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  1. Famitsu Articles Coming Out

    Some aspects of her design have grown on me but otherwise I agree with you that it's not very successful. I was just trying to give some insight into why they possibly went with this direction instead of having the genders near identical. Also, they were a merc before an instructor and don't change their wardrobe between the two professions. Some outgoing people do dress more openly, crop tops anyone? BUT I do see the problem here and that F!Byleth is supposed to be you. I think as a separate character F!Byleth would be fine. Same, I can sort of see what they were trying to do but her clothes and overall posture ruin it for me. Just changing the pose of the legs would have been much better.
  2. Famitsu Articles Coming Out

    I've read up on the Demon Byleth and their personality almost does a full 180 depending on which gender they're depicting. As a male they're cold and stoic while as a female they're more friendly and outgoing. Considering the separate names they might try to differentiate the two genders this time around, akin to Robin but even more so. Might also explain the stark difference in appearance. I'm excited for new info~ and some official art. Poor dad though, he doesn't have any art so far. Some new info regarding combat is neat but I'm also looking forward to some more lore. I'm such a sucker for lore in games and books~
  3. This banner is so random, like insanely random in terms of theme and character selection. I love Felicia and she's adorable here but they just had to make her a green armour unit T-T. 5/6 of my green armours happen to be axes like IS please, why is she B!Ephraim + beast slayer?? Damn, I might just cave in depending on my luck during the Legendary Banner. Honestly I'm fine with more Fates since the maids haven't gotten any alts before this and Leo only has that lacklustre summer version. More power to the supporting cast! Also I'm just biased, Felicia is on the banner which makes this an automatic 10/10.
  4. New Heroes Arrive : Out of Gallia (April 10~)

    Ranulf my boy you're finally in~ but why do you have to be green T-T. Kaden has a permanent spot in my beast team along with Reyson so the team is gonna be 3 greens and 1 blue :'D. Lethe is cool and I'll probably summon for her just because she's red. The other red beast units avoided me :L. The other two beast units never caught my interest as characters but Caineghis with conditional DC looks neat. At this rate I'm gonna have more colourless armours than red. BUT! L!Marth and L!Roy come back this month. I've been trying to save up some orbs for Marth, a small portion after each summoning, but I doubt 100 orbs will be enough unless I'm really lucky. I'm gonna need all of the free orbs this month. So, unless Roy and Marth come home really fast I'm only gonna use tickets on green and red if there's no green. At least Haar is free :D. All of my favs from Tellius, except for Pelleas, are in Feh now so I'm pretty satisfied.
  5. April 4th, FEH Channel Announced! (8:30 PT ~)

    I just want some demotes. The red pool is terrible now for sniping on banners and it's hard to come by certain skills and units in the 4* pool. I haven't seen Ares in months :L. The only thing I'm worried about is their plans for Legendary Roy. I have no idea what they're planning and it could be decent or terrible, you never know with IS :P
  6. Mythic Hero Battle: Yune - Chaos Goddess

    This was quite literally the easiest Abyssal map for me. For the first time ever I cleared Abyssal on my first attempt which is just hilarious since it usually takes anywhere from 40 minutes to several hours. I was so surprised I decided to record the run. Let me just say that HB Yune is fun to use and Klein is best boi. This was also my second Map using L!Azura and yes, she's absolutely ridiculous. This would have been infinitely more annoying without her. I think Klein could support solo but I wanna see if Yune can as well. The biggest threats would be Yune, red mage cav and the green manakete. I might need to bring in a red dancer for chip damage but then that wouldn't be a solo. Hmm, maybe if I one shot stuff with glacies :/
  7. FE Heroes x Dragalia Lost Colab Coming

