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  1. Which Lord has the most interesting concept?

    To me Corrin's concept and origins are the most interesting and it's such a shame they executed it so poorly. Has family in 2 countries even if they aren't related, has to choose which family to fight for, child of the big bad, and their dragon heritage. Had a lot going for them yet it turned out to be one huge mess.
  2. Bound Hero Battle: Into the Ground (Corrin and Azura)

    I was able to get it done with VA!Lyn, VA!Hector, Black Knight, and Wrys. Wyrs needed some skill inheritance and seals had to be switched around before I finally got it. I also tried it with my fliers and it was much easier to do.
  3. Bound Hero Battle: Into the Ground (Corrin and Azura)

    I'm stubborn so I'll find a way to make my semi-armor team + wrys work somehow. I believe in my units.
  4. Any character(s) that have grown on you?

    Thanks for letting me know :) It's refreshing to see a more positive opinion towards Tharja. She's very interesting yet a lot of people write her off as pure fan service when there more interesting things to her character.
  5. The title basically says all. Have there been characters that you hated at first but now love or at least are neutral towards? There's been several characters like that for me but I'll just mention the ones where my opinions have drastically changed over the years. Not all of them have been on my dislike list initially because I tend to forget about a character's existence if I don't get attached right away.(Note: This is my first topic post on here so if there's already a discussion like this or I posted in the wrong section please tell me. I'm kinda guessing about where this should go) Maribelle: I honestly hated her at first. First impressions were so bad that I refused to train her up at all during a lot of my Awakening playthroughs. She seemed to be nothing but a spoiled brat with a sharp tongue and her way of thanking Robin irked me to no end. This all changed when I decided to read up on her supports. I figured I might as well since I wouldn't be unlocking hers anytime since I never used her. Man did my view of her take a 180. She's surprisingly well written and there's a lot of kindness underneath. The reasoning behind her friendship with Lissa also surprised me because at first I thought it was just a relationship built on convenience since Lissa is royalty but Maribelle is truly devoted to her friend. Once a character near the bottom of my Awakening character list is now top 5 easily and maybe top 10(I'm to indecisive to have a concrete list) of all time. The one thing that didn't changed was that I've always loved her design. Most of my Archanea favorites: I probably shouldn't bunch them up together like this since I love the cast to various degrees but like I'd be repeating myself for a good chunk of them. Fun fact: My second favourite game in the series used to be my least favourite(This might become a theme, least favourite turning into something I love). It was mostly the lack of supports that put me off and it felt really different going from the GBA to the DS. After a while of hating the game I was determined to get my money's worth so I changed my attitude and did some research. Simple, I know but it was very effective. Reclassing became a lot of fun once I tried some ridiculous stuff(first time reclassing Wolf and Sedgar will always be a treasured moment. They can seriously trivialize the game) and the writing started to lure me in once I actually gave it a chance. The cast gave just enough to get a feel for them and that was all I ever really needed since I love to imagine things. I have a lot of headcanons surrounding the characters which forged a lot of bonds. Sometimes I would come up with exaggerated stories for why a character died before a gaiden chapter and how the new member would be integrated into the group after a tragic loss. Xane: This boy deserves a spot to himself because I used to forget he ever existed and now he's a favourite of mine. Sometimes he is the favourite since I'm constantly shifting between him and several other characters for the top spot. I really don't talk a lot about him but that's because he's in the same boat as Pelleas, I have no idea why I love him as much as I do. There's a lot reasons why I like him but there's no defining reason or moment as to why he's a beloved character, it just clicked randomly during a Shadow Dragon playthrough. It's been two years and I still don't know why
  6. In my honest opinion it doesn't. The main villain has had barely any significance presence and it takes dlc to develop any form of sympathy towards them. Barely anything makes sense nor is it realistic. If I told you to trust me even though I lack any significant evidence to back my claims, would you? There's some vary rare moments that are decent but that's it. However if you like the cast then it's nice to see them band together and you have more options for pairings if that's your thing.
  7. You have to a certain mindset to enjoy Revelations, there's a reason the path gets trashed on a lot. Very gimmicky, unit balance is atrocious(without grinding almost half the cast is unusable and royals outclass everyone in their respective roles), and some maps are just a slog to get through. I for one liked my playthrough but only because I made everything a mess with the worst possible pairings and joke weapons for everyone.
  8. Shadow Dragon DLC images surface

    She's not the most energetic but her competition aren't exactly social butterflies either. Why does Navarre have a support conversation with Hinoka? I didn't really pay attention to the lists but now that I look at them I don't understand why Hinoka and Navarre.
  9. Shadow Dragon DLC images surface

    For someone who doesn't talk a lot, Navarre can surprisingly hold a conversation with a lot of people. I thought Linde would be the one to have more support conversations since she's more lively compared to the other two.
  10. Shadow Dragon DLC images surface

    Is Navarre a clone? Haven't used Lyn all that much so I'm not sure. If he is then it's a bummer that Shadow Dragon ends up with two clones. Regardless they look great and I love their English voices.
  11. Damn, you reminded me of that horror. I never got Ignatius but Shiro the idiot who's addicted to suicide wasn't all that enjoyable to recruit. I always did his map near the end and almost everything can double the little cheese of Hoshido.
  12. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    Wow, the event completely slipped my mind, I didn't even vote once. I suppose VL!Ike is useful for arena but other than that I could less about which character we get as long as it's not a joke character.
  13. Game of Thrones prequel

    Dance of dragons would be insanely cool if they could pull it off nicely. There's already source material for it so we wouldn't have to worry about poor directing unless they scrap everything like idiots. Big dragons get 10/10 when it comes to getting my interest. The budget would probably be insane though so the other two would be more likely to happen. Especially Robert's rebellion.
  14. I had to fight the urge to be one of those jerks who would recommend Thracia 776. I've actually done that once to a friend and they refused to talk to me for a good while. The game is super anti-beginner. Seriously though you should be fine by trying out the gba titles especially Sacred Stones since it's very forgiving since Seth and grinding exists.
  15. Favourite Female protagonist

    I chose Eirika because I'm bias as hell. Eirika because I'm emotionally attached, love her design, first lord bias, great character and is still the main protagonist if you choose her route. I despise Lucina so no vote for her from me any time soon. I haven't played Tellius yet so I'm not emotionally invested in the characters. <- Pelleas, Jill, and Harr are the exceptions and I have no idea why. Celica has a gorgeous design and I like her but some of what happens in Echoes irks me even if it's understandable. I'm neutral towards Corrin because the character themselves are bland but their design is cool and headcannons make everything better.