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  1. The State of Heroes

    That's another problem that there are some niche skills that can be useful but not universally so and not worth pulling for especially on non main units. Yeah and you have to use 20k feathers even though it's only desirably on some of my non main units so I can't be bothered to spend 20k feathers.
  2. The State of Heroes

    I think the fact some people can go without specific fodder for such a long time sucks so a way to buy specific skill fodder is very much needed or else your builds can come to a halt and you're forced to improvise or wait. Using arena medals for this would be ideal as they need more uses.
  3. Official Pull Topic

    I just rolled Quan on my free summon on Ephraim and Myrrh BHB banner. Like father like son considering I got Leif on my free summon on a past banner. Both of them also came with bad IVs. Quan is -atk, +HP while Leif is -spd,+def.
  4. If the dark sphere wasn't used on Hardin, do you think eventually he'd become evil on his own but less so and taking longer to do so? Anyway, I prefer villains who are evil of their own volition. Also, how come Celica still has her own feelings/personality even if she can't control her actions unlike the other witches? But in Heroes she seems totally into Duma.
  5. Cecilia is Pent's successor so I think that's worth mentioning. I would give Zephiel an 8.5. I don't think he's quite BK level considering how Roy can match him while it took Ike 3 years worth of training as well as a blessing from Yune to be able to beat the Black Knight.
  6. Whenever people talk about villains, characters who are under the influence of an evil force such as Lyon, Julius, Hardin are talked about. But if they're being mind controlled, possessed or brainwashed, than that is no longer them. A villain is someone who is contemptible but a possessed person is not deserving of scorn because they have no agency when they do their actions. That's like saying Celica was a villain when she fought Alm but no one calls Celica at that point in time a villain because she was possessed and had no free will. So why is Celica, in that moment, not considered a villain but characters like Julius are even though Celica is more responsible for getting possessed than Julius who just happened to touch some book and had no idea what he was getting into?
  7. Despite being a red tome flyer and trainee, Nowi didn't get trainee bonuses for some reason. Even though Faye did. I wonder why.
  8. I was joking no need to get so defensive. Pretty good idea. I just hope that the plot doesn't change drastically as people had issues with Kris changing the writing in FE12 compared to FE3 and giving Lyn and co. a big role could do the same. The reason why Lyn dying was suggested was so that the main players are the ones who are already in FE6 and could give the villains more feats because the villains in FE6 don't really have much going for them in terms of being threatening. I want some bonus chapters where you play as Lyn and Hector after completing the game where they do their own stuff.
  9. Guinivere, Milady and Zeiss. TT: Saint Karel GHB: Murdock
  10. Anyone who is not an alt because Thracia is severely lacking in representation.
  11. My only 5*+10 is Nino. I do have a couple of 4*+10 like Cecilia and Raven IIRC.
  12. It taking two wyvern generals to defeat Hector hypes Hector a lot. After all, these two are among Bern's strongest. I would fix the plothole of Hector not knowing dragons exist. So what's your idea of giving Lyn closure? Have her hide in FE6 like a coward? This way she survives. Just kidding but she'd be outclassed by Bern's forces.
  13. I thought you don't like melee units and prefer ranged units get love and power creep.