    Personally, this may come off as selfish, I don't mind if FEH doesn't have every single FE character in it. I have my favs sprinkled in every game but I simply don't care for the majority of FE characters. BB banner for example was hype for a lot of people but I didn't care about a single character except Idunn to a certain degree. Yes, I get excited with new banners but I would have been perfectly fine without the ones I'm not a big fan of. I'm still waiting for Xane but I've been enjoying the game without him so far. I'm just your average gamer who plays games for their own enjoyment and I happen to enjoy collabs, especially ones involving games/series I actively enjoy. I've been enjoying Dragalia since launch and the devs are generous and responsive to their players. The characters while at times simple have their own charm. It would be neat to see some of them in FEH.
  8. Mythic Hero Battle: Yune - Chaos Goddess

    I'm not a fan of guides either, instead I use various clears as a reference point. It helps to have an idea of where to start and slowly figure things from there on. Celica + dancers is the same thing as a red mage + support and if I can reach similar numbers than I have my starting point. Aversa for example can support solo the map with bladetome. Sometimes it takes a ridiculous amount of tries before I even come close to clearing these maps. I also find it helpful to record what you're doing once you get an idea, it helps to see what you're doing and make adjustments.
  9. Mythic Hero Battle: Yune - Chaos Goddess

    There's some abyssal clears on youtube featuring Celica + dancers. Celica is just insane and doesn't need much to get going as long as you can support her.
  10. Official Pull Topic

    I got almost everything I wanted in 130 orbs. Free summon ended up being B!Lyn and then I got Yune +atk/-hp, L!Lucina +res/-spd, and finally L!Azura +atk/-hp. Roughly 30 orbs or so per 5* which is great. H!Myrrh would have been the icing on the cake and I'm tempted to try again for her but I'll probably get L!Ryoma instead :L Also, +atk/-hp has become the new standard for my flying mages since half of them have that iv :P H!Nowi, Beronica, Yune and L!Azura
  11. Legendary Hero Battle - Roy: Blazing Lion

    I decided to record for once. I mostly did this to help see what I'm doing so I can get these done faster. Knowing how I got to certain positions helped a lot. Anyways, I spent a good few hours on this and the team changed a bit before I could clear Abyssal. This map is annoying but B!Ephraim, the god, was the mvp. H!Mia was amazing here and I didn't realize but she only had panic because of some earlier attempts and I was too lazy to switch to her usual weapon.
  12. Official Pull Topic

    Unlike the Laguz banner this one treated me well. I got Kaden x 2, Selkie, Velouria, Delthea, and Flora in 160 orbs + one ticket. The game hates giving me the red focus on the banner but overall I'm really happy since I wanted the foxes the most. I'll probably use my remaining tickets on reds but in terms of orbs I'm done with the banner. I'm not risking red hell on a 4 unit banner.
  13. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    Selkie!! I flipped when I saw her, I'm so happy to see her in Feh. Unless the Legendary/Mythic is someone I absolutely love(doubt it) I'm dumping all of my orbs onto this banner. The weapons are nuts and lengthy but the stats will determine how effective our new beast units are. It's also one of the least offensive Fates banner we've had in a while. Some will still complain because it's Fates but there's 5 new characters, no royals, and no alts so all in all it's a fantastic banner. It counts as a drive, right? Then I don't see why it wouldn't stack, all in combat buffs stack.
  14. The reds I want the most are L!Marth, H!Myrrh, and Leif. One of my top three winning reds is nearly enough for me :D, I'm just a little sad I'll have to go through Legendary hell again for Marth T-T. I don't have L!Azura so she'll be a welcomed addition and I wouldn't mind Duma for either a merge or bold fighter fodder. I'm rather disappointed that L!Lyn won for the greens but I'll make do if she's my freebie. Spd tactics will always be welcomed :D
  15. It's standard pricing and anything cheaper is usually that way to entice more buyers. Or the items themselves aren't of high quality. Packaging costs a lot more than one might think and the artbook is deceptively pricey as well. Hardcovers always cost more than paperback and it's usually by a significant margin. The limited amount ramps up the price as well since limited stuff is always more expensive because of the demand. That being said, this isn't a good deal for me because I just want the game + artbook.