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  1. Official Pull Topic

    Got myself a Sue (new!) and a Legendary Marth (new!) on the Legendary banner, both of which I wanted. Yay! Also got a Free-Ticket pull Brave Ephraim on the CYL2 banner, so that’s lovely! I have all of them already so I don’t need to fret that much over it. But now of course the question becomes “Who to give Special Fighter to?” All IVs were neither beneficial nor terrible
  2. Official Pull Topic

    Dropped 15 orbs and got a +Atk Laegjarn! That fixes up my current one's Defense bane, so +1 Laegjarn it is! Thanks, banner! Think I'll wait to pull on it more, if I do at all. Happy 777th pull topic page! :D
  3. They're all so adorable! Not sure how much I'll pull on this banner, so I certainly am tempted...
  4. Yup! Same for me. It’s probably a “beginning of the week/season” thing.
  5. April 4th, FEH Channel Announced! (8:30 PT ~)

    Pair-Up! - Kind of a shame that it's only for future Legendary Heroes and the new mode, but it's kinda neat. More strategic options being opened makes way for some interesting maps in the future. New Mode! - Sure the 'Scored the same way as Arena!' will miff quite a few people off, but at the very least it's familiar. Plus, you only have to do one match per week. A bit of an odd decision, but way less stressful at least. Aether Resort! - Finally, a cute little place to watch your cute heroes do cute things! I'm interested to see how they may expand upon this mode other than just having the buildings we have now. There was quite a lot of space available, even with the possible maximum of six heroes all at once. Summoning Pool Changes! - Yay demotes! Yay old 5-stars not pity-breaking us instead of new units anymore! I do understand why a bunch of people are upset, but really, I'd rather have newer, generally-better units pity-break me than the possibility of being pity-broken by a metric TON of old units I already have and probably don't care about/have no useful skills and maybe, JUST maybe, get a Hector instead. The odds of that are astronomically small no matter what, so I'm happy with this change. If they come out with new units I want, I want THOSE units, not even a Takumi or something. Pretty sure people don't go into banners expecting to get pity-broken by Hector. Hoping maybe, but not expecting. Would demoting the current old 5-stars and splitting up the whole summoning pool be better? Maybe. Send feedback in a calm, respectable manner if you do at all should you wish to voice your thoughts to IS. As for the version update information that was not in the Feh Channel - Yay more weapon refinements! Those are always exciting and breathe new life into older and more underused units. I can't wait to see what they do!
  6. I don't particularly like Dragalia Lost (did play it, kinda boring game play-wise imo but looks and sounds amazing), but hooray for them! Considering Dragalia Lost is a new IP and uses completely original characters, maybe some familiarity for players who also play Fire Emblem will be welcome!
  7. Surprisingly Good Characters

    I gotta say Est. She was one of my least favorite pulls in the entire game, despite me liking her character from Echoes. Plus I’ve always been fond of “Magikarp” units, which Heroes doesn’t really manage to pull off. But one night something possessed me and I decided to “all-in” on Est due to her prf weapon and generally good statline. Swift Sparrow, Defense Ploy, Hit and Run, Glimmer. Since then she has been an absolute monster whenever she’s on my Flier Emblem teams. If it’s not a bulky green unit (and sometimes when it is) it dies. Period. She’s pretty amazing, especially when she has team support.
  8. Official Pull Topic

    Took 26 Orbs and all 4 tickets but I got Idunn! She has neutral IVs. Huzzah for boss dragons!
  9. Official Pull Topic

    At long long last! It took 2 entire years but I finally got OG!Hinoka! :D On my free pull nonetheless! It’s so weird how I’ve been getting better luck on my free pulls lately rather than on banners where I spend tons of orbs. Still trying to get Splashy Hinoka, up to 4.25 percent after getting pitybroken by Lewyn when the banner first started (not complaining about the Lewyn though! He’s new and I like him!) I think the only character from the original wave I really want is Lucina now. We’ll see how long that takes! XD P.S. Hinoka is +Res/-Speed, so bleh nature but whatevs!
  10. Who has the "worst art"?

    Agreed! I love the art of both Faes. I think my distaste for Raigh comes more from him appearing when I least want him to. Now that I really look at it, the art’s pretty good ^^
  11. Who has the "worst art"?

    For me it's Raigh, and I'm certainly biased against him and his weird 'don't touch me' hand.
  12. Official Pull Topic

    Looks like everyone's getting such lovely luck! Huzzah! :D Well I got up to 13% on the Legendary banner and had to abandon it :( BUT I got Greil on my free summon on the new Valentine's Banner woohoo! He's +Speed/-Res, not the best but whatever! Quite the farcry from my terrible luck lately. Thanks Greil!
  13. ValentinesSpecial Heroes (Greil's Devoted)

    Huh, I think these are the least seasonal-looking silhouettes of seasonal units yet! Not complaining in the slightest, just taking notice. I legitimately thought it was a normal banner until I read the forum post topic title XD The sword and axe look extremely normal. As for the silhouettes themselves, I have no idea for the left, but right could be Ike, or perhaps Draug or Gatrie?
  14. Sure could have. Siiiigh. At least the bunny prince is a new unit for me. Gotta catch ‘em all?
  15. Official Pull Topic

    Up to 10.50% on the Legendary Banner with zero five stars thus far... and I got Spring Xander for my free seasonal summon. +Speed/-HP, and he is new so alright... but Heroes has been rough to me in the pulling department lately