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  1. Wasn't the story in FE Warriors considered bad by most people? If so I wonder what this means for the story of Three Houses.
  2. There doesn't seem to be an obvious evil country in this game.
  3. Character Analyses: Nephenee and Brom

    What do you think of Mangs' Nephenee character spotlight? I think he was too harsh on her character.
  4. Who is the worst unit, gameplay wise?

    Lyre because even with investment she sucks. At least Fiona and Meg can become good units with investment.
  5. Bound Hero Battle (Ablaze): Cherche & Virion

    Do you think Virion should be built with those skills he got in the BHB? OT: This BHB was very easy for Tibarn, Naesala, Leanne and Reyson.
  6. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    The thing is every single FE game doesn't explore what every single random soldier thinks and their varied opinions. It would be interesting which soldiers worship her, which admire her but this is all hypothetical and way out of context of the original point. Sometimes its best to hide the inconvenient truth. I mean most of the stuff you're saying in this thread is a joke so pot calling the kettle black. He only managed to restrain him due to being in close proximity. Lyon is not some omnipotent god that can paralyze people regardless of range. Teleportation sneak attacks are harder to pull off if you're with the rest of the army so its his fault for going in solo instead of bringing in allies. If you improve the quality of your arguments, I wouldn't get mad. All I see is bizarre leaps of logic. In what world does not getting yelled at mean no personal consequence? There really is no correlation because scenario A = not getting yelled at and scenario B = no personal consequence are not mutually exclusive. Scenario A is a subset of scenario B but in no way does the lack of A imply the lack of B. It's really hard to have an argument with someone who doesn't understand the basic structure of an argument. All you have to do is admit you're wrong if you agree that your argument doesn't follow the basic structure of logic. If you don't I'm afraid I'll have to guide you through step by step through the very beginning.
  7. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Maybe they might end up in denial that their precious maiden can do nothing wrong. Who knows? Would make sense based on her cult of personality similar to how much faith they had in Micaiah despite her constantly failing. I responded to all your assertions in full and have either refuted them or agreed with them. Okay that's if they are in a position to criticize Micaiah. I have not seen anywhere in the script where random soldiers bringing this event up would be good writing. Unless Micaiah stupidly told the entire army she's at fault but this would decrease morale to find such an incompetent leader. Double standards are strong with this one. The scenes being different doesn't mean they aren't worthy of personal criticism. If you think charging at a teleporting person, especially when you have something precious to protect, is in any way not worthy of any personal criticism, I find it hard to take you seriously. But it's been hard to take you seriously since I started this discussion with you. From what So if some police officer in my country decides to become a bystander in a crime scene instead of stopping the criminal, I should attack the police officer? Hector, not the soldier was the aggressor in this instance. The soldier didn't directly harm Hector or Eliwood, he was a neutral party at that point. Hector doesn't know whether the soldier was in cahoots with the attackers or not. Hector has all the reason to contain his anger when Nino has just suffered a lot by losing everything and now he wants to take the only one close to her. Have the decency to wait until Jaffar is alone before making a bold threat like that. Hector hasn't heard this discussion. So the solution is to make Nino even more upset despite her being in a shitty situation?
  8. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Why would soldiers be upset at Micaiah instead of Jarod? What type of lunacy is this? Jarod is the one directly causing the casualties so they'd pin the blame on Jarod especially since he's the enemy and Micaiah is their beloved savior. When a person gains a cult of personality, their flaws, far worse than Micaiah's are purposely overlooked by hardcore fanatics. I didn't ignore anything. Your response to my correction doesn't invalidate my correction. Because, not getting yelled on =/= no personal consequences. I see the question mark but asking such a foolish question does mean you're questioning my intelligence. The Begnion occupation forces in the capital. In that case, either the Black Knight is an inconsistent character or he thought taking Alder's life was enough to conclude the battle and didn't want to stain his blood twice. Agreed. Initially, you mentioned Micaiah as one of three examples along with Corrin who is infamous for being a terrible character so how was I supposed to know you think Micaiah is one of he better ones? Secondly, it was made obvious this was a serious mistake from the get go. Making mistakes doesn't mean people are no longer allowed to love you. What type of logic is this? It's like arguing that Ephraim and