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  1. [Hard] Radiant Dawn Semi-Blind

    In Fire Emblem games, if a bad guy wants to help you out, you recruit them. That's essentially what the series about. Build an army, trust everybody! There is no reason not to accept his support when the world is at stake so I don't see why it is weird. Speaking of Oliver support conversations, look at what Micaiah says to him in her A rank conversation. Duke Tanas… I know everybody thinks you’re horrible because of what you’ve done in the past. But not me! I think you just need different hobbies! I’d be glad to model for a sculpture when this is all over. Is Micaiah going to become a model for the creep after this game is over? I won't spoil you Deltre.
  2. Is Radiant Dawn worth playing?

    Why are people talking about a major plot important concept without spoilers?
  3. So About Micaiah

    Well, I think Pelleas is a strong character due to the fact he's willing to give up power despite no one forcing him to. Most people when they get political power won't want to give it up even if they are incompetent so I respect Pelleas a whole lot for admitting he isn't the best option. I think Micaiah would make a good queen. I'm of the opinion that a good ruler is one who doesn't want power yet people want them to rule. Dude was pretty depressed so I'm assuming Micaiah did not want to bother him further especially when Almedha, who'd also get pissed, was right there and wanted Micaiah to submit. Micaiah is extremely lawful which means willing to submit to authority even if she doesn't like it. This makes her a nice contrast to Ike who's more chaotic in nature and willing to trash talk authority. Anyway, she does try to get Tauroneo to convince Pelleas to withdraw from the war but that didn't work. Part 3 is where Micaiah has to think a lot and make the best worst decision out of many bad decisions so saying she stops thinking is quite odd. Though I can agree with you that questioning authority against an unjust war is the preferable option. Regardless, the scene shifted after Pelleas gave her the order so it remains somewhat ambiguous.
  4. Fire Emblem Character Spotlight!

    I assumed that's how you choose the characters. As for 4) I was pretty sure a Dorcas spotlight was going to happen. Anyway, you've inspired me to do character analysis threads in SF. My first one is Tauroneo.
  5. Here's another idea for FE10.

    Considering Micaiah's dark affinity along with the fact she's the apostle of the "dark" goddess, it would be very fitting for her to use both light and dark magic. This is especially true when her forefather Lehran can use both. Though I think having better stat caps is more important because she was blessed by Yune herself and Yune claimed that they should leave all the fighting to Micaiah which is ironic when she's going to be one of your weaker fighters in the tower. Yune: “…And once we get inside, you can leave most of the fighting to Micaiah.” (Micaiah promotes to Light Priestess) Was Yune being sarcastic when she said that?
  6. I'm not saying his actions in part 4 didn't make sense but I prefer the political conflict of parts 1-3 as opposed to the divine conflict of part 4 and end game. The Senators were no longer the sinister villains in part 4 as they were in part 3 but it makes sense that Ashera would take over the plot. Much like Yune becoming more important than Micaiah because obviously, the goddess would be more important than a mere apostle.
  7. So About Micaiah

    Well, Izuka and Almedha pointed out that by working against Pelleas' support, Micaiah was subverting Pelleas' own authority which would have a drastic effect on Daein's unity as a country. When Pelleas was going to give a speech, he started stuttering and Micaiah decided to intervene but the Black Knight stopped her (most likely because she'd unintentionally steal the glory) and motivated Pelleas. So Micaiah's actions in part 3 seem to be a logical progression and give her character development because she's realized that if she takes a stand against Pelleas, the country's unity will be ruined. Micaiah can sense intentions anyway and knows that what Pelleas is doing is the best for Daein even if she doesn't know the reason. She could sense he's also sad so she didn't want to make him feel even worse.
  8. So About Micaiah

    Exactly, Ashnard's dream of a world where birthright doesn't decide political power could ironically be fulfilled by Micaiah but alas it was not meant to be.
  9. [Hard] Radiant Dawn Semi-Blind

