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  1. yep two characters from Ocarina of Time, 3 from twilight princess, and 2 from skyward sword
  2. Not surprised look at the first dynasty warriors Gundam's cast and look how many characters are from the original Gundam series, Zeta, or double Zeta.
  3. The regal sword was a unique weapon for Alm.
  4. I kind of wish each race had something akin to the Yiga hideout as well as the divine beast. Especially if like the thunder helm you can get really good pieces of armor thunder proof has been a lifesaver for me.
  5. 1) Shenmue 2) Final Fantasy 3) Disgaea 4) Danganronpa 5) The Koei warrior games
  6. He's in the third game i believe.
  7. 90% of the reason I tried the DW Gundam games in the first place. other 10% is Loran from ∀ Gundam
  8. It acted as a second story mode somewhat. It was shared universe where each character has their own separate set of Story Missions of a varying number, and can also take a number of additional missions outside the story. The type of missions in the mode Free Missions are a series of random missions and extra challenges. (Was a mix of story specific or just extra missions) Friendship Missions are used to primarily affect the Friendship ratings with other character, and can unlock certain characters for use. License Missions allow the character to unlock the mobile suits of certain other pilots (Mobile suits being the equivalent to weapons.) Collection Missions allow the player to collect parts of certain mobile suits by fighting lots of them. ( The parts were items that increased a mobile suits stats.) Extra Missions are high-level challenges, usually to gain level 4 parts for certain suits. Outside of missions, there was the Mobile Suit Lab is where the player can improve on parts as mentioned above, and the Terminal is where the character receives messages that can unlock other missions. how this could transfer over to FE Warriors if they keep to some of the recent Dynasty warriors License missions could be a used to have people use other characters movesets. Collection could be to unlock better items that increase your stats. Friendship missions could be the way of implementing something like supports.
  9. I wouldn't mind a mode like Mission mode in Dynasty Warriors gundam 2.
  10. I hope that the side mode that we get is no where near as boring as the adventure mode maps got.
  11. The warrior games don't sell to well so usually the price of dubbing the characters isn't worth what they get back.
  12. I don't expect a large cast maybe 20 characters at most. Koei usually starts with small casts in each of their warriors series. Like how Dynasty warriors Gundam only had around 16 characters in the first game.
  13. if anything Roy moveset can be similar to the inferno blade in Dynasty Warriors 8 empires
  14. I liked it the concept is interesting.
  15. This sums up my feelings on the game perfectly.