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  1. FE Heroes Error 803-3001

    Not on emulator but i was able to reroll by deleting the deviceAccount:.xml i used this guide :
  2. out of nowhere i got Delthea i was pretty happy until i checked her IVs... -Spd/+HP what to do with her ? :/ i wont use her as DB3 fodder. can LaD3 and +3 Speed Sacred seal save her ? she will have 42 speed with LaD,Sacred Seal and Azura's buff
  3. Official Pull Topic

    RANDOMLY GOT CELICA (+SPD -RES) FROM AYRA'S BANNER ! MY MOST WANTED CHARACTER !! She is already has S Summoner support and fully builded expect Renewal !! holy shit i am so happy
  4. Official Pull Topic

    tried getting Ayra... 2 freaking Eldigans ! i am kinda lucky ? it was 20 orbs in total... IVs : +Attack -HP and -Speed +Res i gived Fury 3 to my Sigurd and leveled up the another one
  5. Official Pull Topic

    got Another Nephenee from Voting Gauntlet banner ...and she is -Speed :( i already had -Attack/+Defense
  6. Official Pull Topic

    got 4 star Roy from free summon so happy ! i gived the TA3 to Inigo now i have to wait for Setsuna...
  7. Official Pull Topic

    Got Olivia , Inigo , Merric and Azura with 80 orbs. I am done with this banner ! i can save my orbs now !!
  8. Official Pull Topic

    got 3 5* heroes with 40-45 orbs Merric (+Attack -Defense) ahh what a great pity breaker sad thing i won't use him. RIP Azura Olivia (-Speed +HP) Her IVs are so bad.. i was planning make an offensive Olivia but not with these IVs... Inigo (+Attack -Res) not actually bad but not Azura (again.) i really don't understand my favourite heroes always has shit IVs ! Olivia,Nephenee,Soren,B!Ike i summoned all of them are -Speed and -Attack but my pity breakers always has perfect IVs...
  9. FEW Support Compilation

    Great !! thanks for the info.
  10. FEW Support Compilation

    do we have Cordelia/Caeda ? i can't see them on the support list...
  11. Team Leo complete? (spoilers)

    nice MvC3 reference I don't listen to lectures from losers
  12. Team Leo complete? (spoilers)

    so no cinematics for SoV ? i was hoping for Celica get some cinematics. (maybe showing Alm just like Owain ?)
  13. FE Warriors at TGS

    Cool ! they will probably show Navarre or Anna but i am hoping for some kind of DLC/Season Pass reveal
  14. FE Warriors at TGS

    quick question : are we getting new characters tomorrow (last show) ? or just gameplay ?
  15. idk it sounds different comparing to Echoes support conversations but i probably hearing wrong :P