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  1. 3725 is my arena score. Got almost all bonus unit kills except one.
  2. You may dislike armoured units character designs but its leagues better than the non canon ones. Why are Roger's chances higher than most others? If anything he's not very popular and lacks characterization due to being from Archanae. IS seems to think they can have their cake and eat it too which is why they only add armoured units in seasonal banners to give popular characters in attractive outfits armoured status to kill two birds with one stone. I think Wallace can piggyback off of Kent and Sain who have a chance of getting in due to being Lyn's retainers. It doesn't matter much because Ludveck, despite not being playable, has enough screen time and story involvement to justify adding him to Heroes. Okay I added him. I want to see Micaiah get drawn by Senri Kita above all else. It's not really that crazy considering we barely got armoured units added to the summoning pool in the first place so the opportunities for demotion are low. That would be Hardin but if he doesn't count due to being an alt when considering the fact he originally wasn't an armour, it'd be Black Knight.
  3. Nevermind, I answered this question myself. Yeah, I would like Oswin, Wallace and Tauroneo. But often times not so popular characters are arguably more interesting than popular characters. If you want heartbreaking statistics, check out this thread.
  4. At launch, we had 5 armoured units (Draug, Hector Sheena, Gwendolyn and Effie). That is 3 females and 2 males despite male armours being far more in number. The waifu bias is real. In 2017, Zephiel, Amelia, Arden and Black Knight were added. Amelia is a girl, Arden is a popular meme and BK and Zephiel are popular FE villains so these were all safe picks. So by the end of 2017, we had 9 non seasonal armoured units. In 2017, we also got winter armour units, Chrom, Robin, Lissa and Tharja as well as H!Jacob and H!Henry. So we got 6 seasonal armours and only 4 regular armours, so there is already a bias for fake armours over actual armours in 2017. Thus the total number of armoured units at the end of 2017 is 15. 6 of them are seasonal and 9 of them are real, so far so good. In 2018, we got Zelgius, Hardin, L!Hector, B!Hector, M!Grima and Surtr as canonical armoured units. While the status of M!Grima is questionable, I think it makes sense. That's 6 new canon armours which seems like an improvement until you see that Zelgius is an alt, both Hectors are alts and Surtr is an OC. The reason why I'm lukewarm of being happy with these aforementioned units representing canonical armours is because it doesn't help us represent the existing armours within the span of all the FE games. In 2018, we also got LA!Lyn, LA!Hector, LA!Eliwood, L!Tiki, H!Myrrh, H!Kagero, H!Niles, H!Dorcas, B!Ephraim, W!Fae, W!Ephraim, W!Eirika, W!Cecilia as non canonical armours. That means we got 13 non canonical armours. Yikes! In total, by the end of 2018, we have 34 armours in total. Of those 34, 19 are non canonical armours and 15 are canonical armours so the number of non canonical armours has surpassed canonical armours. As of April 20, 2019, we got Duma, Idoun and Caineghis as canonical armoured units. We got V!Ike, V!Greil, P!Lucas, P!Flora and P!Felicia as non canonical armoured units. Thus, so far in 2019, we got 3 canon armours and 5 non canon armours. This brings us up to a total of 42 armours. 18 canonical and 24 non canon. As for the 18 canonical armours, we got an OC (Surtr), 3 alts (Zelgius, L!Hector and B!Hector) and 4 questionable choices (Duma, M!Grima, Idoun and Caineghis). So the pure canon armour representation in this game is just 9 characters. Why is this a problem? Well we have 24 canon traditional playable armours yet to be added, not counting beasts/dragons, along with a bunch of NPCs, most of the NPCs are probably too niche and obscure to add, so I'm not expecting them. So if it takes over two years for IS just to add 10 armoured units (the launch 5, Zephiel, Amelia, Black Knight, Arden and Hardin), at this rate, it'll take another 5 years to add them all. But since traditional armoured characters are being replaced by legitimate beast/dragon choices along with alts, we'll be lucky if IS adds even two new traditional armoured characters in the game per year, because in 2017, we got 4 (Zephiel, Amelia, Arden, Black Knight) while in 2018, we only got Hardin. If IS adds two new traditional armoured units per year, it'll take 6 whole years just to get 12 of those 24 canonical armours in the game. This doesn't even include the Three Houses armoured units which will also have to be added. Is the game even going to last 6 years? Will Tauroneo ever be added to the game?
  5. April Legendary Banner Expectations

    Colourless is better anyway for turning Alm into an omega tank in AR. I'm assuming you'll invest heavily into him so him being colourless would be in your best interest. It also means more consistency in taking out fliers of all colours as opposed to just two colours due to WTD partially negating some of the effective damage.
  6. At the rate the game is adding in new armoured units, how long until at least half of them are added?
  7. Naruto may be an underdog for most of the series. But that all changed in the war arc where he's conveniently the guy to have the solutions to all the problems the Shinobi Alliance faces. Alm being a more special snowflake than Naruto is quite laughable as he doesn't have the same laundry list of special qualities nor carries the entire war effort by himself. If Alm were Naruto, he'd have been able to convince Berkut and Ferdinand to join him most likely and probably wouldn't have to kill Rudolf either and be tormented by doing so.
  8. Didnt know Greil is from Awakening or Fates. Or Bruno.
  9. Is Jill coming to Heroes soon?

    I thought you enjoy Mangs' content as I saw you post on his videos and IIRC, were a gold tier subscriber, I may be wrong though.
  10. Is Jill coming to Heroes soon?

    What if Louise is added in Farfetched and ends up taking Jill's spot just because of Mangs? I'm guessing you'll be pissed at Mangs.
  11. Is Jill coming to Heroes soon?

    You wouldn't have said this if you weren't a desperate fanboy. XD
  12. The Great Grand Hero Battle: Haar

    Now use Ike as it'd be more thematically fitting.
  13. New event calendar (April-May 2019)

    I think that's exactly what they are going for. Think about it, every new hero banner this year has coincided with Forging Bonds. Every special hero banner has coincided with Tempest Trials. They have one Forging Bonds and one Tempest Trials every month. Thus each month will have one seasonal banner and one new heroes banner. Perfectly balanced don't you agree? I think IS' logic is that new heroes should get characterization hence they should get Forging Bonds but the writing quality of Forging Bonds this year is a lot higher than in book 2 so it's probably too much for them to release two new hero banners in a month.
  14. April Legendary Banner Expectations

    I thought you like Micaiah. You make it sound as if her being a legendary hero would be dreadful.
  15. New event calendar (April-May 2019)

    I do like book 3 quite a bit but if we're only going to get more story content once per month, the pacing will be bad.