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  1. How many 5 star units do you have?

    Yes I have 2 Linus now. I was thinking about saving feathers for Y! Tiki. She hits resistance and gets effective damage against dragons at 5* and right now I have no reliable way of dealing with dragons.
  2. How many 5 star units do you have?

    I've got Brave Lyn, Fjorm, Vanguard Ike, Nino, Takumi and Canas.
  3. Does that mean there's a higher chance of getting green units like Nino considering the pool of green units is small?
  4. Do you think Micaiah is a Marysue or no?

    There were a couple of times where certain people agreed with Izuka over Micaiah even in part one. For example, Tauroneo agreed that going to Shifu Swamp was a bad idea and decided against it. Izuka pointed out that Micaiah had sidelined Pelleas which pretty much everyone agreed with. Most main characters and all Mary Sues are generally treated to be correct when up against someone as evil as Izuka so I don't see the Mary Sue complaints even in part one. Sounds like most male protagonists in FE, not just Corrin. Not accusing them of being Mary Sues but I do find it odd that people criticize Kris and Corrin for doing things that the likes of Marth do.
  5. Micaiah Character Analysis

    I'm actually saving up orbs for a DB banner. I have over 430 orbs in my inventory. BTW what's your friend code in Heroes? I'm in a similar boat to you as well when it comes to FE4. I only beat chapter 1 and prologue but watched an LP up to chapter 3 and parts of 4. Considering how many interactions Ike and Soren already get in both games, I don't think that support will be very interesting. The support possibilities are endless. Despite the structure, I think it is possible to integrate support conversations. Supports build up pretty fast in RD so it is possible to build one up from nothing to A in the tower. I like how it sheds insight into Ike's character with his own struggles. The A rank support's explanation justifies Ike leaving Tellius IMO. If this support was included in the actual game, some of the controversial aspects of both characters wouldn't be taken so badly such as Micaiah disliking Ike or Ike leaving Tellius.
  6. Tempest Trials: Feud of the Fangs!

    I have scored over 15000 points so far.
  7. Your favorite Gordin?

    Gordon has the memes so I'm going with him.
  8. "Is Rebecca good?" Experiment

    Are you also going to use Nino as your username suggests? Make this a low tier run!
  9. Micaiah Character Analysis

    Other than Ghast's support science, do you watch Mangs' character spotlights? He has two on Ike. What was your reaction to Zelgius taking a spot on the banner? I like Zelgius a lot as a character but he wasn't even wearing his crimson armour and took a spot that should have gone to Edward. Other than Tellius, which games do you think have the best cast of characters. For me it is Blazing Sword. I think you'll love these custom fan made support conversations between Ike and Micaiah (c)(b)(a). They feel like so canon and natural. Furthermore, certain plot elements which were rushed or overlooked in RD were brought up and expanded upon. Hopefully, King Bahamut makes some more. Which characters would you like to see supports from? I'd like to see one between Micaiah and Soren, Micaiah and Elincia, Pelleas and Micaiah, Edward and Leonardo, Tauroneo and Fiona, etc.
  10. When two nihil users go up against each other, they both block each other's combat skills from activating. But nihil in and of itself is a combat skill yet it doesn't get blocked. Have you ever found this odd?
  11. True, his backstory and mysterious persona was interesting but it would be nice to see him be a more proactive villain. Agreed but for some reason Shadow Dragon is often praised for its story by some veterans. Considering how it came after Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, the lack of world building and characterization was a disappointment. I never got the criticisms of the fire dragon. He's not even a villain and was never meant to be. Just a final boss and to show how close Nergal came to victory. Just look at how most villains in Heroes are from games such as Blazing Blade or Jugral which goes to show that villains from these older titles are more compelling than the ones in the recent games.
  12. Idoun doesn't count because she's not a villain, more a dead zombie. Yahn is the dragon villain of that game and I thought he was pretty interesting but your point on being too enigmatic to be compelling for a lot of people can hold. I don't think Julius counts because he's not a dragon but possessed by a dragon much like Lyon. Though I'm not sure if Lopytr is a good villain, he sounds just like the other dragon villains but people seem to give the dragon villains a free pass from the older games but the newer dragon villains get more flack. Do you think it has to do with bias?
  13. I thought you wanted Ephraim more.
  14. If a game has a compelling human villain, a final dragon boss doesn't detract from it when it comes to writing. From a game play perspective fighting a super natural being is much harder than just an ordinary human villain. So I'm fine with final dragon bosses.
  15. Micaiah Character Analysis

    Thanks for the compliment even though its been a long time since you posted. True, I also like that conversation because it subtly coveys in the fact Micaiah is a morally grey character much like Naesala so if people are troubled by her actions, that's not necessarily bad writing since that's supposed to be the point. No one says Naesala is a bad character just because some of the stuff he does pisses people off. I like that conversation because it shows that Micaiah doesn't get embarrassed as easily as Sothe despite Sothe having more interactions with Ike than herself. It goes to show she's become a lot more confident and less shy compared to in part one. Thanks again. Well I really like Micaiah as a character because the game actually challenges her physically, mentally, emotionally and ideologically pretty ruthlessly. Most FE lords don't really get challenged all that much by the story. That is also the reason why RD is my favourite story by far. A story that challenges the protagonist as opposed to making the protagonist super awesome who isn't challenged much is better. Did you watch Ghast Station's support science on Celica? It was really good. I'm doing things quite slowly nowadays so don't expect him any time soon. Maybe in July. Those are some nice choices for votes. I was uncreative and dumped them all into Micaiah. Though if I were creative, I think it would go like this. 1. Micaiah (favourite character) 2. Tauroneo (2nd favourite) 3. Kurth (3rd favourite) 4. Deghinsea (4th favourite) 5. Pelleas (6th favourite; I like Lloyd more but he's already in the game) 6. Edward (I was bummed out that the DB didn't show up) 7. Nolan (The DB were not only shafted in RD, but also in Heroes)