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  1. In case it might be of help Olivia Standard Ike Reposition Julia Drawback G. Tomebreaker Quickpulse (cannot be -def) glimmer but moonbow should work as well Brave Lyn (Reposition but not used) + atk and +atk seal
  2. Ninian banner free pull 4* Est
  3. OK, thanks Had hoped it was a little bit less :). So if it was a struggle for you to stay in tier 20 then I dont know what it would mean to me :)
  4. Congrats! At least your money wasnt wasted. So its not a scam after all. Lets be honest, since they have been operating for a couple of years now, and nintendo is certainly aware of them but doesnt take any steps against them they might actually be legit. Nintendo is in control who they sell orbs to, so they have means to follow the distribution channel. Unless someone can prove otherwise I would call this legit. Its a free market.
  5. Thanks for all replies. Will have to think it through. I am a little bit torn. Will wait until after todays new focus banner pull - who knows maybe some good SI fodder will come my way. Drag back sounds like another good option. Got that skill, but I also got hit and run. Reposition is a no brainer. That or drawback. Gave my last repo to brave lyn today, though. Been using her a lot lately. In regard to TT ardent sacrifice could better, though.
  6. How many +units (all pluses combined) did you use for such a result?
  7. Sounds all a little bit shady. Still, let us know how it worked out. Hope it will be fine! Everyone makes mistakes. We are humans. Wise is he who doesnt repeat them.
  8. Like I said, way out of my legeau. I look at it this way, should I manage to get there its a sweet reward. When I am there its like vacation because I am not competing.☺
  9. Second one sounds VERY promising for quad builds. What am I talking about, she will quad certain units by nature
  10. I believe you. Last week was a nightmare for me as well. And thats just tier 18. Think I used up 15 crests during one afternoon. Nothing worked. Called it quits with one win at the end. Gave up thinking I could do it so many +units suddenly showed up. My ike got killed by a cecilia while he was standing on a defense tile. Didnt see that one coming. That was crazy. Next day I managed 3 deathless with regular dueling swords, so I had 4. Felt motivated and after a crest got my deathless, it was tough. Todays run felt surprisingly easier, maybe because I went in with no expectations. Just wanted to get my 4000points. No really, I am still shocked. Staying in tier 20 wont be possible for me, I wont delude myself. Getting there in 8 (9 seasons ) weeks would be an accomplishment for me though. just btw how many points were needed for staying?
  11. Lucky indeed. Whats their IVs?
  12. Thanks. Still cant believe how lucky I was. Getting to tier 19 took so many crests and now its worked on first try for tier 20. Well, still one week to go.
  13. Been constantly getting up arena tier ranks since I started seven weeks ago. Reached tier 19 today with 4814 points. Thought this is the end of the line for me but my hopes have gone up, probably because of my Ike merge. Whats the bottom line nowadays for tier 20? Got extremely lucky today. Still cant believe it and I definitely wont be able to improve that score.
  14. 2 reds 3 blues Free summon on TT was 4* Draug - not much use. Second red Was a +spd-atk Ike! Wow! My first unit merge is about to happen. My other Ike is +def-res. So way better than this one. 4 orbs well spent. Should have picked the other red orb first in retrospect.