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  1. Official Pull Topic

    Got a free F!Corrin 4*. Was thinking of making one of her at some point, so yay! More yay however, I got the perfect +Atk/-Res Laevatein! Sooo many orbs on that banner this past month, and only Laevatein has shown up, focus-wise. Not complaining, she’s awesome 😎 Would like her sister and Helbindi, but maybe someday!
  2. Things you regret doing the most?

    The first and foremost is spending definitely too much money on the very first Hero Fest banner in a desperate bid to get original Hector (which, ironically, I STILL have not gotten, despite getting every single alt of him on their original banner releases). I was able to afford it, yes, but I left with a terrible taste in my mouth that has tempered my caution on spending real money on banners. Otherwise, probably going "all-in" on certain banners, like a legendary banner a couple months ago, which I did not leave very satisfied. But that is something to expect with a gacha, luck and all that. Retroactively, sending many units home way back when skill inheritance wasn't a thing yet. So many Hinatas, Selenas, Subakis, and Shannas...
  3. Official Pull Topic

    Free summon on Ploy banner had no greens D: Got a 4* Female Corrin. Acceptable!
  4. Official Pull Topic

    Got a L!Ike, a +Res/-Def Karla (new unit yay!) and L!Hector over the course of the banner. Not bad at all! Now begins the eternal struggle of merging Hector or giving someone Distant Counter. I’ve never had a spare Hector before... Anyhow, keep following that star, Tiki! I’ll leave the lights on for you.
  5. Arena Crowns

    I hope they stay just bragging rights, because if they become something that has a use, anyone that has them is at a point where they don't actually need them for anything. What use are optimal natures if you've proven you don't need them to top the leaderboards? Feh is pretty cute with one on though. Maybe one day I'll be able to get one, but that day's probably a loooong time away.
  6. September's Legendary Hero - Tiki: Legendary Dragon

    Cool lookin' Tiki! And so fierce! :O Not sure how much I'll invest in this banner, but I like fierce breath! I hope they don't leave it only on a legendary hero. My orb supply is intensely thin, so I'm not gonna get my hopes up, but there shall be hope nonetheless! Come home adorable dragon child!
  7. Official Pull Topic

    Got 2 Hanas, a Marth, Cecilia (ooo needed Escape Route fodder!), and a Gordin. No more Laevs, no Laegs or Helbindis, but we got time!
  8. How long you've been playing Heroes?

    Been playing since launch day, never recall missing a single day. First 5-star was male Robin, followed closely by Lyn, Abel, then Julia. Still use them on and off when their unique traits are most helpful. Robin can serve as an excellent go-to Brave Lyn counter, Lyn is super fast and has a fun style, Abel can break swords, and Julia can nuke dragons to this day! Starting with things like the maximum stamina increase and lower stamina costs to better grinding areas, to me the game has only ever gotten better. A few missteps here and there, like the Voting Gauntlet mechanics and whatnot, but on the whole I still find the game fun! Definitely the most player-friendly F2P game I’ve ever played. Though I have not been F2P for quite some time, I don’t spend so much as to need to factor it into my monthly budget at least. Looking very forward to 3.0 and the banners that can give some more neglected Fire Emblem games some love <3
  9. Official Pull Topic

    Thanks so much! After reading others spending tons and tons of orbs I was getting worried... but no longer! Best of luck with your pulls as well :)
  10. Official Pull Topic

    Continuing the search for Laevatein, I bit the bullet and completed the rest of the Lunatic Chain Challenges I had left. Got a Young Tiki! +HP/-Def. Now my Young Tiki is +1. ...and at last, after one other summon circle with three, count 'em, THREE 3* units and no other reds... Laevatein! :D She is +Res/-HP, so essentially neutral, though ouch, superbane... but still! Stats don't matter, the character does for me. Going to keep going on this banner for her sister, Helbindi, and maybe another copy if she wants to show up! Seriously though, this banner has been ridiculously lucky in terms of 5* pulls for me. Five 5*s in about 130 orbs or so. Hopefully the luck keeps up and spreads to everyone else too!
  11. How's your luck in Heroes?

    I think I’m usually reasonably lucky. I’ve had the occasional banner where I get one or two characters I really really want, and other banners where I dump tons of orbs and get two Sabers... and nothing else. Definitely painful when that happens, so I’ve been trying to curb my expectations lately.
  12. Official Pull Topic

    72 orbs On the Generals of Muspell banner I got my third Horse!Eirika (+Atk/-HP, nice!), my very first Amelia (+Res/-HP, not the best but I'll always take a new character), and Brave!Celica (+HP/-Def. The last new Brave Hero I needed! Now I only lack Brave Lucina from the first round) So no focus units, but overall very pleased! Not too many orbs spent either.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    Free pull on the New Power banner, 4 reds, one colorless. 4* Ares. I'll take it! Still looking for a perfect IV'd Ares. Alas, -Spd/+Res. Brazen Atk/Def fodder it is!
  14. Ideas For Book 3

    Lots of cool ideas! One that stood out to me is how Múspell is going to rebuild. I don't think Helbindi survived his Surtr encounter... but I wouldn't complain if he did! Also, I believe that Fjorm mentioned to Hrid that Laevatein is now ruling the kingdom, which, while I like her, she's probably not the best candidate for the job. She mostly just takes orders and follows them, almost never taking the initiative herself. And she's prone to, shall we say, rash decisions when under duress. Maybe it could be a mini coming-of-age arc where Laev needs to adapt quickly or become overwhelmed with the responsibilities of the throne? Sounds more like a "main character" arc, but hey, if Veronica can be a Brave Hero, then anything's possible. I too am looking forward to beast units, in whatever form they take in Heroes. They're an integral part of Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn, and not-insignificant roles in other games as well. Can't let dragons have all the fun, can we? Character-exclusive upgrades for Assist, Special, and Passive skills would be awesome! One of the best parts of Fates for me was how each character was unique in their individual skills, something I hope IS continues in future installments. I'm thinking a future alt of Robin will have Rally Spectrum in some shape or form, and that will be exclusive to him/her. As for healer and infantry improvements, I dunno! Judging by the datamine, I think Book 3 will bring in some intense stuff. Let's hope!
  15. YES!! Laevatein!! That's awesome! Happy day everyone! Laegjarn and Helbindi too!? Befriend ALL the enemies! <3