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  1. 4★ +10 Units.

    Thought about doing so - but it never seemed to be the real thing for me.
  2. FEH balancing issues?

    Well said. Kagero is a great unit but powerlesa against a horsemblem for example - and that makes it quite risky to use her in arena - although I think she can beat lyn with bowbreaker. Horse emblem is a major example of the game being unbalanced. Why does a horse emblem have a general edge over infantry? I dont know where this game is heading to, but the designers should really think ahead. Imo they should create a feh 2.0 which is much better and let us transfer outmr units (no way I would start from scratch). The game has so much potential imo-it calls for largee maps, bigger teams and pvp.
  3. FEH balancing issues?

    Didnt really think about being outnumbered. You are right, when it comes to ghb with reinforcements its pretty important to ORKO. The arvis battle had an option to kill all units before any reinforcements showed up but these battles are rather uncommon. Arena battles are the daily bread and sometimes you just can win a battle or at least not in a deathless fashion. Not saying that it bothers me that much but its kind of annoying that the stategy aspect revolves mainly around unit building in regard to a certain meta. Units that you may like may become less attractive with time.
  4. FEH balancing issues?

    Much have been discussed lately on powercreep with the general consens that only Blyn and Rein are powercreep units. I think I can agree with this. However, when I think about it, the problem of heroes is much deeper than that. The goal of any feh battle is to OHKO and make the battle as short as possible. In order to do that top tier units are quite handy, team composition of for example horses, blade tomes etc. come into play. The whole strategy revolves around that. True there are possibilties to won som ghb with some deeper strategy but in arena its basically OHKO. When the game was introduced I thought having a healer around would be a good thing - healers, as we probably all agree are the worst class at all, both for battling and SI and I am not talking about an op +10 Wrys. Why were they introduced to the game when their role is so minimal, and there is so many of them? Imo the whole OHKO rules the game and the meta revolves around it. Its not like its much of an option but rather kill or be killed. I also think map limitations play in favor of it. Battles are meant to be rather fast and short and bigger maps arent an option. So there isnt much room for a strategy other than OHKO. Larger teams than 4 would rather harm the flow of battle due to map size limitations. In the end I think the game as such wasnt really thought out well (not saying it wasnt a bad decision from a financial standpoint). Now we only have to deal with powercreep and who can kill who in one shot and who can bait and counter and who will reposition him.That pretty much limits any other strategy beyond. What do you guys think?
  5. Most Successful Defense Teams

    And somebody said red sword units are the worst class ☺ Congrats on your pa azura10, sort of whaled out on that banner but got only to +6
  6. Could PVP be implemented?

    I would very much love such a mode! I hope there is a fe heroes 2 coming out one day which will have that feature. No matter how much I like this game, the game modes are VERY limited and even though AA might be the best mode for me, fighting bots all the time isnt THAT great. Technically speaking, I think it could work pretty well imo, different modes and rules could be applied here. Even though I am not too much of a fan of hearthstone - it is a lot of to play against other people. I mean how long can you play the same modes over and over again?
  7. Official Pull Topic

    I overspent, too... I think summoning can get addictive and the game as well. Right now I wanna definitely pull back and work on some units - when trying for delthea (didnt get her) I got a third Tailtiu and three 4* Tailtius. One of them being +spd-def which is perfect imo - so I will be working on that. While the game has some flaws and downtimes between events I think its the building aspect that got to me. Not trying to justify any spending - I still invest into physical nintendo games but those have a start and finish, feh is ongoing and there is a social aspect to it - kinda like to check this forum and see what other people experience.
  8. Definition of Power Creep

    There is no absolute power. Rein and Lyn can be baited and countered easily. It just forces you to have said counter on your team. Aa requires to have more counters at hand but even without counters its possible to beat them - just much harder. Horse emblem with the right buffs and tomes is crazy - but also possible to conquer. Thats the game - and what makes it great imo. Dont be afraid of powercreep - just go with the flow.
  9. Definition of Power Creep