    Why would using a magic item invalidate Ashnard's character from PoR? He wanted to unleash the medallion and wore magic armour in that game so it isn't like he'd be opposed to using magic. If anything, the chaotic/random nature of the blood pact makes sense for him.
  10. Only Tellius characters this time. Order Name 1 Micaiah 2 Tauroneo 3 Zelgius 4 Kurthnaga 5 Jill 6 Dheginsea 7 Haar 8 Oliver 9 Naesala 10 Elincia 11 Titania 12 Lucia 13 Soren 14 Tanith 15 Sanaki 16 Tibarn 17 Ranulf 18 Nolan 19 Tormod 20 Sothe 21 Edward 22 Mist 23 Sephiran 24 Nasir 25 Stefan 26 Pelleas 27 Mia 28 Reyson 29 Skrimir 30 Marcia 31 Geoffrey 32 Laura 33 Kieran 34 Volug 35 Zihark 36 Muarim 37 Oscar 38 Nailah 39 Caineghis 40 Lethe 41 Danved 42 Leonardo 43 Nealuchi 44 Ike 45 Mordecai 46 Nephenee 47 Rolf 48 Shinon 49 Greil 50 Bastian 51 Ena 52 Brom 53 Sigrun 54 Boyd 55 Rhys 56 Rafiel 57 Astrid 58 Makalov 59 Gatrie 60 Largo 61 Volke 62 Ashera 63 Ashnard 64 Giffca 65 Leanne 66 Calill 67 Petrine 68 Fiona 69 Heather 70 Lyre 71 Aran 72 Ilyana 73 Ulki 74 Janaff 75 Renning 76 Vika 77 Gareth 78 Meg 79 Kyza 80 Almedha 81 Izuka
  11. I wouldn't add new characters but if I were to add some, it would be in FE8 due to the small cast size. Other than that, FE6 could use Pent, Louise, Lyn and Rebecca. Maybe even Dorcas.
  12. How Would You Rewrite the Story?

    The reason why the people are willing to fight is that Micaiah is there to lead them. It was suggested that without Micaiah, the army would not function. Pelleas isn't insane. He was going to refuse Lekain's request to send help so why would he attack the Laguz alliance due to some suggestions from generic soldiers that wanted to. The generic soldiers only got excited because they'd be lead by their precious Maiden of Dawn. It's not like they were excited to go to war before Pelleas and Micaiah decided to go to war. Also, wars are started by leaders, not because of an angry mob of the citizenry that forces the rulers to wage war. Sanaki knew about the blood pact since prologue. Pretty sure Nealuchi and Leanne did as well.
  13. How Would You Rewrite the Story?

    The blackmail is to encourage the leaders to get involved in the fight. That silly stuff about the false Apostle and subhumans isn't a good motivation for anyone who isn't an ignorant fool or evil. Yeah, the raven thing wasn't handled well at all. Why weren't the Ravens used to fight against the Laguz Alliance other than the Phoenicis genocide? Also, what you mention is correct as well. We don't really see much of how Kilvas thinks of Naesala other than Nealuchi.
  14. So About Micaiah

    I think Micaiah becoming Queen would have happened irrespective of whether she was of noble birth. Do you guys agree? The only reason Pelleas was chosen was that people believed he was Ashnard's son but once Pelleas realizes he isn't, the only reason why he's ruling the country is gone so he'd step down and give the country to Micaiah. If Pelleas dies, there is no leader Daein can turn to other than Micaiah. Also, I fail to see why her being the Princess of Begnion would grant her favour among Daein citizens anyway.
  15. How Would You Rewrite the Story?

    Well, BlazingKnight suggested a Tellius prequel with that idea. Apparently, Ike is the strongest lord but Altina is much stronger so that would be an interesting twist. I'm surprised you want Soren to return. Prequels can have awesome stories like Skyward Sword so I agree. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As for the suggestion that blood pacts should be removed, I disagree. Most alternatives to the blood pact are far worse. For example, the people of Daein are racist so Pelleas decides to go to war just because. Then Micaiah decides to fight to the death and use heinous tactics just because her country is racist. Seems like a weak character to me. Begnion threatens a military invasion so Pelleas becomes a coward. Yet everyone else is fighting bravely against the Senate and it wouldn't make sense for Daein to continue fighting alongside the Senate when their army is getting decimated in chapters 3-11-3E. The military threat of Begnion doesn't even make much sense when they were busy quelling the uprising in the capital. Pelleas is being influenced by evil nobles? That's odd because Micaiah has far more political power than any noble in Daein so does she just sit there and let the evil nobles influence Pelleas? Seems like a weak character to me. Scrap the conflict between Daein and the Alliance and just have a coalition go up against Begnion? Lame as this is PoR 2.0 except replace Daein with Begnion. Begnion makes a deal where they reconstruct Daein if they go to war? Well, what's the point of reconstruction when Ike's forces can completely decimate Daein? It would be best to stay neutral and not get compensation from Begnion. Blood pacts may not be the best way of creating grey conflict and moral dilemma but they are certainly much better than most alternatives. Blood pact is essentially a way of blackmail which adds more dimension to the story.