologue! Whoop de doo, now what do with all that gibberish? Well, towards the end of the file, there should be a code called MNCH 0x(whatever). That's the 'Move to chapter' code. That list you found? Turns out it is relevant after all. Put in whatever chapter you want to move to, save the file, switch back to Event Assembler, hit Assemble and voila! Edit: Whoops forgot to mention: When you skip to a chapter this way, you only retain the characters you've already recruited. If you skip try to skip from the prologue to, say, Chapter 12, the game will crash since Lyn isn't playable in that map and you skipped the recuitments of all the Eliwood mode characters thus far. If you're looking to skip to an Eliwood mode chapter, the chapter you edit the events of will also have to be in Eliwood Mode. You can easily find the offset to put into Event Assembler with the 'Event modules' part of Nightmare. (Just leave out the '8' at the beginning of it.)
  9. Battle and Spell Animations Thread

    Hey, that Bolganone animation links to the wrong video btw
  10. Rebecca Won't Spawn in as a Wyvern Rider

    Don't ask me why, but the chapter loads 2 different versions of Rebecca. The one you have to change is 0x0B in the Chapter Unit Editor. 0x06 won't do anything for some reason ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. Adding Recruitment events?

    You didn't assign it to the character yourself? It might not be the cause of that problem then. In any case, I'd double-check. Whether you're using FEBuilder or Nightmare, the convoy/supply is one of the "Character ability" options in the Character Editor. Make sure it's NOT selected, otherwise that causes the trade issue.
  12. Adding Recruitment events?

    Did you assign the convoy property to them? I'm afraid that bugs out if used on a non-lord class Edit: Character, not class. As for them not showing up on the world map, I haven't worked much with FE8, so don't quote me on this but I think the number of character slots there is predetermined. I'm assuming you added more characters than are usually there at that point in the game. That doesn't mean the characters are gone from the game, though. (I'm assuming this is early game, ergo no prep screen, which does adjust to additional characters). If you manually add the characters into the next chapter's events, with their autolevel value as 'True', they'll appear and retain their stats/equipment/the like.
  13. [FE7] Music - Instrument Shenanigans

    k, thanks again!
  14. [FE7] Music - Instrument Shenanigans

    @Agro Ahh, thanks! This is what I get for not documenting lol. That's definitely one of the patches I applied before. Just to make sure I'm not missing anything: are the changes at 3FCD, 3FF6 and 3FFA the only ones in the patch?
  15. [FE7] Music - Instrument Shenanigans

    Why hello there, hackers with significantly more talent than I! I seem to have gotten myself into a..... rather mystifying situation. .......holy shit where do I start. So, I'm new to music hacking. When I first got into the hacking business little over a year ago, I dabbled in it (using Sappy cause I'm a hipster), got frustrated and left it to rot while I figured out other aspects of hacking magic. But back then I also made a Rom specifically for music testing, which I applied a patch or two to without documenting anything. This being the problem here. (The only one I know I inserted was the FE7 Native Instrument Map.) Recently I finally figured out the basics of inserting songs that don't come out as ear torture, and I've been using said old testing Rom for....well... testing them. They work absolutely fine there, but when I insert them into the Rom for my actual hack, they have....some slight oddities. As an example: here's a song in my (now completely bugged) testing Rom: (Yes, it IS one of the boss themes from Mega Man X4) Correct Song.mp4 Sounds pretty good. Just how I want it to sound. Now here's the same song (exact same .s file) in my actual Rom: Bugged Song.mp4 (btw this is how it sounds in any Rom other than the testing one, not just this particular one). I guess the game can't handle the amount of instruments being played, since it periodically mutes some of them. Both of these are played with the aformentioned Native Instrument Patch, and the song has the same priority in both Roms. I didn't insert any custom sound samples into the test Rom (or the other one). I usually just dick around with stuff like this until it works, but this time I'm well and truly stumped.