    Hard to define. Different thought: Powercreep is actually essential and needed for this game. Lets face it, part of the fun is to collect units and build them. So if there is a metachanging new unit like Lyn who has been given out for free, suddenly different skills and units might become interesting. Building and adjusting units is part of the game. So maybe people are right in their assessment only rein and lyn are powercreepes units. On the other hand, I think new and better units are just better at times. Think about pa azura - if you give her a hone skill, a fortify seal and buff and dance a blade tome user - thats like 20atk added. Thats quite useful if done well. Wouldnt call it powercreep, but its certainly better than just regular Olivia or azura in this regard. Objectively/subjectively I would rather come up with the idea of a powercreep continuum. Some units are just plain powercreep - you need to readjust strategy, units and skills to have a chance for bait and counter - a massive threat. Then there are units with either top tier skills which are just better than what came before - subtle powercreep. And then there are units which have unique skills that can really give an edge. Units have to become better. Otherwise the game would become stale and people would complain about new units being actually old units with new paint.
  10. So far, I have managed it only once - that was the Elincia banner - wanted her badly (I was f2p back then), got her right after my free pull with decent +atk IV. Other than that its pretty tought to get the unit I want - after spending some more money recently (to put it mildly) and acquiring a nice batch of units I think I have reached the point where more isnt necessarily better - gonna have to cut back on summoning and orb spending for now - probably gonna be fivestarring and merging units in the near future. Gacha is unpredictable and annoying most of the time
  11. Official Pull Topic

    :) Yeah, thats the gacha! Happened to me, too, recently, first I bought 9 orbs packs for the dancer banner - thought thats gonna be enough - but somehow whaled out sort of. Cant really say I got my moneys worth - the game is more symbolic in nature I guess - I mean come on - which unit is worth actual money anyway - and when you think you might burn lots of orbs and have your pity broken by a mediocre unit you never pulled for, well - but thats the gacha - dont feel bad about it - its a game you like and probably spend a lot of time with. Try to create some rules that will limit your spending.
  12. Official Pull Topic

    Red has a lot of weak sword units. Overall it's not fun to pull a Card when you could have pulled an Elincia. Or Luke when you could have pulled Sigurd. Guess that's part of the gacha philosophy. No matter what people say and how they define the word powercreep, there is a huge gap in tiersa right now and much better units make older and weaker units more or less obsolete. Pulling a 5* unit has become much more painful - first you need to pull the right unit - Aura or Elegant - and then the IV should be right. But then I guess this is also part of the gacha philosophy and what makes the game rewarding or awful depending on the outcome.
  13. Powercreep and de-merging

    Didn't think about that so thing True. Didn't think about that,either. It makes me think there should be an option to extract weapons and skills before merging. Another wishful thinking -
  14. Powercreep and de-merging

    DE-merging units should become an option in the future imo. Though it might not seem important at first it makes a lot of sense. For example when the game was released Takim was op and feared throughout the arena galaxy. At the moment he is just a shadow of his former self. I guess a lot of people have merged some copies but don't use him as much as before. Takumis Cc skill might be better off with somebody else - but who would kill a +Takumis just for Cc? Not to mention he would be gone completely. In this regard it would be cool to demerge units if need be. Metal change, units get obsolete, a decision to merge a unit might be regretted in half a year. It's probably just a niche idea and most likely won't ever happen but what do you think about it? Do you wish you could unmerge one of your units to get that Quick Riposte 3 or brave sword etc.?
  15. Ayra Update: Where do you stand?

    Ayra is a great unit - the way she was introduced wasnt great at all - disastrous The worst thing was of course the older units. Lets say somebody already owned a +10 Eldigan, and now what? Eldigan is pretty useless when it comes to skill inheritance, he got an exclusive weapon, so much for that. In order for somebody to +10 Ayra, its just plain Eldigan hell. On the other hand, its a gacha game and apparently anything goes.