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  1. Sword: ~~Iceblade Forrest~~ Eyvel Lance: Conrad Axe: Enchinda Bow: Brighid Dagger: Leila Red tome: Azelle or Forrest Blue tome: Tine Green tome: Ced Staff: Silque or Forrest Breath: Nagi Beast: Vika
  2. A: Azel B: Benny C: Cecil D: Dew E: Echinda F: Forrest G: Gonzalez H: Haar I: Itsuki J: Juno K: Kiria L: Leila M: Maiko N: Nagi O: Orsin P: Pelleus R: Ross S: Silque T: Tsubasa U: Uther V: Vika W: Wolf X: Xane Y: Yashiro Z: Zeke
  3. Superboon: Ike: None Mist: HP, Res Greil: Atk Soren: HP, Def Superflaws: Ike: Res Mist: Def Greil: Spd Soren: Res
  4. ValentinesSpecial Heroes (Greil's Devoted)

    Looks like a neat banner but saving for FE6 banner if I pull it will be for Greil.
  5. Choose Your Legends 3

    Camilla alt could see one of her Cipher alts as well like basara. Or in Beruka's armor as it used to be Camilla's
  6. Choose Your Legends 3

    I mean my favorite was never going to win but I honestly have no complaint about the results so far. My goal is honestly to get Forrest in top 100 results.
  7. Choose Your Legends 3

    My votes are going towards Forrest I know he won't win but I can dream.
  8. Fire Emblem Heroes Wishlist

    By game FE1/3/SD/New mystery: Elice, Nagi, Bantu, and Cecil Gaiden/Echoes: Silque, Kliff, and Kamui Genealogy: Lex, Azel, Dew, Patty, Brighid, Ced, and Lewyn 776: Tanya, Orsin, Sara, and Dagdar Binding Blade: Lugh, Hugh, Melady, Gale Blazing sword: Pent, Louise, Erk, Athos, and Leila Sacred stones: Ross Path of radiance/ Radiant Dawn: Ranulf, The dawn brigade, Tibarn, Vika, and Sigrun Awakening: Noire, Say'ri, Nah, Bastillo, and Flavia Fates: Forrest, Charlotte, Midori, Mitama, Nina, Selkie, Velouria, and Benny
  9. And you don't shove Ike and Frederick down peoples throats all the time with your constant I headcannon this or I did this in my fanfiction news flash nobody cares. I'm sorry who was the one whining that Ike wasn't in heroes for the longest time or how RD Ike wasn't in the RD banner. You act like a spoiled child all the time and then get upset when people call you out on it boo fucking who people would rather have other characters that you dislike as brave heroes get over it and yourself and act like a mature person for once in your life.
  10. I'm mostly voting for Forrest will give Leif and Marth both a vote as well
  11. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Eh small nitpick Forrest isn't transgender he's just a Crossdresser.
  12. Favorite gaming series

    Top 10 in no particular order 1) Shenmue 2) Final Fantasy 3) Persona 4) Pokemon 5) dynasty warriors 6) Dragon ball series of games 7) Fire Emblem 8) The Sims 9) Shining Force 10) Soul Caliber
  13. Favorite games by letter

    #: 007 Goldeneye A: Advanced wars B: Bahamut lagoon C: Chrono Trigger D: Danganronpa E: the Elder scrolls IV: Oblivion F: Final Fantasy 9 G: Gears of war 3 H: Halo reach I: Injustice gods among us J: Jet Set Radio Future K: Kingdom Hearts birth by sleep L: Legend of the dragoon M: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga N: Naruto: Broken bonds O: One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 P: Persona 5 Q: n/a R: Radiant historia S: Shining Force 2 T: Tales of Graces f U: Unreal tournament V: N/A W: Warriors Orochi 3 X: Xenoblade Chronicles X Y: Yu Yu Hakusho: Spirit detective Z: Zoo tycoon
  14. Warriors Appreciation Thread

    And that is part of the reason i hated Adventure mode it became more of a chore then anything near the end. But for this game I like the music, characters, and I'm interested in seeing how the bond conversations end up
  15. Also wouldn't mind if there was alts colored like the fates retainers or other shepards