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  1. Official Pull Topic

    I hate when IS releases a character i love when i start to save some orbs... but this time i was lucky and got Ishtar in 50 orbs (+Speed -Defense) i can start saving again.
  2. In honor of getting 8 PA!Inigo's from this legendary banner i am going to do this meme-y build. The problem is i can't decide if i should give him the def bonus or speed bonus which one is better ?
  3. Official Pull Topic

    1 Fallen Celica 1 Female Grima 1 Mage Eirika 1 Legendary Ephraim 1 Micaiah 1 Shigure 2 Legendary Lyn 1 Halloween Henry 1 Halloween Jakob 2 Genny ... 7 FREAKING PERFORMING ART INIGO'S within 550 orbs ! pretty happy with the results
  4. Official Pull Topic

    My free pull on the TT Banner was 4* Reinhardt (game bamboozled me real good)
  5. Official Pull Topic

    Finally got Olwen i can start saving up for the Golden Week now. I haven't touched to my Chain Challange orbs (none of them) maybe i can use them for GW instead of CYL 2 ?
  6. Official Pull Topic

    i just spend half of my orbs on Grima (got him -Attack but honestly i don't care) i have 50 right now and i hope IS will make a little birthday surprise for me tomorrow and give me Reinhardt :) inb4 -Attack *3 Raigh
  7. Another FEH Channel Confirmed on Monday (for most)

    My bingo card for FEH channel if anyone's wondering.
  8. Official Pull Topic

    Got my first Brave Lucina ! she was a pity breaker but i don't care :) i am hoping for Hardin for tomorrow's banner (Cooldown bonuses) i got 50 orbs for him !!
  9. Official Pull Topic

    i spent 77 orbs on Miracle banner : Delthea (+Speed -Defense) Mia (+Speed -HP) 5* Male Morgan (+HP -Resistance) So happy with the results !!
  10. Official Pull Topic

    i am about to kms holy shit. i did the Infernal Xander quests for 4 orbs... %3.75 pity rate and 9 orbs *Summon* 3 Green and 2 Blue (no Celica again) *selects blue* summoning animation starts and praying for a 3* Oboro or Est *5 Star Hardin* welp there goes my pity rate... at least he is +Def -Res which is really good !
  11. Official Pull Topic

    i grinded my TT score up to 99k for 20 orbs... only 3 red for goddamn 20 orbs ! no celica no pity breaker just %3.50 pity rate i have nothing to do now expect chain challenge 11-12 (so many tries but cant complete it.) and squad assault 3-4-5 i hope i can get her with those orbs or i have to pay money (i really don't want to because i am b r o k e)
  12. Official Pull Topic

    100 orbs and 4 non-focus units i just wanted Celica... Eldigan +Defense -Attack Zelgius +Speed -Resistance Original Celica +HP -Resistance Minerva +Attack -HP (No red orbs) can't tell if i am lucky or unlucky lol
  13. Official Pull Topic

    %4,50 pity rate (please kill me.) and got Lute +Res -Def i am actually very glad it wasnt something like Clair or Peri ! she reaches 40 Resistance with Angery 3 !! i am still sad i wasted so many orbs for a 4,50 pity rate tho...
  14. Official Pull Topic

    I got a pity breaker too ! i got Alm and he has perfect IVs so hyped about Falchion upgrade !
  15. Official Pull Topic

    late reply but i got her ! she is +attack -defense !! so happy :D