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  1. The Special edition up for preorder

    Thanks, but it seems to be sold out. Guess I’ll have to hope if it they stock it again.
  2. The Special edition up for preorder

    I'm waiting for it to be on Amazon. Man do, I want that artbook and CD.
  3. Unrelated, but I'm hoping the CD contains tracks from previous games. I would buy that edition solely for that!
  4. Blue Lions, simply because blue is my favorite color, and Mystic lol. Might change as more info comes out.
  5. I second that. While an open belly is appropriate for a school setting, at least her breasts aren’t showing like Camilla.
  6. I’m wondering if each house is supposed to be a reference to Go, I wonder if that means Kozaki is designing the characters again, since he designed Willow and the team leaders. EDIT: If it I’ll choose Dimitri, since blue = Articuno.
  7. The "X is just Y" Game

    Just a fancy way to say that three words in a row have the same sound. Murder
  8. ValentinesSpecial Heroes (Greil's Devoted)

    Interesting. Congrats for Tellius fans, but since I don't need anyone and I'm not a Tellius fan, so I''' stick to the hostile springs.
  9. I kind of do like of the idea of splitting it into multiple of copies with one being for beginners, the other being for veterans. It addresses both sides of the audiences quite well. Its something I feel Pokemon should try to do as well since it has a huge beginner/hardcore fanbase. I also like that the gender lock for most classes are gone. The only qualms I have gameplay wise is that it seems that the female Avatar was favored heavily than the male. As @eclipse said, music is great. So upsetting it only has one track in Smash. I do agree that Fates does get too much hate on its bad story, and less on Positives, such as music and gameplay. The other two I've played are Awakening and Echoes, and they have lots of flaw in story. For Awakening, they introduce this whole idea of time traveling, but its never explored deep enough. What they could have done was similar to PMD, where Robin and Chrom go into the future and discover the relationship with "Marth" and then learn about the dark future. I also don't really buy terribly that Parents would assume embrace and adore their supossed child after showing a Wedding ring, though at least it makes sense to have children in Awakening than it is in Fates. The biggest problem with Echoes is that Celica's story essentially has her make terrible choices, which eventually causes her to become a damsel in distress, which means she becomes a trophy for Alm. On a bolder note, I feel that Celica's story is irrelevant and the game could have progressed just fine with Alm only. As mentioned earlier, Celica becomes a damsel in distress, but killing Duma is the main goal, not rescuing Celica. So saving her is more of a bonus. None of the characters on both routes interact with each other, thus really isolating the parties, which makes removing them much not as big of an issue. Take Berkut for example, he's an important character in Alm's route, but no relevance in Celica's path. Heck, I don't think Celica even knew that Berkut existed. As for Alm, the reveal of royalty basically screwed the whole idea that anyone can be anything/important is thrown out when Alm is the prince of Rigel. So in the end, only Royalty can save us, so if there dead, we're screwed. Oh well. Anyway, these are my thoughts. Sorry if it got too long.
  10. Voting Gauntlet: Mothers and Sons! (Jan 30th)

    Corrin have two kids doesn’t nesscarily make it optimal. The reason why Robin was liked more as a parent is because thet can pass down all the classes since they pass the tactican class set, which automatically has all classes tied to it. Pretty big opportunity cost for not having Robin with two kids. Corrin only passes down the Nohr Prince Class Set, so units who have Access to it performance depend on Corrin’s boons and banes. The real reason female Corrin is considered optimal is because Jakob makes a pretty good early Great Knight in contrast to Felicia, who’s a terrible Hero.
  11. Voting Gauntlet: Mothers and Sons! (Jan 30th)

    Not if you were going to marry only Avatar-Only units or 2nd Gen... But yeah. I get you. Felicia would be my wife totally all the time, but marrying her meant losing a child unit. Not to mention that Flora mentions she has a crush on Jakob, and Reina was suggested to have support conversations in the games coding, but no, no supports for whatever reasons. One of the flaws I find in Fates Gameplay.
  12. Thanks. Voted for YT!Olivia because I want to build a another Tome team.
  13. Voting Gauntlet: Mothers and Sons! (Jan 30th)

    Because the female is better waifu material and is considered the more optimal one for a playthrough of fates. I personally prefer the Male Variation over female.