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  1. Tempest Trials: Chaos Named!

    These trials have been easy. Things I've observed:
  2. Official Pull Topic

    Free pull on the Draconic Aura Banner gave me 4 Star Marth, who I merged. Now he’s at 5 Star
  3. Tempest Trials: Chaos Named!

    For the map that plays Twilight of the gods, is that supposed to be Grima’s battlefield from Echoes?
  4. What's so forgettable about her? I mean, sure, she has the least screentime of all the princesses to the point three fairies are technically the protagonists, but Disney still markets her overwhelmingly well known.
  5. Just learned that Kate Higgins, actress of Lisa and Serra, will be voicing Princess Aurora in Ralph breaks the Internet! Nice to se FE voice actors getting larger roles.
  6. Bound Hero Battle: Into the Ground (Corrin and Azura)

    Is it just me, or does this feel like the easiest grand hero battle ever? I put cleared Lunatic on my first try, and Lunatic on my second try.
  7. Official Pull Topic

    After spending 50+ Orbs, Tada! I pulled M!Grima! +Spd,-Def, but oh well. Now I can finish my armor team, as well as save for the Hoshido banner.
  8. shut up, chrom is in smash ultimate

    Although I would have prefered Azura, we should be grateful FE got another represantative, especially since its on par with Pokemon, but unlike Pokemon, Fe is significantly smaller, so its harder to justify a large roster.
  9. Now that Chrom’s in, will Robin get a new smash? Maybe it’ll feature Grima. Also, there should be a conversation where Chrom rubs in the Kid Icarus’s cast Face about being playable.
  10. Is Chrom supposed to be a clone of Ike? Man this game makes me want a Switch badly. I do have 1450 from my Grandpa, so I guess I can buy one... After College Apps.
  11. The other day, I was discussing Fire Emblem Heroes on Pokemon Showdown's Video Game forums, and I asked what Alm and Celica would think of seeing Grima. One user told me that the Alm and Celica going to Thabes isn't canon because the first exalt was the first one to fight Grima; but the events discussed in Thabes Labyrinth are canon. I disagreed, so we went into a small debate. So I came here to discuss: Is Thabes Labyrinth canon?
  12. Smash has been known to choose characters from dead franchises. Ice Climbers, Duck Hunt, Captain Falcon ( COUGH*COUGH*) Can anyone provide a link for when direct goes Live?
  13. Performing Shigure: Faces competition from Bridal Ninian, but retains a higher niche thanks to higher attack, as well as being able to do a Blarraven set without sacrificing an S-slot. Alternativley, Dancer's Score is a useful weapon that stacks with Breath of Life. Sing makes up for his low stats. 6/10. Performing Inigo: Same as above, but slightly more useful due to lack of competition Green Tome Dancer. 7/10
  14. Did Xander take dancing lessons from Laslow? Anyway, I kinda want Ryoma because he looks so different from his regular armored self, but I could really use a Green Dancer, so Elincia will be my priority.... That is, if I have any orbs from summoning M!Grima. I've spent 50 orbs already, and I 'm barley above 10.
  15. I'd be thrilled if it was Ryoma. But I'm broke and saving up for the latest banner, because I need orbs for M!Grima.