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  1. I wouldn't say Eliwood is too perfect and it wouldn't be good if he was. There's a reason why Hector is a popular and appreciated character. If Eliwood was too perfect, Hector wouldn't be a compelling lord and would bring as much ire as Celica does for being overshadowed by the other lord. The duality between Eliwood and Hector is the best among any two lords IMO. Not too long ago I mentioned this on Reddit as well. People criticize Alm more harshly when those same criticisms can apply to other more popular lords. I think people tend to criticize games/characters that are recent.
  2. Me quoting a comment made 3 weeks ago is nothing to be fussed over so I'm not sure why you two are getting so worked up over nothing. Your analogy doesn't apply here for multiple reasons which are irrelevant to discuss. I remembered because it was a direct reference to what I said a couple of weeks ago but was too lazy to respond. I thought the limit is one month but that limit applies if a thread is no longer on the front page. I don't think I said she's a true commoner. The thing that differentiates Micaiah from the other lords is that the loyalty of the Daein people isn't derived from Micaiah's parents. The reason why the GMs sans Shinon and Gatrie choose to follow Ike is because Greil said so. The reason why the army of Pherae fights under Roy's command is because of Eliwood. The reason why Kent, Sain and Wallace fight underneath Lyn is because of her mother. Though in Ike's case, both the game and the fanbase treat him like he's just a commoner. The game doesn't try to treat Micaiah as if she's just a normal person nor does the fanbase do as well. So while I accept your analogy, it's unfortunately not widely accepted from my personal impressions.
  3. What's your point? Why does it matter why I felt the need to link that video? I said that I started appreciating Ike and Vax said he wishes he could do the same so I decided to share it. Special powers doesn't mean the name of her parents mattered. Ike was made the leader of the Greil Mercenaries because he was the son of Greil. Micaiah wasn't made the The analogy of Micaiah's special powers being derived from her heritage doesn't work because there isn't a direct causality between Micaiah's heritage and her being made the leader of the resistance. There's an indirect two step causality. I think you bringing up the fact I brought up a past discussion is even more random.
  4. Your point? How does that relate to anything? I'm not trying to convince Vaximillian to like Ike. Ike's my second least favourite lord.
  5. Don't you do the same thing with Corrin? If anything, Vaximillian's criticism of Ike is a lot more relaxed compared to your criticism of Corrin. The video does try to downplay the effect Smash had on Ike's popularity. There's no way Ike would be a lot more popular than someone like Hector or Roy being a lot more popular than Eliwood, if that were the case. He does talk about Hector being similar to Ike in his bluntness and non noble attitude. True, I think Micaiah is the only lord who was put into authority without her heritage being the reason so I find it frustrating when people say Ike's the only lord who wasn't chosen due to his status because it ignores Micaiah and downplays Ike's specialness. Not that i have a problem with Ike inheriting the Greil Mercenaries from his father but let's not try overlooking it completely either. Doesn't Seliph fight Lopytr? Just because certain dragons are gods doesn't make Ashera a dragon but this point in the video was pointless to raise as it doesn't say anything of Ike's character. Ike failed to save Mist and Rolf which was done by Shinon and Gatrie. He failed to save his father from the Black Knight and right after had to deal with Shinon and Gatrie leaving the company. If it wasn't for Lethe and Mordecai, Ike would have gotten overwhelmed by Daein's army. He also barely makes it out of Port Toha and couldn't do anything about Ranulf getting beat up and later attacked by the Black Knight. While Ike managed to defend the ship from the ravens, he still ended up temporarily getting stranded in hostile territory. I could go on. I fail to see how Ike gets challenged less by the narrative than lords like Marth and Roy. Well Fire Emblem is a game first and foremost and most of the time you're playing, you're using the units, not reading story/character dialogue so Ike being a better unit than many other lords is a reason why people generally like him more. I don't like Ike much and have some problems with him myself but he isn't really that bad.
  6. Here watch this video and see if that changes your mind.
  7. August/September Event Schedule!

    What would be your opinion if Vaida was on that banner instead of alt Nino and non Black Fang Karla? Of course I'm not saying she was added because she wasn't popular but it goes to show IS is willing to add unpopular characters like her and Legault but only if there's an alt to sell the banner. I would judge the quality of a banner based on whether the units in question aren't alts or not as opposed to whether I like them or not. Asking for 2 non alt characters on a banner is too little. What is your opinion on getting Light Sage and Light Priestess Micaiah in the game? Unlike most alts, those are canonical.
  8. August/September Event Schedule!

    Why only 2? That's a disappointing number of new heroes. Karla was a great addition considering how obscure characters are generally ignored so her being on the banner was a good thing as it shows IS is willing to take risks by adding not so popular characters to the game.
  9. Save your orbs for August 21 because there's a New Heroes banner. It might have Tellius characters.
  10. How Can Micaiah Be Made A Better Unit?

    My idea is to give sacrifice the ability to restore bio rhythm to full because herons have that ability as well. Also since sacrifice cures status effects, bad biorhythm being cured ought to be easier story wise. If you want to go even deeper, let sacrifice also restore a turn just like a dancer/heron. After all, Micaiah gives her own energy to the person she's using the ability on.
  11. I wonder why Lekain isn't on the poll but Brigand Boss is. OT: Binding Blade is the only game without a banner so it'd be interesting to see which characters will be added. PoR is also in dire need of a banner since the last one happened in October. RD's banner is more recent but it is by far the least represented game so I'd say it's the third most deserving. More importantly, I hope the banners have 4 new characters because new unit banners happen every month, which is too infrequent if only 2 new characters are being added. My individual preference goes like this: FE10>FE9>FE6>FE8>FE7 (I like FE7's cast the most of the GBA games but it has enough representation for now)
  12. August Legendary Banner Expectations

    Yeah I like how in RD, each leader is unique, and has their own character arc which includes Elincia, Pelleas, Skrimir, Micaiah, Sanaki and Kurthnaga. RD is all about developing its leaders something that no other game does anywhere near as well. For some reason, people like to ignore Micaiah, Pelleas and Kurthnaga's development while over hyping Ike and Elincia's. Roy and Eliwood both had to deal with internal issues within Lycia. Especially Roy, such as dealing with the bandits, Erik, Wagner and the Ostian revolutionaries.
  13. August Legendary Banner Expectations

    Pelleas deals with the challenges of a reigning monarch so Elincia being the only character dealing with challenges relating to being a monarch is false.
  14. August Legendary Banner Expectations

    I meant what if IS decided to ignore some of the less popular lords and instead cycle through the most popular ones again. I doubt they'd stoop that low but you never know.