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  1. Official Pull Topic

    Unlike the Laguz banner this one treated me well. I got Kaden x 2, Selkie, Velouria, Delthea, and Flora in 160 orbs + one ticket. The game hates giving me the red focus on the banner but overall I'm really happy since I wanted the foxes the most. I'll probably use my remaining tickets on reds but in terms of orbs I'm done with the banner. I'm not risking red hell on a 4 unit banner.
  2. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    Selkie!! I flipped when I saw her, I'm so happy to see her in Feh. Unless the Legendary/Mythic is someone I absolutely love(doubt it) I'm dumping all of my orbs onto this banner. The weapons are nuts and lengthy but the stats will determine how effective our new beast units are. It's also one of the least offensive Fates banner we've had in a while. Some will still complain because it's Fates but there's 5 new characters, no royals, and no alts so all in all it's a fantastic banner. It counts as a drive, right? Then I don't see why it wouldn't stack, all in combat buffs stack.
  3. The reds I want the most are L!Marth, H!Myrrh, and Leif. One of my top three winning reds is nearly enough for me :D, I'm just a little sad I'll have to go through Legendary hell again for Marth T-T. I don't have L!Azura so she'll be a welcomed addition and I wouldn't mind Duma for either a merge or bold fighter fodder. I'm rather disappointed that L!Lyn won for the greens but I'll make do if she's my freebie. Spd tactics will always be welcomed :D
  4. It's standard pricing and anything cheaper is usually that way to entice more buyers. Or the items themselves aren't of high quality. Packaging costs a lot more than one might think and the artbook is deceptively pricey as well. Hardcovers always cost more than paperback and it's usually by a significant margin. The limited amount ramps up the price as well since limited stuff is always more expensive because of the demand. That being said, this isn't a good deal for me because I just want the game + artbook.
  5. Unless we can customize the Avatar I ain't going anywhere near F!Byleth lol. Anyways, my actual thoughts on the matter: I want to adopt Sothis. She's adorable and I love dragons. I better not see people lewding her >:L So far I have hope for the world building. Tellius was great because most of it's lore came from within the game. Fates had nothing :/ There appears to be a ton of unit customization which I'm always up for I actually don't mind the school setting, reminds me of Harry Potter Some of the kids already captured my heart (mainly the archer with freckles) while others are a miss. Everyone wearing uniforms might make them blend in too much I'm still rather disappointed by the cut-scenes, breaks my heart that we've officially moved away from the Awakening/Fates style Byleth is a weird mix between Mark, Robin and Ike lmao. Still, I love the male design Fire emblem is dead, HYPE FOR RUNE FACTORY
  6. [DATAMINE] Special Heroes Arrive! Greil's Devoted!

    Congratz Ana, it's finally Ike's turn to shine in the seasonal spotlight. This whole banner is really cute, especially Mist. Honestly, Mist has my favourite art out of the bunch and I might pull just for her. I'm not all that attached to these characters(except maybe Mist and Titania) so I'll most likely skip this banner. I don't have a lot of orbs anyways and I want some sort of stash for Find a Hero.
  7. ValentinesSpecial Heroes (Greil's Devoted)

    The more I look at the sword the more it looks like Tryfing and Marth's Falchion being a distant second guess. I'm still reminded of a completely different sword but I can't recall which one. The pointy part near the hilt isn't anything like Tryfing but it might be a seasonal variant. I instantly thought the guy on the right was Hector but we already have LA!Hector :L. Beefy boi with short hair isn't exactly uncommon in Fire Emblem so I'm just gonna make a guess, it's Ike.
  8. Legendary Hero Battle of the Gods: Duma

    I think positioning might be your problem. My nukes were standard Blarblade+ Corrin and Kinshi Hinoka whose only SI was repo. Hinoka couldn't take out anything on turn 1 and positioning was crucial in order for her to snag a kill or two while Corrin didn't do anything except for baiting the blue mage flier. Corrin should do most of the work once you make it past the first couple of turns.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    I decided to drop some orbs on the mythic banner after seeing that Reyson dropped to the 4* star pool. I didn't get Reyson(r.i.p green orbs) but I did get Duma in like 14 orbs. +Atk/-Hp for the win :D. I'm very lucky when it comes to legendary Dragons, I got L!Tiki within a similar amount of orbs on her debut banner and F!Grima wasn't much trouble either. They too have some great ivs.
  10. Legendary Hero Battle of the Gods: Duma

    After some tries and seal switching I was able to clear Abyssal with a variation of my usual flier team. I used Kinshi!Hinoka, S!Corrin, NY!Azura and PA!Olivia. My dancers this time around were able to snag some kills and I didn't need to give anything fancy to Hinoka, just some repo and the atk/spd+2 seal.
  11. I freaked out when I saw Duma, I wasn't expecting him at all. This is exciting and it's great they're sticking to what they told us, god-like beings. I really want to pull for him, Linde, and Elincia but I'm saving up orbs atm. Knowing me I'll probably blow all of my orbs on the last day anyways. This also means we'll get Mila later down the line and I can't wait for her, she has a kickass dragon form and she's a very pretty character.
  12. Choose Your Legends 3

    It wasn't just a possibility, if Marth's votes weren't split he would have placed second. Hector was a guarantee but it was a little surprising just how close Eph and Mar-Mar(once you include both games) were.
  13. Choose Your Legends 3

    Time to get that Brave Marth and Alm! >:D Them tallying up multiple games with help my poor Archanea babies(Marth and Xane) and Tellius characters.
  14. Why do you still play Heroes?

    +10 Xane keeps me going. It's great for small bursts and I'm still enjoying the game. I'll never get tired of building/using some of my favs and I'm a simple person, it takes a lot to make me hate something.
  15. Watching the storm unfold is always enjoyable sorry not sorry. Times like this makes me glad for my easy going temperament, there's only one playable character in all of fe that I hate and he's not in feh. Free Camilla with a ponytail is exciting and I'm a little bummed out I don't have the orbs to try and snipe for Sakura. I do feel bad for those who are genuinely pissed at this, it shows how much they care and it sucks having to wait for your favs. In the end, all you can do is send feedback and vote with your wallets.