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  1. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Eh small nitpick Forrest isn't transgender he's just a Crossdresser.
  2. Favorite gaming series

    Top 10 in no particular order 1) Shenmue 2) Final Fantasy 3) Persona 4) Pokemon 5) dynasty warriors 6) Dragon ball series of games 7) Fire Emblem 8) The Sims 9) Shining Force 10) Soul Caliber
  3. Favorite games by letter

    #: 007 Goldeneye A: Advanced wars B: Bahamut lagoon C: Chrono Trigger D: Danganronpa E: the Elder scrolls IV: Oblivion F: Final Fantasy 9 G: Gears of war 3 H: Halo reach I: Injustice gods among us J: Jet Set Radio Future K: Kingdom Hearts birth by sleep L: Legend of the dragoon M: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga N: Naruto: Broken bonds O: One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 P: Persona 5 Q: n/a R: Radiant historia S: Shining Force 2 T: Tales of Graces f U: Unreal tournament V: N/A W: Warriors Orochi 3 X: Xenoblade Chronicles X Y: Yu Yu Hakusho: Spirit detective Z: Zoo tycoon
  4. Warriors Appreciation Thread

    And that is part of the reason i hated Adventure mode it became more of a chore then anything near the end. But for this game I like the music, characters, and I'm interested in seeing how the bond conversations end up
  5. Also wouldn't mind if there was alts colored like the fates retainers or other shepards
  6. Matthew while I also know Forrest won't get in I can at least hope for an outfit based off him being an alt for Leo
  7. Voting Gauntlet: Choose Your Legends!

    My hatred of Ike comes from a mix of certain members of his fanbase, the fact he has to get the killing blow in RD so if you get an Ike that's stat screwed enough you lose, and the fact his biggest rival has a literal definition of plot armor.
  8. Sequels That Aren't

    well considering shenmue 3 is happening the only ones i can think of are Shining Force 4 (Would be fine with a remake of 2, Final Conflict, or 3) a new jet set radio a new power stone
  9. 2nd Feh Channel (27th July 2017)

    I have to agree with the tellius queen person though Ana's constant complaining about stuff really get's annoying after awhile
  10. New info on FE Warriors

    yep two characters from Ocarina of Time, 3 from twilight princess, and 2 from skyward sword
  11. New info on FE Warriors

    Not surprised look at the first dynasty warriors Gundam's cast and look how many characters are from the original Gundam series, Zeta, or double Zeta.
  12. The regal sword was a unique weapon for Alm.
  13. Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    I kind of wish each race had something akin to the Yiga hideout as well as the divine beast. Especially if like the thunder helm you can get really good pieces of armor thunder proof has been a lifesaver for me.
  14. 5 Favorite Game Franchises

    1) Shenmue 2) Final Fantasy 3) Disgaea 4) Danganronpa 5) The Koei warrior games
  15. Potential Modes in FE Warriors

    He's in the third game i believe.