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  1. Official Pull Topic

    Both free 5*s today! Huzzah! Flying!Nino - A copy, but a copy of an adorable young lady on a pegasus. +HP/-Def, which is about the same as my other one, so probably Swift Sparrow fodder, hooray! Rhajat! - The final piece in my unintentional-but-welcome "Tharja Emblem." Also +HP/-Def. I can't wait for double SP tomorrow so I can train her up!
  2. Silly servers... I had just picked the green orb for my free pull and it seems like I'll have to wait until I wake up to find out what I got. Taking all bets! Will it be a 5* Bartre!? Or perhaps the more likely 3-4* Bartre, or Hawkeye, or Merric or... Edit: It was a 4* Camilla
  3. Official Pull Topic

    82 Orbs (and some luck) netted me: NY!Camilla (+Def/-HP) New unit, huzzah! Not a bad IV either! Legendary!Lucina (+HP/-Def) Newest unit, huzzah! AND FINALLY A LUCINA THAT DOESN'T HAVE A MASK HAS COME HOME! :D I have literally zero other Lucinas. Legendary!Lyn (+Res/-Atk (uuughh...)) New unit! With a terrible IV but I love her anyway! LA!Lilina (+Spd/-HP) My fourth Valentine's Lilina, but this one has a better nature than my old +Spd/-Atk one, so OMNOMNOMNOM I don't know why, but this banner was extremely nice to me. Only units I'd want from it now are Helpful!Chrom and Ringaling!Lissa. Horse Chrom is in the normal pool and while I don't really want to wait until December or January... I don't have any orbs left, and paying for this banner would just strike me as extremely greedy on my part, so I think unless I get another 20 orbs by the time it's done, I guess I'm all out for this banner, but three new units for my orbs is more than I expected! Thanks Legendary Lucina banner! Now be nice to everyone else, y'hear?
  4. How many F2P orbs have you saved up?

    33 currently and I believe my record is around 120, 130 specifically for a legendary banner or CYL. I find it a little hard to save up for something I might not like versus getting a new unit or two sooner, but then again, nothing is guaranteed! I’m going to try to save up for CYL2... we’ll see how that goes.
  5. Official Pull Topic

    35 Orbs spent, and I got a Lute! -Atk/+Res. I can work with this! Now I have all three unlikely heroes :D
  6. Official Pull Topic

    Huzzah! Pulled Sword!hardt as my free and only pull on the DB banner :D Seriously thought the focus units were Seigbert, Delthea and normal Rein, but then pulled Mr. Mastersword and remembered normal Rein doesn’t even come with Deathblow XD Hopefully this is a good omen for the Legendary banner! (+Spd/-HP by the way, effectively neutral, I’ll take it!)
  7. Official Pull Topic

    I'm hoping to be able to pull Winter Tharja from the next Legendary Banner. Emphasis on "hoping to" considering how, even with hundreds of orbs, odds are I won't ever pull her. Still, I won't give up! No more spending until the Legendary Banner comes out. The summer units may be tempting, but I pretty much cleaned out the first round of summer units, other than Gaius and Frederick, from the whole year of pulling. So at the very least, the theme probably won't be enough to crack me. Bring on the bikinis and bathing suits! My orbs stay with me! Although a summer Ryoma wielding a comically oversized lobster as a weapon would be hysterical.
  8. Official Pull Topic

    Got up to a grueling 4.5% on the Fangs banner, but it finally paid off with a +Atk/-Def Sigurd and a +Def/-Res Giga Nino! That's a load off, but I need to brace myself a bit better for saving up orbs.
  9. Legendary Hero: Ryoma, Supreme Samurai

    Yay Ryoma has an alt now! Didn't expect him to be the legendary hero, but he is pretty cool. I have W!Robin, Y!Tiki, Fjorm and Gunnthra, so overall it would be pretty likely for me to pull a character I need. High priority: Grima, Hardin, Ryoma, and Chrom. I need to be careful with this banner since I know for sure there are going to be units on the next legendary banner that I 100% want.
  10. Your rarest character(s)?

    I think my rarest are Young Tiki from the first Hero Fest, and Elincia, from her own banner. But yeah, looking back on it now, I guess Elincia really hasn't been on many banners, huh? I don't really know why, she's a pretty good character. Same thing with Tiki, she's my go-to Brave Lyn counter.
  11. Official Pull Topic

    Had a stressful week and have been pretty successful in saving up my orbs, getting to 114! Huzzah! Decided that another 20 orbs on the bride banner wouldn't hurt too much, despite not knowing the units for the next Legendary Banner. Poor decision or not, my orbs got me a Bride!Ninian! +Spd/-Def, literally perfect, so that's awesome! The Tempest Trial will replenish my orbs before the next banner, and I'm crossing my fingers for some awesome units!
  12. Official Pull Topic

    I cracked a little bit and spent some of my ~80 or so orbs on the Genealogy banner since I had a 3.50% pity rate and the Tempest Trial is coming up and all... and for once, a rash decision was rewarded! Got a +Res/-Def Ishtar after 9 Orbs (the other unit was a 3-star Olivia)! Huzzah! Definitely the unit I wanted the most from this banner, and I hope that Lene is demoted because I WILL promote her for Sword Valor 3 if I have to.
  13. The Worst of the Best

    HP - Normal Kagero - 28 because she's +Res/-HP. ATK - Bridal Lyn - 38 because she's +Res/-ATK. DEF - Delthea - 8 because I read this very thread and decided Life and Death 3 would make for some fun instead of her vanilla Deathblow 3 :D SPD - Arden - 11 because as he says, he's strong and tough but not fast at all! Brave Sword+ doesn't help much either. RES - Takumi - 14 because of his +ATK/-Res IVs, which is one of his best, actually :D First Takumi I got from the Hero Fest banner of yore. For total stats, the lowest is, hilariously enough, Bridal Cordelia with 149! Even though she's destroyed several Tempest Trials and PVE content with naught but a dancer to back her up. Fun stuff!
  14. They all look so cool! Wasn’t expecting Tharja but hey, she’s sarcastic and in a black dress so sure! But I must remain strong for the Legendary banner in case Winter Tharja is there. Or really, any other units I really want. Winter Chrom or Lissa would be amazing as well. Maybe Hardin or M!Grima too... Anyway! Brides look great, their skills are interesting and best case scenario I get one as the free summon and don’t have to worry about it! Probably won’t happen, but stranger things have occurred.
  15. Special heroes of the 21st May

    I'm convinced that's Ninian, and I'm cool with that. She's neat! No idea who the other person is though... they're really thin. Some brought up maybe Nino, and I think that'd be adorable, but I don't know if I'd say she's "bride" material because she's still 14 or so. If it's Tharja... eeeeh? I like Tharja, but she'd probably kill someone for making her don a wedding dress. Plus, the "normal girl" thing has already been done in Heroes, so making a second alt based on that would be a stretch. As for other characters, I hope Anna's on the banner because continuity! Plus, there's plenty of humor to be had with, say, trying not to get her dress dirty so she can pawn it off to the highest bidder later on or something. Or maybe referencing the incredible expenses it takes to even put on a wedding in the first place? The jokes write themselves. Either way, I'm still saving up for the next Legendary Banner, so unless they pull some REALLY amazing stuff on this one, I'm probably not going to spend many Orbs, if any. That said, good luck to those who do!