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  1. FE11 Tempest Trials : %40 : Marth , Caeda , Y!Tiki , Jagen %20 : Draug , Camus , Gordin and Reward Unit Reward Unit : Xane , Nyna , Wendell or Gharnef
  2. So i pulled -Attack +Defense Nephenee (not going to bitch about it i am so happy i got her) Since she is -Att i build this : A : Steady Breath (She is +Defense so with SB she will hit 41 Def) B : Quick Riposte 3 (Good combo with Steady Breath) C : Threaten Def 3 (Patch her -Attack stat) Special : Bonfire (now this is the fun part with Slaying Lance+ , Bonfire will be 2 Turn CD Special on enemy phase after she take a hit she will activate her special immediately) is it good ? should i keep this build ?
  3. ABOUT TIME I GOT NEPHENEE SO FUCKING HAPPY !! SHE IS MINUS ATTACK PLUS DEFENSE FUCK ME I will still use her !! maybe IV Reroll will be something future and i am happy i got her :)
  4. well if the leak is true i might have a chance to get my Celica... i just need to ignore my %3.75 pity rate and save my daily orbs
  5. whoops my bad !
  6. what do you guys expecting for next Hero Fest characters ? before making your own banner know that the characters has to be 5 star exclusive (like the older banners) Sword/Red Mage : Lucina/Celica Lance/Blue Mage : Effie Tana/Delthea Axe/Green Mage : Minerva/Sonya Dagger/Healer/Archer : Jaffar/Elise/Innes
  7. i really need some good mages i only have -Speed Soren and ''meh'' IV Katarina so i need Celica,Sonya and maybe better IV Katarina..
  8. Blade or Owl tome for Katarina ? She is +HP -Def so i summoner supported her to give +Speed/+Attack IV effect. Owl Tome : Ally Support Ephraim (+2 to all her stats expect HP) and with full buff from Ephraim (+3 Attack/Defense/Res and +4 Speed) she will have : - 135 Wins 0 Losses 33 Draws - Blade Tome : Ally Support Ephraim (+2 to all her stats expect HP) and with full buff from Ephraim (+3 Attack/Def/Res and +4 Speed) she will have : - 160 Wins 0 Losses 8 Draws - with Blade tome she will have much more wins but she always has to be adjacent with Ephraim :
  9. Holy shit i am so mad i reached %3.50 pity rate (Honestly not a big deal since i didn't spend my Lunatic orbs) and my all 10 characters summoned are 3 Peri 3 Robin 1 Hinata 2 Subaki and 1 Clair they are good fodders but my friend messaged me today and he send me a screenshot of his summoning and he got +Speed Nephenee and +Attack Celica in the same summon ! like i am super salty right now why this cant happen to me :(
  10. yeah they are really underpowered My Katarina is +Res -Def and with Summoner Support and Fury 3 + Attack Ploy 3 she is tanking mages like a boss (She hits 40 res btw)
  11. also ''Heroes with Ploy Skills'' would be pretty good banner featuring Sonya , Luke and Katarina NO DEF PLOY FOR YOU EST.
  12. Killing my +Speed Tharja and give her tome to S!Leo also not pulling from Celica's TT banner because too scared to pull Gray instead of Celica and now ? i am praying for ''Heroes with Spur Def'' banner so i can pull Celica (inb4 Chrom and Celica in the same color)
  13. Celica - Fujikawa Akira Julia - Haimura Kiyotaka I don't have both end my suffering
  14. I hate myself so much got to excited and spend 15 orbs for Peri,Subaki and Sully. i should have saved them for Celica kms
  15. why Elincia's attacking voice sounds like 7 year old child about to cry while her talking sounds like much older ? sorry if i make it unhearable