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  1. If FEH didn't exist, not too much would be different for me, but I really like the game so I suppose I'd be missing out on some fun! If I got to go back in time and tell myself something about Heroes, I'd probably advise myself to STOP once I got past getting Young Tiki on the first Hero Fest banner, since Ryoma, while cool, was only my best sword infantry for a little while. Also, probably to save up for specific banners and Legendary Marth and Tiki. Also, if I came in really early on, "Don't send your Hinatas, Selenas, Barsts or Shannas home! EVER!"
  2. Official Pull Topic

    Was trying for Lewyn on the Hero Fest Banner after getting another Free Summon Ticket and got my VERY FIRST ORIGINAL HECTOR! I had borderline-whaled for this man on the first Hero Fest, failing horribly, and suddenly, here he is! And he's +ATK/-SPD, the best IV combination. I just CAN'T right now
  3. Who can we expect for the Radiant Dawn banner?

    Hoping for Jill or maybe Zihark? They're both directly related to the Laguz in varying ways and it could make for an interesting Forging Bonds! Looking at the description for Mythic Heroes, saying that title is for characters who are "godlike," I would imagine Dheginsea, Ashera, and Lehran can fit that description. I've been waiting for the Black Dragon King! :D Here's hoping he comes at some point, since Lehran would be more popular in general and Ashera would make more sense.
  4. Official Pull Topic

    Voting gauntlet banner caught me by surprise, I want both units and their pull rate is better!? Welp. First summon circle had a glorious three greens and two reds. Surely one of them would be a focus unit, right? Right?? No. I got four 3* units and a 4* Frederick. Wow. Later on I decided to try one more time before possibly just waiting for later. Two reds, three blues. First pull Laegjarn! Huzzah! The luck is strong these past two days. She is +HP/-Def, not the best, not the worst, but either way I’m happy and can continue my saving for later on in December. Got 21 orbs but the ones spent were worth it
  5. Official Pull Topic

    Was having a bit of a rough day, so I decided to try again on the Legendary banner to see if I get any luck whatsoever (I do not recommend this as a typical practice, that's how gachas... gecha.) AGAINST ALL ODDS I GOT THE ONE UNIT I WANTED THE MOST Yeah, baby! Sometimes gambling goes in your favor! She is +Spd/-Def, the bane is a superbane, but I just wanted her so bad! She's been a favorite ever since Awakening and I hope she gets her normal version in eventually. Incidentally, I opened the red orb as well and got a 4* Athena, which I will take, I like Athena too ^__^
  6. Official Pull Topic

    Lucky indeed! Glad I got something if not my top priority (Noire). I’m saving up for this year and last year’s Winter Festival Banners. I really want Winter Lissa and/or Chrom. A non-minus Atk Winter Tharja would be nice, but I won’t hold my breath on that one XD Best of luck with saving and pulling! I know how hard it can be to resist new shiny units :3
  7. Official Pull Topic

    15 Orbs got my Gunnthra to +2! Saving for December! 42 Orbs currently. Good luck to everyone!
  8. My thoughts were more lengthy than I thought, so I'll try to put it in spoilers.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    Got a free 4* Ares on the Vantage banner! I'll definitely take it, bring on the Ares's!
  10. Hoho! But you see, Hel is a Norse goddess, so there is a greater-than-zero chance that she will be a rather attractive-looking lady. Though given her characterization shown thus far, that shall not stop people from swinging thousands of weapons at her if and when we get the chance.
  11. Maybe! That would be pretty cool, getting the three units for free (especially female Robin, but they'd probably use male Robin) and have it tie in. I find it relatively unlikely, but that's rather clever as a thought!
  12. Official Pull Topic

    Got a +Atk/-HP Surtr in 26 Orbs! Yay! Superboon and superbane cancel each other out, but that’s okay! Now to continue to save for the coming months ^__^
  13. Official Pull Topic

    Bound Hero Battle banner, got two greens, summoned Hawkeye and Frederick, both 3*s. Maybe next time!