Eirika aren't flawed when they lose Renais' sacred stone just because they personally don't suffer for it. It's quite clear they both made a bad move. Micaiah is forced to go out in a final battle when it could all have been avoided. I think being forced to go out for an extra pointless battle is personal punishment that surpasses someone scolding you by far. I'd rather someone get mad at me than being forced to go to war. She also indirectly mentioned her reluctance to kill Jarod, the first time around, when she entered Daein keep. Micaiah not being always wrong is good. I don't want a lord that is always wrong either or else why are they even on such a pedestal to begin with? Also, other lords like Hector weren't criticized enough for his merciless nature. And Hector resorting to violence so quickly against a neutral bystander was never brought up again. Lyn and Eliwood don't even criticize Hector for threatening to kill Jaffar right in Nino's face. As far as I'm concerned being merciless is a worse flaw than being merciful and Micaiah has more personal consequences than Hector. I don't mean to demean Hector as I think he's very well-written as well but alas both characters can be improved. My point is that Micaiah's flaws have more weight than most FE lords.
  9. I'm doing an analysis on representation of each game. Do you guys consider Zelgius to be a BK alt or a separate character? I think he should be considered an alt. Also, what Tellius characters are missing from CYL that should be added?
  10. Let's make a deal 100 dueling crests for 100 orbs.
  11. Dueling crests. Just what we needed eh? Screw orbs, feathers, grails, dueling crests all the way! /s
  12. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Sure I got too fixated on a random point regardless of its validity.
  13. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    First off, no where in the game is it stated Micaiah expected Jarod to sit around and wait for the inspection team. Second of all, I didn't claim she was smart for letting Jarod go. Not a fan of people who twist my statements. I actually despise it. Jarod was still in a fight with a weapon albeit about to lose before Alder popped in. The fight stopped after Alder's death and Jarod no longer had a weapon equipped. I didn't start an argument. You made a wrong claim and I corrected you. Incorrect claim JimmyBeans: 2. Michiah faced no real consequence for letting Jarod live, it is completely her fault he started bombarding the city with catapults and what not. Fact Check Icelerate: No offense but you yourself falsified your initial statement. Him bombarding the city and killing scores of civilians is a pretty dire consequence. Okay you agree he's close to perfect. I don't think he's literally perfect either. No ill will shown =/= not being punished. Once again stop making assertions about myself. I didn't say or imply she's a perfectly written character. You feeling like the game didn't show the consequences of Micaiah's faults is odd when you use Eliwood and Alm of all people to show how faults should be shown. Neither character whose shown to be very flawed so the comparison is moot. If you used someone like Hector, your argument would have more credence, as he's obviously more flawed. Izuka, one of the most vile putrid human beings in FE, was allowed to be right when he claimed Micaiah's heroism was making Pelleas' standing weaker. Both her and Pelleas were forced to acknowledge this fact. There was also the swamp trap where Tauroneo ends up agreeing with Izuka that going to a trap is too risky. If even someone as blatantly evil as Izuka is allowed to be right compared to Micaiah, you can see why I have a hard time agreeing with you that Micaiah is put on a higher pedestal than she deserves or that the game doesn't question Micaiah's decisions, values, etc. I don't remember off the top of my head when someone as evil as Izuka is allowed to have a point over any of the other FE lords. I do agree that Izuka should have criticized Micaiah for letting Jarod go and using it against her, criticizing her naive worldview which would force Micaiah to acknowledge Izuka is right. But the Black Knight getting angry would be OoC considering how he refuses to get angry when serving Valtome and being forced to carry out his unreasonable demands. BK is very stoic and only gets mad when Sephiran is insulted. Furthermore, BK is trying to win Micaiah's loyalty. Being overtly hostile would not be a smart move on his part. You can argue that Sothe should have criticized her but he was too fixated on Micaiah allying herself with the BK because he's more concerned with Micaiah making friends with evil figures as opposed to her being too merciful because Sothe after all values morality above all else. BTW, I'm not arguing with you because I disagree with how well-written you think Micaiah is. This is a thread where you are free to drop opinions without people questioning it. The reason why I'm arguing is because I think that the argument I hear from people where they say Micaiah doesn't get punished is absurd because it's pretty baseless. It's not even an opinion, it's an incorrect statement such as saying the sky is green.
  14. How did a seasonal alt of all things convince you to come back to the game? I thought you disliked seasonal alts especially since they are too numerous.