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  1. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    There are plenty of armours that have yet to be released that people want.
  2. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    I'll pull colourless for Eirika. She's the perfect unit on my Surtr squad. Surtr gets buffed by Corrin but now Eirika can buff his attack, defense and resistance. But Surtr kind of buffs himself with +4 stats across the board so I think Eirika is probably redundant. Still first armoured healer means she has a unique niche like H!Mia so I might as well spend a few orbs.
  3. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    Why is it terrible to add any armours? That's because arena scoring makes armours higher score for some reason even though they have less move which is an important factor, not just stats hence why they get more BST. Not because they are supposed to be stronger.
  4. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    I knew there'd be armours on this banner. Anyway, why are people under the impression this game has too many armours? Quantity wise, infantry are the pool with the most units. The only problem with armours is that over half of them are alts instead of characters like Oswin, Tauroneo, Gatrie, Brom, Wallace, etc.
  5. I made a post on Reddit when it comes to representation. How would you balance the banners? Also, what are the 4 miscellaneous banners? The only ones I recall are the two Brave heroes banners and Fallen Heroes.
  6. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    Fallen Celica came out in February, just a few weeks after CYL2 so there was no way for them to wait. IS most certainly came up with her concept long before CYL2 so expecting them to wait several months to design alts means you're expecting them to not release any characters within the next few months of every single CYL event. Considering her massive popularity, three alts is nothing at this point.
  7. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    One of the alts was a Brave Hero. Are you saying IS should have avoided giving Celica a Brave Hero alt even though she was voted first?
  8. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    I'm guessing there will be at least two armour units.
  9. Who can we expect for the Radiant Dawn banner?

    Kieran for Heroes. That would be funny considering how he's obsessed with training to the extent he hurts himself. Great king material right there. /s But Deghinsea isn't in favour of fighting whereas the summoner is willing to summon heroes to fight for him. How will that work? To satisfy me, I just need one of Tauroneo, Kurthnaga, Deghinsea and Pelleas. Any one of them and I'll be excited regardless of whatever else is on the banner. That's not to say there aren't other character selections that can excite me but that would mean all or most characters I have to like with little room for error. Basically my tier list in terms of excitement: Top Tier 1. Tauroneo 2. Kurthnaga 3. Deghinsea 4. Pelleas High Tier 1. Jill 2. Haar 3. Zihark 4. Nolan 5. Edward 6. Leonardo 7. Light Sage Micaiah 8. Lucia 9. Sephiran 10. Naesala 11. Tibarn Mid Tier 1. Florette Mist 2. Queen Elincia 3. Geoffrey 4. Laura 5. Reyson 6. Nailah 7. Ranulf 8. Skrimir 9. Shinon 10. Muarim Essentially if I get one unit from the top tier, I'll be excited. Otherwise, I need two units from high tier or 3 units from mid tier. So far I got one unit from high tier and one unit from mid tier. So far it's looking good. I doubt I'll get one from top tier but I think Naesala is pretty likely and would be happy if he's on. He's my favourite bird laguz after all.
  10. Bound Hero Battle: Ike & Soren

    I used both versions of Micaiah, Zelgius and Myrrh for thematic reasons.
  11. Is there no laguz you like character wise? Thracia would be better than more Geneology due to lack of Thracia heroes IMO.
  12. Who can we expect for the Radiant Dawn banner?

    I am expecting Naesala and Caineghis/Deghinsea because of Forging Bonds. I think four laguz royals being in forging bonds will be thematically fitting. So far in book 3, what it means to be a ruler is discussed. All five four laguz royals have their own philosophy of leadership which was explored in PoR and RD so them discussing it with Alfonse and Gustav would be interesting.
  13. Gustav is a more interesting father than FE6 Hector, FE6 Eliwood, Cornelius, Fado, Albert. Fight me.
  14. She might actually be January's mythical hero. I don't like how mythical heroes are only useful in aether raids. Kind of boring if you ask me.
  15. Do you guys think +atk -def is better or +HP -spd on Surtr? I'm thinking -def isn't bad because his durability is already massive and comes with +3 def on his weapon along with an A skill that augments his defense a lot. Also, it's better for arena scoring due to +atk being a superboon.