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  1. Endgame on normal help

    On turn 10, if everyone gets stunned, isn't that basically game over?
  2. Hey Kirokan!

    I was reading through the script again and noticed that at the end of chapter 1-2, Jarod praises Micaiah for being clever and seeing through his ruse. 


    “Where is Laura?”

    And you saw through my ruse. You’re as clever as they say, my dear. You even came alone. How brave of you. Was that to give your friends a chance to escape? What a thoughtful little thing you are.”


    What exactly was the ruse and how did she see through it? To me it seems more like she fell for it so I want to know if the tone is sarcastic or genuine. 

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    2. Kirokan


      I was looking through the chapter, and wow! The extended script has more dialogue with more of the characters contributing. I still don't clearly see what Jarod's "ruse" may have been, but the Japanese says:

      "なんでもお見通しってわけか "

      I would translate it as "It's like you can really read my mind!" [and hence see everything I have planned] I think "ruse" came about since " 見通 " is primarily used for "seeing through a trick" or ruse. (it literally means "see through"). So if translating out of context and knowing it's simply a villain speaking, this would make sense.

      However, when we do consider the context, the fact he was noticed despite hiding means it was more likely he was remarking on how it's like she could hear his thoughts, or "reading his mind."

      I hope that helps explain it! Micaiah's ability may have detected him somehow, or she's just sharp.

      I really want to go translate this extended script more than ever when I get time though. On the net people have translated parts 3/4 but not 1 as much... and now I'm seeing there's quite a bit here too... I just need time!

    3. Icelerate


      But did Jarod call Micaiah clever in the Japanese script? 

      I think I understand the scenario after thinking about it deeply. Jarod's plan was to wait in the forest with Laura so that the Dawn Brigade searching for her will eventually lead them to Jarod. Micaiah realized this and had the group split up and had them rendezvous at a location away from Jarod's. She was willing to sacrifice herself for Laura and the Dawn Brigade's sake because she was more important to Begnion so she thought Begnion would leave Laura alone. Of course, the smarter thing to do was to tell the rest of the Dawn Brigade but she intentionally kept this a secret because they wouldn't come back for Laura if that were the case. 

      Thanks for looking into it!

    4. Kirokan


      You are correct! It's more obvious in Japanese too that she purposefully goes out of her way to make the group split up so she can go alone.

      Jarod indeed says she's clever like English. Well, as "clever as they say." More literally, as "sharp (in intuition) as the rumors say." That part in English is a pretty accurate translation. : )

  3. Replace a lord with a minor character

    I thought you meant chapter 1-9: One Survives because that's the chapter where the Black Knight is first introduced.
  4. Replace a lord with a minor character

    What's wrong with chapter 4 and how exactly is it nonsense?
  5. Say something mean about Micaiah, Sophia and Roy.
  6. How good are you at Fire Emblem?

    I'm having somewhat of a difficult time with Hector hard mode.
  7. I think what bothers me about FE6 is that Bern is portrayed to be extremely powerful compared to the rest of the continent, even without dragons. The only country that's somewhat comparable is Etruria but Etruria's army was weakened by a civil war. Yet despite this and the fact Bern still has Sacae and Illia under its control, Roy manages to win battle after battle. Even the esteemed Bern's second in command, Murdock, ends up being a one chapter boss whose defeat allowed Roy to launch an attack on Bern's palace. So much for Bern's might.
  8. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Well I agree with Jave. For example, I like Lekain and Makalov more than Roy and Ike. Utter apathy is worse than a character that fills me with rage.
  9. Say something nice about your least favorite character

    Roy is a boy genius and Ike is very bad-ass. Both of them are nice guys who value justice and doing the right thing.
  10. Well at least Narcian is a minor villain and he ended up getting punished from the higher ups. Competent villains are hard to come by especially when FE lords end up winning battle after battle. Speaking of which, I'm tired of seeing incompetent villains and perfect protagonists.
  11. Why does he leave Marth in the desert when he was invincible?
  12. Should FE games have route splits?

    Then that's even more reason to leaving them and just focus on one coherent, yet ambitious story.
  13. Should FE games have route splits?

    I have mixed feelings on this subject. Split routes may over complicate the writing in the game. For a game like Sacred Stones, it was fine due to being a short game but the Switch FE game will most likely be very ambitious so if they can do it properly, it would be great. Otherwise, the story might suffer.
  14. It would be even cooler if Roy grew as a character.
  15. Take that back! Micaiah is not only the best character in her game and not only the best lord in the series but the absolute best character in the series. Not as a unit though.